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Season 3, Episode 7


Age: 36
Location: Kansas
Addiction: Alcohol (rum)
What’s Memorable: This is the rich crazy lady who takes limos across the country so she can bring her cat and drink. Her story is much more than that though. Yes, Laney is a disaster; what’s upsetting is seeing how far she’s fallen and how little hope she has.

Official synopsis: Laney is an outgoing, intelligent 36-year-old woman who used to have the kind of life other people dream of: a handsome, loving husband, plenty of money and the opportunity to travel the world. Unfortunately, all the wealth and status in the world could not help Laney escape alcoholism. She lost her husband, her health and is quickly spending what’s left of her sizable divorce settlement on endless bottles of rum. Her organs are deteriorating fast and Laney is too weak to take care of herself. She is so dependent on attention from her frustrated family that Laney will attempt suicide in an effort to win back their love. But will her damaged body survive yet another trip to the ICU?

Original Air Date: June 2007
Interventionist: Candy

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  1. Robert Maybeth

    i’m typing this July 17 2014. I haven’t found any updates about Laney since 2008. Is there any information about how she is doing? Is she alive (hopefully)?

    1. Leslie

      I too have been wondering how she is doing and have been doing research on wether or not she’s still sOber now. I haven’t found anything as of yet. I hope she’s okay. My heart ached for her. I really hope she’s okay.

  2. Sandra

    I remember this episode from the first showing and watched again today. I’m even more astonished this time.
    It is truly hard to show empathy for her. She put that family through hell and back, then back to hell. From what sensed, it all started when her baby sister came alone. She was a spoiled child that was taught the world owed her something and she continued to live her life that way. What a narcissist! Who says, “It is their fault, because they called me an alcoholic… now, I will show them what one really is.” She takes a whole bottle of pills, survives, only to accuse her family of forcing the pills on her? I hope she found some happiness and the help that she needed. Did anyone else want to yell at your TV watching this one?

    1. Dee

      Yes, I felt the same way. It was really hard to feel sympathy towards her. I really got irritated with her after a while. I don’t blame her family for being angry with her. There seemed to be more than just alcoholism at play, there were some serious personality issues on the table, imo. Anyway, hope she’s alright.

    2. Michelle

      Perhaps you missed so key moments that she discussed regarding her childhood. She was abandoned by her mother until she 7. Her mother finally married her 4th husband, who emotionally abused her-what kind of parents eat cupcakes in front of their kids without sharing. That’s just cruel.
      She was raped. And never recovered emotionally. What episode did you watch? You were unsympathetic because she was wealthy.

      1. Amanda

        Laney is deserving of sympathy in regards to the fact that many of the experiences that molded her were beyond her control. She was raped, her mother was a shitty mother, etc. However, she was given an opportunity for a beautiful life, and as an adult capable of making all their own choices, she screwed it up. At a certain point, you have to accept responsibility for your actions.

      2. marie-claire pinet

        I agree with you

    3. Colby

      Sandra, I agree with Michelle and Amanda about this. The people I couldn’t sympathize with were (most of) her family. I don’t know about you, but for those neglected by their family (and her’s was pretty extreme) — and when you also consider the emotional abuse by the father-figures and her RAPE trauma — all this girl has wanted since childhood was to feel loved or even lovable. The only real mistake she made was not submitting to counseling or treatment to learn to cope with it, but she was (again) a child. Her family on the other hand, if you watch the scene after the intervention… all they did was criticize her. There was no recognition of her illness or condition. They saw ALL of what she did as a rational choice to abuse THEM. Her mother even said “SHE HAS PUT ME THOUGH SO MUCH THROUGH THE LAST 2 WEEKS” and I was like…. WTF??? You, your family, the men YOU married, the rape… has tormented her for her entire childhood. And you’re complaining??? They didn’t even speak to her after she left. What do you expect by growing up in an environment where you are treated like a hindrance to everyone? I was appalled and infuriated. She hasn’t grown up emotionally since she was probably 5 years old, and it wasn’t her fault. She needed help long before, but her family just expects her to choose to be better. She had an illness. And underneath it she had other emotional issues, and it was NOT right for her family to criticize her so much like they did. I am so glad and proud that she did get help, and I hope doing great today.

