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Intervention Update Jan 20th

Three things I learned today:

1. The A&E site has 102 full episodes available to watch right now. I don’t know how long this will last so get on over there and catch the ones you’ve missed.

2. Netflix is suddenly streaming a bunch of episodes from the first couple of seasons and calling it Intervention: Collection.  Their license to show Intervention was pulled a couple of years ago, this may mean that they will again get the rights.  Fingers crossed.

3.  A commenter pointed out the A&E will be airing the new season. LMN (A&E’s sister network) was supposed to start airing the new season, but A&E made the announcement that it would be airing it starting March 1st and this post confirmed the switch.  And Jeff, Candy, Ken and Donna will all be back! That’s awesome.

All comments.

  1. sara

    YAY!! maybe you will finally be able to see and make a post on legendary gambling Gabe. (Unless you have it and I missed it somewhere) This is so much good news. Thanks for the update, Dizzy!

    1. snugs

      Gabe Green! He was so fascinating

    2. Theresa Cowley

      Where is he now and how is he doing

  2. Kat

    This is such awesome news!

  3. Sandra

    I just checked Netflix, and I noticed quite a few LMN shows/movies were just added to streaming. It looks like they are introducing several A&E shows again. Yes, that is a very good sign!

  4. Gregory Moore

    Wow! I sure didn’t see this coming. Wonder what turned the tide here? Any idea why A&E canceled the series in the first place? This is certainly an unusual turn of events…and I’m so glad it’s happened this way. I had wondered why A&E posted all the original run episodes on their website, after canceling the series. Guess this explains it. Now…if LMN would just stop showing the Canadian episodes and pretending they are “new episodes”! I mean, come on!!

  5. Sam

    Hulu also has quite a bit of episodes. I tried watching on the A&E site but it always stops working 🙁

  6. sara

    Hey Dizzy, according to Intervention’s facebook page, the season won’t start until March 22 now.

    3 hrs ·
    The new season of ‪#‎Intervention‬ will now return to A&E on Sunday, March 22nd. Stay tuned!
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    Meanwhile, I’ve been watching (and now re-watching) the episodes on Netflix. Not sure why the order is so strange, but it’s good to see some of the older episodes. They were so raw.

  7. Tom

    I am counting down the days until March 1st arrives.

    I’m not happy that they are bringing Donna back. She is my least-liked interventionist. The way she speaks to the families and addicts is very my-way-or-the-highway. She even yells. I can remember one episode where the addict’s mother stormed out upset during the preintervention because of how she was being spoken to by her. The other interventionists have a soft, caring tone and understand that the family’s bottom lines are not you-will-do-this-or-else threats, but rather actions the family will take to get better, even if the addict does not.

    1. Dizzy

      A&E just announced the new season won’t start until March 22nd now. Who knows why, but they do this. There have been seasons in the past where they would announce a premiere date and it would come and go with no word and then suddenly there was a new premier date. They’d also show previews for one episode and then air an entirely different episode instead. They’re wacky over there at A&E. Anyway, if they’re already changing the network it airs on AND the premiere date, I wouldn’t count on anything they say as fact.

  8. Deadly_Sinner

    Really, really new episodes??!! My DTV is reading the Canadian ones as 2015 and recording them as first run. Although it’s true that I haven’t seen them yet, the updates are from 2011-2012. What a privilege, though, to be introduced to Andrew Galloway…please come to the states! What a talented, empathetic interventionist he is.

    1. Dizzy

      I like Andrew too. I’d support him joining the new season.

  9. Marty

    I just found this site and think it’s great! I too am an Intervention junkie. I am wondering if anyone knows more about the theme song “5 Steps” by the Davenports (words below):

    Veins swell
    You know me well enough to tell
    Five steps you’re over

    Quick cut
    Make your move, deliberate
    Five steps you’re over

    No reprimand
    Deliberate, demand
    With your two feet at hand

    Get back
    This train’s a comin’ down the track
    Five steps you’re over

    I have been watching the repeats on LMN, along with the “lost” Canada episodes. Can’t wait for the new season to start.

