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Megan (August 14th Episode of Intervention Canada)


I don’t cover Intervention Canada episodes but a lot of people have come here to talk about Megan and this episode so I’m leaving the post up. Sadly, Megan Morgan Glass passed away on November 28, 2016. Here is her obituary. 


There’s been some confusion about this episode.  No, Maureen is not a new Interventionist. This was an Intervention Canada episode that aired earlier this month.

Here’s how you can tell if it’s an Intervention Canada episode:  1) the music, graphics, and camera work seem slightly off 2) the interview backgrounds are really blue 3) it takes place in Canada  4) the Interventionist isn’t one of our beloveds and has a Canadian accent.

All comments.

  1. Monica

    I felt so bad for Megan and was so happy to hear she said yes to her Intervention and is still sober. Will this stay updated as to her progress? For some reason, she and her family really touched me! I want her to know that people who don’t know her at all (like me) are rooting for her and really care that she has a great life! If she wants a pen pal (haha I know how stupid that sounds but…) I would love to be that person.

    1. Amy


      I know Megan personally, we dated a few years ago. We were major parts of each others lives and I was an addict as well. We lost touch for a while and she reached out recently to let me know she was going to be on this show. We are both clean and happy, and I’m rooting for her as well. She’s a great girl and it makes me happy to see strangers say such nice things, I’m sure she would feel the same..

      thank you.

      1. Nossy

        I”m happy to hear that and hope both of you are well. What doing with her now?

      2. Monica

        I’m sorry I’m only seeing this comment you made now Amy. So sorry for your loss. She seemed like a great girl.

      3. Nik

        I dated Megan back in highschool. She was great, always happy and refused to “burden” others by letting them know what was really going on in her head.

        So sad to see her gone. I hope she’s doing better, wherever she is…

  2. KJ

    Yes I get confused during Canada Intervention episodes…until I realize everyone has Canadian accents & at the very end when I’m waiting for the “____ has been sober since___”, and the credits show a Canada (with a red bow?)logo.

    1. Nicole

      It’s actually their flag with a red maple leaf in the middle against a white background. The flag is in thirds with red white red panels and the red maple leaf is in the middle white panel. My dad is Canadian so we go to Canada twice a year, one of them is Canada Day where flags are everywhere!

  3. Missy

    Maureen seems so calm and comforting but her changed hairstyle was jarring. Hope Megan continues to get well.

  4. A.

    So is there an Episode with Sarah? I can’t find it. Thanks!

    1. Dizzy

      Which Sarah?

      1. A.

        This episode was called Sarah at the beginning and then changed to Megan, that’s why I asked.

    2. Lagaya1

      The “Sarah” episode is coming up this Sunday, August 28.

  5. Jojo

    This was an intervention done in Canada but it was not part of the Intervention Canada series. It was a new episode.

    1. Dizzy

      It was definitely Intervention Canada. So was Ryan (Aug 21), and next week’s season finale (Sarah) is too.

  6. Cascadian

    I actually love Andrew, one of the main Canadian interventionists!

  7. sl

    the episode was made in canada but it is not part of the canadian series. was made by the same production team but intervention canada airs on slice and is an entirely separate show.

    1. Dizzy

      I wonder if the show moved over to CBC Docs and is no longer on Slice?

    2. soafters

      It is an Intervention Canada episode. I just watched it this week on Slice.

  8. Courtney

    For some reason A&E airs the Intervention Canada as new episodes when they’re actually not. The episode and seasom nunbers are usually different and do not fall in line with the U.S ones.

    This one did fall in line with that so I guess it was packaged that way?

    I can see why this is so confusing!

  9. Jess

    I believe Seasons 1 and 2 of Intervention:Canada are available on Slice (you can access in the US if you have a VPN you can set to “Canada”; I’m sure there are other ways too). Another commenter mentioned that she watched the “Megan” episode profiled here on Slice, but I don’t see it available there.

    Season 3 I believe is on CBC Canada instead of Slice. See links below. I’m not familiar with and have not figured out a way to watch those episodes in the US. Guess I’ll have to wait til they sneak them in to the U.S. version of Intervention! (Or if anyone knows how, do tell!)


    Another tip-off that it is Intervention Canada is that they don’t show the name of the city at the beginning. They nearly always send the addict to a treatment center in Canada. The US Intervention series seems to send people to a facility in the US, unless they do an episode in Canada(?) That might be partly because they want the addict to stay within their own culture, but maybe more because the sponsoring treatment centers want the maximum exposure within their own target audience media. Is there a French Canadian version of Intervention?

  11. Cindy Brown

    Would love to see all the Intervention Canada shows! USA residents are blocked from seeing most of them. Not sure why?

    1. Nossy

      probably copyright and revenue lol, why else:) Try this

  12. William

    Looks like Intervention returns this Tuesday (11/29)

  13. Pat

    im sorry to bring some very sad news about this person Megan. i am from a small town where Megan grew up and i have been informed via her church that Megan very recently has passed on. very sad.

  14. Amy

    Yes unfortunately megan has passed on. I grew up in her town and her funeral was this past Wednesday.

    1. Sweetie

      I didn’t recognize her in the obit photo so I searched for her on Facebook. I instantly remembered her episode! :-(. If you read the comments on her photos, you can see she had a lot of friends and support. So sad …

    2. Lovely Lexi

      How did she die?

