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S1E10 Kelly F.
Kelly, a man with a 160 IQ who lives on the streets and survives on beer and other people's spare change
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S1E10 Mark
Mark, who's so addicted to painkillers that he's had a morphine pump surgically implanted in his abdomen.
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S1E11 Rachel
Rachel, once a beautiful child in an upper-middle class family has turned to heroin and prostitution.
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S1E11 Tommy
Tommy, who quit his executive job and sold his Lexus, retirement plan, and million-dollar condo to sustain his cocaine habit.
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I’ve found references to this episode, but it is not listed on the Intervention Episode Guide and is not available on Netflix.  And as far as I know, it has not been re-run since it originally aired in July of 2005.  If anyone knows where I can find it, please
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S1E13 Michael
A former top high school athlete gets hooked on pills and beer, after suffering an emotionally devastating incident - he was not put into a big game against a rival school.
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S1E13 Brooks
A mother fears for the life of her son, a former wrestling star who turned to drugs after an accident left him wheelchair-bound.
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