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Season 4 Episode 24


Age: Early 20’s
Location: Falling Waters, West Virginia and Baltimore
Addiction: Heroin mostly, also coke

What’s Memorable: This is the episode I think I will remember more than any other in 20 years.  The insanely dangerous time she spends in Baltimore and what she has to do for drugs, how much her mother loves her, the amazing follow up. She’s one of the addicts from this show that I actually would like to know in real life (sober). I really hope she’s well now.

Official Synopsis: When Kristen was 3, her parents divorced and soon after her grandparents died, and Kristen somehow felt responsible. Then Kristen’s mother married an alcoholic and addict, whose daughter introduced Kristen to drugs. By 15, Kristen was getting high. Currently, Kristen shoots heroin and cocaine, and then stays with her parents to recover. Ridden with guilt, Kristen’s mother is desperate to save her only daughter’s life.

Original Air Date:  September 2008

Interventionist: Candy

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  1. tina32agent

    Wow l didn’t realize another young lady from this area WV was also on this show. My daughter Tiffany was also on there episode 181 we live Inwood WV and she was 19 at the time and was traveling to Baltimore daily. She is currently back at Sober Way Az for last 2 months because this area is too many triggers and too many old connections. Shes planning on staying there and take classes for social work in addictions however she is still battling everyday so who knows. This drug is horrible. I pray Kristen is doing well. I never seen that episode.

    1. marcy lily

      Hello ,
      I have dealt with addiction in si many ways . What saved me was my kids but most of the people I know return right back to the same routine and falter . I have always believed true rehabilitation takes 6 + months .Sadly most can’t afford that . Most of all I strongly believe you have to stay away from the places , people and things you knew while using . If clean they do not care and will look you up and offer you drugs . For many its too tempting . The people I know that have done the best are the ones that moved and started over . Even moving a few towns or a state away saved them from relapse. I hope your daughter makes it .

    2. Marissa Robyn

      Hello Tina! I go to Pentecostal church and really felt Tiffanys pain. This episode really touched me. Made me cry so much. I still hope she’s sober and sounds like she is. She’s an amazing person and deserves the best. Please keep us updated! And hope Brittany is doing good too.

    3. Jessica

      I am watching your daughters episode now, and was looking for info on how she was doing. I’m happy to hear that she is trying to stay clean & working towards helping others.

      I know what she’s going through all too well, and I hope she is able to find peace, purpose, health & happiness.

      Although I know she most likely doesn’t care what anonymous people on the Internet think, but I’m rooting for her and I’m sure others are as well.

    4. Stefan

      I actually mixed this episode up with Tiffany’s. It’s great to hear she’s doing well for the most part.

    5. Sweet Melissa

      Hi Tina,

      How is Tiffany doing? Wishing her all the best.


      1. Kara Bishop

        This is Christina‘s episode Tiffany’s episode is season 12 this episode is season four. And Tina Tiffany’s mom did send a message but she was just saying that her daughter Tiffany was also from the same area as Christina maybe that’s why everyone got mixed up… well either way I hope both girls are doing well!

      2. Kara Bishop

        Sorry I meant to say this is Kristen‘s episode not Christina very sorry!

  2. nancy

    She reminds me of my daughter also on heroin. I am also in WV , and had no idea what an epidemic heroin is here in WV.

    1. Morgantown

      In Huntington, WV there are the most overdoses in the UNITED STATES. Not only are we number 1 but the overdose rate is MORE THAN DOUBLE the national average. We are way ahead. I’m from Mon Co and had to move across the country to rid my addiction. I have no interest in using until I visit home. Starts with pain pills ends in heroin and you only stop WHEN YOU WANT TO.

      Glad and sad you had no idea of the epidemic- You must be surrounded by love

  3. kristy

    Does anyone have any updates on Kristen? Growing up in Baltimore and being the same age as Kristen (I’m assuming she would be about 29 now), this episode hit very close to home for me. I hope she’s on a better path now she really seemed to be the sweetest young lady and have so much potential and her mom was such a nice caring person as well.

