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Season 12, Episode 18


Age: 19
Location: Inwood, West Virginia
Addiction: Heroin

What’s memorable: Wow. Lots. I don’t recall any other addict that came from a religious family but where the religion wasn’t a trigger or contributed to the distance between the addict and their family. Tiffany is an addict who actually still fully embraces her spirituality and relationship with God despite her behaviors, which seems to be keeping her close to her family. I didn’t word that very well, hopefully it made sense. Anyway, what else: the relationship she has with her biological dad, the reversal that happened at the intervention (also don’t think I’ve seen that happen before – the intervention addict actually having to give consequences to another addicted family member), the tearful and inspiring followup, the Haiti mission. I mean jeez, Tiffany is truly amazing. She makes me wanna be a better person.

Official Synopsis:
Tiffany is a 19-year-old, doe-eyed, innocent looking young woman who treks to the seediest parts of Baltimore to score heroin while her family tries to pray the “devil” out of her.

Original Air Date: January 2013
Interventionist: Ken

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  1. stacy zerrlaut

    i am also from inwood and still live here. i have been clean for a little over a year and i wanted to let tiffany kno if she needs someone to talk to she can get a hod of me

    1. tina32agent

      Stacy this is Tiffanys mom, hope your still doing well. Tiff is back in AZ at treatment and has been clean 9 months after she came home last year and had relapsed for a short period. Key is getting back up and live again. Phillepeans 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. GOD BLESS.

      1. Kevyn

        Tina: How is Tiff doing? Her story touched me, being a former addict myself. Hope you get this! If you want, you can add me on facebook: Kevyn Diaz Mack. THANKS!

      2. Jimmy Crawford

        Hi Tiffany’s mom (I apologize for not knowing your name). I just wanted to say that I watched Tiffany’s intervention show a couple of night’s ago and wanted to say how much I was touched by that episode. It reminded me so much of my own life. I had an intervention done on me 4 years ago and at the end of it I thanked my family so much for caring about me and loving me so much. That is exactly what Tiffany did at her intervention. This is so rare, and I think it really shows the love and admiration she has for you. Tiffany is such wonderful girl and you are a great mother. I can definitely relate to her situation very much. If she ever needs someone to talk to my email is [email protected]. God bless!

      3. Heather

        Amen…. I PRAY that you all heal and recover. Something about Tiffany made me care a lil more than normal.

      4. Jason

        Tina, My name is Jason and your daughters documentary on intervention touched me like no other. I too had dreams and aspires of being a missionary that where torn apart by divorce “the devils work”; I hope she is doing well and fulfilling her calling. If she ever needs anyone to talk to your more than welcome to pass along my email. Ill be praying for her and your family god bless.

      5. Alesha

        I just finished watching this episode. I am from WV. I watch all of the episodes. Tiffany has something very special. I couldn’t get to the end fast enough…anticipating seeing her sober. I would love to know how she is doing. I pray and wish the best for this beautiful soul. Best of luck Tiffany. Don’tknow how to check for any responses but wwould love to hear how you are doing. On facebook…Alesha Bortel Meade

  2. Miriam Munson

    Tiffany was my 20 year-old daughter’s first friend. Her mother and I first met while attending childbirth classes together. I cannot tell you how happy we are to see Tiffany overcome.

    1. ken

      Hello, im not sure if you are going to be able to read this or not but im going to give it a shot. I just saw Tiffany’s episode on intervention and it really touched me personally, some of the things she said especially about religion and relationships with God.. I am at a crossroad in my life and im not sure what to believe. I cant understand how a young girl who has been through so much in life has been able to keep her faith the way she has. If there is some way you could let her know i would like to hear from her or email me. The people in my life that i have known are supposed to be christian are fake for the most part.. She seems to be very honest something i havent seen much of from my experience. Thank you for reading please help. thanks again

      1. ken

        P.s. your comment last month was posted on my birthday. I have heard from people in the past that everything happens for a reason which i never really believed and normally would never seek out a complete stranger for advice but when i saw her show and what she had to say something told me i needed to talk to this person somehow someway. I didnt think that was possible either but somehow i found this website and saw your post on my birthday so here it is 🙂

      2. Tina Holley

        Ken she has been clean over yr half had a brief relapse but went back to treatment now shes back in Wv with her Fiance she met there and expecting a baby. How are you doing? Hope your doing well

      3. Miriam Munson

        Ken: I just saw your post. I will just say that just because some/many people are not authentic–doesn’t mean that God’s a fake. It also doesn’t mean that we have to be fakes. Godspeed in your quest.

