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Season 10, Episode 2

Sarah & Mikeal

Age: 18 and 20
Location: Centerburg, Ohio
Addiction: Heroin
What’s memorable: The nasty bathroom they shoot up in and how sick they seem when they’re doing it, how addicted they are to each other, the moms trying to so hard to save their kids, how completely messed up Mikeal looks and acts in his interviews compared to what he looks like after treatment. He’s like the guy you see on the street that you know on first glance is a junkie, but then all the sudden he’s attractive and healthy looking. Such a transformation.

Official Synopsis: Like Romeo and Juliet on heroin, Mikeal and Sarah are a poor boy and a rich girl who have found sanctuary in each other’s pain. Sarah’s family feels that Mikeal has corrupted their daughter, taking Sarah from a casual pill abuser to a full-blown heroin addict. But now both families now agree that an intervention is their only hope. Will Sarah and Mikeal get help, or help each other tumble deeper into addiction?

Original Air Date: June 2011
Interventionist: Donna

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  1. marcy lily

    I am so sorry but I was so disgusted by Sarah’s mom treating Mikeal like trash. I hope for the love of all that is holy these two stayed away from one another . Sarah was one her was to heavy drug use and was tooling around with pills before she ever found Mikeal . Her family did not help her with their issues and the blame game .
    I was sad to see Mikeal had a relapse after Sarah cheated on him and I hope he realizes his life is worth more than dope and a very immature young woman . These two together are toxic . I hope the best for both of them and that means finding happiness by themselves .

    1. MDE427

      100% agree …. and she had so much GUILT and would not admit to it. It came through in spades during her time on camera. She is guilty of pushing her daughter away – right or wrong. I think her mom and dad most likely tried to control every aspect of Sarah’s life, and it DID push her away and to Mikeal. And for Sarah’s mom to say what she said, and out what she did on Mikeal, was disgusting. He is a heroin abusing degenerate in his life right now, but Sarah’s mom is a lower form of life. She is selfish. She is mean. She is delusional. She is nasty.

      I felt so bad for Mikeals mom, and for Sarah. Sarah has parents who want their version of the perfect daughter (i.e. BARBIE) and Mikeals mom is truly worried he is going to die at any moment and she is alone and hurting so bad!

      Sarah’s mom can go pound sand! I HOPE Sarah is clean still today, and has little contact with her mom. What a POS.

      1. Layla

        It’s just their own denial. You can’t always see the forest for the trees. Hopefully the parents also received the treatment that they needed. It’s very easy to blame, look at all of these comments, that’s what all of you guys are doing. Sometimes it’s just hard to look inward.

    2. Brooke

      I also was very disturbed by BOTH of Sarah’s parents. One, the dad romanticizing how he wanted her to be a pretty girl in nice outfits….I’m sorry, what?! And two, her mom, as it’s been stated…yes, denial manifests in many ways, but the absolute callousness of Sarah’s mom while speaking to Mikeal’s mom, as if Sarah was not troubled beforehand, was really painful to watch and I realllllyyyyy had hoped that Mikeal’s mom put Sarah’s mom in her place at that uncomfortable meeting. Just sickening the judgement. It’s this kind of “it’s not my kid!” that keeps secrets and sickness alive.

      1. Lisa WALLINGTON

        You are so right. I bet either Sarah’s mom or dad(or both) was the one who told Sarah about the intervention. Who else would have or even could have?! They probably wanted to control that too. I felt sad bad for Mikeal’s mom. Sarah’s mom was horrible to her. As if Sarah was the perfect kid til the ig bad heroin addiction named Mikeal came along and pinned her down then stuck a needle in her arm. We know none of that’s true. That Sarah was messed up well before she met Mikeal. I was hoping Mikeal’s mom was gonna say something to Sarah’s mom. She took the high (pardon the pun) road. I hope they’re both still sober and doing what they want and leading productive. Happy lives. God bless them both. And families

    3. Samantha

      How do you know she cheated on him?

