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Season 14, Episode 10


Age: 29
Location: Festus, Missouri
Addiction: Heroin
What’s memorable: “I want extreme numbness. I want to get as far away from myself as I possibly can.”

Official Synopsis: Amanda’s world was thrown into a tailspin when her husband went missing for months. When his body was finally found, the victim of a high profile murder, she went off the deep end and found escape in drugs. Now her children are in state custody and she’s shooting heroin to cope.

Original Air Date: August 2015
Interventionist: Ken

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  1. Peggi

    I thought it was really odd that this was a double episode, but none of the commercials showed James. I can’t imagine what Amanda went through losing her husband so terribly. I thought the ending was a bit vague – did she really get clean, or what?

    1. Liz

      It seems to me that this show doesn’t consider an addict to have actually gotten “clean” if they have entered a methadone program, as opposed to just toughing it out through rehab and being 100% sober of ALL drugs and alcohol at the end.

      1. Nicole

        It really bothers me that they aren’t supportive of methadone treatment because it is medication and not residential treatment but it is still TREATMENT. I went to residential treatment many times and it did not help partly because most of the places refused to address my mental health issues (depression, anxiety, etc.) only my heroin addiction and trauma. The last place I went to pacific hills was so abusive. I ended up finally getting clean through a methadone program and have been there 3 years. It has saved my life. Now I am able to work on my mental health and PTSD and that is something I’m still working on, even after 90 days.

      2. Christine

        Methadone “treatment” is a bandaid, and not actually working out the core of the problem. I am a recovering addict myself, and my ex-husband is an addict that took everything he possibly could, and he attempted the Methadone program, but found ways to abuse that as well, and formed an ugly addiction to it too.
        I 100% do not believe in the Methadone program whatsoever. It’s nothing but a bandaid. The underlying problem is still there. Being clean and sober, is having zero substances in your body, period.

      3. Kelly

        Methadone is a “bandaid”?? Ha! Ignorance at its finest! Addiction doesn’t take one form, have one cause, and isn’t cured by one thing. It’s very different for each individual, therefore each individual is going to respond differently to specific treatments. The truth is we know appallingly little about when and why treatment is effective, so if an addict finds success with a treatment route, who is anyone else to judge them—especially if the one judging doesn’t suffer from the disease themselves? Who cares if it’s a bandaid—sometimes that’s what you need to stop the bleeding before you get to the hospital! It’s incredibly easy to cast aspersions on those suffering when you have a sadly narrow view of the situation.

    2. Lizzie

      No she didn’t. According to her husband’s family, they suspect she was actually involved with the plot to kill him. They say she was an addict before he died. Her kids still live with her mother and her oldest son prefers not to see her. They are the real victims in this whole situation.

      1. Mary

        Where are you getting this information?

      2. Jessica

        Indeed she was addicted to drugs before she died. She was involved in the plot to kill him it is believed. All true.

      3. Chan

        That is purely speculation

    3. Crystal

      So far so good which is all anyone can hope for when dealing with so many obstacles in their life. Her boys love her and she loves them and if someone wants something bad enough then they will succeed. Rumors will always run and people will always talk because It’s what some live for. Lets stay positive and say prayers for all people and their loved ones that have struggled with such a big battle to overcome. Big tasks takes time.

    4. colleen kane-herb

      Was wondering how Amanda made out.

    5. Lazy Jay

      No, she didn’t. I went to detox two weeks back and she was there. She told us she was on this show, thus how I learned about it.

  2. Truth

    It’s true. She was living and partying with the other guy for WEEKS at a time while “separated” from Sam. The court found him guilty but it’s all suspicious and sad.

  3. Marissa Robyn

    Thanks for posting. That link Truth. Very shocking. Wonder how things are now? Hope one day she can get clean my heart so aches when kids are involved. Is it just me or does it seem like this season that not many are staying clean for long?? Such a shame when they’re gettin to go to some of the best treatment centers.