      4. tina32agent

        Ken l hope you are doing well. This is Tina , Tiffanys mom and she stayed there for 6 months had a relapse but proud to say she has been clean now for 9 months and is back in AZ attending more treatment at Sober Way , been there 2 months this time. Ever need to talk you can find me at TINA Holley on Facebook . I am sure she would love to hear from you. GOD BLESS, Tina

      5. Marissa Robyn

        Hey Tina I hope all is well. Looked you up on Facebook couldn’t find you. You can find me under Marissa Horton. I come from Pentecostal church and if you need to talk to someone im always here. God bless and wish your family the best!

      6. tina32agent

        Ken, l keep tabs with Tiff on what said on here and she wants me to have you read Jerimiah and awww no l forgot the scripture wanna say 29 the one says l know the plan l have for you …… sorry l will have to check but she wants you to keep on fighting:)

  3. pauleferry

    tiffany – you are an inspiration of victory over the darkeness of drugs and the power of Christ over Satan.

    1. tina32agent

      Thank You and please keep praying she has a huge yr ahead of her fighting a very drama child custody battle.

      1. snugs


        What an amazing person Tiffany is. And how wonderful that you believed her when you found out about the sexual abuse, many mothers do not, sadly. How are your other kids doing? Does Tiffany have a child?

      2. Tina Holley

        Yes she did her name is Destiny she will be 6 this June we didnt wantbto expose her on tv due to the dangers Tiff was already in. Tiff is doing wonderful!!!! Yr half clean

  4. joan

    where is the creek that she and her dad go to on the show?

  5. ranstice

    Thinking of you Tiffany.

    1. tina32agent

      Thank You this is her mom, she is doing wonderful:)

      1. dylan

        Dear tina my name is dylan I’m 21 and your daughter is my age I’m goin on 14 months clean same drug as her i live in buffalo n.y but have family down in morgantown w.v i would love to talk to her somtime n see how she’s doin on her sobriety n talk to her you can find me on facebook under Dylan.D.Brown …

      2. tina holley

        She has yr half clean and is back in Wv things are going wonderful

  6. John F. Kennedy III

    Dear Tina,
    Please share my support with your daughter Tiffany for me and let her know
    that God truly has a calling on her life and that she is blessed to have such a supporting God fearing family. Her story
    hit me deeply knowing how her love for God can be challenged by the world.
    I have so much respect for her, and her work is not done. She has touched my heart like she has done in some of her best days. I thank your family and Tiffany as well for the courage and will for change. I pray that i can bless her with support in the same way she chose to bless us with courage and knowledge. My Facebook name is John F. Kennedy III If possible i would like to give her support on her journey as well ad your family. God bless.

    1. tina32agent

      Thank You for your kind words. She just flew here in October with her BF that l so adore!! They have decided after beginning of the New Year move cross country and live here wow Destiny that is 5 her Daughter grows up because its very hard for her to be a part of her life across country. I asked Jared how he felt about being so far away and he said it was his idea because how.much she wanted to be with her daughter and wherever Tiffany is his heart is. How sweet is that:)) wish l could post pics on here. If you go on fb search page Heroin Support in background says Addiction is an illnessNot a crime join that group you will see a testimony l wrote up yestwrday and has pics has 396 likes and beautiful pic of her baby girl from 2 weeks ago

  7. sarakaun

    It’s so great to see so many people rooting for her. All the best.

    1. tina32agent

      Yes it is l love it:))) lm so proud of my daughter”)

  8. chris bush

    I’ve never spoke on any forums or commented on anything but my name is Chris Bush and I am now clean after a couple years…I’m also a single father of 2 boys n get my little girl every weekend…this show touched me a lot…I think it’s where I love WV so much (I’m from Chas n live here)and to know how hard it is to break the cycle…I’ve been clean for 9 months now.I went to 4 funerals last year n only 1 made since…I don’t really know what I want to say..I just hope I look as good to my family as tiffany did at the end….I would love to help any way I can n do somethin for other ppl that r lost!!!

  9. betsyhunsader

    Tiffany is such an inspiration to us all! I too battle addiction and it wasn’t until I was truly broken in front of God that I became sober. It’s so obvious and clear that the Lord is working His magic through Tiffany. She has been through HELL and has prevailed by surrendering. Hope and pray that Tiffany finds herself well today, tomorrow, and always! I just can’t get over how INSPIRATIONAL she truly is 🙂

  10. Tracey

    I am very happy for Tiffany her story really has hit close to home for me,but I am a little confused about the bf comment by her mother my understanding is that Tiffany was married to Jeff.