  2. jlo27916

    I just re-watched this on my DVR. Such a sad one. Sarah’s mom also TOTALLY disgusted me. Mikeal is not responsible for her actions! Also at the end of the one I saw there was an update they split because SHE relapsed> I also had to laugh that Sarah’s mom felt she could see the deep emotional pain Sarah was feeling- don’t get me wrong, I’m sure she does- but NOTHING compared to Mikeal- in fact her life seemed pretty close to perfect… When and where did you see Mikeal relapsed because she cheated?

    1. marcy lily

      Different update . I had seen one several months prior to the dvd releases that said that Mikeal had a brief relapse after Sarah cheated . I am just glad he recovered and picked himself back up .
      Sarah ‘m mom was disgusting . Shaming Mikeal , his mom and blaming them was just brutal .

    2. marcy lily

      Again the episode I saw aired before the dvd release . Sarah’s mom came off as very ” Holier Than Thou Can Be ” . It was just sick . Did she have no idea what was going on under her own roof and that her daughter was already dabbling in drugs . Did she have no idea of Mikeal severe trauma and pain ? I guess even if she did she would paint herself as perfect and blameless .
      I hope they both make it . But I know the pain and trauma of sexual abuse . Mikeal has a long road ahead and it is a hard one . Pulling for him and his poor mom 100 percent . No mom needs to hear a Type A ” I Am Better Than You Person ” tell them their kid is trash knowing he has been through the sickest evil a child can survive .

  3. marcy lily

    Very true

  4. Rachael

    You can do it Mikeal!

  5. Jessica McAlister

    So I watched this show with sara and mikeal……saras mom was blaming mikeal for everything…..but really he introduced he to the drug ok and yes thas all it takes….but mikeal really had a hard child hood with what happened to him and ppl cope in different ways and heroin took his pain away….I have to say even tho mikeal was messed up thru out the show he seems like a really sweet nice kind and loving person….so I wrote to say I hope u r ok and doing well today….you r a strong man and I would just like to know how u r….

  6. mikeal

    I’m doing alot better it got worse but luckly I didnt get any diseases or die and doing what i was doing alone with no one next to me for 3 years woke up with vomit next to me god knows how many times…ran drugs for traps in flint and so much shit but i got 3 months now and am giving it all i got honestly the hurt from sarah finally went away mostly like idk I kept wait for a message call letter but hurt tried dating again one month passed found out she was married…. but i can sit alone and be happy me at [email protected] if anyone needs someone to talk to if they got a addiction or family member and dont know what to do just make the subject all caps and resend it in a week if i dont respond working alot trying to rebuild my life. again

    1. gene janik

      Just wanted to say congrats the clean time.. I saw your episode and my heart went out to both of you cuz nI know that same pain. I was an addict for 23 years but by the grace of my God i have now been clean for 5 years which has not always been easy. But as yousaid I take one at a time. Hey brother hang in there cuz I promise it gets easier if you truly want it to.. Hit me up if you ever feel like talking cuz Im always up for recovery talk… Love you brother..

    2. Mary

      Oh I hope you still check this email. I would really like to chat with you. Look for [email protected] or [email protected]

  7. Helen

    Is that the real Mikeal from the episode? ^^^

  8. mikeal

    yes this is mikeal from the show i got on here to remind me where i could end up again

  9. Misty

    I apologize if this posts twice. I posted once and it has never appeared. Mikeal I teared up when I saw a post on here from you. Over the years I have done internet searches from time to time trying to find out how you’re doing. You seem like a wonderful person and I’m so glad you are still with us. I wish you all the best.

    Misty (but everyone calls me Aunt Mitty)

  10. Mikeal

    Thank you and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? And I’ve learned more so I think I got it this time

    1. Selena S

      Mikeal, very cool to see you are doing well. I haven’t seen your episode recently but I saw it when it originally aired and it’s one of those that sticks with ya. You were definitely memorable and looked so well by the end of the show. Are you on any social media – like Facebook?

