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Season 14, Episode 14


Age: 32
Location: Bryan, Texas
Addiction: Heroin, Methadone

Legacy Update: As of the June 20, 2018 episode (Abbie), Justin has been sober a little over 2 years and looks AMAZING. Here’s the video

Official Synopsis: The black sheep of a successful family, Justin got hooked in prescription opiates after he was run over by a truck. Now he begs, borrows, and steals from family and friends to maintain his methadone and heroin habit.

Original Air Date: August 2015
Interventionist: Candy

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  1. Crystal

    I felt so sad for Justin. While I know his family means well, I have such a hard time with the entire dynamic played out here. I cringed when his brother said Justin was the only one that hadn’t gotten a college degree since 1917. Ugh. The immense pressure to “be good” must be overwhelming for him. There doesn’t seem to be any room for him in his family to be the creative soul the show gave us a brief glimpse of. I don’t blame him for going completely off the rails. So apparent here that the addiction is truly a symptom of what lies beneath.

    1. Ellen

      I agree. I so wanted his brother to hug Justin, look him in the eye and tell him how much he loved him. Instead, he made that awful comment about his lack of college. I was expecting Justin to walk out of the intervention when his brother said he’d have him arrested. I’m so glad he chose treatment, and is doing well!

  2. Amy

    I want to connect w justin.. His story is what sticks w me

  3. Samantha Bennett

    Seeing the night and say immense change I saw in justin was so so amazing. If you are reading this you are an inspiration to me on a daily basis. It reaffirms my sobriety when I see someone with such similar circumstances and family dynamics as myself over come and truly display a total metamorphosis inside and out. It motivates me to keep going. And it also makes me feel a little less alone. Thank you! 🙂 your doing great!

  4. LTempel

    This show is such an education for me and this episode really taught me a lot. I really hope Justin is doing well and living at least a 1,000 away from his family. I had forgot about that comment about college his brother made, but that perfectly incapsulates that f—-d up dynamic he has with his brother, and to an extent his family. I know that I would personally make sure I never, ever got a college degree if I heard that. Haha. I’d probably try to see if I could have my high school diploma rescinded too. Not trying to be nagar ove though.

    I could tell Justin is a really smart guy, and I mean that. I hope he has found, or finds, a productive, healthy outlet- because I can tell he’s capable of some amazing things once he aligns his true self with his image talent and ambitions. I’m pulling for him.

  5. Jason

    As Justin’s brother, I want to let you guys know that he’s doing well. We have hugged, we have laughed, and I’m glad to get my brother back again. I would do the show again and again and be whatever I needed to be to have him back like he is now. I know it feels to some of you like you know everything about us from 20 minutes of a tv show, I get it. I find myself feeing that way about other people I watch on other shows. We love our brother, college degree or not. The point was that he was smart enough to get his degree and his addiction took it away from him. He knows that too and would say the same thing. It wasn’t that he didn’t get a college degree and that turned him to drugs. He was an addict in high school. It was that he was in college and actually doing okay in school on drugs until it finally got the best of him. It was one thing among many that drugs robbed him of. He’s happy, healthy, and I couldn’t be prouder of who he is or what he is doing now. I tell him that all the time. My family was saved by Candy and Intervention. He deals with his struggle one day at a time and he’s been able to overcome. That makes him the strongest of all of us. Thank you all for caring about him, and I’m glad his story has been an inspiration.

    1. Nicole

      I am soooooooooo happy to hear that Justin is doing so well. He’s truly got an amazing family and support system. Something made me feel really connected to him and feel as if I have known him. So hearing how amazing he has been doing really hit me and I wanted to reach out to tell him how proud of him and how much his strength and commitment to his sobriety has encouraged others. Tell him that I am praying and cheering for him all the way from SC❤

    2. BEE

      Thank you Jason! I had a feeling that it was a lot to do with how the show is edited, it shows you guys having a lot of conflict as if you don’t get along but from what I saw at the end I knew it wasn’t the case and you really deeply love each other. I’m so glad Justin is doing well. I wish they hadn’t glossed over all the hard work he did to get where he is now, but you guys must be so proud of him for it.

    3. AJ

      So happy to hear this. I wish y’all nothing but the best in a happy, fun, and sober life. <3 🙂

    4. Rachael

      I just watched Justin’s episode, I am so happy to read he is still clean.

    5. Hector

      Intervention should’ve devoted this profile on your brother for the whole episode instead of doing two profiles. The show always end up zooming through things and leaving out a lot. Anyway, I am happy your brother is sober and happy, and that you two have a great relationship now. Thank you Jason for the update and your thoughts. I wish your family continued happiness!

    6. Ivy-Rose Kennedy

      Thanks for the update! I’m glad your family was able to heal. I was inspired by you as a brother who never truly gave up but refused to enable. That’s a hard thing to balance.

  6. Brooke

    so glad he’s doing great! it looks like he had a baby.

    1. Stef

      OMG, he looks FANTASTIC! A totally different person! Is it weird that I’m proud of someone I’ve never actually met?