    1. Tessa

      Thanks for posting these! I’ve only ever been able to make out the “5 steps” and somehow thought it related to typical 12-step programs…
      *Upon posting this, recalled the fifth step reads “Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs” which is incredibly apropo to the show!*

  10. Rain

    Here’s my experience with finding full Intervention episodes online as of 2/8/15:

    • Netflix used to have almost every episode until A&E’s shows were pulled altogether. As noted by Dizzy, some of the shows have recently been made available again; except now we’re given one season entitled a “Collection” and is about 14-15 episodes. So as of now, you can catch some of the Intervention episodes from the first 3 seasons on Netflix in the “Intervention Collection.”

    • I don’t have Hulu Plus, but there’s about 70 (maybe more!) episodes of Intervention that I can still watch on Hulu. Of course, that means watching a lot of quick (but plentiful) ads, so it’s up to the viewer to decide if they can get through the ads in an exchange for free and full episodes. Please note: You can’t watch Hulu on a tablet or smartphone.
    Trust me, I’ve tried. You’ll only be able to access the Intervention episodes if you’re using a laptop or desktop computer. I watched Linda’s episode on my laptop a few nights ago from Hulu, so, it’s legit.

    • Amazon Prime (generous with free trials!) offers Seasons 10-14 of Intervention available without ads if you have the service.

    • The A&E website is fickle. Lately I have a renewed interest in Intervention, so I can give information that is as up to date as this morning. Two weeks ago, I saw that Dizzy mentioned in an update that every entire episode of Intervention was now available to stream through, and to take advantage because it likely wouldn’t last long. Sadly, I missed that… Wait for it though… When I visited the site, most of the episodes that were available on Amazon Prime were available in full through A&E. But! As of very recently (less than one week), I’ve noticed a glitch. Even though you’ll only be presented with certain episodes if you go to A&E’s website, you can still watch a good amount of episodes (none before season 4) if you search for one specifically using a search engine like Google or Yahoo. All I did was search for, okay let’s use Allison, “Allison intervention” and the second or third hit was a link to watch the full episode on A&E. The links work! So far, doing this and feeling clever, I have watched the episodes with Chad, Allison, Aaron, Kristen, Lana, Angelina, Rachel, Sebastian and Marcel, and Ashley. I’m letting you guys in on this and please try it and let me know if you were successful. I feel like there’s most of the episodes if you search for them on A&E from Seasons 6-on, maybe a select few from the 4th and 5th seasons that haven’t been caught yet – they’re there, but only if you seek them out. Weird, isn’t it?

    1. Tessa

      As of Feb. 16, Amazon Prime now only has “Intervention: Collection” which is 15 episodes of Season 1 (as they order them, I guess.) Bummer!

  11. SueD

    I have a Roku box and a TWC subscription. For about the last 6 months, an A&E channel/app has been available free. There are always about 30 episodes of Intervention available and they do rotate a different episodes in and out every few weeks.

    My husband doesn’t get my thing about Intervention. I do, and I suspect there are more than a few of us that “need” our Intervention fix. Have enjoyed the Canadian Interventions. Living in northern WI, the lack of drama and matter of fact-ness of some of the Canadian episodes is very familiar to my world. I really like Maureen(?) Almost a Candy Finegan pragmatist.

  12. marcy lily

    March 22nd and back on A&E . Wow A&E is putting some integrity back in its programming. Jeff, Candy, Donna ( I know many dislike her because of what happened in Florida ( but that was not entirely her fault . ) and my favorite Ken . But wait this is A&E again and we keep getting new season announcements but per one of the interventionist. It is March 22 .
    I just want to say something on behalf of these people , Ken in particular. This is not an easy job . They are begged by people to use nearly any means they can to get their loved one into treatment. Sadly many times when the show is over and family members see how they treated a loved one or the participant sees how badly they acted they blame the interventionist instead of realizing the show was edited down or that they truly were in dire need of help . But again editing and sometimes it make the interventionist look bad.

