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Season 9, Episode 6


Age: 30’s
Location: North Carolina
Addicted to: Opiodes/Opiates, Benzodiazepenes
What’s Memorable: Passed out on the train tracks and got hit by a train, had his leg amputated. The knives and scary threats.

Official synopsis:  Jimbo’s addiction to painkillers has already resulted in a devastating injury and a strained relationship with his devoted dad. Unable to stop using he now spends his days snorting drugs and flying into rages that have terrorized his family and community. Can an intervention stop this small-town menace?

Original Air Date: January 2011
Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. A

    How do we find out how jimbo is doing now? For some reason this episode stayed with me. This level of self destruction can only be fixed by God.

    1. Peggy

      I too would love to know how Jimbo is doing. I hope he finds a way to release the pain that he is chained in. He deserves to be happy and so does his dad.

    2. charles taylor

      My thoughts exactly. I ended up here trying to find an email for him. I knew it was unlikely but thought it was worth a shot. I have problems with drugs myself so I understand where he is. But I know the answer is a loving God That asks nothing from us but to accept him.

      1. James heath

        Heyou charles. I’m jimbo (jim). My email is [email protected]. heh man u could call me direct [REDACTED]. Or Facebook. My profile pic is me and 2 black dudes. But I’m ok now even though intervention pPl damn near had a death pool going for me. Contact any time.

      2. jam

        he’s just been arrested for failure to comply and looks terrible, Gaston County Lockup

  2. Amelia

    He’s on fb and says he’s good… James Barkley Heath

    1. Anonymous

      He goes to methadone clinic and sells and buys any pill he can get his hands on. He’s loud and has been asked to leave clinic several times.

  3. Jennifer

    oh my goodness I just checked out his Facebook he seems to be doing worse if that’s possible.. he’s so thin and definitely still super faded on the videos he’s posting of himself talking to the camera.. so sad. he seems like he could be a nice guy if he would get better.

    1. James heath

      Hey Jennifer. Like I said to charless I’m not on drugs now. I haven’t posted Feb stuff in a long time so somebody calling me skinny doesn’t make sense. I am 250 lbs 6’4. I’m still 265. Cmon. Lol I am flattered that somebody called me skinny. Crack/cocaine.. methods make ppl skinny. Opiates and opcodes make me and the ppl I know crave sugar. I lose weight when I’m sober. Call me [REDACTED] and hear me and post what u think of my tone and more positive disposition.

      1. Emma

        Hi, Jim! Can you please take this down?

        The number listed above is NOT Jim’s number anymore! Please stop calling/texting looking for him!

  4. anon

    On his Facebook he is obviously not sober or even trying . He calls his friends “Running Buddies ” AKA = drug seeking mates( heroin addicts use this term ) . He seems proud of his addiction and playing the victim .
    I literally got nauseous by threads with girls saying how sweet he was, trying to hook up with him and saying that all he needed was love . Um , despite what his mom did I bet both his parents gave him plenty of love . His dad even seemed to run off his own daughter to make “poor little” Jimbo happy . Jimbo is the epitome of the malignant narcissist and that is why he had no problem acting entitled or making numerous death threats . Will not be surprised if he horribly harms others .

  5. James heath

    Cowards are anonymous. I’ve posted my phone number. I’ll skype.. if something is on ur mind plz tell me, but just give me an opportunity to respond. I promise u I’m not the same person in that video/episode.

  6. Michelle

    I just Jimbo to know that I hope he is well and wish only the best for him. His episode is in my top 5 that moved me. If you see this Jimbo know there are people out here not judging ( me being one ). I don’t preach anything to you cause Lord knows I get that on other my own, May you be happy in life.

  7. Melanie P.

    Hi Jimbo!

    I hope things are going well! Sunny days and sunny ways to you!

  8. beelove

    Man’s eye socket fractured in assault

    A man is being held without bond after police say he injured another man so severely that the man had to have multiple surgeries.

    James Barkley Heath is charged with assault inflicting serious bodily injury.

    Police say Heath fractured the man’s eye socket so extensively that the man had to have multiple surgeries. The man Heath is accused of attacking shares his East Franklin Boulevard address.

    Heath, 40, was in Gaston County Jail earlier this month on a larceny charge.

  9. Anne

    Just watched the episode. Really sorry to hear about the assault charge. I hope Jimbo can find his way to a better life. I felt so deeply sorry for his dad in this one, too.

    1. Donna

      I think Jimbo’s got bigger problems than drugs. I think he has either a borderline personality, narcissism and/or is a sociopath, or some combination of the three. Or he may just be pure evil. I’ve watched his episode more than once, and I got extremely bad vibes from him that had nothing to do with the addiction. I don’t think he gives two shits about anyone but himself. Oh, he may act like he cares about someone (his poor father, for instance) but that’s only a ploy to get whatever it is he’s needing at that moment. Jimbo’s a monster irl, and folks would be wise to steer clear of him IMO.