    1. Les

      I got the chance to meet Kristen at a halfway house in Hagerstown, Md She was doing very well adn spent a lot of time with her son. Although she did leave against recomendation while I was there, She did start working and had custody of her son and I believe was living with her mother again. I still believe she is currently sober although I dont keep in contact with her personally.

  4. Michelle

    It appears she has had some run-ins with the law since. I am unsure if she is clean, as she was just arrested two days ago for being under the influence. Poor girl. She is/was beautiful and is still young. I hope she gets through this.

  5. chloe

    Does anyone know her last name? I really loved Kristens episode, it really connected with my addiction.

    1. Chigirl

      I have always had Kristenon my mind and in my heart! Her episode was the first I had ever seen of intervention. I cried. She is so young and so beautiful and to have to do the things she did..Lord I can’t imagine! Please someone let us know how she is doing!! She really touched my heart!!

    2. Les

      I got the chance to meet Kristen at a halfway house in Hagerstown, Md She was doing very well adn spent a lot of time with her son. Although she did leave against recomendation while I was there, She did start working and had custody of her son and I believe was living with her mother again. I still believe she is currently sober although I dont keep in contact with her personally.

      1. Les

        I met her in May of 2015. I forgot to mention that.

  6. Sara

    I found her Facebook page. She has a son now, and it looks like things have improved since that arrest almost a year ago. She’s 30 now.

  7. Cameron

    Why is this episode impossible to find? Does anyone know where I can find it?

    You can’t buy it off itunes and it isn’t under any of the seasons on itunes either… what a shame 🙁

    1. Liz

      I saw this one on the AE channel on Hulu. A lot of the old episodes are there.

      1. cameron

        I just checked and it doesn’t have it, it doesn’t have any interventions. i think i’m signed up to the canadian hulu and can’t get american.

        any other ideas? 🙁

        thanks for your suggestion though

  8. Amber Reisinger

    wow ive watched so many epsodes from intervention and finally found a story I can totally relate to.
    I from southwest Baltimore the same area Kristen got high in. I ran those same streets and did some of same horrible things she did to maintain my herion and coccain habit.i knew I reconized Kristen from the episode. I finally found a story similar to my own and a person who has been through the same horrific things.i dont know if kristen remembers me but I remember her.i hope shes still clean now cuz I havent seen her in a while. ive got two years clean now. and have not been back to Baltimore in two years.i hope shes still doing well in her recovery.

  9. Jordy

    I just finished this episode. The first time I started it, it was too heartbreaking to finish, but I’m glad I did because her follow up is wonderful. But what a sad, sweet girl to be overcome by such a tragic addiction. I hope she maintained her sobriety. This was a really memorable episode.

  10. Melbug

    Cannot find this episode on Amazon at all! Help.

  11. Tobie

    It makes me mad that this episode is not readily available. It is something everyone should see, with the opioid crisis we have going on as a nation. I could relate to a lot here, even though my addiction was alcohol. Lots of good people in this episode. WV is being gutted by drugs. I follow Senator Manchin on social media and it’s an epidemic there. So sad. Hope Kristen and her family are doing well nowadays.

    1. Kara Bishop

      This episode and so many others are available on the A&E app

  12. pinky

    shame, cute kid

  13. Kenzie

    Anyone have any updates on her doing now? Have her fb? Would love to check on this sweet girl

  14. Jordy

    This is still the hardest episode of Intervention to watch, and I’ve seen most of them. The scenes of her shooting up in her neck, and cookin up her H in a beer can in an alley…oof. It’s so brutal, but this is my favorite episode, and Kristen is my favorite addict they’ve ever profiled. I wish this lady all the love and happiness in the world, and think about her story often. It really touched me.

  15. Anonymous

    I’m friends with her on facebook and she hasn’t been on very much lately and I’ve seen a few comments about her being back in Baltimore so I’m assuming she’s back to using…

  16. Artemiseast

    I think we all need to resist the urge to determine how someone is doing based on gleanings fro Facebook. I have known several people whose treatment plans included severing ties with social media, and so the lack of an online presence might be a good thing. Fingers crossed.

    And Dizzy: I hope you are well and where you want to be sobriety-wise. Thanks for the site.

    1. Sweet Melissa

      Absolutely. Wise and thoughtful comment, Artemis.