      1. Laney

        Hi, this is Laney and I want to say thank you for what you said. I rarely speak to anyone about this for the sole purpose of once again being put on trial.
        Please remember I do not recall asking to have my dirty laundry aired on national teli by my family who clearly wanted the sympathy vote!
        Please feel free to contact me through a@e again anytime.
        Sorry this is late, but I’m being cautious of people and their lovely little opinions these last several years; can you blame me?

      2. Randi Kreger

        Have you ever looked into the possibility that you may have something called borderline personality disorder? I’ve written three books on the topic, and there are all kinds of treatment options available. You can go online anywhere and do some research. You have my best wishes.

      3. Liana Graf

        Dear Laney,
        I have made a few comments hear before but I want to say I’m so upset with how family can be my is no better trust and believe that even my flesh and blood kids turned against me and teamed up against me with my sister I’m trying so hard to keep my 13 old twins away from the cross fire but it’s imposiable my own sister wow so your not alone you have one little proublem in life trying to cope and wow your family keeps bringing it up and uses my issue against me to blame me on there own proublems some how it’s my fault I could understand if what I did effected them some how but how could it had when no one knew until someone read my diary and oh boy then the whole world knew so I’m sorry about your support and mine hope to hear from you god bless girl…
        Liana in Vancouver Washington

      4. Susan Jackson

        Hi Laney, I saw your old intervention episode today, and I wanted to know if you are doing okay? I can relate to being brought up in an abusive situation, as well as surviving sexual abuse and rape. I extend my hand in friendship to you, and I hope you are doing fantastic!

      5. K

        Laney… Get in touch…

      6. Restless soul

        If love to email you Laney catch up see how things are doing. I think dizzy blurred your email out. If its ok with you can you can u get it and dizzy can facilitate the exchange?

      7. Melissadiana1980

        therapy was a lot more stigmatized back in those days too. The feeling that first a horrible thing happened to me, now everyone is going to treat me like a crazy person too held so many ppl back from seeking any type of help.

    4. Robin Michelle Worthy

      Yes, I did
      She’s so beautiful too

    5. Kara

      I agree in the beginning her mother said “it was hard to juggle motherhood with my social life” so that’s why she dropped her off at her aunts so she could have a social life and try to find a husband… She must’ve felt so abandoned!

    6. Ingrid

      wow you don’t even know this person or everything that went on in her life she was raped as well as treated like shit from a stepdad who wouldn’t even bring her a dam cupcake!! her mother was on the prowl for a husband instead of taking care of her daughter u shouldn’t judge we only know so much from watching a 42 minute show

    1. Ash

      Any idea when this was filmed? I think she said she hadn’t drank in 6 weeks? Sobriety is sobriety and I’m glad she found a “higher power” which is generally recommended in AA. I’m just worried she never actually completed treatment. Best wishes Laney.

  3. LeeAnn

    I just watched this episode and have to say that I was appalled at the way the family responded to Laney. In response to the comment above, I found myself yelling at the TV, but not at Laney, at her mother and sister.

    After seeing a bunch of episodes in an Intervention marathon, this particular family was noticeably cold and hard to the addict in their midst. More so than other families in the series, most of whom are torn apart by their competing feelings of love and frustration and anger and fear. These two, not so much. There really didn’t seem to be a lot of love there, particularly from the sister who was practically rolling her eyes even after her sister almost died. It was really clear to me why Laney kept upping the ante and getting more and more out of control. She was trying to force them to care about her. Geez, all she had was her cat.

    I really feel for Laney. I hope she’s doing better now.

    1. Samantha

      We must have watched a different episode, because what I saw was a bunch of people who were terrified and tired. You have to consider the fact that her family has to be emotionally exhausted from dealing with her stuff. It is beyond exhausting, especially when the person won’t accept any responsibility for his or her actions and even goes as far as to say someone was drugging her, when moments before she was seen fumbling with pills. Someone can only do those things to you so many times before you just have to emotionally distance yourself from them. I truly hope that she is doing better and I do feel for her, but it’s not fair to put all that on her family when we don’t know anything about them.

    2. Laney

      You really hit the head on nail when you noticed my so called loving sister not only roll her eyes, but also snicker at my possible demise. I need you to know that I never blamed my family for my alcoholism, that would be the fun filled world of editing via A@E!!!
      I seriously thought about writing a tell all book about the directing their producers pull to make things look extra dramatic. They literally like to toy with peoples lives for the ratings, I’m so glad I could oblige!!!