    2. Marie a

      Mikeal , saw your episode today. I truly wish u nothing but happiness. Stay strong, you got this.

  11. Nicole

    Hey Mikeal, hope you are doing well! Idk if you’re clean or using but either way I really connected with your story because I went through almost the exact same thing with a boyfriend and we aren’t together now – long story… But it left me heart broken for a long time. I too am a heroin addict and victim of sexual abuse and have severe depression, anxiety, ADHD and PTSD. I went to treatment like 4 times and it wasn’t working so like they say in AA doing the same thing expecting different results is insanity. So I’m taking a different approach. I’m on methadone now which had saved my life and currently am focusing a lot more on healing from rape and mental health problems than I am healing from addiction because that is what lead to my addiction. Good luck and hope you’re doing well!

  12. Jacinda Green

    my husband is in recovery- Mikeal i am so very proud of you and wish u all joy and love in the world! u deserve a happy healthy life! 1 day at a time brotha!

  13. Angela


    I am so happy you are doing well. Keep up the good work!

  14. Mikeal

    I got a great job now but I put in my two weeks and my boss laid me off the day after so now I have no means to get food or to work and back I’ve been riding my bike 9 miles working 12 hours then 9 miles Home with one meal from stuff people at church gave me and my family is all broke or doesn’t want to help the addict but I’ve been praying and god told me to keep doing the right thing and get over my pride and just ask for help and he would provide.. I don’t want a hand out I just need a short term loan of 120$ till November and I can make a good life for myself. If anyone could help it’s the difference between me sleeping in a tent illegally for two weeks or having a roof over my head either way I’m not gonna give up and I’ll work my hands to the bone and till my body fails if I have to I know I can do it on my own I’m just running out of energy and could use a helping hand..

  15. Mikeal

    By the grace of god I’m getting into the sub once doctor on the 23rd now instead of the 28th or dexot oct 12th

    1. Nicole

      Mikeal, have you considered methadone? I know for me it was out of the question for a long time but it is what ended up saving my life. I’d been to several treatment centers, 5150/suicide watch in the hospital several times, suboxone detox and maintance several times, and was beginning to feel like there was no hope for me because I felt hopeless with h but suicidal without it, in part due to my PTSD from childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse, and being raped, and in part due to my mental health problems of severe depression, dehibilitating anxiety and ADHD. I really related to your story in so many ways. Especially the sexual abuse and the BF/GF dynamic you had – I had two similar relationships. You seem like an awesome person and I want you to heal from everything you’ve been through not just h.

      Anyway, long story short I went with someone else to sign up for the methadone clinic with the intention of sitting there waiting for them since I was homeless and it was snowy. But when I got to the clinic, I had this really strong vibe telling me to sign up. I felt safe there, which is a rare commodity for me to feel safe anywhere. So I signed up, and after about a week the thought came to my head “I’m not thinking about h! I’m not fiending, sick, nothing!” It felt like a monkey off of my back. Since being on methadone, things haven’t been perfect but they’re a shit ton better than before! I am now able to work on my traumas and mental health problems. I’ve been on methadone for 3 years and although I’ve relapsed, I’ve never become strung out because I’m able to think clearly about why I did what I did afterward and not fiend.

      If I had any money at all I would help you get into the clinic tomorrow. I could possibly ask my dad since I haven’t been able to hold a job for awhile due to my PTSD unfortunately. Also, since you lost your job, have you looked into food stamps? It can be a short term thing but if you tell them your situation and that you have no food they can give you expedited food stamps usually in just a few days or less.

      Thank you for the update on your life. I’ll keep you in my prayers!

