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Season 17, Episode 8


Age: 27
Location:  Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
Addiction:  Fentanyl

Official Synopsis: With the birth of her two daughters, Samantha gave up using crystal meth and heroin. But when she began consorting with figures from her druggy past, she fell back into addiction and soon lost custody of her children. Samantha’s family are desperate to help her be the good mother she once was, but now she is addicted to fentanyl and her very life hangs in the balance.

Date Aired:  September 2017

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  1. Jonas

    I root so much for Sam.

    Jesse is a really good interventionist

  2. Janelle

    Samantha will not be able to stay clean as long as that loser boyfriend is in her life. She will most likely have to leave Kamloops BC and settle somewhere else far beyond his reach in order to stay in recovery.

    I hope she moves far away and builds a new sober life for herself, and then sends for her children after being clean for a full year.

  3. ashley

    I have a hard time feeling sympathy for Sam. She has so many people in her court that have consistently helped pulled her up and get her life back on track. And she kept going back to the same, drug-addicted boyfriend! She KNOWS he is/was a trigger- yet she put herself and kids on a greyhound bus to go to him?!

  4. Eric S Taylor

    Sam’s step father Mike is an amazing man. Watching his love for his family is beautiful. Father of the year for sure!

    1. Katie

      For sure!

  5. Pandora

    During the whole episode, I thought she looked the same age as her mother, but in worse shape.
    At the end, I could not recognize her, I even said ‘wow’ out loud in front of my screen.
    I’ve rarely seen someone look so different on and off drugs.
    I really hope she managed to stay clean

  6. Rich

    She isn’t using fentanyl and seems to be smoking meth.
    Mike the stepdad needs to “deal” with Harley if she ever stands a chance

    1. Jennifer G

      Fentanyl is often smoked off foil the way she was doing it

    2. Sudie

      What’s the deal with Mike and Harley?

  7. Brittany

    Can anyone send me a link where I can watch her episode?

    1. Melissa

      If u have Comcast you can watch it ondemand

  8. Ashley

    It’s on YouTube I’m watching it now intervention season17episode8 type that in.

  9. Concerned

    Does anyone know how is she doing now?

  10. RM

    There is so much love in this family. I found Sam on facebook.

  11. Kitty Katt

    Her mother’s facebook page says she’s single. She seems to be enjoying the single life too with her friends. Wonder what happened to their marriage. I’m actually sad that he’s no longer in the family. He was such a loving step-father and husband.

    1. Angelica

      As of today looks like she’s in a relationship with a very old man…. She has horrible tattoos…. And looks like a weirdo junkie herself. Just an older woman trying to look young and failing miserably. She and the stepfather must have broken up over Sam’s addiction. He was by far the best person in the episode. A real shame.

  12. Seth Granville

    Apparently still addicted. This video is from April 2019 interviewing her mother. States she is living on the streets and that Samantha hasn’t seen her daughters in 2 years.

    1. Angelica

      I feel for addicts but think decriminalizing this sort of activity just encourages addicts to do drugs where ever and whenever they please with no consequence. I live in a really liberal city and frequently find drug paraphernalia on the ground when I take my young children in public. So I strongly disagree with this.

  13. Rinna

    Ugh her boyfriend was absolutely worthless, and it’s so sad to see Sam continue on the cycle of domestic violence. Her family is beautiful too, her daughters were bright eyed and her brother was pretty funny too. It’s sad because if she got sober she’d have a beautiful life.

    Unfortunately I didn’t see too much hope for Sam…I hope I’m wrong

  14. brittney

    I looked at the Facebook attached and it’s old, so I searched her name. Found an updated one and she posted a status asking for “g” and told people to call her. I googled drug slang and the only drug that has a code name that they had on there was “goodfella” which is fentanyl. That was her drug of choice. It’s really heartbreaking because her kids deserve better and she looked so good at the end of the episode, but she’s already back down to being super tiny and abusing drugs. That status was from June or July I believe of this year-2020. 🙁

    1. brittney

      edit** because I forgot some words haha.
      The only drug on their list that had a name that started with g was fentanyl, which was “goodfella”. The other drugs listed didn’t have any code names that started with g. :/

      1. Xlio

        Yikes it’s so crazy to me when people post such sketch stuff on FB!

    2. Lexy

      G usually means GHB

    3. Mary Uribe

      A “g” could also mean a “gram” …. Very sad cycle

  15. Todd

    I didn’t really care for Samantha. Very selfish girl. She should not have had children. Plus I found her a bit over dramatic at her Intervention. Some of it seemed like an act. I felt sorry for her Mother. I thought both Samantha’s Mother and Step Father were very good people. There were a couple of things about Samantha I found quite odd. First of all the huge changes in her weight. I mean it wasn’t a few pounds here and there – her weight changes were extenuous to say the least. The other thing is did anyone else notice Samantha’s constant herky jerky movements? The composure of her body was very strange. I thought she maybe she has Tourette’s syndrome. I didn’t think it was the drugs because she wasn’t on Crystal Meth. I don’t know, maybe it was just nervous energy. Whatever it was, it was quite disconcerting to say the least.

    1. Kitty Katt

      I’ve seen a few Fentanyl users on here doing the same jerky movements as Samantha. Some were even worse. As for the weight…personally, when you go from drug using and not eating to suddenly relaxing and eating a bunch, yes the weight can creep up on you that fast. She was originally built that size so it does come back. I know from my own weight fluctuations and how fast it can come back.

      1. Todd

        Gotcha. Makes sense. Thanks Kitty Katt.

  16. Todd

    I was a bit bored today. For some reason, this episode called me. I first saw it about 8 months ago. I ended up taking another look at it today. I really don’t like Samantha. Her Mother and her Mother’s hubby ought to just cut her off. I felt sorry for them cuz they were both really good people. I think they may be fighting for a lost cause. Something I noticed 8 months ago that was even more bothersome today was Samantha’s constant herky jerky movements. Her whole body is like, in spasms or something. Plus she kept clearing her throat and smiling this weird smile. Totally bizarre. Fetanyl is her thing. I’ve never tried it myself. I must say Samantha inspired me to never, ever try it. I see this episode is from 9/2017. I’d be surprised if Samantha remained clean. If she didn’t, then I hope her Mother moved on.

  17. Maggie

    She looked so beautiful and healthy at the end of her episode. I couldn’t say for sure obviously but she looks real rough on social media. I would assume she’s been back at it for a while.

  18. Ingrid

    This was a really good episode she really fell hard into her addiction has 2 little girls amazing parents who are raising them now I can not find an update on her Samantha hope she is in a good place

  19. Ingrid

    sadly her drug addiction is still on going i read a post on her facebook page from her friend she has many FB pages ….. but anyhow the post said how this friend misses her and such and talks about how sad the addiction is