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S8E3 Miriam

Season 8, Episode 3


Age: 38
Location: Fresno, California
Addiction: PCP
What’s Memorable: Miriam’s story and personality are memorable on their own, but just the fact that she’s been doing PCP for 25 years is what’s amazing. I didn’t even know PCP was still out there, much less that someone could do it for that long.

Official synopsis: A charismatic reverend at a wedding chapel, Miriam, 38, is adored by her clients, but suffers inner torment. Sexually abused as a child by someone she trusted, Miriam turned to drugs at a young age, and now she’s addicted to P.C.P. Her family has practically given up on her, and she risks losing her daughter’s love. Can Miriam’s desperate family convince her to get on the plane to treatment?

Original Air Date: July 2010
Interventionist: Candy

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  1. Cyndi

    Just want to leave a comment for Miriam I watched the episode and was so happy to hear how amazing it went for her !!! So happy she stayed sober and went to a place and then moved in with her daughter …. She looks so healthy and happy .. Good luck keep up Good work

  2. Dhalia

    Wow! I was rooting so bad for her, and had no idea really which way she would go at the end. Frankly due to her long term usage and that it’s a delirium type drug I was waiting for that last caption saying she relapsed. But it got better than sobriety, she wound up having her daughter live with her!
    What a spirit she has, I loved watchjng her dynamic face and personality even though she was messed up from the drug. She has a lot of soul and beauty to her. I fiery spirit that’s for sure! Very lucky to have such a caring family, it’s interesting to see how a Latino family (Mexican) approached it. I personally find Latinos to be more compassionate and I think that was evident here. Her mother even came around.
    I’m so happy she wound up getting her daughter back!
    Hope you’re doing well to this day Miriam! Many blessings to you and your daughter and family!

  3. Oran

    I just watched her episode. Such an amazing transformation! Are there any updates on her?

  4. Katie Siebert

    She is doing great it looks like from her facebook.

    1. Kitty Katt

      I don’t see anything past 2014. Hope all is well with her today!

  5. Jeannie

    I remember this episode, she was such a warm loving spirit, I loved her big heart and zest for life! I’m so glad she is doing better!!!

  6. Brooke

    i haven’t finished the episode yet, but i really dislike how her brother sergio has miriam’s daughter calling him dad and his wife mom. he said “now i have to protect MY daughter from her own mom”. NOOOO, your NIECE! i think it’s great he stepped up and took sireena in and protected and cared for her when miriam couldn’t, i really do, but he is her uncle and his wife is her aunt.

    1. Ronnie

      Well they adopted Sireena so they are her parents. Sireena was a toddler when they took her in. Sergio and his wife children have their own children. Sireena probably started calling them mom and dad cause that’s what the other children called them. It would have hurt Sireena, if her uncle told her not to call them mom and dad. They did what was best for Sireena.
      Miriam is lucky she was even allowed to see her daughter. Considering she was using the whole time. Sireena knows Miriam is her real mom and truly loves her as such. All that matters is Miriam stays sober and continues to have a relationship with Sireena and the her whole family.

  7. Kitty Katt

    I tried this drug once because someone that we were hanging out with laced a joint with it. I swear I thought I was going to die. I had to go lay down on the bed because I felt so sick and scared as hell that this was the end for me. Never again. I don’t know how people manage doing this everyday and for as long as Miriam has.