  4. Elsa

    Poor Amanda! She was sad about losing her husband

  5. Janice

    This girl clearly is in alot of emotional pain and may be suffering from PTSD. I’ve done research on this case and I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy who killed her husband decided to throw her under the bus as well and drag her name thru the mudd. Bc she never testified for the prosecutor nor was she ever questioned by the cops about the meth dealing. It’s all one big mess and at the end of the day her children have suffered the most.

    That crap her mother pulled on her with her sons was totally unnecessary. Who puts kids to bed at 5:30 at night? Does school start at 2 am there? I dont blame her for reacting the way she did.

    1. Kelly

      Didnt you read the article that someone just posted stating clearly that she testified and what her testimony was. Her poor husband…she even said on the show he called her begging her to come get him and she refused. Sounds fishy…i hope she wouldnt do this to the father of those children. Its just awful..

    2. Brooke

      are you serious? she missed her entire visit by being a half hour late and missing her entire visit bc she had to get high instead of see her kids and her mother knew it. i get it, that’s what addiction does, but there are still consequences to your actions and that was hers. frankly it irks me that she’s mad about her mom having her kids and that she doesn’t get to see them much. she can’t be a good mother being an addict and needs to get better first. it’s easier said than done but those are the facts. besides, her mom WANTS her to be MORE involved. and frankly, it’s so messed up that her son was calling for her and she was mean to him and left. so she actually had an opportunity to see at least one child and she turned it down. she’s really mad at herself and took it out on her son. not ok. but, again, that’s addiction.

      1. Kitty Katt

        Exactly right! An addict will blame everyone under the sun than to take responsibility of their own actions. I say that as a former addict myself.
        If you really want to see your children for the little time that you do get, I’d be a half hour early waiting on the steps to make sure I don’t miss them.
        The mother did right by doing what she did. The woman is raising her children in a stable and loving environment but Amanda seems to think she could just come and go as she pleases. It doesn’t work that way. She should be thankful that her mother has them and that they’re not in foster care somewhere. She should also be thankful that her mother/courts allow her to see these kids considering the condition she is in.

    3. Kitty Katt

      If I really wanted to see my children so bad like she claims she did, I would show up a half hour earlier and wait on the steps for them until it was time to go in.
      Her mother and children should not have to work around her schedule which is basically just getting high all day. I’m sorry but the mother was right to do what she did. It wasn’t the first time that she showed up late. They’re better off not seeing her than to come there late to begin with and high as a kite.

  6. Janice

    I apologize, the link that was shared doesn’t come up on my phone. I see where I was wrong.

    But there is a lot of fishy things about the story itself. But it’s hard to know what really happened bc the only people who know are the people involved.

  7. Jessica

    If your wanting up to date info I can help you out. I know the family personally…..I actually married into the family….

    1. Nicole

      Jessica, an update on Amanda would be great! I really hope she is healing and doing well. If she is still using she is probably in too much emotional pain to face her feelings head on so she is trying to suffocate them with drugs. TlShe is likely suffering from PTSD and from personal experience of dealing with both PTSD and heroin addiction, I know how bad the pain can be and you would do anything to take away that pain if only for a moment. I really hope she was not involved in plotting her husband’s murder in any way. I can’t even imagine the pain she is in over the loss of her husband even though they were separated, for the sake of her kids, who now will grow up without their father. I feel so sad for her kids. Any way you slice it, Amanda is dealing with some difficult stuff, whether she had anything to do with the murder or not. Addiction is like a monkey on your back that won’t get off. Thankfully I have been working through that with the help of methadone which has been a God send and a miracle for me so the monkey on my back is gone!. PTSD however is another story. It alternates between making you feel absolutely nothing, you are numb (not in a heroin or cocaine type of numb)… Numb to the point where you have no joy, happiness or positive emotions either, but your body still feels like it’s having those emotions although your mind doesn’t, or so you have much anxiety you have full on panic attacks, and every other negative emotion in between. PTSD has taken away my ability to work full time, made it harder to have a healthy trusting relationship with a man, and to make friends with people. It does all of these things while being sober, in fact in some ways being sober makes it worse because you feel all the pain on full blast. So basically I wouldn’t with it on anyone and really hope she is doing ok!