      1. DeannaMarie

        Totally agree, he’s a psychopath

      2. Samantha

        Excuse me, as someone who has Borderline, don’t demonize us. We struggle with more than you can ever imagine. Do not put my illness in the category of “bad” people. Take a look in the mirror before you judge, & how about you educate yourself on BPD. I’ll gladly list the 2 most accurate videos on BPD. Very disappointed you’d come here & demonize those with personality disorders. I’m in DBT & CBT, on meds, recovering addict, & in therapy. People like you haunt me even on my best days.

      3. Samantha

        You’re exactly why mental illness is stigmatized; especially those with Borderline. Shame on you.

      4. Kara Bishop

        Samantha, I totally agree with you!! I have a sister that has borderline personality disorder and bipolar and those are mental illnesses! I also have my own mental illness and so do my two kids (OCD, anxiety, depression for my son, and anxiety and depression for my daughter, and OCD and anxiety for myself). It’s also sad when someone tries to diagnose somebody based off of a 45 minute episode that’s edited while the person is using drugs that affects their behavior. I’m sure that Jimbo has a lot of anger for what’s happened in his life, first beginning with his mom, then with losing his life, basically, and then losing his leg. Continuing to use helps numb the pain. And I’m not saying that it’s right to have anger and seriously hurt other people, I’m just saying where it stems from. I do hope that Jimbo has finally found a life of sobriety and a partner to love. I’ve been sober off opiate pills for 10 years and off meth for 18 1/2 years. I’m still on methadone, but I am tapering. and for people who don’t understand methadone, you can’t get high off methadone, unless you take Xanax with it, which I don’t, and it keeps me from ever getting high, if I were to take an opiate pill, which I don’t because I truly am in recovery. Some of the intervention shows on methadone claim the person is addicted to methadone, but they’re not getting high on methadone they’re getting high on the combination of methadone and Xanax. You cannot get high on methadone if you’re taking it every day and taking the amount you’re supposed to take. If you take more than the amount you’re supposed to take all it does is make you really sleepy so you may “nod off” but you don’t feel high. Also, if you’re taking methadone from a clinic, they drug test, you randomly every month some every week. For someone who’s never taken opiates, if they were to take methadone they would feel high in the beginning. But when you’re addicted to opiates and then they put you on methadone, you do not feel high. I know that Jimbo wasn’t hooked on methadone, but I saw a comment that he was at the methadone clinic and I just didn’t want people thinking, he’s still getting high if he’s taking methadone… now if you were taking Xanax with it then yeah he would be getting high. Methadone save peoples lives back to Jimbo, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, I really loved your dad! ❤️

    2. Neener

      Thank you for the information…that link no longer works, here is a link to a different article about the incident. In 2017, Jumbo attacked his roommate and injured him so badly that he required multiple surgeries.

      I agree with other commenters that Jimbo appears to have extensive psychological and physiological issues that likely existed well before his addiction. I have compassion for him, as his behavior seems to be a result of a serious (and undiagnosed?) issue. My heart breaks for the people who love him. I hope those around him stay aware and remain safe, both physically and emotionally.

  10. Jannette

    Jimbo honestly how are you doing? You can get through life without drugs/alcohol etc… It sucks at first but you get used to having to deal with life as it happens sober that is. Don’t be weak be Strong and conquer this addiction trust me you’ll find a new person in yourself a person you can actually like and people will love

  11. Meredith

    It looks like Jimbo might be in prison:

    1. Donna

      Prison is exactly where he belongs. He’s a sociopath and a violent one, at that.

    2. kitty katt

      It certainly wouldn’t be the first time either. He’s accumulated quite a rap sheet.

      He’s seriously has issues beyond the drugs part.

  12. Nickel

    He is so lucky to have such an amazing dad. I seriously just loved that guy. The way Jimbo treated him is disgusting. And I agree with previous comments… despite the addiction, I just got really bad vibes from him. He’s definitely got some sort of personality disorder.

  13. Erin Deon

    Unfortunately for Jimbo, he is sitting in the hospital in my hometown right now as we speak due to an infection from drug use. His partner is staying by his side as much as possible. Instead of talking about how horrible Jimbo might be, let’s all take a minute to say a prayer or two for him to get better, for his partners sake, as well as his own sake.

  14. Megan DeWyse

    I do hope the best for Jimbo. But isn’t it his free will to save or not save himself?! Only he can or at least could, save himself

  15. Theresa

    I just saw the episode w/ Jimbo and I hope he’s doing well. His dad, Jimmy, is his pinnacle of strength and I pray that Jimbo, Holly & Jimmy can be a source of solace for each other. Sometimes, no matter how flawed or how small family is all we have to lean on. 🙏🏼🕊

  16. Kitty Katt

    I loved and had so much sympathy for the father….as for Jimbo….he ticked me off in different ways throught the show. Just when I start showing some sympathy for him, he turns around and does something stupid.