    In the editing process this sometimes means seeing things being done we don’t agree with by the interventionist ( remember editing ) . Again remember many people who have been lucky enough to get their loved one help via the show have later attacked the person sent to give their addicted loved one free help . I will not comment on the Donna situation (I do not condone what happened but slick money consumed lawyers did not help . ) Every Interventionist has their own method and to me Ken’s is the best . Had he not run Bret down Bret would have died a drunk and never given his kids those final months of peace and love . Thank you Ken . I admire them all for different reasons and I was really liking Seth Jaffe .
    Some of these people work non-stop and dedicate their lives to helping others . I noticed this with Ken . He is constantly helping and while the show swore he would not be back I noticed he was doing to much moving around to not be doing the show . But for him to give out his number , answer personal messages and beg people fixing to give up to call him so he can go help or try and get them to help made me see how truly kind he is . He is one of the last true Humanist next to Mr.Southworth ( another one people didn’t like) that I know and am thankful they are here . Ken did the interventions on a few ( more than a few ) of those that died and was deeply upset and took it hard , especially Brooke . I will always love him for the kindness , understanding and true respect he showed Brooke . The smile he had when said she would go was honest and from his heart . He meant it with her and all the others he helped . Besides we all know they stuck him with two of the most horrifying nightmares ever . Getting junk thrown in your face and having to try to keep up with the Bionic Woman being electrocuted by flowers .I felt so badly for him . But I do miss Candy and Jeff too .

  13. Marissa Robyn

    Just curious where did you hear that at first Ken wasnt comin back? Ever since the show was comin back I asked him on fb and to my surprise he answered back right away and said yes he will be part if the show. I’m so excited! In my personal opinion my favorite interventionists are Ken, Jeff, and Candy. I wish they would stick to that. When you start adding all these other ones it’s like what the heck! Anywho can’t wait for the new season! Personally I’m just not a fan of Donna, I’m just not sure what it is.

  14. Marissa Robyn

    And agreed it seems like Ken gets the hardest ones to intervene on. Christy, Linda, to name a couple. And the guy named Joey I believe the tattoo artist who they chased down the subway to do the interventin. Ken never gives up. Such an amazing man.

  15. Rebecca

    I hope this is ok to comment because I didn’t see anywhere else I could contact but I have just a few comments/questions. First of all I LOVE this website. It is seriously the best website I’ve ever seen for a TV show and is absolutely perfect imo. But there are a few things I wonder your opinion on. 1. Would it be possible to have the addict’s picture lead to their page/details instead of just the name? On mobile the name is sometimes a pain to click and the picture is big. That’d be awesome! 2. Would you ever consider doing individual write ups on the interventionists? I’d love a place to discuss each of them (team Candy I love her!!!). I understand if it is not the direction you want to go however. Last, would you consider doing a category of addicts with the worst families? I love that you compiled the various other lists (most tragic, most likeable, etc) and I’m curious how you would rank the families. I hope that’s not too mean… but some of them are really awful. Thank you again for keeping this up and being awesome, you do a great job with keeping this an informative and safe space. You rule!

  16. Tessa

    Have you seen Intervention Canada? I really, really like Andrew Galloway – he seems so compassionate & open to sharing his experiences; not as “jaded” as some of the other vets. I think some other commenters have mentioned this as well…

    Donna personally rubs me the wrong way (I actually groan when I see her coming) – I think it’s her tougher approach. She epitomizes the “conditional love” aspect & doesn’t emphasize the good as much as the other therapists IMHO (she indulges family members in old issues, etc. Can’t think of specific example but her spiel doesn’t downplay it like the others.)

    Jeff is my fave American interventionist – the fact that he relapsed and returned makes his all the more likeable to me. Also, him dealing with Nick (Season 12) freaking out in the airport is beyond admirable. Here’s an interesting (older) article from his point of view, how they choose which interventionist, editing, etc:

  17. Elizabeth Q.

    I am an alcoholic/addict and my name is Elizabeth. I used alcohol and drugs for 25 years before I walked into a detox/rehab and got clean and sober. In July of this year, I will have 20 years of sobriety. This is what I have seen. The person and the person alone has to want to CHANGE to get better. Not family, not children, not friends, the person with the addiction. If you are an alcoholic/addict and you are invited to be on a show like Intervention, you have a choice; change or die. That is it. There is no more. I can tell just by watching some of these shows who will and will not make it. Please understand the frustration of the counselors that are on this show. They KNOW who is going to die and who will not. That is why they may seem mean or they may holler or appear rude, because they know how close the person is to dying. The enabling of many family members is one of the causes of the 200+ deaths due to drugs in New Jersey in the past three years. Want to help your addict? Turn your back on them. Completely. It wasn’t until then that my desire to survive as a human being kicked in and I got clean. Not for anyone, for myself. Prayers of comfort to the families of those that have passed. Trust me, by the time they show up on Intervention, there is nothing that you could have done. It is an absolute shame that the person themselves can not see or understand that.