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Season 10, Episode 8

Tiffany D.

Age: 25
Location: Escalon, California
Addiction: Meth
What’s memorable: I know skin pickers in real life but I’ve never seen an addict pick their face on this show. It’s so jarring to watch. Also memorable: Her grandparents’ denial and the surprising follow-up.

Official synopsis:  Tiffany, a former athlete and cheerleader who dreamed of a career in the medical field, has no intention of giving up her IV crystal meth addiction, despite the fact that her four-year-old son is being cared for by her family

Original Air Date: August 2011
Interventionist: Candy

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  1. Eitan

    Please do tell about the follow-up…

    OK, so I just went on the a&e website and could access the follow-up video and believe it or not, but the bitchiest abusive bitch queen mother of denial and manipulativeness has been sober since August 1st, 2011. This is all the more surprising that she throw a fit at the rehab manager right the second she checks in!

  2. Katie

    I believe tiffany lost custody of the litle girl. her mother has custody. and Tim is very upset.

    1. Gloria Noriega

      Katie- Are you sure you’re talking about the right episode? There have been a few Tiffanys featured on Intervention, I believe this one (from Escalon, CA) had a young son, not daughter. But I could be wrong!

    2. Chicky

      She had a son, David… not a girl

      1. Letti

        She ha da daughter after the intervention show. It was at the end of the episode stating she had a daughter in 2012 and received some custody of her son.

      2. Billie

        She has a daughter named cali love. She had her after the show.

    3. Kitty Katt

      This Tiffany had a son and not a daughter. You might be speaking of another Tiffany.

      1. Rowen

        She has both a son and daughter now. She only had her son when she was on the show.

  3. annonymous

    Shes not clean recently lost custody lives in modesto now

  4. Marissa Robyn

    Yes on the show she had only a son but afterwards she ended up havin a daughter. I found both her and her moms fb. Too bad if she’s not clean anymore seemed like she was tryin to stay on the right path and her son and daughter are both so adorable.

    1. Paige

      How did you find her Facebook? I’ve been looking for a up date and can’t seem to find any information

      1. Billie

        im not sure about her losing custody, as she has recent posts of her daughter and nothing is confirmed via facebook. but her mothers account is

        and tiffanys is

  5. Ruth

    Those grandparents! In a way, I feel bad because I think this is so, so far outside their comprehension. But to actively sabotage the intervention by calling her and then acting like, “Well, we told you she wouldn’t go.” is so incredibly frustrating.

    1. Sudie

      I have never wanted to slap a senior citizen until the grandfather. And for him to have the gall to say he didn’t want someone coming into his house to pick up Tiffany…really? They didn’t want to understand, and if the grandfather and Tiffany’s father were anything alike, they would just be contrary because they wanted to be. I was so angry.

  6. Donna

    I watched this episode again last night. The attitude this trick has is almost too unbearable to watch. I’ve got a personal list of the Top 5 Most Unlikeable Addicts/Alcoholics on the show, and this girl is on the list.

    1. Jordy

      I am curious to know who your others are, because I’ve got a list too. I haven’t seen this episode yet, however.

      1. Shia

        Her episodes coming on tonight if you want to watch it, but her attitude is pure trash and her grandparents may be the worst case of enabling I have ever seen

      2. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

        Of the grandparents, I think the grandfather is the worst enabler, ,but maybe I’m wrong.


      This is a person, someone’s daughter and someone’s mom. She shouldn’t have taken drugs, true, but still deserves respect.

      1. Sudie

        I get your point of view. I have to say that I don’t intend to be disrespectful when I voice my frustrations. I make poor word choices. Still, I have a very hard time respecting her. I get her trauma and pain. The choice she made to start up with drugs is understandable, although one I would not do, and never have done.

        The problem lies in her not having much insight on her actions due to the drugs. She does horrendous things. She is disrespectful in her actions, and for me it’s a knee jerk reaction to tag her with disrespectable descriptions.

        Sadly, she is at the point that she doesn’t respect herself. Her judgment being clouded by drug addiction. It’s a swamp of disrespect.

        She deserves compassion, but needs to earn the lost respect from her family and friends. That’s what rehab teaches you.

      2. M

        Respect has to be earned, this is a social site, not everyone has the same opinions. Why ring a show, then sabotage it.

      3. Ez

        Nothing about this woman is deserving of respect from anyone and especially not her mother and brothers. y

      4. Jen

        Speaking from experience, purely, a person wakes up every day and chooses to do a drug. Yes, there may be underlying mental illness or unhealthy coping mechanisms, however it is a choice to pick up that drug and use and it’s a choice to seek or not seek treatment. Unless you’re in a drug-induced psychosis, you’re blatantly choosing to take that drug. Come at me I don’t care lol been there, done that, you can’t tell me shit. Who thinks it was pleasant to come off of opiates? Benzos? It’s not. It sucks, however still a choice. All it took for me is my mother threatening to take custody of my child. After ten years of abusing drugs to deal with bipolar disorder and to cope with childhood trauma, it’s just that simple to stop. A person 100% chooses to wake up and be a piece of crap or to be better. Facts. I used to have so much sympathy for these people when I was an addict; not so much anymore. Maybe I’m salty, who knows, I’m just speaking from my pure experience and the experience of most recovered addicts I know.

