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Photos and Updates

To those of you just finding this site, I apologize for all the photos being broken. I was linking directly to photos that were on the A&E site and now that site doesn’t exist, so the photos are broken.  I’m going to try to grab shots from the videos I find on Amazon to replace them. Please be patient.

To answer many of your all’s question, the only place I know where to find episodes of Intervention (other than torrents) is on Amazon, all seasons except that last one are free with Prime Membership.

Please use this site as a way to update us on what you know about where the profiled addicts are now. I get a lot of traffic from searches, from people trying to find information on those from the show. Please continue to comment even though there are no new episodes. People searching will probably find it. This site isn’t going anywhere. I hope it will continue to be a good resource.

And to speak personally, I invested so much of my time and emotion into the people that were on this show. I deeply want the best for every single one of them. Intervention’s cancellation, as heartbreaking as it was for me, doesn’t mean that I or any of the other fans have forgotten about them. We all really, really want to know how the addicts and their family members are doing.  Please keep us updated.


All comments.

  1. Benny

    My Amazon Prime account shows that only seasons 10, 11 and 12 are available to members for free. Individual episodes are $1.99. Because content on Amazon changes, they might provide more content at a later time.

  2. Amber

    Thank you for this site ! I too get invested and I always wonder about people and families long after the show is over .

  3. Kelly

    I love this site. I have long been a Intervention fan and have literally seen every episode (this started after losing my mother to alcoholism and conducting a intervention for my alcoholic sister which was a success- she has been sober for ten years now!) Thank toy for taking the time to create this!