      1. Kate L

        Laney, you should write that book. My heart broke for you, from the man your mother remarried, to your exhausting, yet secluded life inside that beautiful home. I hope you are doing well! Family doesn’t have to be blood, though I hope you found some semblance of peace within your own. Everyone deserves that!

        All the best!

        Kate from PA

      2. Karen

        Laney, I just found your episode (2022), I hope you get to see this. I hurt for you, the similarities i heard in your story made me want to reach out. I learned that I’m more vulnerable to people actions when I’m drunk, and that when I’m drinking and deteriorating my life, it’s not hurting the people that hurt me. I had to stop and try to live better. I just had to cut people out of my life. We do the things we feel that are best for ourselves. My hope for you is that you are not drinking. I saw how beautiful, strong and independent a person you are… an inspiration! I hope the best for you, and some internal healing. You may never forgive people, but please try and forgive yourself!

      3. shifty

        Laney, im a 32 year old woman.. an addict living with my cats whom I love with my entire being and was abused and neglected and lied to by people supposed to protect me through my childhood/early adulthood. I’d love to talk about our cats sometime!

      4. Halley

        I know this response is late, but Shifty you can reach out to me. [email protected]

  4. Amanda

    I hope she’s doing well. Such a beautiful person who’s life spiraled. Would love to hear an update if anyone knows anything.

  5. Angela Boyd

    Just looking for an update on Laney. What a wonderful soul. I thought! I hope she is doing well

    1. Laney

      Is this my beautiful cousin asking how I’m doing? I’m still struggling but it gets better every day when I remember I’m loved and blessed!

      1. Elan

        Hope you are still well Laney

      2. Robin Michelle Worthy

        God Bless you sweetheart
        I hope you and putty are doing well, well better
        Much love to you ❤️ I can relate to you and your MaMa

  6. Dianna Holliday

    Unless you’ve lived the experience of deeply loving somone who is & has been a severe addict for numbers of years, there is NO relating. Especially parent & child, or close sibling. At the worst it’s cradle to grave with extended times, years spent in hell. I do not defend the addict behavior; it breaks many hearts many times over. In addition to the standard addict mentality; “nothing is my fault, my responsibility, poor me, kick me when I’m down, the world does me so much wrong”, etc, the brain is pickled, chemically damaged. You want to yell, of course you do! Any attempt at reasonable communication is the most frustrating experience ever. It is like banging your head on a brick wall. Saddest of all is the severe damage to innocent victims. Developing survival techniques that may even seem cold does NOT mean a lack of love or deep concern. Extreme damage & eventually one’s own survival is at risk. You can’t help anyone if you go down the tubes with them through enabling this eventually fatal disease. So judge not, seek to learn & understand as education is step no.1.

  7. Liana Graf

    I want to be your friend laney i saw the episode last night my heart droped for you i think all you need is a good friend like me so get in your limo and come see me im so lonely my husband left me for the same reason i have almost 3 years clean and have no friends i dont trust no one cuz there all so judgmental so good for them they all can use a cookie.
    Your friend Liana Grafyou can find me on facebook in vanvouver was

  8. Lorie

    I really hope she is doing well. Her story is sad from bother sides. I think the family realizes they are not perfect. Addiction is a very hard thing to understand and overcome. It takes time, forgiveness, love and strength.

  9. Liana Graf

    You have a friend in me up in Vancouver Washington I feel so strongly about my advice I’m about to give you I need a friend just as bad as you do so why don’t you get in your limo and come up to Vancouver Washington and come and meet some real friends and people who really care and love you and I just it just broke my heart seeing you on that show I just wanted to reach out and just give you the biggest hug ever and I mean what I say girl call me love you 360 518 8825 Liana

  10. Liana Graf

    You have a friend in me up in Vancouver Washington I feel so strongly about my advice I’m about to give you I need a friend just as bad as you do so why don’t you get in your limo and come up to Vancouver Washington and come and meet some real friends and people who really care and love you and I just it just broke my heart seeing you on that show I just wanted to reach out and just give you the biggest hug ever and I mean what I say girl call me love you 360 518 8825 Liana

  11. Louise

    I just finished watching your episode, and I wanted so badly to reach through the screen and give you a hug. I am only a few years younger than you are, and can relate so much to what you went through all those years ago. You experienced so much drama while growing up, and that had everything to do with shaping the adult you grew into. You did put your family through a lot, but I was also sad to see them making it about themselves a little bit… it was a long road they got you to where you were, and they were all a part of the journey. I will hope and pray for you that you found sobriety and peace. For me it’s been close to four years, one day at a time. I don’t know if you are still living in FL, but I live in South Florida, and you have a friend in me if ever you need it. ????