  17. Theresa

    I agree, about everything you just said. I had a sister that was an addict and maybe, bc if her, I, at times have too much empathy? IDK. 🤔🤔🤔 I’ve learned that there needs to be a separation of said person and addict but bc I don’t understand the addiction behavior the line does get blurred for me. I like to see the good in all until I’m proven wrong. Which, has happened. But as the saying goes, “ you can’t let one bad apple 🍎 spoil the bunch.”

  18. Toreigh

    Saw jimbos comments posted above from a few years back. I hope he is doing well, and that his dad is also doing well. This episode also stuck with me for some reason, like a few people before me had said. Wishing jumbo and his family the best.

  19. Aud

    Did the Dad go to Betty Ford and hopefully develop a relationship with his daughter? My empathy was for Sis. The Dad couldn’t even hug her when he was sending off Prince Jimbo to rehab. I hope he started to “visit” with her on 1 of the 4 times he drives by her house daily….I doubt it tho as I think she reminds him too much of the ex/deceased wife. Tragic!
    Jimbo? I agree that there is underlying mental disorder along with his entitled, coddled upbringing. The update said he crashed again and broke other leg.

  20. Zoe

    Jimbo your episode stuck with me. You truly seem like a beautiful person inside and out despite what these comments say. I will pray for you, your wonderful father and sister. Please text me at any time if you need someone to talk to 313-461-4144

    1. Donna

      Zoe, I don’t doubt that your intentions are good, but you don’t want to get mixed up with this guy. Seriously, don’t do it. Please, delete your phone number.

      1. Theresa

        Hi Zoe, I totally agree with Donna. I, too, felt badly for Jimbo & his family but as a person who’s dealt with addiction firsthand it’s generally NOT a good idea to insert yourself into that equation. (Thank you Donna, for saying what I, too, should’ve said.) I also think Jimbo is in prison for quite a while, please check the internet on that information.


    2. Charles Black

      How do you know he is a “good person inside and out”? Do you have privy to some new or unique information? What I see is a man/child, who’s had chance after chance after chance. I hate the term ‘white privilege’, because it is racism in its own right. However, Jimbo is someone who has enjoyed white privilege. He is by far the least sympathetic person ever to be profiled on Intervention. This is probably due to he’s a bad seed criminal more than an addict in need of help. Sorry to seem so harsh, and I prey for the best for his father and sister.

      1. Donna

        Thank you for your comment, Charles, and I agree with every word. Anyone who gets mixed up with this creep is asking for a world of trouble. I hope and pray Zoe never hears from him, because he’s a manipulative user and a mean one, at that.

      2. Xlio

        Agreed. I feel like us seasoned Interventions veterans are pretty privy to deciphering between the disease demon and the just a POS demon. This man seemed to have no remorse and is extremely dangerous.

        Without a doubt I can assume he’s a white supremacist but that’s a whole other topic

    3. Kitty Katt

      How about what his LONG arrest sheet says?

      Broke a man’s eye socket so severe that he had to have multiple painful surgeries to try and fix it.

      Assault by Strangulation


      Assault serious bodily injury

      Failure to appear

      Assault Inflict serious injury

      Those are just a few that I posted.

      Is this what you perceive as being beautiful inside and out?

      I feel worry for you.

  21. Emma

    Hello!!! Are you looking for Jimbo??
    I’m sorry but the number he posted above is NOT his anymore!!! This is the owner of that number, and I am not Jimbo! You are all very sweet, but PLEASE stop contacting me!!!

    Thank you!

    1. Dizzy

      I removed the number. Sorry about that.

  22. Nell

    I understand people have concerns about Zoe’s number… BUT I just have to tell y’all that Zoe is nothing short of amazing, EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT, and a genuinely caring person! And I am very glad to have found her number on here! Some of us just need a bended ear, and a bit of empathy and understanding sometimes….(Just someone to talk to….that gives a sh*t, ya know?!) Zoe is absolutely NOT a gullible child in need of protection against the Big Bad Jimbo, I promise! Lol! Zoe is very intellectually gifted, and WILL BE a wonderful counselor soon!
    **Also, the number given on here for Jimbo NO LONGER BELONGS TO HIM.**
    Just letting everyone know 🙂
    Have a blessed day, everybody!

  23. GGG

    I went to high school with Jimbo There was alot of hate there.

    1. BJ

      How so? What did he do in high school that was hateful?

  24. Brooke

    i have absolutely no sympathy for this big bully. his poor sister. and dad. i hope his dad stopped enabling him. sounds like it.

