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Intervention Success Rate

These numbers were on the title card at the very end of the last episode.

243 addicts were filmed.
238 went to treatment.
156 are sober today.

That means 64% of addicts on the show were sober as of July 2013.

Delving deeper:

13 addicts (that we know of) have died since their intervention, as of Aug 2014.
12 of those 13 addicts went to treatment (Sean did not).
At least 3 of those addicts, possibly more, had successful interventions and were sober/ in recovery at the time of their death (Bret, Sandy, and Mike. Not sure about Jackie, Sebastian, or John).

The 5 who did not go to treatment: Alissa, Marquel, Larry, Adam, Sean.

Intervention Update – August 2014

First, the good news. Intervention has been picked up by LMN and will air a new season next year. YES! It’s back! This show saves lives and it deserves to be on the air. I’m thrilled. Read more here. 

More good news: Amazon Prime limits the seasons that are free to subscribers, but just opened up the last 2 seasons. I missed several of those episodes when they aired, so now I’ll be able to write those ones up.

I’m always curious to find out how people are doing since their interventions. I love that some of them are finding this site and posting comments about their progress. Heidi (Season 2, shopping) and Luke (Season 10, crack) have both updated us in the comments. Congratulations to them both.

I’d missed this when it came out, but it’s worth a read. Lots of interesting behind the scenes tidbits. Intervention: The Oral History of A&E’s Reality Show About Substance Abusers

The bad news: Several of the addicts from the show have passed away in the last year or so. Sebastian R., John T., Sean M., Megan W., and Charles have sadly lost their battles with addiction. You can read more about their deaths here.

Photos and Updates

To those of you just finding this site, I apologize for all the photos being broken. I was linking directly to photos that were on the A&E site and now that site doesn’t exist, so the photos are broken.  I’m going to try to grab shots from the videos I find on Amazon to replace them. Please be patient.

To answer many of your all’s question, the only place I know where to find episodes of Intervention (other than torrents) is on Amazon, all seasons except that last one are free with Prime Membership.

Please use this site as a way to update us on what you know about where the profiled addicts are now. I get a lot of traffic from searches, from people trying to find information on those from the show. Please continue to comment even though there are no new episodes. People searching will probably find it. This site isn’t going anywhere. I hope it will continue to be a good resource.

And to speak personally, I invested so much of my time and emotion into the people that were on this show. I deeply want the best for every single one of them. Intervention’s cancellation, as heartbreaking as it was for me, doesn’t mean that I or any of the other fans have forgotten about them. We all really, really want to know how the addicts and their family members are doing.  Please keep us updated.