      1. Jessica

        It is believed by the family that she had a part in the murder. It talks about a motorcycle gang on the show briefly there was actually more to it. It is believed that she put the hit out on her husband to get him killed. The court on the other hand does not see it that way. It also says on the show she was suppose to be with Sam the night he died and unless she was going to be there with the man (whom she also had a relationship with) that killed her husband that’s simply a lie. There’s a lot they don’t tell you on the show or that they twist but of course that is with any show.

  8. Nicole

    Wow Jessica, that is so sad. I can’t imagine putting a hit on anyone, let alone my husband, even if we weren’t on good terms. Idk even what to say. I thought a lot of this was here say, and didn’t know what to believe. I hope for her sake she didn’t have anything to do with the murder, but you know the situation better than me. I feel like there are some addicts out there who are good hearted people and some that are not, just like in every demographic so to speak. I try not to live up to the stereotypes of a heroin addict bc that’s not my identity and not who I want to be, I really hope she can get better.

    1. Jessica

      Some things I wish I didn’t know. His parents haven’t seen the boys in some time.

      1. G

        So… Is Amanda still in recovery?

      2. Nicole

        I’m sorry you and the rest of the family are going through that. I’m sure her husband’s parents miss the boys.

  9. Jessica

    On the show it says after 18 days she left the facility. She never went back to any facility.

    1. Kitty Katt

      Hi Jessica, I saw on one of your comments that you are a family member. Would it be possible for you to share with us on how Amanda is doing along with the children and if they are back with her? Thanks!

  10. nicole

    some people need methadone for their recovery. yes some do find ways to abuse it, but why punish the many for the failures of the few? I’ve been on methadone for 4 years and it has saved my life. I’ve just received clearance from a private psychiatrist (outside the methadone clinic) to start lowering my dose. I am grateful every single day for my dose. Everyone has a different method of healing and what is right for them. I accept all methods, even if they didn’t work for me. I hope you guys are all doing well.

    1. Samantha

      I agree. There are many ways of recovering and not everything works for everybody. It’s complete crap that someone would say that any one system is ineffective – whether that be rehab, 12 step, methadone, private counseling, or just plain working it out somehow on your own. Everyone is different. Everyone’s story is different. I think the show does a decent job of choosing people that they believe rehab would be a good fit for. But they aren’t always right. And they shouldn’t be frowned on for that…they are still trying to save lives, and help families, which isn’t a bad thing…

  11. Andy

    She was doing Drugs,way before her husband was murdered,beaten,and thrown alive in a septic tank. Matter of Fact,she was in a relationship with the Murderer-Melvin Scherrer. Amanda,was arrested last week at a Gas Station in Cape Giradeau,Missouri,for pulling a Gun, on a customer.

  12. Andy

    She was involved with the Saddle Tramps M.C.,a Biker Gang, whom one member,whom she was dating,is the one responsible for killing her husband.

    1. Jessica

      Yes your exactly right about everything.

      1. Vanessa Mole

        Jessica Do you know how she is DoIng now?