  25. Rogena marie Anderson

    I live in Gastonia NC, James (Jimbo) is back in jail up to his old ways unfortunately.. He’s was just locked up for possession of narcotics..

    1. Kara Bishop

      I’m sure his hatred of women is because of what his mom did to his dad… That’s traumatizing, especially having to take care of his very depressed dad at that time. Also, I’m not saying that his hatred has anything to do with this, but he has a boyfriend, which I am very happy about! (based off his Facebook page) Jimbo, I hope you’re still with your boyfriend because it looks like you two make each other happy. I hope you’re also still sober because hopefully that will help with any anger issues you may have, plus it truly feels good after a while! I hope you’re still in your father’s life because he really is a great father! I’m sending you my thoughts and prayers. And I hope you don’t mind me telling people that you have a boyfriend, my teen daughter has a girlfriend that I am very proud of! ❤️🏳️‍🌈

      1. Kara Bishop

        Sorry, this was supposed to be posted further down to someone who is talking about his hatred to women.

  26. Rinna

    This is the most disturbing episode in regards to how destructive the addict is towards others. There are many different categories of disturbing with intervention but Jimbo is the first person to come to mind when I think of “scariest addict”.

  27. M

    This person has some serious narcissistic behaviours. He’s dangerous. His rap sheet gets worse. Drugs can bring out the worst in some people. But, these type of episodes of violence cannot be explained by drugs.

    No way I would want any contact with him. I hope the family have moved on. Great dad btw.

  28. MR

    He was just arrested today. Failure to comply.

  29. Laila

    You guys come to find out he’s gay, which probably partially explains the way he was acting he was miserable because his mama banded him then he got back up and him breaking his leg and needing those drugs is what got him started as we all know then with the train accident and the car accident breaking the other leg plus hiding the fact that he was gay is a lot he seems to be doing better since he’s been with his boyfriend and he refers to himself as a ratchet bitch lol 🤣

    1. Kara Bishop

      Yes, I just saw this too! 🏳️‍🌈

  30. John Doe

    I have seen “Jimbo” a few times in the past few months at the methadone clinic. He’s usually with another guy that im pretty certain is his partner/boyfriend & seems to be happy. He has never been unpleasant in passing or when ive been around him there.

  31. Anonymous

    I saw his Facebook recently and apparently, he has a boyfriend. I think the whole living in the Bible Belt played a huge factor in his addiction having to hide his sexuality out of fear of being attacked and treated like an outcast.

    1. Sudie

      Is there a FB link? I would like to read about him from his point of view

  32. KTG

    I just checked Facebook and was disturbed. His utter hatred of women is frightening. I understand his past trauma, but that doesn’t make him any less scary. I would not be surprised if he was incarcerated currently.

    1. Luke

      “Jimbo” is truly a sick person. His violence can’t be explained away by drugs. He needs to be locked up for a long time, before he kills someone…

    2. Kara Bishop

      I meant to post something in response to your comment that he has hatred for women… I accidentally posted it up a few comments up if anyone cares to read it. I just try to have more understanding for people in general, especially people who have been addicted to drugs, or have had any trauma in their lives. I wish more people would would have more empathy for others. My thoughts and prayers are with Jimbo and his family and his boyfriend! 🫶🏼🏳️‍🌈

  33. BJ

    I saw online from a North Carolina news website that Jimbo, real name James Heath is homeless living out of an SUV in Gastonia, NC. He lives with his partner who is also homeless. Recently, Jimbo’s prosthetic leg was stolen, but eventually returned after police found the guy. Jimbo and his partner are on the waiting list for help with government housing or something along those lines. I’m wondering two things. Why neither Jimbo or his partner work? And, has Jimbo severed ties with his dad Jimmy and sister Holly? It’s been a little over a decade since his intervention.

    1. Ez

      I suspect his orientation is/was a major source of inner conflict and drug abuse. His behavior was petulant and aggressive, especially to his sister, poor woman. Him coming out the last few years is wonderful, but he’s still running around in the same lifestyle as before.

  34. kitty katt

    Update as of one year ago…..doesn’t seem to be a good one either.

    1. kitty katt

      His “partner” takes care of him.
      A while back, his fb page looked as if he might be gay. Whether he is or isn’t, it doesn’t matter. But this article mentions “partner” which reminded me about his fb page.
      I’m also wondering if perhaps he is gay, that it may have been something he was trying to hide and was part of his addiction???
      Like I said, I don’t know him and I hope he isn’t homeless anymore.

      1. A.

        He is gay, his FB shows that. Which is fine. But he seems to hate women, he is a big fan of a misogynoir guy. Uärgs.

  35. Molly

    anyone else question to themselves if this guy was even worth the treatment? no offense but what a hateful person. I’m gay and was raised in a homophobic cult but I never treated my mom and sister and dad like complete garbage. no excuse.