  11. AC

    I just want to let you know I’m from Martinsburg wv… I have been clean for 5 yrs now… Tiffany is and amazing person inside and out… I had the opportunity to meet her… Keep up the good work your doing and god has big plans for her… Praying

  12. Sarah Thomas

    Tiffany- You are such a beautiful girl, I am seriously in awe of your beauty. ANd when I say this, I mean inside and out. Your faith in God and your story inspire me. Thank you for telling it.

  13. Sara

    I just re-watched this episode. And I even own it on my tablet. Tiffany is truly an amazing person, and my comment is meant in no way to criticize her or her loving family. I am simply shocked to learn that she has a child, there was absolutely no mention of it in any times I have watched her episode. Was that at Tiffany’s request, or at the request of her family? Or was it something the show decided to edit? This raises a lot of curiosity in me as to what other major things the show decides to edit. All my best to Tiffany and he family.

    1. Tina Holley

      The father had custody also and the family made threats of lawsuit so they had to edit it. He also had been in and out of jail with drug issues but from what lm told he is doing well also so thats most important thing. Also Tiff was in a lot of dangers with owing money to dealers and didn’t want to put her beautiful daughter in the middle of that .

      1. Sara

        Tina, I thank you for replying to my comment. As a caregiver for small children, i completely understand why safety measures were taken. And kudos to the show for honoring that. I wish you all the best!

  14. Hollie

    Hi Tiffany – I just came across watching the show and yours was the very first. I cannot tell you how much I cried and I do not cry very often. My childhood was taken away at 6yrs old. I also come from a good family and keep God close to my heart but a sitter when I was young did things that shouldn’t have ever happened and I did not speak out. My family is also very strict and growing up there were no “I love you’s” so I was confused and empty but always wanted to be loved but didn’t understand how I was supposed to be treated? If that makes sense? I went through experimenting etc but I think because I believe in God so much and I know He’s there watching, I always felt I was disappointing Him and myself. Now, 30yrs old in San Jose, Ca and 3 beautiful daughters later.. Life is still hard. Well, things are better and beautiful because I do not do any of that hard stuff but overall life in general is hard, still learning and living in a materialistic world now, things can get tense. At one point, I think I was alcoholic and got my first DUI and it was so disappointing. Realized that I wasn’t happy with myself or something was missing. I think that had to do with my divorce but one thing I am proud of are my girls, I must say they are the best and most loving awesome kids! I used to drink daily and now I probably have a glass of wine once every week, most weeks I go without. What I’m saying is, you may have a drink or two, but if sometimes still hurting inside etc, that glass of wine can take over. Just remember, a glass of wine is ok but to drink when people are upset or anything during those hard times, that substance will take over. I have found myself and doing very well. Just know that, life does kick ass sometimes but know.. (and you’re living proof) that crap happens in life but doesn’t mean people need to get stuck there and become ugly. People are they’re own boss and we are strong enough to make better choices. And if you fall again, even the strongest still do, will always get back up moving. I am so so so proud of you Tiffany. You are very lucky and as well as very blessed. God did not let go and was by your side the whole time, though it may have not seem like it. Others who have been through the same situations and became very bad people, their excuse is they were abused etc. And others, like you and I, though we went through bad things.. That little bit of good and God never leaving us, is what makes us.. well us. You are a miracle, an amazing soul.. I am always proud to tell God and the many angels above for never leaving my side, even through my dark times.. Or I would have been an ugly person doing God knows what. Be proud Tiffany, don’t be ashamed of your past and be a speaker at schools, a counselor maybe. You are God’s messenger. Stay humble, stay strong, stay muthafreakin amazing!

    1. Kay-Cee

      Hello holly…not sure wat u know about addiction but I just wanna clairify some things u said were fine for addicts to do while in recovery… u umm u cannot have any substance if ur very serious about sobriety! I CANNOT have a cple drinks or glass of wine! My D.O.C (drug of choice) isn’t alcohol and I still cannot have a drink. Wn u drink u lose some inhibitions and it’s very, extremely easy and likely u will end up using again. I know this from prior experience. So if ur for sho about recovery then I urge yall to not take holleys advice,”and have a cple glasses of wine every now and then”!!! Holley I know I’m being a lil aggressive but I could save someone’s life. Not only would a sober addict having a few drinks make them crave their D.O.C.but there is the phenomena of D.O.C shifting!!! I’m a sober heroine addict and I could completely change my drug choice from opiates to alcohol, gambling, or some other addictive behavior just by simply engaging in drinking casually or goin to a casino. Holley some ppl can drink occasionally but the other ppl out there that call ourselves addicts(I’m sober but still call myself addict)should refrain from any addictive behaviors. I know I have learned the hard way too many times. Holley I hope I shined a lil lite on the life an addict faces everyday. I love intervention fo life! BTW Holley if u have any more ?s or comments plz hit me back

