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Update April 27, 2018

Hello Interventionites! Interventionarians?

Apparently Intervention will be returning on June 5th with a new regular-format season. I haven’t been able to track down the promo or any official info from A&E online but it’s been reported that ads were run on the channel. Those ads are notoriously unreliable, A&E changes its mind a lot when it comes to scheduling, but at least we know that new episodes have definitely been produced and will be aired at some point. Which is fantastic news! We get to delay the heartbreak a while longer. (I’m seriously dreading having to go through the emotional toll of Intervention’s 2nd cancellation).

I’ve been trying to put together stats about the show and I’m stoked to almost be done with data entry.  However, I’m missing a few important pieces of information and I need your help. As you probably know, not all of the episodes are still available to view online. Sometimes because the addict has since passed away, sometimes for other mysterious reasons.  I recently went back and added the Interventionist to every episodes’ page (that wasn’t something I was originally recording when I started the site), but I wasn’t able to get that info on all of them because the episode is now inaccessible for whatever reason. So here is the list of interventions where I don’t know who the interventionist was. Do you know?

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

In other news, I started a Patreon in case anyone is interested in helping me cover my new higher-security hosting costs AND I’ve now been sober for 5 months. Feels like a dang miracle. Thanks for all your support everyone.

Happy Spring!

All comments.

  1. Lhamo55

    Hi Dizzy, Dillon’s interventionist was Jeff.

    1. Dizzy

      Thank you!

  2. kitty katt

    Excellent news Dizzy! Both Intervention’s new season and to your sobriety!

  3. Kristina

    Wow, such exciting news — a new season plus your sobriety. Congrats Dizzy! I’m anxious to see what the new season holds.

  4. Andy

    I hope the new season brings in more ratings. I have a feeling it will. Also that’s awesome you’ve been sober 5 months dizzy. We’re all proud of you. 🙂

  5. Stefan

    Dr. Tara Fields was Vanessa’s interventionist.

    Here’s her episode (which is shared with “he who shall not be named”). would you consider giving her a page on here?

    1. Dizzy

      Yeah I was planning on it but I couldn’t find the episode, so thank you.

  6. Martha Story Jones

    Congratulations on your 5 months. Well done!!

  7. Stefan

    Here’s the Mike and Jenny episode (it actually was on Season 5):

    Would you make them profiles now?

    The Michael/Randi episode seems to be unavailable in all capacities.

    1. Stefan

      Mike’s interventionist was Ken (along with an OCD specialist), while Jenny’s was Candy.

    2. Dizzy

      Stefan, these putlocker links are not safe. It appears there’s no way to view video without being redirected to malware. I don’t know how you’re able to safely watch from that site but I am not. I advise readers not to click.

      1. Stefan

        I have a popup blocker for my computer (Malwarebytes, only $25/year).

  8. JuliePV

    JVV was Dillon’s interventionist.

    Congrats on 5 months, Dizzy, and thanks for all your work here.

  9. North

    Richard ran off at the end and never went.

    Episode 155: Richard

    1. Dizzy

      I thought I’d remembered that the black screen said he did eventually go to treatment though? I’ll have to do a re-watch. Thanks.

  10. Stefan

    I’m pretty sure that Michael is the same Michael who appeared in the episode with Adam in Season 2 (whom on IMDB was credited as appearing in the Michael/Randi episode and not the Adam/Michael episode). This makes sense as supposedly Randi’s episode never aired due to her finding out about the Intervention (something which supposedly she confirmed on this site and was also alluded to in the show’s 10th anniversary special). In any case, Michael’s interventionist was Jeff.

  11. JuliePV

    Google has descriptions up for the new episodes:

    June 5 – Sam & Brad
    A couple’s drug-fueled codependency becomes the basis of their marriage; after losing their children from previous relationships and their careers as well, family members fear that rock bottom for the troubled couple will mean both of their deaths.

    June 12 – Jackie R.
    A woman stuck in a loveless marriage gradually begins to drink and soon becomes a full-blown alcoholic guzzling up to a gallon of wine a day; despite wrecking three cars and losing her nursing license, Jackie continues to drink.

    June 19 – Abbie
    A young mother begins drinking excessively to cope with her husband’s physical and mental abuse; now living with a new boyfriend who enables her addiction, Abby’s alcoholism causes chronic liver, kidney and bone marrow damage.

    June 26 – Elann
    Unable to process the deaths of her father and brother, Elann obliterates her emotions with an ever-present bottle of vodka; seeing her daughter’s mental health in steep decline, Elann’s mother hopes an intervention can pull her back from the abyss.

    1. jacinda godwin

      wonder if its addicts from canada

      1. Dizzy

        Elann is Intervention Canada, the others look like they might be new.

    2. Dizzy

      Thank you for posting this!

  12. Sascha

    OH MY HECK. Reading that you’ve been sober for 5 months now literally made me cry. I’ve been a quiet lurker on your site for years, and have hoped you’d find your peace more than anything. Congratulations, and may there be a forever of sobriety ahead, one day at a time. SO proud of you!