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Season 25, Episode 1

Nick and Emily
Location:  Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Addiction:  Carfentanyl

What’s Memorable:   Well THAT was hard to watch.  I mean I get the parents not wanting them to die on the streets because honestly they probably would, but scene after scene of them becoming absolute zombies in front of his 5 year old daughter, nodding off while eating macaroni salad at Father’s Day brunch… damn.  I choose not to harshly judge this family given that it’s an impossible situation and they ultimately did what they needed to do with the intervention and creating strong bottom lines, but I do question the wisdom of allowing Melia anywhere near those two.  Also memorable: The way the parents treated and talked about Emily, and the fact that this guy brought his PREGNANT WIFE into a foreign country where she didn’t know anyone and immediately bailed on her.  Dude has some amends to make, that’s for sure.

Official Synopsis: Former high school football star, Nick, and his girlfriend, Emily, were once happy, popular kids from well-to-do families. Now both heavily addicted to carfentanil, an opioid 10,000 times more potent than morphine, they live a life of reckless use and petty crime, all while staying at Nick’s parents’ home. Helpless to stop this destructive behavior and at their wits’ end, Nick’s family has stepped up to offer their son–and Emily–a final shot at getting clean.

Interventionist:  Maureen Brine, who didn’t do half bad on this one!

Date Aired: April 22, 2024

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  1. Stefan

    Just finished. Wow was Nick a complete tool. He’s clearly someone who never was told no as a child, and mostly into adulthood as well (likely coasting by on looks, charm, and athletic abilities). To rip your wife away from her homeland to come to your country to have your baby and then drop her like a bad habit is to me one of the worst acts imaginable. Maureen does her best and obviously means well, but I feel like he succeeded in spite of her. I was very surprised that he stayed in treatment/sober, and functioned as well as he did (I initially thought his brain was fried from the drugs, but it turns out that he really was just high whenever we saw him I guess). I don’t have much hope for Emily, and I worry that Nick trying to contact her will spell doom for his sobriety. Sometimes you just have to let people go, no matter how hard you may love them.

  2. x

    Nick & Emily. They smoke crack & carfentanyl, even more dangerous than fentanyl. I assume the crack is used to attempt to stay awake off the carfent. Just wow, how heartbreaking. It’s so strange how drugs have turned into this – straight nodding off while standing up, having to redose every few hours to keep from getting sick. It seems no fun at all & I’m saying this as an ex-opiate addict. I wish them both well & hope they succeed because they deserve it<3

  3. Janel

    Good God! I’m only halfway through the episode, and I’m speechless. Why are they allowing his daughter to even be around him? Supervised visits are still not ok, in my opinion

    1. Nivey

      @Janel I 1000% agree with you! That poor baby girl! The grandparents say she’s supervised but a small child is quick, curious, and gets into everything within a blink of an eye! Totally unacceptable! Children could easily touch or ingest the drugs. What a shame for that to happen even more tragic to see it in fact does happen. The grandparents and the mother of the little girl are making a bad judgement call here! A child deserves both parents but in that condition that nick and his gf was in I mean c’mon that sweet girl is better off not being around that period (such trauma) I hope nick stays sober and earns the right to safely and responsibly be with his daughter again!

      1. Janel

        One of the hardest hitting episodes ever.

  4. Dizzy

    Anyone know where this episode is streamable? I can’t find any of the regular streaming services carrying it, even the ones where you have to buy the episode or season (i.e. Google Play, Amazon). Weird. If anyone here has been able to get it anywhere online please let me know! Thanks.

    1. Tazz

      It’s on Prime Video, Dizzy ☺️ That’s how I was able to watch it last night.

    2. Stefan

      On Reddit many seem to be running into the same problem. Philo seems to work for many who can’t find it in the main platforms. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts it’s a doozy.

    3. Jen S.

      It was in Sling, but listed as Season 6 episode 8 for some reason :\

      1. Dizzy

        Maybe because it’s Intervention Canada Season 6?

    4. Jen

      I went to watch it on A&E and signed up for a free trial with Philo and was able to watch it

    5. Stefan

      Apparently you can pre-purchase all of season 25 for $19.99 and each episode will drop the day after they air.

    6. Annette

      I was able to watch this ep on the A&E app on the day it aired, but I’m not sure if that’s accessible for everyone.

      What a wild ride this was – after all these years, Intervention still has the capacity to shock and dismay. I really hope both Nick and Emily are able to find the support they need to get and stay sober – their drug of abuse is no joke.

  5. Kiki

    Watching them barely conscious and playing with/around fire made me so nervous. Also seeing the daughter in that environment was heart breaking. I understand addiction is a disease, but better decisions need to be made by the responsible adults in the home for the best interest of that little human.

    1. Janel

      And the Father’s Day dinner 😡

  6. Cami

    First, I’m so excited that intervention is back! Something I found really interesting about this episode was how they were smoking the carfentanil out of a crack pipe rather than off foil. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall ever seeing any type of opiate smoked in a glass pipe before

    1. R

      That’s how people smoke it now. Often if you see addicts on the street with meth pipes, their actually smoking opiates (here it’s fentanyl mixed with benzos).. that’s why you will see them nodding off standing up with a meth pipe.
      Curious if this is the west coast or east coast of Canada. The mom sounds east coast but others don’t.

      1. Iris

        Surrey, B.C. is on the west coast.

  7. Jen S.

    So happy to see that Nick is on the right path.