        Greetings from germany

  13. panda for amanda

    first of all there is so much wrong here I’m not sure where to begin. amanda doesn’t have ptsd. I don’t care to say because it’s none of your business nor is it any place of anyone commenting here to assume,assess,or interpret anything but facts. if someone knows something about one thing doesn’t mean they are exactly right about everything. I will speak about facts without exposing amanda’s now personal struggle in her life. none of you know her. shut the fuck up if you don’t. what I mean is that if she doesn’t share her personal thoughts with you currently or have for a short b period of her life and stopped, then I’d say you may have known her at one time. her involvement with melvin ended at a point. there’s several reasons she had nothing to do with sammy’s murder. she loved sammy. they had a child together and never would have wanted their boy to grow up without a father. she keeps many things for him to know the best part of his dad. she keeps sentimental things that are hers from him that is definitely not a thing you’d do if you hated and had him killed. it had very little to even do with her. if it did she would be right in there with the rest of them. it had to do with sammy telling lies about the true nature of his involvement with that group. of course melvin wanted him out of the way thinking if he was gone he would have less competition for amanda who had already moved on from him. not involved with him whatsoever during the time he was murdered. sammy knew what he was walking into. he was doing it to prove his love for her. she is not a person we ho could call a hit on anyone if she wanted to. she’d more than likely do it her damn self. none of you are qualified to say what is wrong with anyone. not even yourselves. none of u are flawless or ever will be. just because amanda bravely opened up one of the most incredibly sad aspects of her life with hopes of getting help and understanding for her life so she can be one thing. a good mother. that’s all she is focusing on in her life at this moment as she is in treatment. her recent cape gas station incident is hugely misrepresented as media likes to dramtize stories. she was trying to deal with cleaning up and getting away from her recent I past situation that caused an incredible amount of fear paranoia and anxiety. she armed herself wrongly and was not herself as she isn’t from time to time if you knew her, and thought that the poor guy she threatened was following her. she aggressively confronted him and didn’t care of consequences or the craziness of it all because she feared for her life. it was a mistake. if you understand psychological process and effects even slightly, you would know that to do something so extreme and consequently wrong, you would be out of your mind. that don’t make it right, but it’s real in fact that she needs help. not a bunch of self righteous hippocrites with nothing better to do than try to sway opinion of a girl with ligit issues, who by the way is owning her actions and taking real steps to get better. I can understand holding someone accountable for any action they take. what about mental issued brought about by genetic influence or a traumatic series of events out of their control or even an addiction? I say that I hold them accountable if they realize their problem know what to do about it and do nothing. if they are trying to get better if possible and making a serious effort to do so then they deserve a second look at exactly what they were accountable for and a reasonable resolve should be made to help them, not hold them back. if you like her or not is a personal choice that should be carefully made in her case. she is a large personality. has seen and done way more than a lot of people that would just about had to of been there to understand her. she lives with the fact that she sometimes has no control over her own self. it’s a clue to tge b real problem she is doing anything she can to fix. anything. if you don’t like her maybe you should let her get back to being and feeling normal before you decide she’s not worth knowing. when she is herself she is an amazing woman that no one but an idiot couldn’t like. I’d like to give you all an idea of who she really is and why I lovè and care about her as much as I do. while in county for the recent gas station incident she gets put in a cell with a rather mean female that I believe was a rather macho badass lesbian. this cell mate who has cut out a place in there of being a bully. after a couple weeks she starts in on amanda. telling her stuff like she will never see her boys again and being really cruel for no reason other than she thinks she gets away with it because nobody stands up to her. before long amanda has had enough. everybody is in their cells but the bully dike who is taunting her. from first level out of her cell. so just before the doors shut and lock down, amanda slips out and makes her way directly to this bully who met her at the bottom of the stairs. bully threw first punch an amanda proceeded to beat this idiot up. on top of her with her pinned under a table bolted down. after seventh hit she broke her right hand teaching the girl a lesson long overdue. everyone watching. the c.o.”s broke it up and the other girl got thrown in the hole and amanda got med. attention and put back in cell….. that is the girl I love and someone I want on my side. making mistakes in life is one thing. owning your actions and correcting what you’ve done wrong is what most have as hard time with. how about instead of throwing poo around in stupid comment sections like this that never goes away so years from now if their son reads this learning about his parents, that you give an objective look at all this and send words of encouragement hope and positivity for amanda and consequently help yourself at the same time. its a step for any of you in the right direction. the girl deserves some credit though she would never expect it. I wouldnt count her out if your thinking she is a lost cause. I know she will fight for what she wants and she’s one of the best when she is herself and right. she has my support. there’s two very good reasons I know she will do whatever it takes. it’s her strength. that’s just what I know.

    1. Kandii

      It really does sound like she has PTSD…just from the symptoms you’re telling us she presents with. That would also explain why she pulled the gun on that stranger at a gas station.

