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Season 24, Episode 1

Age: 29
Location: El Sobrante, California
Addiction: Fentanyl

Official Synopsis: Raised in Northern California, Kenny excelled in football and had big dreams of playing in the NFL, but a misstep in high school triggered a series of events that left him homeless and addicted to dangerous amounts of fentanyl.

What’s Memorable:  The Tenderloin, the strong loving family, the powerful intervention, Camay.

Interventionist: Michael Gonzales and his strange but somehow charming ponytail.

Date Aired: June 13, 2022

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  1. April S.

    I absolutely love his family; especially his cousin Russell and step-brother. The way they supported his Mom when she was about to lose it in the Intervention was frickin badass. The support for Camay by calling her “family” and saying they loved her just shows how much love this family has for Kenny. The trailer thing…I get it. She didn’t allow him under her roof but provided a “safe place” to stay besides the streets. Her frustration, anger, worry and sadness were understood. I was so sad to read the final screen.

  2. Liam

    Ughhh that final black screen makes me so sad 🙁 I seriously felt the love from this family during the intervention, wishing the best for Kenny and Camay <3

  3. Liz

    My DVR cut out- what happened at the end??

    1. April S.

      Camay left treatment after 4 days. Kenny left after 6 days and returned to the Tenderloin area of SF. He moved in with his Mom (she had the trailer removed from the property) and was attending an outpatient center. It said Camay is no longer involved with Kenny.

  4. Marie

    My heart hurt at the end. I was in tears when Camay agreed to go and turned everything around, she just looked so relieved and exhausted. I guess it was just too much for them. I hope Kenny can keep on fighting and I hope Camay has people that love and care about her too. Kenny’s family was so strong, beautiful and open.

    1. Kathy

      Love yo know if Kenny is sticking with his recovery.