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Season 24, Episode 1

Age: 29
Location: El Sobrante, California
Addiction: Fentanyl

Official Synopsis: Raised in Northern California, Kenny excelled in football and had big dreams of playing in the NFL, but a misstep in high school triggered a series of events that left him homeless and addicted to dangerous amounts of fentanyl.

What’s Memorable:  The Tenderloin, the strong loving family, the powerful intervention, Camay.

Interventionist: Michael Gonzales and his strange but somehow charming ponytail.

Date Aired: June 13, 2022

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  1. April S.

    I absolutely love his family; especially his cousin Russell and step-brother. The way they supported his Mom when she was about to lose it in the Intervention was frickin badass. The support for Camay by calling her “family” and saying they loved her just shows how much love this family has for Kenny. The trailer thing…I get it. She didn’t allow him under her roof but provided a “safe place” to stay besides the streets. Her frustration, anger, worry and sadness were understood. I was so sad to read the final screen.

  2. Liam

    Ughhh that final black screen makes me so sad 🙁 I seriously felt the love from this family during the intervention, wishing the best for Kenny and Camay <3

  3. Liz

    My DVR cut out- what happened at the end??

    1. April S.

      Camay left treatment after 4 days. Kenny left after 6 days and returned to the Tenderloin area of SF. He moved in with his Mom (she had the trailer removed from the property) and was attending an outpatient center. It said Camay is no longer involved with Kenny.

  4. Marie

    My heart hurt at the end. I was in tears when Camay agreed to go and turned everything around, she just looked so relieved and exhausted. I guess it was just too much for them. I hope Kenny can keep on fighting and I hope Camay has people that love and care about her too. Kenny’s family was so strong, beautiful and open.

    1. Kathy

      Love yo know if Kenny is sticking with his recovery.

    2. stef

      Kenny seems like the kind of person who is just good and kind to everyone. I love the love he has for his daughter. Camay is a pretty, sweet girl. Kenny’s family is awesome. He’s got a lot of people who love and support him unconditionally. Hope they both get well…they have their entire lives ahead of them.

  5. Jayla

    Anyone know how Kenny is doing?

  6. Mini

    I suspect it wasn’t a good sign he moved back into his mom’s house. She seemed sweet, but a major enabler.

  7. Avid Watcher

    At about 27min mark of the episode Kenny says: “I’ve been hurtin’…Withdrawal feels like your world is ending…So this is like a little wake-up pack. It ain’t too much, it’s like probably a gram.”
    Then he smokes it… Again, I am shocked at the tolerance people have for these drugs. Elephant tranquillizers! The 1800’s Opium epidemic pales in comparison.
    I wish there were more show’s like intervention. You could trick a whole dysfunctional family into treatment. Wouldn’t that be great!?

    1. Avid Watcher

      “Fentanyl Family” was kind of like “Tricking a whole family.” But what I meant was, if you had the “false” premise of the show about “Adult children living at home.” Or “Struggling families, due to poverty.” Or “Mental illness in families” or whatever else you can come up with. Something that would help people open up, without realizing they’re on international television.
      Some people have made amazing recoveries and helped so many people after being helped by the “Intervention crew.”
      Correct me if I am wrong. But aren’t intervention participants paid, after they’ve signed a waiver? Even those who refuse are paid for their air-time.

  8. E

    I love when the interventionist said he basically had to pull the story out of the uncle about how he helped Kenny started hustling and how that meant that he was full of guilt + shame… I saw it as the uncle not expecting this question to come up and not realizing he had to snitch on himself on national television as part of the process lmao

  9. E

    It sucks to say but I knew what the outcome of this episode was going to be way before they showed the final black screen. Especially Kenny’s reaction to the intervention. He had it way too easy, going to the streets whenever he needed to make money or get dope and then get back to the safety of his mom’s house when needed. I know that because I was in the same exact situation as him not too long ago, and it took me being on the streets full time and having to watch my back 24/7 to realize that it’s not the life I want to live. Kenny needs to be humbled big time before he’ll be ready to change..

    Which sucks so much because on the other hand, I was so moved by how loving his whole family was. I had tears in my eyes multiple times during the intervention, especially when his cousin was talking to him to get him to come back in the room (also, is it just me or what he said was beautiful and sounded poetic af ?), and how happy the three men were hugging it out after Kenny got in the car. I could feel the love they have for him through the screen and it really touched me. I just can hope that Kenny realizes it before it’s too late.

    Also really hope Camay is doing ok. She was a sweetheart.