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New Episodes!

So new episodes start up again on July 26th on A&E. I can’t tell if they’re considering this a new season (15) or just a continuation of 14.

Also, the A&E site right now has almost all of the episodes available to stream without a cable subscription. There are even ones on there that have been hard to find. (And there are a few that are mysteriously missing). If you haven’t seen them all and are looking for some to watch before the new season starts, here are a few of the episodes that have stuck with me the most over the years.

Laurie and Jessie – Pill addicted mom and severely bulimic college student.
Sonia and Julia – Anorexics twins
Dana – Mother who becomes addicted to pills after tragic loss
Amber – Alcoholic, bulimic mom
Sebastian and Marcel – Young heroin-addicted brothers.
Ed and Bettina – Alcoholic married couple
Kristen – Young heroin addict in Baltimore
Gabe – Heroin addict from India who was adopted into Christian family.
Nicole – Young mom with disturbing eating disorder



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  1. Heather

    Thanks so much for the updates, Dizzy! I follow this show religiously! I enjoy reading everyone’s thoughts and comments. Those too are memorable episodes you posted. The one with Nichole, the severe alcoholic from Canada also sticks with me!

  2. Gregory Moore

    I’m looking forward to the new “season”…though, let’s be realistic: Eleven shows does NOT constitute a “season” (it’s the current “thing” in TV, to call ten shows….or even less than that…a “season”. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining–I’m grateful to the producers/crew of “Intervention” and to A&E for bringing back the show, in any case. I do feel, though, that they’ve somehow cheapened their brand–and lost a little bit of trust in their faithful viewers–by all this “bait-and-switch” with these old (and, frankly, second-rate) Canadian episodes, which are being presented as “new”. Audience trust is a very tenuous thing, and especially with a show this sensitive, they should know better than to toy with the audience’s trust like that. I’ve always felt that one of the greatest things about “Intervention” is the fact that I’ve never detected a hint of insincerity in the show. Perhaps it’s the LMN Channel that should be considered at fault here, in regard to pretending the Canadian episodes are the “real thing”. Err…they aren’t.

    On a more positive note, though the show seems to have had a bit of trouble regaining its sure-footedness once again, there have been some excellent shows in Season 14. The “Bryceton” episode is fairly compelling, as is the “Mike/Lauren” episode.

    While it’s great that all (or MOST, anyway) episodes are available at their website for free, they do make you watch a LOT of commercials for the privilege. I’m much happier with my decision to purchase every season (1-13) on Amazon Prime. They’re not cheap (they have a weirdly random pricing, depending on the season). But once you “own” the shows, you can watch them at any time–with NO commercials–which, to me, is a priceless luxury. I think that nearly all the shows are available on Amazon–though I’m thinking there are a few missing (For instance, the “Michelle/Austin” episode from Season 9 is listed as “Unavailable”…anybody know why that might be?).

    Bottom line: I’m just glad they are still creating new episodes, and I remain one of their steadfast supporters. “Intervention” is a show unlike any other…it’s almost an insult to call it a “show”…it’s more like a private window into the heartbreak of other people’s lives…and the privilege of being able to often witness their roads to redemption (sometimes..). Thanks, “Intervention,” and thanks, DIZZY!!

    1. Kat R.

      Amen to everything you said. In addition to bringing me a lot of personal closure, this show has made me more informed and compassionate…I am in health care and in my particular field we see a lot of IV drug users. I “get” it now in a way I didn’t before I watched the show, and it makes me a more compassionate caregiver. I’m grateful for that. We are all just people and we all have our struggles. Theirs are just more visible, and it hurts to see how they are judged. .

  3. Jordy

    The A&E site is excruciatingly uncooperative. 95% of the episodes won’t load, and I’m even signed in with my cable subscription. There are so many episodes I’ve never seen. Thanks for the tip about Amazon prime! When i run out of unseen episodes on Hulu, I’ll be sure to check them out.

  4. Kathy Karls

    It is now January, 2016…..are they going to have a season 16 ?????

  5. Kristy

    TV Guide says that new episodes are coming out on November 29th. 2 are up titled Katie S. And Todd. Has anyone seen this? Wondering if it’s some “in depth” special type of thing or Canada. Ugh intervention your killing me!

    1. Joy

      There is a new episode of Intervention In Depth on the website (A&E). It’s about Flakka- a drug I never heard of until today.

  6. Janelle

    I notice that Jeff Van Vonderen hasn’t appeared in the latest season. Is he no longer involved with the show?