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Best Episode of Intervention for Newbies – Nominations

Hey y’all, a friend who hasn’t ever seen Intervention asked me to tell her what the ‘best’ episode was so she could watch it and decide if the show would be something she could get into or not. That’s a really hard question to answer, isn’t it? It made me think a lot about what being the ‘best’ episode would entail. Would it be the most disturbing or important or moving? The most tragic, or the most uplifting? The most memorable for me personally, or the most sensational and talked about? What would I want someone to get from this one episode, as in what would I want them to feel and understand after watching it? Is my goal to get them to watch more episodes, and if so, why do I want that? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Anyway I did narrow it down to a short list of episodes but I wanted to know what you think. If you had to pick one single episode that you think is a great representation of the show and the one a newbie should watch first, which one would it be and why?


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  1. Ami

    Mine would be Tiffany, episode 181. That has always been my favorite for so many reasons. I’m not religious, but I loved how religion was played a part in so many aspects of her story. She’s aslo such a success story, as she has completely turned her life around. I have a ton of respect for her.

  2. Stefan

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people still have not heard of this show after all these years, which probably explains why so many of its subjects still fall for the documentary angel.

    1. Rob

      Me too. Honestly, I’ve probably turned 5 really good friends onto the show, all of whom had never heard of it.

  3. Julie PV

    The first two that come to mind are Sylvia and Hubert.

  4. Lee R

    Episode 93: Bret. Such a heartwrenching account of how alcoholism/addiction crushes an entire family and the weight that denial carries. And his SON. Ugh. And of course the ending ❤️

  5. Marie

    Agree on Sylvia and Hubert. Elena’s episode is amazing.

  6. Gregory Moore

    Especially in light of her recent passing, Episode 161: Courtney is the first that came to mind. It’s very shocking and clearly had an unhappy ending, but it shows the desperate depths some addicts (young & old) can go to, due to their addictions. But there are so many memorable stories that could make an uninitiated viewer a “believer.” And, as always, thanks, Diz, for all you do to keep this compendium going. It’s a highly-valued resource.

  7. Stefan

    In terms of memorable/famous episodes, I’d say that belong to Allison, due to the “Walking on Sunshine” video and parody on South Park, followed by Christy, and then probably Rocky, due to the cry and related Youtube video.

    1. Rob

      I agree. Those two are probably the most “infamous” episodes, along with Cristy (episode 31).

  8. Elizabeth

    Aw I agree with Julie i would say Sylvia’s episode! Or like an episode that is really intense like theyre really messed up but then they have a great intervention and look great at the end. One of my personal favorite episodes is Dallas, just cuz shes so relatable. Hmm if I was going to show someone an episode for the first time ever, I would definitely go for one that is shocking but with a great ending.

  9. Rob

    I usually start friends with episode 100: “I Was There”. It’s a fascinating look behind the scenes of some of their most famous episodes.

    But I also agree with everyone who says Sylvia – that one was gut wrenching and really hits home the message that addiction can hit anyone, at any stage in their lives. And the outcome is so beautiful.

  10. beelove

    Alison (pills), Tina (gambling) and Kelly F (alcohol)- all from Season One.

  11. Alice Schmid

    Without a doubt, mine would be Megan, season 12, episode 12. The thing is, I think she has relapsed, so I am not sure how uplifting a story it is.

    She had the worst parents ever, and revealed in the clearest terms ever, how important it is to believe you deserve a better life than the one addiction gives you.

  12. MadiR

    Robbie from season 16 without a doubt. He had a tragic life but the love of his sisters is incredible and makes you cry tears of joy! Plus he still appears sober (Facebook) so it’s very uplifting

  13. Jenny

    I think Sturgill – to show how uplifted the show can make you feel. Then maybe Cristy to show the other extreme.

  14. Sudie

    I would go with Sylvia since she turned around so much she is now an interventionist herself. Then for the flip side, I would say Cristy.

  15. April

    Lana. Sylvia. And Hubert. Those all spoke to me. I know. All alcoholism. But, it’s because I see someone in them that I lost tragically to alcoholism. And all 3 beat it. It took Lana a long time. But, she’s on FB and she’s happy.

  16. Jordy R

    The first episode I ever saw is always the most memorable to me. Chad, the cyclist that is voluntarily homeless and totally convinced his life is awesome. I was really shocked by the level of normalcy he felt living on the street. Kind of a dick tho….

  17. Kermy

    Sierra from season 15 I think has always really stuck with me. Her meth psychosis is scary. Or Kacy the alcoholic from this season as well. Both episodes hit me hard

    1. Jordy R

      Sierra is def up there with the most graphic and messed up episodes. Hope she’s ok now.

  18. Babypunk

    Katherine c. (S17 e1)
    Sierra (s15 ep2)

  19. Bee

    Season 11’s Suzon is the one that first got me into watching the show… I had to keep on watching the episode to see how things worked out for her, and at the end I wanted to get up off the couch and cheer for her. Since then I have been hooked… (bad pun I know!) Richard’s story really got me, too.

  20. Kitty Katt

    Personally, all it takes is one episode to get hooked and it doesn’t matter which one you see first. You’ll be binge watching the rest.

  21. Sara

    Aimee (Fentanyl) or Sylvia (Alcohol)

  22. Patricia Wilson

    Dana season 13th after hearing her children die and burying them, going through years of struggles and sadness. She finally turned it all around. She now helps 100’s after tragedy.

  23. Katecrime

    Leslie from season 3. She struggled with alcoholism, and chugged mouthwash. Her children were heartbreaking.

  24. A

    I would pick either Dallas or Matt.

  25. maybeth

    Adam Phillips, season 8 Ep 2. Adam was a former champion skiier from Utah, then joined the US Marines and served in combat in the Iraq war. Now he’s home from that war and uses alcohol on a daily, if not hourly basis to numb himself. Adam certainly has PTSD but won’t accept treatment yet. Adam also has a girlfriend (now wife) named J.D. She doesn’t want Adam to go to treatment and is actively fighting the interventionist’s, and the rest of the family’s attempts to convince Adam to go. Her motive for this is not discussed but, it is not uncommon for those closest to a patient to NOT want their loved one to get better. (The common fear of such partners is that if the patient gets better he or she will leave them, so that’s why they don’t want them to get better; but we have no way of knowing J.D.’s true reasons).

  26. Nivey


  27. Britt

    Gabe ❤️

    1. Lizzie

      Orphan Gabe, not Gambling, Carjacking-His-Own-Mother Gabe…

      1. Stefan

        Regardless he who shall not be named’s episode can’t be found anywhere.

      2. Britt

        lol yes I meant orphan Gabe, thanks for clarifying that Lizzie!

  28. Katie G.

    I’d say Christy, Dallas, Zeinah, Dan (season 22), and honestly the second episode of this season about the three brothers for the sole reason to show a shining example of how incredible recovery can be and how it’s possible and attainable for anyone.