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S9E1 Rachel

Season 9, Episode 1


Age: 21
Location:  New York City
Addiction: Heroin, cocaine
What’s memorable: The only New York City street junkie that’s been profiled on the show. The seriously messed up boyfriend who told her he’d dump her if she went to treatment. How much better she looked after treatment.

Note: Sad news about her boyfriend Joie – read here.

Official synopsis:  A drug addict living on the streets, Rachel uses her “street kid” lifestyle to defy society and her father, with whom she’s had a strained relationship since her parents’ divorce. Rachel started experimenting with cocaine and meth at 14, and using heroin at 16. She survived on the streets with the help of her boyfriend until he was sent to jail. Now Rachel must fend for herself. Can an intervention mend her relationship with her father and save her from herself?

Original Air Date: December 2010
Interventionist: Candy

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  1. John Samson

    Looks like she’s back on drugs and living on the streets of LA, from looking at her most recent facebook pictures

    1. Dizzy

      I know, I looked at her page and thought that too, but who knows? We don’t know what happened. I just hope for the best for her, she seems like she’s capable of a lot of really cool shit. Lets hope she gets to do it.

  2. Karen L

    Her episode was very moving and disturbing at the same time. She’s an intelligent young lady that could accomplish anything that she sets out to achieve. I hope she’s safe and sober and I would love to see her succeed in life. My thoughts are with her.

    1. Rachel

      thank you for your kind words. I am sober these days and have a beautiful life. hope you are doing well.

      1. Natalie

        Thank you so much for letting us know. I just came here to see if anyone had an update on you. We all think about you and the others often.

  3. CS

    I was in rehab with her in PA,several years before she was on intervention,I believe she was only 19,and it was her first rehab when I knew her. She looked nothing like she did on the show,she has long,beautiful dark hair,clear skin,and was a real sweet person. I didnt even know this was her,till someone told me!

  4. Yodee

    Does anyone have updates on Rachel?

  5. Amanda

    How do you find their facebook pages??

  6. Debra covington

    This story really broke my heart…and to end it with joie being murdered really made my heart stop. How sad is this? I pray she gets sober and stays sober..she is smart, pretty nd deserves to have a happy life. Rachel, if you read this, I’m praying for you, and I hope you turn your life over to God and learn to love yourself! Much love honey, debra c.

  7. Anon

    Update for Rachel:
    She is living in Cali. She is a heavy pot smoker. Other than that, she isn’t using anything else. I know that her and her mom have an okay relationship. I never see her saying anything about her dad. She has dreads and is a complete hippie. So overall, she is doing okay and is healthy and happy

  8. William

    I’m actually happy to read that latest update in the comments. Rachel’s story was very touching and sad. I was rooting for her recovery, so I’m glad to hear she is doing well.

  9. Holly

    Does anybody have the link to her facebook? I’m curious to see where she ended up.

    1. North

      Found her mom’s profile. Looks like she is doing ok per the family photo.

      And by Anon’s mention, full hippie!

  10. Angela

    Apparently her abusive boyfriend in the episode got stabbed to death in San Francisco in 2012.

  11. Charles Black

    This one of the more compelling episodes, IMO. I found Rachel to be very relatable. I believe this girl is highly intelligent. I prey for her well being.

  12. Sandra

    couldn’t find an instagram or Facebook for her, but after some searching it looks like as of Sept 2018 she was bartending at a high end restaurant in SF. hope she’s well.

  13. Brooke

    here’s rachel’s (rachel coccio) photobucket:

  14. Shelley

    Does anyone know what ever happened to her friend Ryan ?

    1. Angela

      That’s an excellent question, I’m wondering the same thing.

    2. Alice Wilson

      He is still alive and working as a tattoo artist in New York.

  15. ANON

    Her boyfriend Joie was such a tool, Ryan was no prize but he seemed to treat her better and he had a place to stay. I hope Rachel and her dad had the opportunity to truly repair their relationship. He was in denial about his role in her drug use. He murdered her self-esteem and acts like nothing he did was wrong or inappropriate.