  12. Natasha

    This story shows how this disease has no preference. Rich, poor, black, white…Laney admitted to being rich and money can’t buy you happiness. I hope she was able to stop drinking
    This disease is always waiting for us.

  13. Tobie

    People also have no idea what it’s like to be an addict or alcoholic, unless they’re actually been one

  14. Elan

    I hope you are doing fantastic. Your episode hit home with me. You seem to be such a kind, intelligent and gentle soul. You deserve to be happy and free of your disease. Hoping for the best for you in Portland Oregon

  15. Liesl

    Hi Laney. You episode resonated strongly with me. I don’t have a substance abuse problem but I can relate to the depression and feeling devoid of hope. Just getting through each day. Everyone on my father’s side of the family is depressive or bipolar, so I didn’t really have a chance statistically. I wish the best for you. No advice is ever really useful but what I’ve discovered is that there’s always hope, you just can’t see it when you’re in that dark place. But it exists nonetheless. Regards, Liesl

  16. Lelania

    Thank you so much for very kind words, I tend to get a lot of hate. I just celebrated my 47th birthday and I’m trying to maintain. People like you give me hope that there is compassion in the world.

    1. Elan

      I hope it gives you comfort to know that for every negative comment you hear you have 10 positive people in your corner cheering for you!! Happy birthday

    2. Liesl van Wyk

      Hi Laney. How are you doing? Every now and then I think about you and send you positive vibes. x

  17. Anon

    Not sure if this is actually you. I’m sorry you get so much hate. You’ve been through a lot and I hope you’re doing well, I’m watching your episode now. I hope you had a great birthday!

  18. Sad

    Laney, you are beautiful, strong and smart. I only wish you the best. Stay strong! ✌

  19. Laura

    Dear Laney,
    I’m sorry if this offends you but your mother has crocodile tears this entire episode.
    No one in your family has any emotional connection to you.
    I believe the center of your addiction is being raised by narcissistic parents.
    I’m sorry you weren’t given the love you should have had as a child. You should’ve been treated like a precious being not a pawn.

    I think you’ll like The Four Agreements.

    I wish you nothing but the best.
    You can tell us how you are if you’d like, if not – I understand.

    1. Randi Kreger

      Children of narcissistic parents often develop borderline personality disorder, which is what I think she has.

      1. Samantha

        Now this I do like. I have BPD & Bipolar. This statement is absolutely true. Don’t diagnose her over the internet based off a 45 minute episode though. We face such a high stigma as it is.

  20. Amy

    Laney –

    I am a teacher and use your story to discuss family dynamics, relationships and addiction. My students are wondering how you are doing and they would like you to know they really like your cat. 🙂

    Hope there is a recent update on how you are doing.

  21. Laura Tanner

    Beautiful Laney-
    Your episode deeply affected me, as a fellow sexual assault survivor. I hope you can see from the people here that you are deeply admired and loved. Your heart shines. Never stop giving. I would be proud to know you as I’m sure all of your friends are. THANK YOU for your strength. You have most likely saved lives of people who watched your episode.

  22. Kathy Bergquist

    Dear Laney,
    I was very moved by your story when I watched it on TV today. I was totally shocked by your family’s reaction to your situation. Your mother knows your history, your upbringing (or lack of) and so does your sister. Yes, it is difficult NOW for them because you have a serious problem on your hands, BUT they don’t seem to recognize the difficult time you have had throughout your entire life. I believe if you had proper counselling when you were younger, you may have been able to avoid the medical crisis you were in then. Who could have really helped you then,,,your Mother! I hope I am reading your responses correctly and that you are in a much better place then when this
    episode aired in 2007.

  23. Amanda Thompson

    Please give me an update on how you are doing today! I watched this episode back in 07 and have from time to time wondered what ever happened to you..

  24. Annie

    Just watched this episode and identified hard. I’m sitting here with a bottle of wine in hand, and a sleeping cat in my lap who looks a whole lot like a younger version of Puddy (mine goes by Cat Stevens), with more disposable income than I deserve. I loved it when Laney talked about how her husband called her an alcoholic and she was basically like “Oh yeah? Well, I’ll show you!”. I’m there, girl, and it’s a hard place to be. You’re right – it gets ugly and you really only end up hurting yourself. I thought that was a really insightful part of the episode.