    2. Psychic Jenn

      Hi Panda. I just saw Amanda’s show today. I know it’s a few years old now. What struck me and made me try to find her is I want more than anything to know she’s ok. I am glad she was able to defend herself. Everybody has that right. I personally feel she misses her husband and the father of her babies every day (see my reply to Gregg below). I don’t feel she had anything to do with his murder. It’s just a God-Awful horrific and horrible thing that happened. Just further proof that drugs DESTROY. I pray she is still on the right track and that she has since gotten custody of her children back. I could see how badly she wants to be a good mother. I’m a mother myself and I can so relate to that. No person is a throw away. I think she can make it. I pray she’s doing good and that great things have and will continue to come her way. Nobody has the right to judge another. We haven’t walked in this young lady’s shoes. Panda, I’m glad she has a strong friend like you in her corner. So many of my dear, dear friends have been hooked on meth and it is horrible. Please tell her that Psychic Jenn in Port Charlotte, FL is praying for her and cheering her on!! Blessings and Light.

    3. Reality Bites

      Is somebody tweaking here? Come on guys, she bombed out of treatment has gone more than two years without any custody of her boys. Less than 1 % of addicts that go that long without their kids ever regain custody. I wish her well but she is a lost soul.

    4. Olivia

      Trauma is any event of incident which causes emotional overload/a reaction beyond what is able to be processed healthily.

      Most addicts have trauma.

      You don’t get to dictate who does or doesn’t have trauma, and it’s VERY clear you don’t have any education or knowledge about trauma.

    5. Kara Bishop

      I wish nothing but the best for Amanda and her boys! My thoughts and prayers are with her and her sons! ❤️🙏🏼

  14. American Girl

    Amanda,was arrested in Cape Giradeau,in October 2016,for pulling a Gun,on an individual inside a Gas Station. Will probably,do Prison Time.

  15. Gregg

    not for nothing but it is easy for so many of you on this thread to throw stones at a glass house, I know her personally and as of recent she is doing fantastic, she like myself has had some ups and downs in life and Amanda is addressing them accordingly. Addiction is a painful battle to overcome and is a lifetime commitment, she has the strength and a network of good people to help her survive. I personally will be at her side thru the entire journey and I hope all of you will support her, she is a lovely person with a heart of gold who cares a lot about others especially her children.


    1. Psychic Jenn

      I’m so happy to hear that. I just saw her show today. I felt so bad for her, my heart was broken for her. I am so happy that as of January this year she is doing great. I pray that continues and I will pray for her. I hate how people are so quick to judge others. Meth and other drugs make wonderful people do things they would never ordinarily do. I can’t speak to what Amanda has or hasn’t done but it is quite obvious to me how much she misses her husband. I know the show is a couple of years old now but I am certain she misses her husband and the father of her babies every single day of her life. What a horrible thing to happen. 🙁

  16. Alex

    I haven’t been able to watch this episode. When I look for “season 14 episode 10” it shows me the episode on Candace from
    Intervention Canada. Does anybody have a link where I could watch it online?

  17. Alex

    I haven’t been able to watch this episode. When I look for “season 14 episode 10” it shows me the episode on Candace from
    Intervention Canada. Does anybody have a link where I could watch it online

    1. Holly

      It’s available on Amazon Instant Video in season 15. I think it costs 1.99/episode.

    2. Kara Bishop

      If you download the A&E app on your smart phone or television, you can watch it

  18. Psychic Jenn

    Amanda, if you are keeping up with this thread at all, keep on fighting the good fight, girl. You got A LOT of love around you and the love of your beautiful little boys. Go on, girl. You got this. Brightest blessings and light.

  19. Nick

    It was stated on the episode that Mrs. Francis was in the military. I wonder if she may be suffering from ptsd? I hope things get better for you. Thank you for your service.

  20. Kerrie

    I am so happy to see you are saying Amanda is doing great. Addiction is a tough issue to conquer. I found my solution in Faith in turning it over completely to the Lord. I pray Amanda is clean and able to be the mom that needs to be for her two beautiful boys!! I know she loves them…and I am confident that she is strong.

  21. T

    She is probably paranoid as all hell. Even if she did put out the hit, which I don’t believe she did,it’s still logical that she would be constantly looking over her shoulder. Not to mention she was in the military, so possible PTSD and she’s suffering severe depression, as well as battling the ups and downs in personality and emotion from addiction. That’s an uphill, damn near impossible battle of I’ve ever heard of one. Hopefully she is doing better.

