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Season 2, Episode 9


Age: 20
Location: California
Addiction: Meth, cutting
What’s memorable: How fun and lively she is, and how much cooler she’d be without the drugs.

Official synopsis:  After Amy was sexually molested at 16, she turned to drugs to deal with the pain and ended up living on park benches with her boyfriend. Amy’s mother has reached out to Intervention as her last hope.

Original Air Date: March 2006
Interventionist: Ken

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  1. Jimmie

    She reminds me of so many kids I know. It hurts to watch her killing herself when she has so much to offer and such a sweet personality. I really hope she managed to stay sober despite going back to Tom…

  2. Barbara

    I found her to be so full of life but lost. I hope she is doing fine and has beaten this. If anyone has any updates on her, please let it be known. I would love to hear how she is doing.

  3. Andy

    Does anyone have any updates on her?

    1. Toreigh

      I watched her episode re run today and was wondering the same thing. Hoping she is doing well. I liked her.

  4. Trisha

    Hi just watched the episode and on one of the comments it says she is fine, married with two children.

    1. friend

      I am very close with her today, she is doing amazingly well, has an amazing job, is in a very loving relationship & has 2 beautiful kids.

  5. Amy Lugo

    I work in the medical field and yes we have 2 kids but not married yet. I watched an episode of intervention last night and just started poking around.

  6. T

    My last comment didnt post. Amy I am so glad to hear you are doing well. Your livelypersonality, the relationship you have with your brother, and the cutting, it all reminded me.of myself. When your episode aired I was 14 and that was when I had started cutting myself. Seeing your episode helped me to realize that I wasnt the only.person going through things and using that as a coping mechanism. I am also very close with my brother. I’m so happy to hear you are doing well and I hope the future continues to be good for you.

  7. Andy

    Hi Amy. So glad to hear an update all these years later. Hope you’re doing well.

  8. Brooke

    amy is so sweet, i hope life is still going well for her. the relationship she has with her family, particularly her brother, is something to be envied. so very precious. <3

  9. S

    Amy seems to be doing well. This is her Facebook:

  10. Tori

    I definitely feel like she was one of the most likeable addicts.