    Throughout the episode, I couldn’t help but laugh. I love the sarcasm. Underneath the sadder rants, I saw glimpses of a pretty awesome person – a firecracker with a lot to offer the world. I appreciated the shit out of your episode, Laney. I saw the update w/the Christian counseling limo ride, and I hope it worked out for you. Sometimes God reaches us in mysterious ways. Good luck in this world. 🙂

  25. Melanie

    I hope you see this. My heart aches for you. I’m also a recovering alcoholic who was sexually assaulted multiple times. I tried for years to cover those scars with liquor, burying myself, ending up in the hospital multiple times. People can call you a whiny baby all they want for being so attached to your cat and such, but I could tell you believed that was the only one who loved you. I hope you have people in your life now who show you the love and understanding your family couldn’t. I can tell you’re a funny, beautiful, charming, intelligent person who just got the short end of the stick and you deserve better. I wish you nothing but love and happiness and I hope you stay sober, you deserve a happy sober life.

  26. Shawn

    I’m watching this in 2019 and I’m commenting because of all the ignorant comments by people who don’t understand the effect her childhood had on her. I grew up with 2 alcoholic abusive parents who didn’t show me love and it has had a permanent effect on me. Although I am doing well, married with a good family etc. the abuse I suffered as a child has had a permanent effect on me. Laney’s mother is largely to blame for Laney’s emotional and mental problems. This is the truth and if you don’t like it then too bad. It doesn’t mean Laney can’t be happy, she can have peace and joy in her life but the effects of her childhood will always be there to a degree. There have been studies that have shown that abuse in childhood has a permanent physical effect on the brain! This shows up in scans. So I ended up an alcoholic but I’ve been sober for many years and have a good woman who loves me and a beautiful daughter who is well loved and cared for etc. so I am really happy that I was able to recover and be a productive member of society even with the deck stacked against me, so I know it is possible for everyone!

    1. Leigh

      I just watched this episode and you hit it right on the nail Shawn. I grew up with an severely alcoholic father who was abusive to my mother. After my parents divorced, we barely heard from him and he didn’t even try to go out of his way to have a relationship with myself or any of my siblings growing up. When we did see him, we always were subjected to his abusive partners. He never tried to have a connection with us, which affected my sister and I the most when it came to men. All 5 of of us have had intimacy issues with partners. Also, like Laney, both my sister and I were raped in our early 20’s. Me by I guy I was dating and my sister by a friend at her friend’s house, whom she didn’t know. We didn’t report ours either. My sister started drinking a lot after, because she internalizes her feelings, whereas I don’t. What saved us was a lot of counseling…and having a loving and supportive mother and siblings…something Laney clearly lacked. Her mother was more worried about fulfilling her own need for love and forgot about the love her daughter needed, and by protecting her from an abusive man. No wonder she had intimacy issues given the abuse, neglect and rape she experienced! Even her sister was dismissive of her feelings. Her cat gives her love without conditions and judgement. She seemed like she was trying to explain the deep emotional hole she felt she was in with the suicide attempt. Sometimes people do desperate acts to get the attention from the people they are seeking attention from. She was probably embarrassed that she did it and blamed her mom for the pills, or she was confused.

      I also get the exhaustion a family feels when trying to deal with an addict. I don’t even talk to my dad anymore because of how he treats me when he drinks. He’s dismissive and says ugly things. It’s so stressful to deal with him. We’ve tried for years to get him to acknowledge he’s an alcoholic but he denies it, even though his body and liver are shot. I just hope Laney is doing better. I felt so sorry for her and could relate so much to her story.

  27. Mello

    People have to learn to process their feelings and do the work to learn how to deal with life without self medicating. I was abandoned, raped and used alcohol to deal with my fear, sadness and avoidance of looking at myself as the one that was the problem because I didn’t want to go through the hurtful process of healing. I used everything I could as an excuse to keep drinking. I allowed the people who hurt me to keep hurting me by poisening my body and my relationships. Well, I finally got help learning how to process in a healthy way and couldn’t be happier. Anyone reading this trying to blame everything in your life so you can keep on drinking or taking the drugs, just do the hard thing and get help to get sober so you can finally feel better and have healthy relationships because you just simply can’t when you are crazy out of your mind unable to make rational decisions that are best for yourself. Not everyone can unconditionally love and that is okay. We can make new relationships with new people if the ones we hurt cannot forgive and get past what we did in our dysfunction. Whether it is their selfishness or their inability to forgive, that is their choice, and we need to respect it. We also have the choice to move past it and live a life of peace and happiness without them. I pray Laney woke up and started to realize her part in all of it and was able to apologize for her actions when she sobered up and realized no matter what anyone does in our lives to hurt us, we have the choice to let them keep hurting us or to forgive them. We have the choice to go on about our lives not letting them continue to make us suffer one more day due to their behavior or decisions in the past. We have a choice to live. I chose to live.