  15. Brittany G.

    Tiffany & Tina, God bless you for sharing your story; it is absolutely my favorite episode of Intervention. Seeing Tiffany smiling at the end, sober, makes me cry. You have truly let the struggles in your life be completely transformed by God, and your testimony brings so much glory to God. I wish you nothing but the best in life. God bless!

  16. ellen

    I just watched your episode and I wish I watched it when I was r such a good person,u derserve a great life. Being a addict is miserable.i live in ky and used to shoot up boy too for four years.
    It was awful
    I have a 15 month old now and sober but I’m still on methadone from a clinic.and don’t no how I’m gonna be completely sober ..but seeing u was so inspiring. I’m glad u are doing better

  17. Tony

    I have good feelings about this one’s recovery. She’s got the higher power, the support system, and I genuinely believe she can make lasting changes that will take her anywhere she wants to go. This young woman will be a positive force in the world.

  18. Shea Rowe

    Hi Tiffany. Just wanted to say congratulations on your journey to get help and to overcome your addiction. You have a beautiful family who loves you and you have touched my heart with your story. I will surely keep you in my prayers and pray that you will continue to walk with God because he will never leave you. Take care of yourself and I hope to have a conversation with you someday.

  19. Thankful

    Congratulations Tiffany on your sobriety . I an so proud . Ken on the follow up last night showed why I have always valued him as a friend , human and worker in the addiction industry . When he was tearing up while talking to her it was because he truly has a big heart and sincere desire for the subjects to stay sober . He was/is so proud of her because he knows that sobriety realistically fails all too often . His dual diagnosis of Meth addiction and a serious Eating Disorder was hard to beat and these interventions are loaded with triggers . He often gets the most difficult / mean subjects and while some might not agree with his method it often works and nobody can say its just for money . The man has been there for me at times I did not want to wake up the next day and I thank him for that . Him and John Southworth ( he had a few interventions shown years ago and he also got the tough ones ) work together and their Facebook accounts are total testimony to their dedication to helping others . Thank you both .
    Again Tiffany congratulations . I am so proud of you and your new family . Knew you could do it .

  20. Halley

    Tiffany’s follow up video was amazing & she proves the capacity for positive change when hard work & spirit is involved. It is inspiring to me and gives me hope.

  21. Lisa

    My husband and I just watched this episode for the first time today. This episode hits home for me because of her abuse. I did not turn to drugs but there are other addictions in life that one turns to. I now have a daughter in which I would like to speak in private to her mother or her about if that is at all possible??? I would appreciate it so much. I noticed that she is absolutely a messenger and in this episode, she touched my life! I think what hit home the most was when she said someone can go to jail for drugs (for however long she said), but you molest a child and only get a year or less. I have never understood that myself. A child molester ruins if not someone’s whole life, a huge part of it. I cannot wrap my head around the fact they never receive time suitable for that!!!

  22. Jamie

    Tiffany your story touched my husband and I more than you know. Even my husband said no one could’ve said it better on what herion makes you feel like, and if you’ve never experienced it before DON’T because it is so hard mentality and physically to get away from. My husband and I both are from the Baltimore area, and both recovering addicts. We lean on each other for support. We had to move 2 hours away from Baltimore just to get away from the temptation. It’s very hard though because all our family and friends live on the other side oft the tunnel. Its crazy cause when we come over to visit we never come alone, and the anxiety we both get just coming in the area is ridiculous. We both have been clean now for a little over 3 years but I will not lie, there are still days where I just want to run away and still get high. I always talk myself out of it, but its so scary to know even after 3 years to still have those thoughts just blows me away. I pray thst you continue your journey and continue to do well. Granted theres no feeling in the world like getting high but theres also nothing that compares to the feeling of love, support, and accomplishing so much that you know you would never do if you continues that life. Good luck to uou sweetie. Hope to see future positive updates on you.

  23. Tatiana

    Hi my name is Tatiana I just was watched Tiffany’s intervention I am happy that she did go she has a real good family happy that she is clean .never let go of your dreams miss Tina and the rest of the family god is good and keep praying and Tiffany’s grandma that letter was powerful

    1. KB

      I think the letter that you’re speaking of west from her mentor… It was the first letter read… But maybe I’m wrong.

