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Season 12, Episode 8

Susie & Miriam

Age: 41
Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Addiction: Crack and Alcohol respectively

What’s memorable: The abuse they suffered and how Susie would take the brunt of it to protect her sisters, the amount of violence she experiences now as a result of her addiction, the weird dynamics the twins have, the awesome followup and how amazing and healthy they both looked after treatment. Really there’s lots going on in this one, but what will stick with me the most is Miriam giving in and smoking crack with her sister after everyone was talking about how worried they were that she’d relapse if she spent too much time with her. That scene was harrowing.

Official Synopsis: Attractive, charismatic 41 year-old twins, Susie and Miriam, battle crack and alcohol addictions and each other as their career success and families slowly slip away.

Original Air Date: October 2012
Interventionist: Candy

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  1. Gloria

    Boy you were right. The relapse scene… Harrowing. Glad they got help. The physical transformation was astounding!

  2. Mary Collins

    Miriam, I think that you and I had a brief interaction in a Wal Mart parking lot (off of Lauzon) this Fall. One of my boys was being a stinker getting into his car seat. If it was you, we joked about it. When I drove away I realized how I recognized you. I hope that you and your sister are doing well. As well as your children. Just wanted you to know that you are thought of.

  3. Kathy Giesbrecht

    Both girls relapsed within a year

    1. Traci Ribble

      Both woman as fine ! I lived with sue for years and talk to Mariam and sue on a regular basis !

  4. E Rose

    This one really affected me… the pain reverberating through the generations of this family is just devastating to witness. My heart goes out to these two. Knowing Susie was always so strong and stoic, I can’t imagine what was happening within her when she cried at the intervention.

    I truly hope both of the twins are healthy and happy and working their recovery.

    Candy is also my favorite; she can be firm and even brash when she needs to, but she also knows when handling people gently will get the right results, and she facilitated this double intervention so deftly.

  5. Dylan

    This episode really stuck to me, particularly the scene where Miriam gives in and relapses with her sister. Hit really close to home and reminded me of something I could imagine happening between my father and my aunt while my father was newly in recovery.

  6. sherrill morrell (Cinnamon)

    I remember sue I partied with Sue quite a bit when I was in Windsor on the west side lol, unfortunately I lost my boyfriend Victor who died right after we had our son, we were trying to get it together but I always ended up back on the street back on the pipe, after I lost Victor I moved back out here to BC and I lost contact with Sue, she used to go out with my dealer ill, and now well I ended up back on the streets in Calgary on the pipe at first but now on to bigger and better things now doing the side off of the crack but on the down it was morphine but now it’s the heroine or entail, I was just starting to do the pills just before I left Windsor but now in Kamloops BC and cannot shake the opiuts and don’t want to they make me function and help to keep me normal and on track I do not think that I will ever quit, but when I flipped the channel and saw Sue on intervention my heart went out to her for sure, I really liked Sue she is a beautiful girl and a lot of fun to be around, so dibs to you girls girl Sue, I have not forgotten you, your friend Cinnamon !

  7. Rm

    Any updates on them?

  8. Brooke

    i couldn’t believe when susie, knowing miriam was clean, enticed her to smoke crack. and she had a smile on her face too. “hmmm, what to do…what to do”…. wow, what a great sister. knowing her sister currently has her kids and is married. it’s like she wants to bring her sister down to where she is. i get that it’s the addiction, it’s a sickness, that made her do it. but at the same time, i am a recovering addict and i would never introduce anyone to a drug, whether it’s the first time or a relapse. never. i’ve been there and refused. someone i knew wanted to try it and i said NO WAY! i couldn’t have that on my conscience.

  9. CLeigh

    It’s 2020 now, anyone know how they’re doing?

    1. Laurie k

      Just watched the episode. Wondered if they are still sober and doing well.

  10. Colleen

    As a mom of two young children living through a global pandemic…man, I felt Miriam’s pain and frustration. This is all SO hard, and I am fortunate that I don’t have additions to battle as well.

    I hope both sisters are doing well.

    1. A.

      This episode is from
      2012. It still can be hard of course but had nothing to do with a pandemic.

      1. Katie

        Lol they were relating what the felt watching the episode in their own experience in the current time. They clearly were not saying that the episode had anything to do with pandemic times.

  11. Xlio

    I relate to susie a lot in the respect that I was always the defender. I didn’t experience such abuse but was a vigilante as far as protecting my younger siblings and cousins.

    Sucks when the tough seeming chicks such as us tend to be the most sensitive as far as how our behavior plays out.