  28. Lisa

    Hi Laney, I hope you are doing okay and have people (and cats!) surrounding you that love YOU for being YOU. I related to your pain of wanting to feel loved and cared for by your family. It completely sucks to feel unloved, invalidated, and invisible. I hope you see your strength that I saw you have in this episode. I saw that you are insightful, tough yet vulnerable, humorous, and beautiful inside and out. I hope you have started to believe in yourself and feel that you are not alone. I hope both and Angela are hanging in there.

  29. jarvis

    ‘I can buy homes, I can buy cars, I can buy people’

  30. Annie

    Anyone else puzzled by the fact that they didnt do the intervention when she was still in the hospital??? She had detoxed from alcohol but instead they let her go back to drinking after that?

    1. Lamey

      how can you do an intervention in a hospital, Annie? she would also have to allow them. Also, she didn’t find out until the last few days. Producers can’t stop people from taking pills and drinking, and obviously neither can Laney.

  31. Venus

    hope you’re well

  32. Sammie

    Ok it is 2020 January and I am sitting here and they are showing a episode on her and I need to know where is she and is she still alive I want to sit down with her and talk for real let’s get real my life was not good and yep alcohol kills the pain till it wears off please let me know what happened to her

  33. Luna

    I honestly felt empathy for Laney. She had PTSD from her rape and her mom was like just saying she wanted her to “shut up and just get over it”. If she knew what being violated in that manner feels like she would never say that to Laney. Her mother never protected her I know a couple other people in my life who’s parents were the same way, let their significant others treat their kids any way and they grew up resentful of their parents. Also now being a parent I can’t imagine someone treating my child that way and wanting to stay with them that’s just… appalling to me. And of course Laney was so attached to her cat it was the only thing she had that gave her comfort. I also can relate to how laneys relationship with her husband fell apart because she never dealt with the trauma. I saw an update video on her not sure when it’s dated honestly doesn’t say but she looked better! I hope you have found some peace and healing Laney.

  34. Lesa

    Wondering how Laney’s life turned out~ wishing all involved the best😊

  35. Xlio

    I feel so much sympathy for all she’s been through but I hate to say i could not stand her. There were glimmers of humanity there but she just manipulated every situation. She totally took control of the intervention, think Candy learned her lesson from that as well as entire intervention team. I know that very well could be the alcohol. However, even in her comments above she comes off very snooty and still paranoid that everyone is out to get her. Why would you agree to be on television and then later say you didn’t ask for your dirty laundry to be aired? Again, perhaps it is not my place to say such things. She very well could be a lovely person.

    Also, I’ve noticed the first few seasons they seem to be ok with people using or drinking on their way to treatment. Now they put up a fight if they want to use one last time unless it’s really to the wire and the interventionists only choice.

  36. julia

    as someone who as emotionally neglected by my own mother, i see myself in her when she blames her mother for everything. it’s kinda hard not to put ourselves as victims and hold the consequences of actions that we are responsables for, but eventually we need to see the situation with more clarity, get our shit together with a lot of terapy and cut the toxic ones out of our lives – that’s the only way to get over those situations and move foward.
    to be honest, i was kinda pissed of with her mother. she stayed married to a guy who treated her daughter like shit and she knew it, and then complaints that laney’s disease made her go thru so much.. i mean.. that’s not a lie, but that’s also one of the consequences that led her to this. i hope laney is okay now and is away from those one who reminds her the terrible things that happened to her..

  37. AURORA

    This episode broke my heart more than any of the others. I just see a very sick, very hurting person. The way her mother, throughout the entire episode, keeps telling Laney what she’s doing to HER and how SHE can’t take it anymore. Meanwhile Laney is literally dying. The whole family seemed like they only wanted Laney to go to treatment so they wouldn’t have to deal with her. Even in the hospital while Laney is still lying there recovering her mother grabs her face and tells her “That was the worst thing I ever went through!” I saw the pain and I know that has she since gotten help she’s most likely a totally different person. I know what drugs did to me and I was not myself. The ending was the most heart wrenching part. I hope wherever Laney is, she’s doing OK and has found the love she deserves.

