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Season 1 Episode 6


Age: 19
Location: New England
Addicted to: Crack
What’s memorable: What an otherwise decent guy he is.

Official synopsis: Matt, who comes from an upper-middle class home, is addicted to crack-cocaine and has stolen from his family and friends to support his habit. Desperate, his parents turn to an interventionist to save Matt from himself.

Original Air Date: April 2005
Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. Ron

    No comments so far? And this is my first comment on your site. This episode touched me – Matt seemed like a good dude, despite his addiction. So sad that he seemed to want to get to know Abrina but he ruined his chances by smoking crack in front of her. I really hope Matt got well and found happiness with someone.

    1. Stefan

      There was a follow-up and he’s doing great!

      1. Jen

        Do you have a link? I’m so happy to hear that. He seemed like a really decent guy that was trapped in addiction. So sad. Really glad to hear that he’s doing well.

  2. Jo

    Really likeable guy, watched the follow up ep and was balls go see he’d stuck to his guns and followed through with getting clean which would have been hard a mother that consistently interrupts and goes straight to the negatives. Good onya Matt, hope you’ve found a nice lady and living a great life.

  3. Sb

    I went to recovery house in Hartford with Matt and then he told me that he was on intervention I’d like to know how he is doing I don’t remember his last name he told me while we are at a recovery house together but I’d like to know if he’s OK

  4. Sb

    This was 3 years ago

  5. Tori

    Does anyone have the link to his follow up?