      1. Jojo

        Replacing one drug with another doesnt work. Yes, you’re productive but only because you’re being given your drug for free. If someone gave you a gram of dope everyday, you’d be productive too because you wouldnt have to chase it. Methadone is harder to get off of than heroin plus clinics dont WANT you to get off of it because they want your business. The withdrawals last 4 times as long. Get clean, its not hard with the right recovery. Ive done it myself. Methadone is a poor solution to the problem, just like suboxone. Stop using, deal with the week or two of withdrawal, then start hitting meetings and working the program. Drugs to keep you off drugs dont work as youve shown. Mikael is clearly still using if hes soliciting the internet for money.

      2. M Taylor

        To each there own. My opinion of methadone is that it saved my life. I Would have been dead or in jail if it wasn’t for methadone. Not everybody has the option to get into a rehab facility and thank goodness my job has benefits that way my methadone is covered. I agree that some people completly take advantage of the methadone program, but for some people it is a savior.

      3. Nicole

        Jojo –

        I am glad you were able to quit using drugs cold turkey and wish with all my heart that I had been able to achieve long term sobriety. Unfortunately. After methadone I was able to productively do that. As you may have read in my comment above, i have some severe mental health problems that I was using h to numb away and mask it. Take away the mask, the complex PTSD, anxiety and depression came back immediately with a vengeance and I ended up on suicide watch in 3 different rehabs because of it. Right before starting h, I probably should’ve been on suicide watch because I had just been raped and my family was not supportive (in fact they blamed me) and was unable to cope with life on the most basic level. So take away h, and I was right back to where I was – suicidal. But this time even worse because I was dealing with my original problems plus the new ones presented by h withdrawal. Methadone has literally saved my life. It has also allowed me to work on the deeper issues contributed to my addiction, like my CPTSD and what contributed to it which I now realize is much more complex than the one rape but also includes childhood trauma as well. I’m also able to work on finding the right meds for my anxiety and depression. After being cold turkey clean for 4 months I still wasn’t even close to being able to do that stuff!

        Before actually getting on methadone I shared some of the same sentiments as you, and other myths like that it gets in your bone marrow due to the rumors I heard in rehabs or 12 step mtgs. However since being on methadone I’ve realized a lot of that stuff isn’t true for me – mind you every clinic and everyone’s body is different. Also, if you taper correctly with the help of the Doctor you won’t get sick ever. You taper down in small increments like 1-3 mg a week. I was not aware of this initiallty and thought getting on md would be a bad idea cuz you’d have to kick (cold turkey or rapid taper) bc I wasn’t aware of the way they do it. Like rehab, the treatment center makes all the difference in the world as well. I have been blessed because not only is it a awesome treatment center but I can drive there in under 5 min.

        I no longer care if people think they I’m not truly “clean” since I’m on methadone and my other prescriptions for anxiety and depression. They don’t know my story or how many times I tried getting clean the “normal” way or the other mental health issues I’ve been struggling with since age 8. I am STILL struggling with my mental health really badly. Right now I just can’t add anything else to my life, like 4 months of post acute withdrawals like last time. I already have enough on my plate.

        TL;DR – I’m sharing my experience strength and hope and whether fortunately or unfortunately methadone is the only thing that is working for me right now. It saved my lie. Because of my positive experience I felt it would be appropriate to share with Mikeal what had worked for me maybe it will the a miracle in his life too.

      4. MDE427

        JoJo that is a very glib, and rather odd thing to say to somebody who has been trying, and failing to stop using. I am glad you were able to quit without any help; and if dope sickness only lasted one to two weeks, you got out very easy! I was an opiate addict for 5 years, and I had gone 16 days without at times. Day 16 was just as bad as day 1, and I could not manage to ever get past withdrawal. I finally did things right and got into a program with Suboxone. I have been clean for a year now, and I continue to taper down Suboxone. Within the next 6 months I should be able to get away from Suboxone as well. Had it not been for Suboxone though I would be in year 6 of my addiction, hopeless and broke, or dead. To tell Mikeal who has not been able to successfully do things without assistance to date, to ‘suck it up’ and go cold turkey is very insensitive, ignorant, and dangerous. He needs a solution that can be final, and Suboxone will do that. Methadone might too; however, he would probably be better off trying the Suboxone route first.

