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Intervention Cancelled

Well, it was bound to happen eventually, but I’m still shocked and saddened. I have a lot to say about Intervention, what is has meant to me over the years, and about all the good I believe it has done, but I will wait until the last episode airs and write some sort of eulogy.

For now: After a show gets cancelled, old episodes are no longer available from its network’s site. Which means they won’t be on Hulu either. There will be no more followup videos. Not sure how long the forums will be around or how long the A&E/intervention site will be up.  No more Where Are They Now episodes. We will never find out who is still sober and who has relapsed, or died, since the show aired. Basically, all things Intervention will come to an end and we will only have internet archives and each other. 🙂

The only place that currently has all episodes of Intervention available for viewing is Amazon Instant Video. Netflix no longer carries it, Hulu only has the ones that are also on the A&E site.

On Amazon, newer episodes are $2.99, older are $1.99, unless you’ve got a Prime membership, in which case everything prior to Season 11 is free. I assume eventually, if Amazon keeps the episodes post-cancellation, all episodes will be free for Prime members. If you’re not yet a Prime member and can afford the yearly $79, I would highly recommend it. Free 2-day shipping on pretty much everything and free access to tons of movies and shows. It pays for itself if, like me, you do a lot of shopping and watching (via Wii) on Amazon.

This blog will stay alive indefinitely and I will keep trying to fill in the episodes that I missed, as I hope that as people find old episodes somewhere or are trying to remember the name of someone they saw on the show, that this site can still be a resource. Please continue to use this space as a place to discuss the episodes and to provide any updates you have on the addicts from Intervention.

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  1. erocha1150

    Great site, glad I just discovered it. I’ve seen every episode since the premiere, many of them more than once, and am so sad it’s ending.

    Did you see the “Oral History of Intervention” pieces published this week? I blogged about them here:

  2. Melissa

    Hey Dizzy. Where is the profile on Mikeal and Sarah? They called them Romeo and Juliet on heroin. Are they still clean? Are they still together? Would love to know, their story means a lot to me. Thank you.

  3. kelli

    i have prime mostly for this show alone&you have to buy seasons 1-3. while 4-12 are free- those 3 seasons have great episodes and no torrent site or streaming site helps with viewing more than a few random episodes :/

  4. jamie

    I think this is quite sad. Intervention is what convinced me to go to rehab in the first place. I was on the verge of death. Unfortunately my first rehab wasn’t a success. I wound up going through DTs recently and multiple seizures. I still drink..not as excessive, but drinking nonetheless. If it weren’t for being broke/trying to start a new job.. I would love the opportunity to try and get sober again in an environment where I can put my full focus on recovery.. its just not in the cards so I suppose i just have to keep my fingers crossed. Hope they will reconsider your show. It was quite inspirational to many.