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S4E16 Tom

Season 4, Episode 17


Age: 50’s?
Location: South Boston, Massachusettes
Addiction: Heroin

What’s memorable: The mobster life, the late introduction to heroin, the odd relationship with his ex-wife.

Legacy Update:

Official Synopsis: Tom got caught up in a gangster lifestyle while growing up in a South Boston neighborhood run by an Irish mob. By the time he was 20, Tom was holding down a job in the day as a Boston fireman and dealing drugs and running with the wiseguys at night. But through it all, Tom remained a loving, loyal father to his four children. But all his came crashing down one day when he was caught and indited on drug charges, losing his home, his job and his family’s respect. Can an intervention help cement Tom and his family back together again?

Original Air Date: July 2008
Interventionist: Candy

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  1. Kat R.

    Wow, I just watched this one today…it was definitely heavy. For one thing I was just kind of fascinated by the whole South Boston cultural aspect. And the fact that he and his wife could keep their various addictions going so long, and somehow their kids turned out awesome in spite of it.

    Even though he was a liar and a terrible father, something in me just liked Tom anyway and I could understand why the family had a hard time with boundaries. Heartbreaking to hear him talk about how much he loved being a dad when the older girls were little, and then see him utterly ignore the younger 2 kids. The relationship between him and his wife was so sad, too. This one goes on my most memorable list. Wishing him and his family the best.

    1. Linda

      I just saw a comment from Tommy on Intervention Facebook thanking the show for saving his life. Seven years sober and engaged to be married. I only recently saw his epi from 2008 and truly didn’t think he would make it stick.

  2. Gregory Moore

    I’m so glad to read that Tom stayed on track! I recently re-watched his episode and guess I’d forgotten how this one ranks on my list of the most “affecting” episodes of all time. I agree with Kat that the kids are awesome. And I think the son, Colin’s letter was, perhaps, the most incisive and devastatingly on-the-money “Your addiction has affected my life” letters ever written! You KNOW that Tom heard every word of that letter–and I would guess that replaying those words in his head go a long way toward keeping him sober. Wow. I can tell Colin is going to turn out just fine, too.

  3. C

    I’m from south Boston and see Tom regularly. He’s doing good…always at meetings. Cool guy

    1. Penelope

      So happy to hear that he is doing so well…
      Definitely warms the heart:)
      Good Luck Tom and Family✌️????????

    2. Dale P

      That is awesome to see this….I honestly wasn’t giving that dude a prayer. So I was so happy to see that he succeeded…..Praise the Good Lord..

  4. Kat R.

    Oh my heart, that follow up this week (Todd’s episode). What a great guy. Thank you for giving back, Tom.

  5. Gina M

    The Best guy in the world, I love you so much. So proud of you Tommy. I’d be dead if it wasn’t for you.

    1. Stefan

      I’m so happy they’re still doing Legacy updates! I was worried they were going to end them with the changed format of this season.

    1. Andy

      Meant to say Jane in 2012*

  6. Ami West

    I love the success stories. He is such a good one!!! Yay Tom!!!

  7. Paul

    Way to go Tom my man!

  8. Eva

    What happened to his wife Jayne? How did she die?

  9. Pang

    FYI- the legacy update video no longer works. Bummer!

  10. Paige T.

    So glad to hear Tom is still doing well! I stumbled on his Facebook page and it made my day to see him happy and healthy. Sadly I also found out his ex wife Jayne passed….does anyone know how she died?

  11. J

    i really liked Tom, he seemed like a genuinely good man underneath the addiction. love seeing how well he’s doing now and that he repaired his relationships with his kids! it’s unfortunate that his ex-wife passed – hopefully they patched things up before she died. proud of you, Tom!