      1. Kara Bishop

        I just realized that you ARE talking about the grandmother’s speech (both the mentors and the grandmothers speeches were very powerful) that is on the extended interventions and follow ups section that you can only access on the A&E app. At first, I was watching the show by streaming it on DIRECTV, when I realized that other people were getting different ending credits that were most recent and were also talking about follow ups on the A&E app that we’re not on the live streaming, I immediately switched over to using the A&E app… And I can access it on my phone and on my smart TV… I just wish there was a way to watch all of the episodes (especially the ones that are pulled because the families lost their loved ones through suicide or overdose…and I think those are some of the most powerful episodes, and should be seen because they help so many of us recovering addicts stay clean!

  24. Betty

    Hello I am watching Tiffany’s story on the intervention I am as well a recovering addict have been clean for 6 yrs and I am as well from WV and as well Pentecostal I wanted to see how she is doing and thought maybe she may need a friend that understands

  25. Trevor

    Oh my gosh!! Just watching Intervention online & was absolutely touched by Tiff’s story. I know that this is an older episode, but I am wondering how this young lady is doing today,,,,,?

  26. Jen

    Tiffany your story has touched my heart. I hope for you all the best life has to offer. Your are a special person. When you said God didn’t listen to you – he did!! He speaks thru you!! Take care of yourself and be proud of where you have come in life. You are an inspiration!!

  27. Jessica

    I’m currently watching the show and can retaliate to tiff story from what happened to her as a child ! I know it was some time ago now but just so she knows she is not alone . The same happened to me and if she ever needs to chat to someone who knows how it feels there are people out there inc me for a chat ! Hope she is doing well , I have heard of stories before of people in the same situation but never felt compelled to reach out I just feel like it’s so brave to go on tv and share that with the world And for some reason felt like I wanted to message and show support. Thanks Jess

  28. Ryan

    Tiffany I know everything you’ve been thru.i know how you feel,I’m not one to put all my shit out there.but I would love to talk to you 1 on 1.I don’t have a Website but my fam owners stores in Mt Airy.And my business takes me into B more daily..You should hit me up to talk about shit I believe we could relate.I look forward to hearing from you

  29. Melanie bickford

    Hi my name is melanie and I don’t know why but I needed to share my story, which has been more like a nightmare than a fairytale. At the age of 5 I started getting sexually abused by a neighbor and then by my mothers boyfriend. As a child I held it in because I was afraid to tell anyone. Somehow, I felt it was my fault. And to make matters worse there was continued abuse throughout the rest of my childhood. I felt as if I was cursed in someway. Even as a teen I was still having experiences with grown men that was inappropriate. I never received help with this and has affected my life in so many ways. I remember finally getting the courage to tell my mom only for her to say she didn’t believe me. That’s the day I buried it forever. It wasn’t long before I started having addictive behaviors starting with alcohol and weed, eventually leading to herion addiction. Today, at 38 years old I’m still struggling. I wished I had a family who cared about me like Tiffanys story, but no one did. There were times I was fighting for my life and they didn’t know. Today I got off herion by going to a methadone clinic and I have almost completely weaned off but only because I have to turn myself into jail for a thirty day sentence. I’m scared I will relapse when I get out. My fiancé has completely turned his life around from addiction, which we went through together, but I have problems talking to anyone about the trauma in my life. I have problems talking to anyone about any of the trauma in my life, which far exceeds what I have shared in this message. I often ask God when enough is going to be enough… because it’s more than I can deal with. I know I’m very depressed because I have lost interest in life and struggle to get out of bed. I don’t know how to deal with the pain in my life. Part of me thinks my life is pretty much over so it feels hopeless. I don’t know how these monsters that hurt little innocent girls can get off so easily. I have two daughters of my own and would kill someone if they ever hurt them. I watched an episode of intervention today featuring Tiffany and her story and found myself crying. Her story felt similar to mine with the exception of her sobriety and how she was able to turn it all around. I don’t know how she was able to find peace again, but I pray that I can someday too.

    1. A Friend

      You can do it. I know I’m just a stranger on the internet but I have faith in you. You’ve been through so much and you are so strong, even if you don’t believe that you are. I was molested as a child and still struggle with an eating disorder today, but I know I’ll overcome it some day. We just have to trust that we are capable and strong women.

      Much love and prayers for you, friend

  30. Melanie bickford

    Thank you for your prayers. I’m finally out of jail and trying to stay strong. I went to a community overdose prevention ceremony last night. It was nice to have a strong community for support. Thank you.

