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S2E8 Billy

Season 2, Episode 8


Age: 22
Location: Long Island New York
Addiction: Heroin, methadone
What’s memorable: His mom has to keep all her valuables, cash, and prescriptions locked in her car so he won’t steal them.

Official synopsis:  Billy seeks a fix for his terrible drug addiction in many ways–he’s an IV heroin user, he steals his mother’s Xanax, he shoots Ambien intravenously, and he shoots up cocaine.

Original Air Date: March 2006
Interventionist: Candy

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  1. Kristy

    What ever happened to Billy?

    1. Andy

      It says on the Wikipedia page of this show that he has been sober since July 2006 but I haven’t seen any other updates on him since then. I wonder how he’s doing now.

  2. Holly

    Any updates on this guy? It broke my heart when he stole his mother’s Avon money to get high. It’s sick what this disease makes you do sometimes!

  3. jacinda godwin

    is there any update on Billy?

  4. beelove

    i know it’s not a huge deal but billy’s from long island, not new york city.

    1. Dizzy

      Fixed, thanks

  5. Adam

    I’ve seen every episode and out of all of them there were only 3-5 people I had trouble caring about. Billy was one of them.

    1. Joy

      I was in outpatient with Billy several years later. I believe he is sober now…I hope so! Billy where are you..hmu!

  6. Lorie

    Did anyone else catch the fact that he licked the blood off his arm after he got done shooting up? Like….. bro get a tissue

    1. Brent

      Alot of addicts do this. Especially when your veins start collapsing & you have to stick yourself several times. It gets tedious and it’s just easier and quicker vs getting a tissue, albeit disgusting in a way.

  7. Suzvkb

    when he battled with himself over whether to buy drugs with his moms Avon money or not to… always stuck with me. the going back & forth, weighing the pros & cons..knowing there are zero pros & fooling urself into thinking that you might actually make the right choice when deep down you know the deed is already done. been there. hope hes doin well today🙂

  8. Alisse Scarlett

    Unfortunately, Billy is still using, and his mother recently passed. So sad that she never had the chance to see her son get sober. I hope he finds his inner strength and turns things around.

    1. Stas

      I just watched this episode again and this makes me so sad.