        I usually see those type of comments from non addicts who just don’t understand why a drug addict, especially an opiate addict, doesn’t “just quit and be done with it ….” – yet you claim to be a former addict and that is EXACTLY what you just told someone who is suffering though this, and may have a god option finally. Pretty unbelievable.

      5. Kara Bishop

        JoJo… I don’t think you realize that you can not get high off of methadone if you are already on an opiate like heroin. If you start taking methadone everyday at the clinic, it will keep you from feeling withdrawals, but it will not get you high… if you try to increase your dose, hoping to get high, it will only make you sleepy, but you will never feel an euphoric high. And because it blocks the euphoric feelings of heroin, it keeps you from using heroin. I know it may be hard to come off of, but you taper down, so it’s so much easier to come off of then heroin. You can live a productive and successful life on methadone because you are not high. It helps so many people to go from a life of living on heroin to a life of sobriety!

    2. Erika

      Wishing you all the best, dear Mikeal. Disregard anything negative anyone might say to you about MAT (medication assisted treatment, for those that don’t know). MAT saves lives and allows people to get healthy. Do whatever it takes to have the life you want. I’ve been off opiates & heroin for 12 years, after a nearly 20 year addiction, and I couldn’t have done it without MAT. The chance of relapse I greatly reduced, the change of overdose is nearly eliminated, and normal life becomes better than just bearable. If I can get clean anyone can, love. Wishing you peace and healing. Blessed be.

  16. Eugene M Janik

    A wonderful program for opiate addicts is Vivitrol. I have seen much success from this program.. Just a thought

    1. Siouxsie

      Vivitrol worked for me and my bf. Honestly it’s the only thing that helped me stay clean. Its a miracle drug. Subs do work but I would just sell mine to buy dope. Same goes for methadone. Vivitrol is awesome I had no side effects and you are 100% clean. You can’t do opiates so it’s pointless to even try. If you’re thinking about getting clean this is the best way esp. If you know you need that extra little bit of help.

      1. Samantha

        I guess it’s different for everybody cause it did the opposite for my friend. Once he started the shots, he could still get high as a kite & wouldn’t get ANY withdrawals. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  17. Brigitte

    Hey any update on Mikeal? I just watched the episode and I really feel for both of them.

    1. Danielle

      I am Mikeal’s Mother, Danielle and would just like all of you who are wondering to know that he has now been 100% clean for 15 months, with no relapse. It has been a long road but he is the best mentally and physically that I have seen him in almost 10 years. I know tomorrow is not a given but never lose hope, never give up. I hope and pray Sarah is doing good as well.

      1. Christa

        That is wonderful news. I was watching this episode again today after seeing it years ago. I was looking for an update on Mikeal and saw this thread.
        My son is a heroin addict as well and your sweet son reminds me of mine so much. It’s great to see that he is moving forward.

      2. Ashley

        Thank you so much for the update! I dont think i’ve cheered on anyones recovery quiet like I did Mikeals. Please let him know there are a ton of us out in the world who support him

      3. Dani McD

        So glad to hear. I’m from Knox county your story hit hard. Too close to home and we have had far too many tragedies hit our small town. Good job Mikeal!