  22. Cindy

    I can’t imagine losing a loved one…especially a husband in that manner. I applaud Amanda for getting treatment, no matter what people say about her manner of treatment . Do what you can to make your life better one day at a time. You have to work on YOU and love YOURSELF before you can worry about anyone else. You’re in my thoughts and prayers!!

  23. Tam I am

    i just saw the show yesterday and what she has been through & has to live with is literally haunting me. my heart aches for her & her boys. my wish for her & her boys is healing.
    sometimes the only way out is through.
    i wish i could help her heal somehow, i truly do.
    i hope the guy who killed her man rots. that was someone’s dad, someone’s son, someone’s brother. a true man would never have committed such an act against humanity.

  24. Brooke

    i found her fb. looks like she got remarried in 2016 and had another baby?

    1. Caitlin

      Just looked at her FB and she’s dating someone else now

  25. Jeanette

    Any updates on Amanda?

  26. Melissity

    Well, she says she’s an addict in recovery on her fb page. I hope it’s true.

  27. Kitty Katt

    I researched this case and from all the motions that the defense brought up lead me to believe the state was going with the victim being a witness to a felony crime.
    His murder directly came at the time that 25 people (including his killer) were busted in a major meth ring and looking at serious time. The killer got 30 years in federal prison for the meth he and the others were trafficking.
    His father claimed that his son was afraid of his killer but didn’t say why. He also said if he’s ever found dead, this man is the reason why. His killer and an accomplice went to the bar he was at and took him in their car. As they were walking out, he asked if they were going to kill him (half laughing).
    The question I have is “Did Amanda know this was going to happen and just didn’t give a shit since she was sleeping with the guy who killed her husband?” He was begging her to pick him up but she didn’t. Why? Because she knew something was up? I think she knows a lot more than what she claims to be the truth. Something just isn’t right here.
    He had meth in his system according to the autopsy report. He was set up and knew it when he walked into the killer’s house and saw everyone there. So my guess is that he ratted them out or stole their money or drugs.

  28. Kara Bishop

    Amanda Faye, I’m sending you love, thoughts, & prayers! I am a recovering addict currently on methadone, which saved my life! I also was addicted to crystal meth, but quit that 18 years ago… And then many years later got addicted to opiate pills, and when I found myself wondering where I could get heroin, I called a methadone clinic! Anyways, I hope things are going well with you and your boys! Love from Kara Faye in California! ❤️❤️

  29. Carol

    Season fourteen episode thirty one Amanda She was so full of it. Her kids are everything, but she won’t stop doing drugs for them. Then blames her mother for not seeing her kids. Where would her kids live in the garage? Watching her shoot up b*******She uses her husband’s death as an excuse to check out. Then do your kids a favor stay the hell out of their lives and just check out or get your s*** together? Because your kids aren’t kids for long. I’m dealing with this with my 30 six-year-old son. And trust me, it’s not easy to say. He chose heroin over his children so I chose his children over him. It’s simple life-or-death, you either want to live or die, and you have no right being suicidal. When you’re a Mother, you didn’t promise your kids. As long as everything goes, a 100% iand my life is perfect, I’ll be a good mother Otherwise you’re screwed, come on, give me a break. Amanda, grow up and fast. That’s why your family don’t want to talk to you. You said when the cameras are on, they talk to you. Why should they? How much do you need them to do for you before it’s enough? You’re selfish, you’re a narcissist, and it’s all about you, I’m so angry I know every therapist will think I’m wrong. But you know what sometimes tough love is the way to go.
    For my own sanity.
    Tell that to the kids.
    They are the ones suffering.

  30. Katie

    Just looked at her Facebook and it really looks like things have probably taken a turn for the worse again. Now she’s ranting and raving, multiple posts in a single day. Also super racist and scary.

    1. Ana

      yeah, the racist posts are pretty embarassing. i dont think she will ever turn her life around. people like her seem to always want to blame others for their very own misfortunes.