    1. Gigi

      I agree that her father’s attitude was very damaging but Dad REALLY stepped up at the Intervention….I don’t know that I have ever seen anybody COMMIT to the process like he did.

      1. Kitty Katt

        I think he did a fantastic job at stepping up. His emotions were real. His words were real. He spoke the truth and she knew it. It’s what really saved her. So glad he finally realized what was going on with his daughter and how much she really needed him. Good job dad!

  16. Melissity

    I really hope Rachel is still doing well! What a beautiful spirit. Im glad her dad seemed to understand his role in her addiction. I have a lot of very strong feelings about Joie… and not good ones. Narcissistic personality disorder is very real, and very evil. So glad they were able to get her her away from him to convince her to go.

  17. ToughSympathy

    I’m sorry to be heartless, but this girl pissed me off when scammin people on the streets. Whatever, she had to feed her habit. But crying about a non existent baby, a non existent baby daddy, and a non existent pregnancy for money and sympathy is just terrible. Maybe I’m biased because she reminds me of a friend I had to cut off once she started living the street life. Lied about at least 2 dozen rape incidents(after seeing proof that it was consensual for drugs and/or money), had sympathy stories for how bad everyone treated her when the people in her life were nothing but good to her. Everything and every struggle was someone else’s fault. Professional victim. I hope she’s living clean now, and I hope she is getting help for habitual lying and other underlying mental health problems, I really do. But I can’t sympathize. Have someone like her in your life for a few years and see how quickly you lose your patience with them, knowing that every story they’re telling you for sympathy is a flat out lie. I hope she’s doing okay now, but I have zero empathy for her types.

    1. Kitty Katt

      TBH, most people know it’s a scam anyway so they give or don’t give based on how they feel and not necessarily on what they believe is the truth. Living in the city, you see hundreds of people like her out there scamming using the same or similar excuses. Majority who give to these people know it’s not the truth anyway.

    2. lhamo55

      She’s on Reddit. Says she’s clean. Hates the show and still playing the blame game.

      1. LK

        What’s her reddit?

  18. Todd

    I watched the Eric (Season 13 Episode 5) episode a couple of days ago. At the end of the episode there are a couple of brief snippets of addicts (post treatment) that have been on the show. Just wanted to say Rachel was one of them. She looked fantastic. Like a different person. I would venture to say she is clean. Her snippet may be from a couple of years ago, or it may be recent – I don’t know the age of them. Hopefully Rachel actually is clean and has stayed that way.

    1. Stefan

      I often go back and watch that montage. While it’s very uplifting indeed, it’s sad how some of them have now died (Eric and Nic) or aren’t doing well anymore (Allison).

      1. Alexandra

        Allison isn’t doing well anymore?

  19. Nancy

    Pretty sure she goes by the name {REDACTED} on Facebook. Looks like she’s doing well with a son

    1. Rae C

      Please remove this comment as I would like to stay as private as possible.

  20. Timmi Roxx

    Rachel is such a beautiful woman,she’s a dead ringer for a young Linda Ronstadt,and also an amazing artist,I hope she is now living life to the fullest clean and sober🌹🌹🌹

    1. Rae C

      Wow a young Linda R… thanks for the compliment!!

    1. Njvey

      This video is from 2012.

    2. B

      OMG she looks totally different she is so beautiful king of reminds me of kat von d for some reason

  21. Rinna

    Rachel’s episode is one of the most emotional episodes to me. Her hair color was a metaphor for heart being aflame, but in her sobriety she was able to use that fire to fight for herself. She’s such a beautiful person, this is random but her episode inspired me to get back into painting.
    Also I think this episode is tied for Candys BEST intervention, she was an 11/10 freakin’ boss here. My god, she was a badass here! Rachel if you still check these comments I hope you are well! There are a lot of people who were inspired by your spirit!

  22. Babyhay222

    Here is the latest video of her recovery she looks wonderful!