  18. Casper

    Former IV Heroin Addict (5 years, co-using with my boyfriend now fiancé, 2-3 grams a day each, $200-$350 a day EACH), now both clean for a year, here. Just curious, if that is ‘Mikael’ really commenting on this page, WHY AREN’T ANY OF YOU ASKING HIM WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HIM???? He was OBVIOUSLY still using at the time of commenting, asking for $120 dollars, the comments later about seeing a suboxone doctor….We didn’t steal, sell ourselves, pawn things, or beg for money, but other than a place to live, and food enough to survive, we spent our money on heroin. You have to want to be sober, it’s not enough to have others force you. If you’re not disgusted with yourself and the cycle and routine of using heroin, or drugs, YOU’RE NOT GOING TO QUIT!!!! Meanwhile, what in the name of Goodness are you doing begging strangers for drug money? I’m really baffled that finding yourself begging strangers (who KNOW you’re a massive dope fiend) for money, isn’t a big enough eye opener for you.

    1. Pandora

      Of course, as soon as I read that comment, that was much different from those he had posted before, I knew he was on. All the details, the references to God and church, and so on, you know that tune.
      Anyway, his mom posted above that he’s been 15 months clean now, do good for them

    2. Samantha

      …because that’s often what addicts do. They’ll still give it a shot anyway. This too is coming from a recovering addict. I’m not sure why you’re so shocked.

  19. Karen tucker

    Anyone know anything about him now?

    1. Danielle

      I would like to clarify his post was in September of 2015, he did relapse, obviously. With the help of a good program and the grace of God he is still 100% clean no relapse since January 2016. I am only sharing to give hope to any others that feel as they have failed due to a relapse. please don’t quit trying to quite, never give up. Keep trying as many times as it takes.

      1. Ashley

        You should ask if he’s willing to a reddit AMA (Ask me anything) it would help so many people.

      2. Marie

        Danielle, I am so inspired by your strength as a mother. This episode is a testament to the fact that addiction happens in all kinds of family environments. Your love for and dedication to your son is a testament to your character and a blessing in his life. I pray he will continue to stay strong and push forward. Treatment for PTSD will help so much. I know because I have it myself from trauma and it is so hard to cope sometimes. Bless you all and you are amazing!

  20. Misty

    This just warmed my heart. I actually think about Mikeal often. I am so happy for him, and for your family. Give him a hug from a stranger.

  21. abgp

    Proud of you, Mikael, to keep at it. It’s ok to trip and fall as long as you keep getting up. I believe in you and i believe you will find your way. Maybe it’s just not the way you expected. Rooting for you!

  22. Ashley

    Sarahs mother struck a nerve with me. While I understand that she was trying to process (badly) that her daughter is an addict, she shifted the blame completely and made Mikeal the problem, not the drug.

  23. Zach

    So glad to hear Danielle has given us updates. I’m not really interested in Sarah’s journey, but am really glad we got an update on Mikael. Thank you so much for bringing me hope

  24. Sam W

    Hey Mikeal,
    I was in Sober Way with you back in 2011. I ended up getting into a really good recovery house in Illinois in 2013 and they showed me how to live in sobriety. Praying for you brother! Sam W

  25. Sam W

    We do recover…

  26. Anna

    Just watched this episode again, Donna did a really good job on this intervention, the fact that they both went to treatment is amazing

  27. Mercede

    Just watched this episode! Its been my favorite so far. I’m so glad Mikeal is clean. Couldn’t believe he actually worked, usually the addicts on the show never work but then again for some reason I only watch the girls. No clue why they are just always more interesting. Anywho thanks for the updates!

  28. Danielle

    To Sam A and to all this is Danielle, Mikeal’s mother again. He now has over 2 and a half years clean with NO relapse! Do to miracles, another program, new friends and determination. I am not dillusional enough to believe he i home free but he has been clean and sober living in society and each day he is growing stronger. I will never stop praying for him and everyone else who struggles. I haven’t heard about Sarah, I do hope and pray she has been clean and sober and is living a very happy life. Mikeal started a new life and doesn’t like to go back to the time of the intervention as it was a very dark time for all of us. I just wanted you all to know he is alive and still clean and I thank everyone for your hope your prayers and support!!! Thank you !

    1. Dizzy

      Thank you for updating us Danielle. This is such great news! So happy to hear he’s doing well in sobriety.