  38. Maya

    I’m sorry but her downing a whole bottle of pills then saying her mom drugged her… how is she now going to get on here and say it was editing and she never said that? She seems like she needs mental help, not religion lmao

  39. Samantha

    Randi, be careful what you say about BPD. I have it. You can’t just diagnose her over a computer from a 45 minute episode of intervention. Don’t further the stigma we already face.

    1. Elizabeth

      I agree samantha. I’m also BP and an addict. I relasped during the pandemic and it’s definitely been a huge toll on my mental health.

  40. Elizabeth

    Is there any updates on laney now? Her episode really moved me. I agree with alot of peoples opinions on Laney’s family. Her mother the narcissist. Her mother deserved ab academy award for that performance she put on . What mother allows her child to be treated that way? I just think Laney needs a good support system of people who can truly show her love and genuine support. I really hope she’s doing good now! All the love and light to you laney!

    1. Suzie Maxheimer

      Watched Laney’ s story last night and cannot get it off of my mind today. I truly hope and pray that she has found the help that she so desperately needs. Laney is a beautiful soul who deserves to live a happy life. I’m wondering how she is doing now.

  41. Stacee z

    My heart broke for Laney, just because she had money doesn’t mean she should of been able to keep her shit together. Obviously, she had major issues at a young age ! We’re the hell is the compassion in people ? Is society that messed up? I think so! Anyways Ms. Laney I pray your doing well, as I too suffer with addiction and have for many years. Be strong sister! God loves you no matter what!

  42. Britt

    You’re beautiful and funny and I share your love for animals. My addiction to alcohol has brought me to watching Intervention episodes. You are highly intelligent, it’s no wonder to me that you needed to drink to survive this cruel world. I am still struggling with the same problems and I can’t find a way out, sending you love from Toronto

  43. Britt

    I just wanted to comment again so you truly know how much I understand you, I do. I see you, I feel your pain on every level. Unless you are an alcoholic, you have no right to comment here. I can have alcohol delivered to me in 20 mins. It is the most accessible and most debilitating drug that there is.

    1. April S.

      Hi Britt, I have been watching Intervention for almost 10 years now, and only discovered this amazing website (thanks Dizzy) last year. I too struggle with alcohol abuse, although it’s more of a ‘ritual’ for me. I am not physically dependent on it (and God forbid I don’t come to that) and can go as long as I need to without a drink. But I’ll tell you what, as soon as I get home from work, a couple of shots and some vodka/cranberry with frozen berries is my jam, especially while doing chores. I just wanted to reach out and say hello as a fellow alcoholic. Hopefully you are doing well and we both can overcome this demon of an addiction. Stay strong girl, we got this!

      1. Britt

        Hi April,
        Thanks for reaching out. I like you a lot. I hope you become dependent on alcohol like I am. I want the best for you and I beg to get help before you become an addict like myself. It is a living hell.

  44. Britt

    I’m sorry April I meant to say I hope you don’t become like me
    I hope that was clear.
    Sending you love from Toronto xoxo

    1. Lynn

      Hey April – I too struggle with alcohol addictions. It’s one day/step at a time. I became so dependent, and still am, on alcohol that it overcame my life. I am a functioning alcoholic and work, but recently I have been able to not drink 1 day which is amazing. It’s so readily available that it’s a hard addiction to recover from.
      Keep trying, your in my thoughts!!

    2. Lynn

      I meant Britt, not April – sorry for any confusion

      1. April S.

        Lynn, sorry I was referring to Britt’s comment to me that she mistyped. We should share emails or Messenger and connect! I feel we three could share some support for one another. 🙂

    3. April S.

      I read that and was like “WHAT!?” Then I kept reading and understood what you meant. Lol No harm, no foul. Love from Texas

      1. Lynn

        Sorry April, Love from AZ!!

  45. Britt

    Lynn, April I’m sending love from Toronto
    Every other ounce of love I have goes to Laney for the courage to put herself out there. Until I found this show I thought I was alone. Laney let me know I am not.

    1. Britt

      April, that’s a great idea. You can e-mail me anytime at [email protected]
      Anyone else that is struggling, feel free to reach out as well.