  31. JadeNZer

    I rewatched this episode last night. I thought she was so strong & so beautiful, such a good soul underneath all the hurt. I found her on Facebook, she’s married and has 3 little girls & looks amazingly happy, she so deserves to be. Her sister Brittany is struggling with addiction now, but if Tiffany can do it I’m sure Brittany can too.

  32. kitty katt

    Her sister wasn’t doing too well at all. She’s had a number of arrests with drugs being involved. This link is just one of them that was quite disturbing to me. I hope she has turned her life around. If anyone has an update on her and her mom, that would be great. I feel so bad for her mom as she finally got some piece with Tiffany and then she was dealt another set of bad cards. I’m hoping all is well with everyone in that family.

  33. Jason

    Very sad to see her sister is now an addict

  34. Kitty Katt

    Her mom (Tina) hasn’t been doing too well either. This is from July 1, 2018:

  35. Jess

    i watched this today, and went to one of the links on the comment section. After i read the article i had my phone in my hand and i must have touched a link on accident, because when i looked at my screen, i ended up on the weeks crime log, and her sister Brittney is the first one on the list!! posession of MDMA. Would have nevet even known, and its kinda freaky that it was in the last week…..

  36. Holly

    Looks like her mom Tina, was arrested again today…

    1. Kitty Katt

      It’s so sad to see how Tiffany’s mother and sister are doing while Tiffany is doing awesome.

    2. Xlio

      Tragic. I’m curious as to how her mother got involved in drugs/substance abuse. Makes you wonder if she was dabbling during the same timeline of the episode? Or maybe just wanted to see what all the fuss was about? I just hope she gets help, never too late.

    1. Kitty Katt

      She tried to pass herself off as her sister, Tiffany Koch, but was recognized as a suspect of a previous case.

      1. Ami

        Wow that is terrible. I hope she can follow in her sister’s footsteps.

    2. Xlio

      Wow, out of control. She did seem like she was a bit rebellious – weed, shoplifting, semi standard teen stuff. But her record is really piling on. This article is insane especially their smiles in the mugshots and how openly they explained their bizarre plan to the officers.

  37. SMS

    I live 30 minutes from Inwood, WV and I have family there. Any updates today?

  38. Taryn

    Although it’s really sad to hear what has since happened to her sister and mother, it appears as though Tiffany is thriving. She deserves a happy life!

    1. April S.

      Obviously it is…

  39. Cameron McClellan

    Unfortunately it looks like she’s probably in jail right now. I hope that it gives her an opportunity to reflect. I hope she gets the help she deserves for her schizophrenia and early childhood trauma along with her substance use. Beautiful & strong girl.

    1. Dizzy

      That is not the same Tiffany. Same last name and both live in West Virginia, but different ages. Tiffany from Intervention would be about 27 now, this woman who was just arrested is 34.


    2. Kara Bishop

      She doesn’t have schizophrenia and as Dizzy mentioned she’s not the same woman in the article. In the episode her mom said that the doctors kept Saying it was schizophrenia but her mom just had a feeling that it wasn’t and then she went and prayed and that’s when God answered her prayers and told her to go downstairs in her bedroom and look in that drawer where she found the letter that Tiffany wrote that explained the absolute tournament that her daughter was enduring since she was I think five years old by her sick stepfather… So it was never schizophrenia and she’s actually doing amazing click on some of the links on the comments they are really really moving she is an EMT and she’s going to high schools and giving inspirational powerful presentations to help teens… And with her EMT work she’s able to save lives of addicts from overdosing along with other people!

  40. Nivey

    Hey looks life Tiffany is doing awesome!! I Google: Tiffany Koch Inwood, WV. Good for her I always found her story inspiring! Xo

  41. Kitty Katt

    Mom not doing well at all. Scroll to bottom of link and see the other 3 arrests.

    I feel so bad for Tiffany.

  42. Kitty Katt

    Her sister’s 2020 arrest record.


    Seems to me the sister needs some help

  44. Xlio

    “You can get caught with a gram of heroin and get up to 10 years. You can have a six year old and get out in a year.”

    Concise commentary on our justice system.

    1. Xlio

      Have sex with a*

    2. John

      Judges regularly hand out low sentences for Child Abusers. These pedos literally destroy these children’s lives.
      They “murder” them, many abused children commit suicide.

      1. Kara Bishop

        And then the rest that don’t commit suicide turn to drugs like heroin and get caught stealing and other crimes to afford their heroin and get more time then their sex abuser got! Doesn’t make sense and I don’t know why this is still going on!