    2. Kitty Katt

      So happy to hear that Danielle!

    3. Nita

      Thanks for the update Danielle.

    4. Kaylee

      I really hope all is well. I just now watched the episode about Sarah and mikeal. That was 10 years ago, how is mikeal now? My mom and I both are hoping he’s doing okay. We both were worried and curious to make sure he was okay

    5. Natasha ulrey

      I have so much respect for u congrats Michael on the staying clean u deserve so much happiness

  29. Ami

    Me too!!! That is amazing. So happy for you both.

  30. Siouxsie

    That’s great news Danielle. I am also an addict and it’s so great to hear that Mikeal is doing well. I hope Sarah is doing good too but it’s probably for the best that they are no longer together. I hope your son keeps doing what he’s doing to stay clean and sober! You are a great mother and have a beautiful, strong son.

  31. Marilyn

    I’m an addict in recovery. My name is Marilyn. I just randomly watched the episode. I was very moved by Mikeal’s initial transformation that I did a search for follow-up. Danielle: Thank you for posting Mikeal’s recent milestone. Addiction is no joke, people die daily. It takes determination, strength, and a strong desire for a better life to succeed in recovery. I pray for all suffering addicts to gain that desire and seek support from each other. It’s definitely possible. I came from being quite dysfunctional to managing to stay clean for almost 21 years now! Mikeal, you can help others by creating your own updates. Please consider it. God Bless!

  32. sid

    great to hear about mikael. does anyone have updates on sarah at all?

  33. Kitty Katt

    One of the good things that came out of this is that it was hammered into Sarah’s mother and father’s head that it wasn’t Mikeal’s fault about anything she chose to do or not do. Sarah straight out tells her mother “sorry mom” like you are completely wrong. Sarah’s parents lost their girl way before Mikeal came into the picture. They should have worried about it back then and not now, when someone else comes into the picture.

  34. David

    Anything on Sarah? Who she is married too? Pictures or a social media page? Would be very encouraged to see those. 8 years or so after the initial intervention.

  35. Domonique

    I would like to know how he is doing. I just seen the episode he seemed more serious than Sarah did but I heard that she moved on and got married.

  36. Brooke

    i keep seeing people talking about sarah cheating, where did they see this? i watched to the very end and saw nothing about this. i saw they split up after she relapsed, but that’s it. also, i don’t know why all of you are so disgusted with sarah’s mom. i agree with her to a point. yes, sarah is in control of her own actions, but michael was an addict for 5 years and who introduces someone to that life? who shoots someone up with heroin that they supposedly love for the first time? yeah, that’s some real love right there. if i were sarah’s mother, i would hate mikeal too. too bad.

  37. Kelly

    Unlike most on here, I am very interested in Sarah’s story and to find out how she is doing now. It’s been quite some time, so if anyone has info on her, please respond.

    1. Nancy

      I am very interested in hearing about Sarah. It’s now December 2020, been a long time since this aired.

    2. K

      Not 100% sure, but YouTube led me to this:

      1. Melissity

        It kind of looks like her except her piercings are all different. On the show, Sarah had snake bites (left and right lower lip) and a Monroe (upper lip), and left nostril.

      2. Holly Berry

        That is Sarah from an Intervention Canada episode. She was the alcoholic who had survivor’s guilt over a tsunami that happened during a class trip to Japan.

    3. HG

      Found her on FB (hasn’t updated since 2014) and her mother.

      Anne –

      1. Amanda

        Looks like Anne is a hateful, conspiracy theory believing bigot based on her posts. No sign of Sarah on her fb at all, I hope she’s okay.

      2. Dahlia

        Amanda, didn’t see anything even close to resembling that, so don’t know where this strange and mean comment is coming from exactly?

      3. Ami

        I agree with you Dahlia.

      4. Lynn

        I don’t get it either, everyone is allowed their own beliefs even if they not be ‘your’ beliefes.