  7. Ash

    I cannot really tell anything from the FB posts, but good luck Tiffany. This episode always stuck out in my mind & when I’d ask about it, people often would say I must be talking about Cristy… the skin, the picking, the helium? Either way… one day at a time girl. Sometimes we have to go through hell.

    1. Just Brandy

      Stood out for me too. I tried to check on her Instagram (I quit Facebook a while back) and even though the update reports she has one, I can’t find her.

  8. Jordy

    This is the episode they need to be showing in Health class in High school. Tiffany was once a very pretty girl with a bright future. She’s charismatic and did not appear to grow up poor, from what can be told from the episode. This is the kind of girl you definitely know, or did know, and she either has worked with you went to school with you, or was a friend of a friend. Neglect, sexual abuse, and abandonment know no demographic boundaries, and Tiffanys’ story is the ultimate horror outcome for families. he has to be the biggest tweaker on this show by far and the damage she’s done to her face and body should be enough to scare the shit out most people. That girl is fucked for life.

  9. Galusha

    I thought this episode was Candy at her finest. If it’s not her best it’s in the top 5. She never lost focus of trying to get Tiffany into treatment despite the threats and the manipulations, and despite the grandparents’ sabotaging the intervention.

  10. Stefan

    I screamed so loud when she picked her face that my mom came into the room to make sure I was okay LOL

  11. Kim

    Why don’t these people get arrested for assaulting people? This chick headbutted her mom. And she gets to walk away? Candy’s reaction to her telling her mom that it was her fault she uses was terrific.

  12. Georgia

    This is my brothers ex 😐 their boy is doing great, however. He has a fantastic daddy.

    1. Whitney

      WOAH! I’m glad he has one good parent at least. Is she still using?

  13. Brooke

    i have an extremely INTENSE dislike for tiffany. she treats her family like SHIT. and the assault of her mother…… and the grandparents GRRRRR. remember in another episode an addict (can’t remember his name) threatened jeff and they used it as a bottom line? if he didn’t go to rehab they were going to have him arrested for threatening violence or something? why didn’t they use that here? she actually assaulted her mother AND the camera person.

    1. Ez

      That was Gimbo the opioid addict who had his leg cut off by a train. He threatened the producers in some emails and Jeff threatened to press charges for terroristic threat. Tiffany’s family didn’t press charges and she only slapped the camera not the actual camera operator so there was nothing they could charge her with.

  14. SMS2019

    Any recent updates on her? Just watched the episode and man it was intense. I went to her FB and there’s a post in Jan. 2019 of just gibberish like adlk;jfaoeiprq89- and then nothing. Nothing on her Mom’s FB either re: update on her.

    1. M

      Social media is do fake. The gibberish message is it in because she’s off her head. Recent pictures have filters on, no recent children photos and no recent photos of her in her family’s profile.

      So much anger inside her. Maybe it’s the meth, maybe meth just brings out her anger issues, who knows.

      Not someone I’d want round anyone, never mind the kids. I’ll never understand why people breed and think it will solve everything, then the kids suffer. Hope her mum can break the cycle, and the kids don’t end up like their mum.

      1. Stefan

        I agree with every word of this and more. It’s a huge reason as to why I’m never having kids.

  15. Luna

    Tiffany is honestly in my top 5 also of least likable addicts. She is horrible to her mother and grandparents. Then during the intervention she attacked her brothers and mother. She needs probably more than just rehab. I recall in the beginning her stepdad talkin about her stabbing him.. why didn’t she go to jail? Guessing mom talked him out of pressing charges maybe? The grandparents are on another level of enabling but a lot of older people think that way so it wasn’t a total shock honestly. It’s sad to see these updates and that she hasn’t changed. I think they should’ve used Donna or Ken instead of candy she wasn’t very effective. I feel like Donna would’ve been the one to threaten her with jail also Ken or Jeff. Candy is a little more passive in her approach. Anyone else think that they could’ve used a different interventionist for her?

    1. KG

      I completely agree. I commend all of the interventionalists for the work that they do but Candy is my least favorite. I know there is only so much you can do, and you can’t force sobriety onto someone but I think a little more effort could have been put in. Why wouldn’t they have pressed charges on her when the police were called to the scene? At least if she was put in a cell for a night it would sober her up a bit and make her think about things. Jeff has been my favorite interventionalist. He always keeps cool under pressure or intense moments and has a lot of great techniques of deescalating the situation if it gets rough. In my opinion the fault for Tiffany’s continued cycle of drug abuse and entitlement falls on her grandparents. She will probably never change as long as she has them to fall back on. It’s really unfortunate and sad to see. It definitely hits home for me since it is a similar scenario that my family has dealt with for years with my uncle.

      1. A.S.

        Tiffany also had sexual abuse trauma, she may have been too far gone with meth to do anything for her but I don’t think it’s fair to judge given what she has been through. That probably did change her personality.