    3. Kara Bishop

      This article talks about a man who got six months in jail for seven years of incest! That just does not make any sense to me! These sick pedophiles probably don’t even worry because they know they’re not gonna do that much time… they should be getting a lifetime sentence because it causes a lifetime of terror to their victims!!! And something that they cannot recover from!!! My cousin was raped by her biological father for years! and of course he only did a couple of years in prison… and he wasn’t allowed to live with his wife because she had more children but they are still married and who knows what he is doing…There must be away we can make a change!

  45. S

    I hope Tiffany is OK. She was pretty active on Facebook but appears to have deactivated recently. Hopefully it’s just a privacy thing.

    1. Kitty Katt

      Between her younger sister and mother spiraling out of control, I’m going to bet it’s a privacy thing.

  46. Mia

    There’s so much more about Tiffany’s story before and after the intervention. She seems to be doing amazing now. This is a great article about her.

    Very sad to hear her mom and sister aren’t doing well.

    1. Kara Bishop

      That article was so inspirational just like her episode! I watch intervention all the time (as I am a recovering addict 18 years off crystal meth and almost 10 years off opiates) And I have many favorites but the Brittany season five episode two from Alabama that died of a heroin overdose in 2019 and now this one are my absolute ABSOLUTE favorites!!! I am so happy to see how Tiffany has not only found and cherished sobriety but has given her life to helping and inspiring others!!! Just through this website and her show she saves lives but to also be speaking at high schools and how powerful and moving the message is the way she brings in those poster boards of faces of people that have died of drugs in the last year and people that are family or friends that have died of drugs, along with telling her entire story! There is no doubt that she has saved hundreds of lives and continues to save lives! I truly hope that her sister Brittany can someday fight this addiction and live a sober life with peace and happiness and love! Sometimes, I think most times, you aren’t ready to get sober until you are worn out and just tired of living the life of drugs. My thoughts and prayers will be with this family ! Tiffany you truly are an inspiration and God Bless! ❤️🙏🏼

      1. Kara Bishop

        On a sidenote Brittany that I mention from season 5 that died of a heroin overdose was also sexually abused and later gang raped… so sad how many girls are sexually abused and eventually turn to heroin or other drugs… I have OCD and I think one of my obsessions was being fearful of my daughter or son being molested so that I never dated anyone after her father and I divorced or let anyone babysit them other than my parents and my their paternal grandmother because I was so afraid that something like that might happen to them… I even had a hard time letting them play outside by their selves when they were Young but old enough to do so because I was so afraid someone might kidnap them and either rape them and kill them or keep them there to do awful things to them… This happened to Brittany’s sister from season five… luckily they’re now 15 and almost 18 and Those fears have resided…

  47. Nivey

    There is a recent YouTube video posted of Tiffany speaking at a church about her battles with addiction and recovery! She looks awesome! Amazing to see her transformation and hear about her new life. Her story always touched my heart. Very sad to see her Mom and sister are still struggling. I pray they can recover like Tiffany did. Xo

  48. Stephanie

    Praying for you Tiffany. I’m an addict myself. Never give up. Even if it seems hopeless. He who is within me is greater than he who is in the world.

  49. Shane

    Dang …. this girl had me in tears! To Tiffany, I truly hope you have been able to stay clean….life isn’t easy… we live through the hard sh#* to enjoy the few precious moments we get. You have been though so much , you have to know the lord has big plans for you!

    1. Kara Bishop

      She is still clean read some of the comments and click on the links about her story before and after intervention way more information and she’s an EMT she goes to schools and gives inspirational and moving presentations look at her YouTube video of her speaking at churches… One amazing fighter!

  50. Susie

    Tiffany looks amazing and is doing even better! So great for her. That’s really sad about her little sister & their mother, looks like she could be doing jail time, shes had 3 DUI’s. I really hope she can one day pull her sister out of the same place she once was.

    1. Vane

      What happened to Tiffany’s mom and sister?? Wasn’t her mom always sober ?

      1. Kitty Katt

        See the various links on here about them. We don’t know if her mom was sober or not during the time of the episode. I think we all assumed she was but considering all the stuff that has come out right after that, it makes you wonder if she really was.