  12. Abby

    I really want to know how they are doing now. Does anyone know if they have any socials? I truly hope they are happy and clean

    1. Margaret Weller

      I hope you two are doing well. I struggle with addiction as well. Please know you are not alone. Thanks for sharing your story.

  13. Todd

    This is probably my fave episode. I think Susie is so funny. The part where Miriam walks into Susie’s apartment, they sit down, and one of them says “What to do, what to do?” , then Susie says “I’m gonna smoke some crack!” made me laugh so hard. It’s a tragedy yes but still cracked me up. These two women are both charismatic and can have great lives if they so choose. I don’t know what they are doing now – hope they are both clean. In the meantime, if either Susie or Miriam reads this – hey – I’m a fan! Good luck to you both.

  14. Natalie

    I wish there was more discussion on these two. As compelling as their story is, I’m surprised there isn’t more follow up or comments compares to many other memorable interventions.

    1. Natalie

      What stood out to me (that wasn’t mentioned on the show or here) is how Miriam, despite a shorter active crack addiction, seemed physically older and more worn out. She looked to have a tremor of sorts. Maybe that was something already diagnosed and being treated, and just not part of her addiction. It seemed to remain when she was sober.

      1. Todd

        That’s right but the two youngsters were Miriam’s second time around with kids. Susie’s kids were older which means Susie herself was younger while she was taking care of them. Miriam did the same thing – but then had two more kids when she was older. I’m a male with no kids so I certainly may be wrong but it would seem to me, being in your 40s, having already raised kids, and then having two more babies, would be difficult. In Susie’s case, she no longer had to take care of kids – they ended u p with her X husband. So, even though Susie was smoking plenty of crack, she could sleep all day. I would think Miriam rarely got any kind of break. Yeah, plus Miriam’s husband – she would have had to have taken care of him as well. Anyway, let me just quickly add that I didn’t like how every one was judging Miriam. Again, I have to think it was awful hard for Miriam to do what she was doing. And of course, add the beer and cigarettes to that – life would have been even more difficult for Miriam.

      2. Gigi

        I have always found it interesting how drugs can wreak havoc on some peoples appearance and others look essentially the same in sobriety as they did in addiction and age doesn’t always seem to be a variable. As far as these two it’s really hard to say…they’re definitely still identical but years of different environmental influences have widened the gap in their appearance

    2. Todd

      Hey Natalie – I’m with you – this was probably my fave episode and no one really comments on it. Plus I’d love to know how these two ended up. I also noticed Miriam’s tremor. It got worse after she smoked the crack. Maybe a bit of Tourette’s syndrome? And as far as Miriam’s worn out look – I noticed the same exact thing and thought the same exact thing when you consider Susie was smoking crack just about every day. My only thought is Miriam had two youngsters at home. Miriam was probably a bit too old to be taking care of babies. Then you add to that the fact she was drinking plenty of beer – that may have been what did it. What do you think???

      1. Natalie

        Glad you had the same thoughts. I don’t think Miriam was too old to take care of babies…perhaps she was too unwell, but not too old. As a mom, age 40, I know it does tend to age some of us, but Susie also had kids and raised them for awhile and I think hers were older. I’m wondering if Miriam had smoked cigarettes for a long time…or maybe she’d been an alcoholic longer than we know from the show. Would love any kind of update on them!

  15. Todd

    I watched this episode again last night. It’s still my fave. I’ll tell you – I sure you would like to know what happened to these two. The episode is coming up on 10 years old now. The comments have been inconsistent as to whether they stayed clean or not. I don’t know what their last name is so I can’t look them up on Facebook. If anyone knows what happened to them I’d certainly appreciate it if you could share.

  16. Cathleen

    The screen at one point said “sue hasn’t left the house in 22 hours”

    …is that abnormal? Because I do that ALL the time even before covid. Should I be concerned?

    1. Dahlia

      IKR?? So weird…

    2. Suzvkb

      cathleen.. right!? I lovvvve when I don’t have to leave the house for 22+ hrs!

  17. Marie A

    I’ve looked and looked, does anyone have a update on these beautiful sister’s?

  18. Suzvkb

    over the years of watching, rewatching and re-rewatching this show I’ve noticed some of the addicts are far worse off and much more far gone then others. some dont seem to be near bottom and some are there already. to me susie was extremely close to bottom. she was gone. that addiction dictated her entire life. Miriam wasn’t too far gone but was on her way I’m sure. I’m just glad these two got help and I pray they are doin great today. they’re both beautiful souls 💜

    1. Linda Claudine

      We don’t know, do we? Apparently #Intervention doesn’t bother with this form…