  38. Dahlia

    Hate to be too judgemental, but Sarah and her mother disgusted me. The blame game was strong with them. Not that Mikeal and his mother weren’t at fault at all, but they were really just trying to make it day by day, as they’ve said through comments on this forum. Sarah and the mom just never gave me that impression at all. So toxic, so ugly.

    1. Gigi

      Yeah blame is a common theme among parents of addict couples but I remember Sarah’s mother being extra spiteful and devoid of insight

  39. LK

    As a lot of the comments here note, Sarah’s mom’s behavior was disgusting. It was obvious she couldn’t face the fact that Sarah herself decided to use, was capable of making her own decisions, and she needed somebody to blame for Sarah’s decisions. It was simply too painful for her to acknowledge Sarah had emotional issues. Likewise, she did not want to acknowledge her own role in Sarah’s behavior, as it was clear Sarah had felt alienated from her family for a very long time and people who feel alienated are much more likely to use drugs. I can understand how bad it hurts to see a family member using and to be faced with that person’s flawed humanity in such a way, I’ve been through that myself. But to see her dehumanize Mikeal (calling him “a drug” to his mother’s face, wtf?) and blame him completely and implying he was some kind of predator when it was Sarah’s choice to start using was just awful. I hope her outlook on the subject matured over time and that she stopped “pointing the finger” and just supported her daughter in getting to the core of the issues and recovering. Mikael’s mom, on the other hand, was a saint. I couldn’t imagine the stress she was under. Even though she had enabling tendencies, it was clear she deeply loved her son (and even loved Sarah too!) and was dedicated to doing whatever it took to help save him. I hope for good things for both Sarah and Mikael going forward (and was happy to see some comments left here by Mikael and his mom with some updates).

    1. LK

      One other thing I forgot to mention. This might be a strange comparison but it occurred to me as an LGBT person. Sarah’s mom blaming Mikeal for Sarah’s addiction reminds me of homophobic parents who blame their child’s same-gender partner for “turning them gay.” They just don’t want to or find it too painful to see their child’s role in what is occurring, so they act like their child would be a totally different person if it weren’t for outside influences. I hope people don’t find this offensive or like I’m saying being addicted and being gay are the same because obviously they aren’t, I’m just using it to highlight instances of parental denial and “blame game.”

      1. Janel

        I agree with you completely

  40. Stef

    I got this link from a comment above. Sarah lists her status as ‘widowed’ on FB.

  41. Nahrissa

    I just watched this episode (I missed a lot of it though), and I was so touched by Mikeal’s mom, Danielle, at the intervention. Her words were so honest and real, and I could practically feel her pain. Seeing Mikeal try to comfort her was so sweet and the absolute joy on her face when he agreed to go to treatment was incredible. Danielle, if you happen to see this, thank you for the various updates that you posted, and I hope that Mikeal and YOU are doing well. Sending lots of love from Columbus.

  42. Viola

    I don’t think I am the first to ask but I never got a response, when did we find out that they broke up and that she cheated? I’ve watched the episode multiple times and have never seen that info. I am just wondering the story there? great to hear they’re both doing well.

  43. J

    any real updates on Sarah? She was quite literally 18, still young enough to be in high school! she’s almost 30 by now, and i’m so fascinated to find out how she’s doing. Glad to hear Mikeal is doing well – that nasty-ass bathroom is burned into my brain….

    1. John

      Also wondering if there’s any recent updates on Mikael and Sarah, really captivating episode, both so young

      1. Dizzy


      2. ChanceandDestiny

        omg I saw that today. I had no idea that was him

      3. Katie

        Nooooo! It’s so hard watching these episodes from 10+ years ago and then coming on here and seeing the comments over the years. How recovery game can be strong a certain number of years out, but just how many can fall back in after 10+ years. It’s scary.

  44. Kay

    the scene where Mikael pretended to lose the dope lmao