      2. Kara Bishop

        I don’t know for sure but I have a feeling she wasn’t drinking or using any drugs during the time the show was being filmed… She threw out her Tiffany for using drugs and tried the tough love approach and not bailing her out of jail and she’s the one who wrote into the show… i just feel like if she was drinking or using any drugs she’d probably not kick her out for doing drugs I don’t know… All of the trauma that she’s experienced from what happened to Tiffany as a child and then the heroin addiction and then to finally have Tiffany living a sober life only to have her other daughter Brittany using heroin and being arrested multiple times probably just drove her to drink and I think one of the arrest said alcohol and drugs it’s probably marijuana I don’t think she’s using hard drugs not that marijuana isn’t a drug I just don’t think it’s a hard drug… Hopefully she’s not drinking anymore or anything else… I know that at the time of the intervention there was an article where she was interviewed and it said she’s a nurse so she has a good job and hopefully she still does and having both of her daughters sober will help to reduce the stress… My prayers are definitely with her and her family!

  51. kels

    Not a religious person myself, but here is Jeremiah 11:29 that Tina was referring to in these comments. It is beautiful scripture.

    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11),Jeremiah%2029%3A11)

  52. Alyssa

    I am a paramedic who is running the marathon to raise money for addiction services and have been watching intervention in hopes to learn more about substance abuse disorders. Brittany’s episode really touched me for some reason so i wanted to look more into her and how she’s doing today. I read somewhere she’s an emt ❤️ So happy i saw her episode and wish her the best for the future!

  53. Aalesha Enos

    Im a 4yr recovering heroin addict who has lost my 2 children due to my addiction and after I lost them I got clean. I come from a Pentecostal family. all I will say here is im struggling, felt empowered by her episode bc I can relate in so many ways. Need more strength and really need to discuss some of the turmoil I know she can probably relate to. I need HER help on this one. I have fallen and need perspective of someone who knows what ITS like. I lost my family, and I have nothing but my sobriety left to lose.

    1. koj

      Thanks for sharing. She truly is a touching and talented speaker. She looks amazing and it’s so wonderful to see. Hoping she can tap into her younger sister and touch her soul. This is very sad but some news articles about her.

      1. koj

        Another one. I’m hoping these are old news and she is ok. If anyone can reach her it would be her Tiffany – she has that special something and can pull the same out of her little sis I’m certain.

  54. Cristy

    I relate to Tiffany. She seems like she’s searched for everything I have in life. If love to hang out with her. We don’t need a man. We don’t need drugs. Hope isn’t gone, only lost. I can help you change how you see this word no matter how dark and dirty the film is. I survived my own version of your life. Wish we could meet. I’m in KY.

  55. Willy

    June 15th 2022 Tiffany posted about her sister Brittany saying Brittany had moved to AZ to be with Tiffany and that Brittany is “an amazing aunt” to Tiffany’s children – I bet this means her sister is clean ? Glad to see that she is on the right path again.

      1. Mini

        That article is from 2021. Willy, where did she post about living in AZ in 2022?

      2. Ami

        I think that might have been when her sister used her ID. Tiffany has been doing amazing for many years according to her fb.

      3. AJT

        She looks like she’s doing amazing now!

      4. Kara Bishop

        Read this comment like a year ago someone else said the same thing and Dizzy The one who runs the site answered it. This also isn’t Tiffany sister using her ID which she did do but she told the cop that she was actually herself when the cop didn’t believe her because they knew who she was… This is a different woman she’s 32 years old Tiffany is now 29 years old her sister is even younger they’re from the same area but Tiffany now lives in Arizona. And if you read the comment just right above yours or maybe a couple above Tiffany posted on her Facebook that her sister moved to Arizona to be with her and she’s doing great now and being a great aunt!

      5. kitty katt

        That’s not Tiffany.
        Tiffany’s last name was/is Koch which is her father’s last name. Her siblings go by Shaffer.

  56. Tori

    does anybody know what part of Baltimore tiffany was in? and her friend Jamie, what ever happened to him?

  57. Kara Bishop

    Where can I watch this episode? I want all my intervention episodes on the A&E app, but some of them are missing and I would really love to watch this one?

    1. Kara Bishop

      I can watch it on my phone A&E app! For some reason I can’t watch it on my TV with the A&E app but that’s OK I’m excited! But I’m going in order from the beginning to the end and I’m only on season seven so I can’t watch it yet 😓. But at least I can watch it later🙃

      1. Kara Bishop

        Lol … I couldn’t watch them in order I watched it today!

      2. Kara Bishop

        I couldn’t watch it on my A&E app that comes with DIRECTV but you can download the A&E app on DIRECTV so it’s a second app and that’s where you can watch a few more episodes that aren’t available on the other app, and it also comes with clips, including more letters, read during the intervention and clips on after the intervention.