  17. Tobie

    I’d really love it if someone could find s link to this episode

    1. Stefan

      It’s on YouTube for now.

  18. Jess

    Ramoin just posted this early this morning. Heartbreaking episode.

  19. Alice Schmid

    just googled. Not really clear, as she is not active on FB and does seem to have some recent mugshots, in which she looks typically ravaged. On the plus side, one FB post suggests she might be doing well, hs her son and works for Macy’s! I am hoping the latter is true.

    1. Kitty Katt

      I believe her mother has her son.

  20. Xlio

    I can’t find this episode anywhere! Which is strange because she hasn’t passed away (to my knowledge)

    1. Xlio

      Just found on dailymotion.

  21. Miguel S

    Does anyone know how is she doing currently ??
    Hope in God she is doing well !!.

  22. Maz

    Looks like she has been struggling on and off, but she looks healthier and less skinny now.

  23. Joe Bob

    Found Kristen’s new FB. Will not be adding link because it’s not my place to do that. You can find it tho.
    Anyways, she updates very regularly (like 2 hours ago) and seems to be doing very well with her son. I’m wishing nothing but a great future for her.

  24. Katja

    There is an update on her Facebook where she says she is been clean since the 31/12/2019 to the date

  25. Meg

    with two loving parents like these, i have so much hope that kristen is having an amazing and beautiful life! <3

    1. Ami

      Kristen is doing really good. I follow her on facebook. She has been clean and sober for a while now.

      1. kristen showe

        Hey intervention fans I came across these messages and read all the comments they made me cry. I want to give you all an update, it has taking me many years to get where I am today and I’m still growing but one thing I never gave up trying. I have been clean since 12-31-2019 I have almost 15 months clean one day at a time. I am currently work at a women’s treatment facility that I graduated from back in October Brooke’s House in Hagerstown Maryland. I am a Certified Peer Recovery Coach I work as direct care at the facility I’m currently in school and working towards my degree in Substance Abuse Counseling. I have my family back my son is 8 years old Life is great I’m very involved in church and Narcotics Anonymous. Thank you all for you support and believing in me. Love you all..

      2. Dizzy

        KRISTEN!!! So happy to hear you’re doing well in recovery and that you’re getting a degree in Substance Abuse Counseling. That is just amazing and perfect, seems like something you would be really good at. You have a lot of people out here who care, so thank you for the update! It means a lot to us to know you’re ok. Sending much love to you and your family.

  26. Jana

    Kristen I am happy to report has a son and is doing very well!

    1. Kristen L Showe

      Yes and now I work at rehab helping others find there way!!!!

      1. BEELOVE

        keep it going!!!!!!

      2. Natalie

        Amazing! Thank you for the update. Hugs

      3. Susie

        Kristen that’s amazing! Im so happy you are doing well. Your episode was one that always stuck with me; glad to see you are In recovery and helping others. Keep it up 😊

  27. Xlio

    Omg, Kristen it makes me so happy that you’re doing so well! Your episode always stook out, you just seemed like such a fun and sweet person with a lot to offer. And your voice is too adorable! We’re all rooting for you 🙂

  28. Dahlia

    So many disgusting people judging how someone is recovering based off some FB posts. Get a life ffs

    1. Gigi

      All I see are encouraging comments about people who have been profiled…not sure what about that is disgusting

      1. Dahlia

        Read half the comments on here. All of them just judging how shes doing based on erroneous FB posts. Not cool

  29. Maggie

    I’m re-watching all episodes of Intervention on A&E and remember seeing this one long ago. It hit just as hard this time. Kristen seems so sweet and genuinely hopeful at the end of the episode. I came across this site looking for an update and thanks to another comment here peeked in at her Facebook page where she posted just yesterday (July 30, 2022) that she’s in recovery. Kristen I’m wishing you the best! Keep it up!

  30. Kara Bishop

    Kristen’s episode tugged at my heart! She truly is a loving, thoughtful, humble, perseverant, & beautiful human being!!! She has been 3 years clean on new years eve 2022! Kristen is such an inspiration and is helping so many people achieve sobriety while working in the recovery field!! I am sending Kristen my love, thoughts, & prayers!! ❤️🙏🏼🫶🏼