  8. Jen

    This episode made me so angry. I don’t know how the family just stood around without slapping Nick or emily for that matter. I pray he stays on the right path and can be a dad to his daughter who should have never been subjected to anyone in that zombie state. Carfentanil is a really really disgusting drug

    1. Janel

      Agreed! A very painful episode to watch. I hope for the best for both of them, but I just don’t know. I have never in my life witnessed people nodding off like they did, but I also had never heard of carfentanyl

  9. Boogie Woogit

    I wonder if tranq (xylaxine) in that dope, the staggery zombie thing seems so or maybe carfentanil can zombify by itself. Margin of error for death is razor thin w carfentanil . If injecting they would dead long ago. . Can u imagine financing that bs & pretending yer helping . Hope they recover.

    1. Janel

      Im not one to judge because I have never been in that position, but I truly cannot comprehend how the parents allowed all of that in their home. Or at the Father’s Day party, or in front of their grandchild.
      Again, I have never been in that position

      1. Lizzie

        I think the mom hit the nail on the head; she cannot stand not knowing where Nick is and being afraid he is dead in the street. She would rather have him in her home using rather than out on the street using. It’s a good thing he stayed in treatment because I didn’t trust either parent to hold a boundary and refuse to let him come home if he left treatment early.

        I understand where she is coming from but it really, really bothered me when Emily said her family “didn’t care about her” after they spent $80,000 to send her to treatment. Families that don’t care don’t do that, even if they have the money to burn. Emily’s family sounded like they were much better at establishing and maintaining boundaries. They were probably pretty pissed off that Nick’s family was housing Emily, giving her a cushion to not have to go back to treatment sooner.

        I hope they very best for them. Nick seemed to be doing well but he is early in recovery and he has been using for a very long time. Emily seemed extremely sick and has failed two rehabs already. I hope they both find their way.

    2. Nicole

      10 mg is enough to sedate/kill an elephant and up to 500 humans. So it’s fair to say it can zombify you on its own.

    3. Xlio

      100%. The media is still stuck on fentanyl but tranq is really what’s going to be the death of a lot of people. I lurk opiate sub reddits and some addicts who started on pills are happy if they r able to find heroin with fentanyl or straight fentanyl. I watched a documentary and it doesn’t really give you any sort of euphoria, you just nod completely out and become a zombie have slumped over – just look at Kensington. It causes your skin to rot, remember when the Krokodil epidemic in Russia became known in America. it seems so similar.

      Maureen still has yet to grow on me. i just don’t find her very relatable to these addicts or she’s just reciting a script. But I do think her new hair do looks nice on her.

      1. Stefan

        Uh God that Krokadile shit was no joke.

  10. J

    woof. this one was a LOT. i knew of carfentanyl but never seen users, and WOW. they’re utterly nonfunctioning zombies when they’re high. that Father’s Day dinner pissed me off, the two could barely stay conscious while eating (and basically getting food everywhere) and were still in zombie mode while the mother was scolding them. all in front of children! why did she not kick them out? i would’ve booted them during the dinner, and if not, DEFINITELY after they left their junk on the ground where a child could get to it. she was clearly heated but couldn’t let go. i hope Nick stays the course and that Emily gets help. also, a family that drops 80k for treatment DOES care…

    1. Janel

      I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a more disturbing episode. I am fully sympathetic to addiction, but this episode was downright scary. In every way. I hope and pray that this entire family, Emily included, can find their way

  11. R

    Oh Nevermind, it’s just said they’re in Surrey.

  12. Gregory

    I’d actually given up on expecting “Intervention” to continue–so I’m shocked to see this “new Season 25” appearing. Seems like a recycled “Intervention Canada” episode, though at this point, I’m glad to have that. I repeated what I did last year and subscribed to the full season on Amazon Prime. With Season 24, I was disappointed to learn that I’d paid for a full season and got only five episodes (I don’t include that ridiculous episode with ersatz celebrity Amber Rose–what WAS that?). In any case, this one was pretty good. Maureen handled it better than I recall in past interventions and she has grown on me a bit. In short, having been a devoted follower of ‘Intervention” since Season 1, I’m just glad to have it back.

    1. CocoB

      I was thinking it’s recycled episodes but the sobriety date on this one and episode 2 were less than a year ago, so I’m thinking it’s recent!

      1. J

        from what i’ve seen the episodes are airing in Canada a few weeks earlier than in the US, so it’s not really “recycled” in terms of age

  13. Alexandra

    Am I the only one who was feeling really bad for Emily the whole episode? I fully understand her family for setting boundaries with her but the way that Nick’s family was treating her was so mean and it seems (from the pre-intervention) they were taking out most of their frustrations around Nicks addiction on her, I mean wasn’t this episode supposed to be about both of them? She felt like a complete second thought throughout the whole episode, just a drug addict who happens to live with Nick, I feel like maybe it should have just been Nick’s solo episode where they still offered her the treatment (Like they usually do). I was so surprised and happy to see that follow-up, the situation he was living in was definitely gonna go bad very soon.. I mean having carfentanyl around with his child in the house after talking about how just touching it can kill you. I ralso eally hope for Nicks sake that he doesn’t continue wanting to stay in contact with Emily like he said… I’m not so sure that would be the best for his new sobriety but regardless I hope he stays on the right path!

  14. Bree

    I haven’t been so curious of someone’s current situation before. Like; where is Nick? Did he talk to Emily?! Is he clean?! Is he being a good dad!?

  15. Rosie

    I’m curious about the brother and the girlfriend that was murdered? Any info on how these two are doing now?

  16. AK

    This episode made me so incredibly angry. He married someone and had a child while having a girlfriend and then they all thought it is a brilliant idea to raise a child amongst hardcore drug addicts. I couldn’t believe my eyes. They were high as a kite and the daughter was just running around. What kind of grandparents allow this? I am also so sorry for the mother of the kid. She came to another country for love and a better life and received this.