  16. Michael

    I just saw a picture of her that contains an image of the Iron Cross which is a well known Nazi symbol.
    So not only is she a selfish aggressive person, but a Nazi, or Nazi sympathiser.
    Truly a class act.
    Addiction is a hell of a disease.

    1. Dahlia

      Wow, just saw it too. Shameful

    2. Gigi

      That’s absolutely revolting but somehow not surprising.

  17. Andy

    As of a facebook post on March 31, 2021, it looks like her dad (step dad from the intervention) passed away. Her writing in the post is coherent and she wrote really nice things about him. It doesn’t say how he died.

  18. Marie A

    Is their any updates on Tiffany? I can’t get her FB to load it says it’s private?

  19. SaraSober

    Nasty. When she got into her mom’s face and pushed all I could think of was lucky I was not her sibling there. I’d be arrested because she’d be flat on the ground!

  20. Nivey

    This is one of the most memorable episodes! The anger, aggression, and face picking! Ugh! Poor grandparents, too! They were enablers, but they were also older and out of their element. They tried to help but didn’t realize they were hurting her more. I also hate to say this, but I found her extremely unlikable! I do feel empathy for her trauma but no excuse to physically abuse your mom and brothers. I was horrified when she headbutted her mom! Meth makes you do crazy things, but I think she has serious mental health issues, too. Sad to read, she brought another child in this toxicity, but from her moms fb, her boy and her baby girl look happy. Her mom and brothers look well, too. As for Tiffany, her fb just shows super filtered pics of her with a nazi symbol displayed on her profile. Smh.

    1. Lisa Wallington

      I couldn’t agree with you more. She’s incredibly unlikable. She seems like she loves playing the victim, saying that no one cares about he. She’s so lucky to have family that cares enough to put up with all her crap and still try to get her help. Her grandparents seem so scared of her that they won’t stand up to her. It’s like they’re prisoners in their own home.

  21. J

    random aside – has Tiffany been the only addict we’ve seen huffing nitrous oxide (whip-its, when she was huffing from the balloons) on this show? i always found it kind of odd nitrous hasn’t been seen much on this show. it’s not a very popular drug, but pretty much every drug user i know of at least knows it’s a thing. i always figured at least a couple people on this show use it, even if they’re not fully addicted to it.

    1. Nivey

      Yes, there were some huffing addictions on the show in some of the earlier/years episodes. I don’t believe I ever saw anyone using the balloons, but their were dusters being used for sure. Take a look at earlier seasons, and you may find it.

      1. J

        computer duster is different drug (and much more dangerous) than nitrous oxide. nitrous is used by dentists (administered differently, obviously) and is usually gotten from whip cream chargers by users. though i can see why you’d think they’re the same because they’re both huffed.

  22. Jay

    Im connected somehow to this woman and need to contact her

  23. Willy

    According to her Facebook, Tiffany’s grandfather (featured on the episode) has passed away

  24. Gio

    For all of you morons saying that she has the ‘nazi’ sign on her profile .. That’s not a ‘nazi’ sign you fools smh. It’s a nor cal thing .. Also, the skateboard company Independant Trucks uses that sign as their logo ..

    1. Jayla

      You should learn to educate people without insulting them, your message and wisdom will be much better received. 🙂

      1. Nivey

        I agree, Jayla! Chill all the way out, @Gio! We’re not fools. We made a simple mistake about the symbol! Regardless, Tiffany was insufferable and hard to empathize with throughout that entire episode, addiction is not an excuse to treat your family, especially your little brothers and elderly grandparents who cloth, house you and give you money like total shit! I wish her family and children all the best!

  25. Jayla

    Can anyone remind me what Tiffany’s brothers name was?

  26. Quaz

    tiff is a wonderful person who is just lost. nobody judge because we all bleed red. Pray for her. Not important if you like or dislike her. She is one tough chick who would knock all you opinionated people on your assed! truth.

  27. T

    Haven’t finished this episode yet and know that this is a silly comment but it just made me laugh when the black screen said “she’s being charged with growing marijuana” I laughed a little. It’s legal now in so many places and is now considered quite harmless in the grand scheme of things

    1. kitty katt

      Buying it and smoking it is one thing.

      Growing marijuana plants legally in today’s world vary state to state. You can be charged for growing it if you are not abiding by these rules:

  28. Cat

    Epilogue: After the pre-intervention, Tiffany’s grandparents informed Tiffany of the intervention. As a result, Tiffany would not show up and her family had to confront her at the courthouse. Tiffany called the police saying the show was lying about her doing drugs and was exploiting her family. After getting into a physical confrontation with her mother and brother, she fled the scene. Three days later, she was arrested for possession of crystal meth and returned to live with her grandparents, but was kicked out three months later. Her mother attended the Betty Ford Family Program and held her bottom lines. Three months after the intervention, Tiffany entered treatment and has been sober since August 1, 2011. Tiffany also had a daughter

  29. Molly

    she is definitely not clean as less than a year ago she posted to her fb that someone ratted someone else out to the cops, lol. oh Tiffany, I truly wish you were even a tiny bit likeable but… no.