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Amanda Intervention Las Vegas

Season 22 Episode 3

Age: 33
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Addiction: Meth

Official Synopsis: Devastated when she lost custody of her son, Amanda began drinking heavily and moved to Las Vegas for a fresh start. Once there, she became seduced by the city’s notorious party culture and started using methamphetamine. (“Lost custody”??? Kind of a bigger deal than that A&E. Please hire me to write your episode synopses)

What’s Memorable:  The heartbreaking tragedy with her son – I can’t imagine anyone could come out of that without some serious emotional and psychological damage. The camps in the Vegas underground tunnels and those kind Holy Smoke folks helping the people living there.  The desperate search for missing Amanda, the successful on-the-street intervention, which might have been exactly what she needed at exactly the right moment, and the very moving followup.

Date Aired: March 29, 2021

Interventionist: Dave Marlon, local Vegas interventionist

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  1. Jack

    As a Minnesotan, this hurt my heart. God bless her and her family. XO

    1. Jack

      I was SO worried she wouldn’t show up. PHEW.

    2. Stefan

      Another Minnesotan here and I agree 100%

      1. Jack Mahon

        Me again. If you are family, or Amanda – I hope we can hear about how she is doing now this year <3 I wish the best!

  2. April

    I was concerned when they had a male interventionist. Because her trauma was so female centered. But, it was such a good call. I realized she was surrounded by caring women. But, she needed a strong male to give her comfort. It was a great call. I was elated to see her at the end. She looked beautiful and so happy. I really hope it continues for her.

  3. Xlio

    This episode felt rushed to me or like it could have covered more. Focused so much on drama of not being able to find her. I would’ve liked to see more of her day to day. And it’s pretty obvious at this point everyone knows an Intervention is coming. But hey I’m still glad it’s running and addicts are getting help!

    1. Stefan

      I still come across many people who have never heard of this show, which has always surprised me. Also keep in mind that most addicts don’t watch much, if any, television.