  15. Amy

    I really believe she needed help in long term psychiatric inpatient more so than rehab, it’s known she had been away to long term rehab centers multiple times and only seemed to get worse each time. people would see her here around town, she was very mentally ill. I don’t know why the show failed to mention her prior attempts to get help and the lack of their success.

  16. Mike

    Her episode always stuck with me and I agree, especially now hearing she had been to rehab in the past with no success I believe this should of been a case of mental health. It seems she had deep rooted trauma that needed to get to the bottom of, not sent off on some vacation to follow some 12 step rules. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the programs and think some can benefit greatly from them, but I can see how it may not be for everyone. Someone seeking attention and crying out for help in the ways she seemed to of been it can be masked by the bonds you make in these places, and once they are taken away you realize the deeper seeded issues were never really addressed, just easier to get through with the distractions. So sad to hear the outcome of this.

  17. TJ

    Wow, alot more recent comments than I expected, people must be googling her episode after her sudden death. I personally was in pickerel lake, her 3rd or 4th stay in a facility within a year and a half w/ her. She jumped into something quite quickly w/ a girl, which I think is fair to say goes along w/ what people are trying to get at above, and once that went downhill so did she. I don’t know the case this last time around, but seeing it first hand I think she used this as a way to fill a void and could see it happening again. I really think interpersonal relationships and really focusing on yourself, not becoming codependent (especially with another addict) is something that really must be stressed more in these facilities. I do believe somewhere with less social interaction where you are focused more on you would of been a better fit for her.

    1. Amy

      She got involved with someone there? I thought she was engaged during that time, some American girl I believe.

      1. TJ

        You are correct! She did, she even asked me to be the sperm donor for their baby one day @ one point lol. The other girl involved also had a long term boyfriend (& was straight I believe),they would even go each morning to sign up for their call times to their significant others for the day together, the whole situation was confusing. IMO it did not help either of them as far as dropping the addict tendencies of hiding things & being untruthful & I believe the girl ended up getting kicked out or leaving early bc of it. In Meg’s defense, she did state she was trying to get into a concurrent disorder facility prior to coming back into another rehab facility but unfortunately there is a real lack of mental health help here in Canada.

    2. Apove

      I googled her for her music and am so sorry to discover this tragic end so quickly. I watched the episode and thought “a female Kurt cobain”, deciding to see if her music and poetry was available online anywhere. Instead I discovered her death. So very sorry.

  18. TJ

    Typo: “she was” (in a serious relationship) not she did, worded that wrong.

    1. Amy

      Been asking around town people who knew her if they knew any details and it doesn’t seem anyone knows exactly how she took her life. Did hear she was in another relationship in this rehab the show sent her to so your theory was right on that!

  19. Apove

    ..”…oh dear lord Jesus please stop crying because I feel so ashamed”…
    …”traveling through the city, I’ve seen it so many times, clouds and shapes of grey and white covering up the sky, but I can still see the faces staring at me all the time, asking, “where I’ve been”, and “isn’t it about time?”

    Amazingly talented songstress, song writer, and poet.

    I was hoping to hear more after seeing the episode and found this obituary instead.

    Very sorry to the family and friends.

    1. sian morgan

      Are these my daughter Megan’s words? Where are her poemore of her poems and words, where can I find them?

    2. TJ

      Are you sure you have the right person? This megan wasnt a singer/songwriter, I believe you may be mixing episodes up, which are you speaking of? There was one on her season named “kaeleen” who was though.

    3. Holly

      You are thinking of the Meagan from ANOTHER Intervention Canada episode that was addicted to heroin and self harming. This is a different Megan. They were both lesbians. Just different people.

  20. Monica

    NO! Unbelievably sad ending to this beautiful girls life. She had soooo much promise! I really wish I could’ve talked to her somehow. Oh well…prayers sent to all her friends and family 🙁

  21. John horst

    I’m just going to say that although she. Hufffed and puffed
    She still had a great way to connect with people
    She would have been a great help for many people
    She was a good one for all the best people to come close to i wish she had got to see the light .
    She will be back one fine day as will all gods children

  22. Travis

    Megan was my gf for a while too, after amy. She wasn’t over amy so we broke up and she went back to amy. After that she was dating someone in the u.s. I know how she passed away but its too tragic to say. Her funeral was sad and “Goddy” so I was pissed off and walked out. I will never forget her. I will always mourn her.

  23. mary

    did she get back in touch with her parents? i was hoping she would just stay in CA away from them.

  24. Diana

    Why do ppl want to know ‘how’ she took her life? Isn’t the fact that she took her own life horrible enuf for you? As a mom who has had to deal with this, I can only say that losing a child in ANY WAY is DEVASTATING. FYI…If you have nothing nice to say, than saying nothing at all is best. My heart ACHES for you Since & I truly hope that you know she is at peace now & hope that brings you some comfort.

    1. Dmitri

      @ Diana — with all due respect, i believe the only person asking how she died was asking before it was revealed that it was a suicide. they were not asking for gory details or anything that disrespectful.

      rest in peace Megan, i just watched her episode for the first time tonight and was so heartbroken to learn she is no longer with us <3

  25. Andy

    I’m so sad to see she passed. I was really rooting for her. She seemed so lost but she seemed to have a positive outlook once she was in treatment. RIP.