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S14E8 Katherine

Season 14, Episode 7


Age: Early 30’s?
Location: Warner Robins, Georgia
Addiction: Meth
What’s memorable: She lost her kids because of the incredibly sketchy living environment they were in. I don’t blame the parents for taking custody at all, seems like they were pretty endangered there. Katie (at least as she was portrayed in the episode) is definitely not a very present as a mother. Watching her hiding in the car smoking meth while her kids were asking where she was, that was brutal. And the whole claiming her friend stole the journal that had her mother’s bank account info in it? No. How awful for that family. I don’t know if Katie really had the perfect childhood with no obvious addiction trigger or if the show’s new format of spending very little time on backstories meant they/we just didn’t find out the ways that her childhood wasn’t so perfect.

Official Synopsis: Katherine got hooked on pain pills after a botched epidural during childbirth. Now she’s addicted to meth and lost her home and custody of her kids.

Original Air Date: May 2015
Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. Jimmie

    It’s sad that she couldn’t get it together for her kids….

  2. Leonie

    What was the deal with her husband? Why wasn’t he at the intervention, and why are the kids not with him, if he doesn’t use?

  3. Janice

    There is A LOT that has been left out of this episode and it doesn’t make sense. Why didn’t her husband have custody and not kick her out for the sake of their children? Her family said they can’t get it thru to her that what she’s doing was wrong. So why let her around the kids at all?

    Not to mention, the whole emptying account part, my question is, why on earth does she have the information to being with?! I’d be furious with her having that information. I would tell her she either turns in the person who took it or she can cough up the money, if she took it. But more likely than not she took it. So sad treatment didn’t work for her. Not surprised either her family didn’t stick to their bottom lines.

    1. Jane

      Her husband doesn’t have custody because he needs help too, he’s an alcoholic & I think does meth too. I believe he was enabling Katherine’s addictions too, it just wasn’t a safe environment for the children to be in. But I think her family lets her around the children bc they miss their mom. I say this as someone who knows them a little bit.

  4. Jane

    I thought that was weird she would have access to her parents banking info, I wonder if her parents even knew she had it until their account was emptied??

    I know Katherine from around town and she’s really a nice person and her kids are great kids, I wish she could get it together for them. Both her & her husband need help.

    1. Chicky

      supposedly she found something with her parents banking info on it…that’s how she got access

      I would have had her arrested

  5. Jordy

    I hated watching her addiction be more important than her kids. All addiction is selfish, but this was heart wrenching. I wonder what she’d look like if she didn’t smoke meth, because she looks rough right there but you can definitely see that it’s from drug use.

  6. Alice Schmid

    are there updates on Katherine?

  7. kpowell

    Found her Facebook and she *seems* to be doing better than she was when she was on the show. She did state in mid July that she was going to another rehab facility, so hopefully that worked out for her!

  8. Xlio

    Fat shaming is not my intention, but does anyone else find it strange when a meth addict is noticably overweight? I guess everyone reacts differently.

    1. Stefan

      Indeed. The most prominent example was Al.

  9. AMA

    She was definitely one of the most unlikable addicts ever depicted on this show. I really hope she got her life together. Her kids deserve that.

  10. Melissity

    From her Facebook (realizing that it’s Facebook) it looks like she’s doing well. Her daughter got her permit in February, and she appears to be spending time with her family, and is focusing on her higher power.

  11. Kat Stacy

    According to her aunt on Facebook just a month ago, Katherine is in very poor health and still using.

    “…she is still using we believe and now has many health issues with her heart and lungs and is in pretty bad shape now, it’s heartbreaking for us! …I wish it was better news but she just can’t seem to accept her role in all this, she blames everyone else for ‘making her use’ and I fear until that changes she isn’t ever going to recover…”