  46. Ingrid

    I have read some of the comments on here about laney yes she can travel with her cat and drink yes she has a huge problem with booze some of you say she put her family through hell uh number one her mother was never there for her daughter because she was to busy husband hunting then she marries a clown who only brings home cupcakes for mom and him and who knows what else this clown did to her ….. She was raped … her marriage did not work out and I’m sure other things happened to laney her sister says laney plays emotional blackmail …. clearly you can hear the pain in her voice when she speaks it isn’t just a slur if you pay attention you can hear her talking with emotion….. She isn’t speaking like she is entitled she’s angry hurt and alone …. lthe worst part was when she took the whole bottle of pills and her liver is only functioning at 20 percent…… the only time in this episode that I heard anybody crying or hurt was when she did take the bottle of pills and almost died ….. my heart goes out to her and I hope she has found some sort of peace and has gotten healthier …. some of us can relate to her and understand her others here are only judging I hope all is well with laney and her kitty ….. happy 2023 to you laney …… if your still with us

    1. Kara Bishop

      I agree with you Ingrid… as I mentioned much above, about her mother trying to juggle motherhood with her social life, motherhood should have came way before her social life, there should be no juggling at all! I feel so much for Laney… please update us Laney.. we are sending you well wishes & prayers on this 2023 new year! 🙏🏼❤️

  47. Stas

    The mother is a piece of work. Wanting her to just “get over” stuff like that. Laney won me over with her love for her kitty. Deeply relate.

  48. Cathleen s

    Br Dan began to remind me o Hello Laney, my name is Cathleen. I watched your story multiple times, and totally relate to it. I sit alone in a big house most of the time he works. I am very isolated it’s hard to make friends or I’ve pushed everyone away. I used to drink heavily alone but I am presently pregnant and sober. My phone number is 9012018796 send me a meassage maybe we can keep each other company.

  49. Ashley

    This is the first time watching this episode for me. I hope Laney is doing well. I sympathize with her very much. I hope that she feels positive energy and warmth and happiness around her. my own opinion is that her mother was and is still a selfish woman, putting herself before her own daughter, throughout her daughters entire life. then state that “she has put me through so much” while staring directly into the camera, is what prompted me to find this page… anyways, Laney if you’re there, 💜 ✌️ 😊

  50. Molly

    Laney is the eternal victim and she has proved it here with her comments. maybe take responsibility for the fact that you tried to blame your suicide attempt on your loved ones. very little sympathy for this woman who seems VERY high and mighty about how rich she is considering it seems as though she has barely worked a day in her life. sincerely, a fellow alcoholic.

    1. Britt

      Molly, I wish you had more sympathy for Laney considering you’re a fellow alcoholic. Did you miss the part about how she grew up? How hurt she is?
      Laney is living proof that money can’t fix everything, so don’t take cheap shots at her just because she’s rich.

      P.S Laney I love you and you’re one of my favs on the show xo

      1. Molly

        every alcoholic is hurt. none of it gives you an excuse to be horrible to your loved ones.

  51. Vann

    This one was tough, I remember watching it when it first aired and I was 11 years old and just watched it again tonight. As a recovering alcoholic with a life of prior traumas very similar to Laney I can see both sides but mostly laneys side. I think it’s easy to not understand unless you’ve been in it yourself that when you are under the influence of alcohol or are experiencing the multitude of psychological effects from long term use your actions, choices and words aren’t necessarily your own and it’s incredibly hard to admit accountability when you’re in a space of pure darkness! All of her life’s traumas and the breakdown of her marriage was snowballing and it’s so hard to get out of that shame spiral. I think her family celebrated not losing her and we’re probably disappointed and frustrated that she drank straight out of hospital but that is the disease, it will persue you until you are ready to stop! Laney was clearly not ready to stop despite the attempts of her family to intervene and she chose to get sober in her own time which is fine and if that meant finding a partner who helps her then so be it! Whatever saves her life! People in these comments need to remember they are talking about a very sick person without capacity, be kind it’s not hard! There’s more to her story too, I don’t think we got nearly enough of what she’s been through….
    I really hope she is sober today for her mind and her body, miracles happen with sobriety and she like everyone deserves a chance!!

  52. ajay

    I really hope she is doing well. Her story is sad from bother sides. I really do a Chakra meditation daily to be in positive and sense controlled but the episode change my mood.