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Season 14, Episode 13


Age: 20
Location: Arlington, Washington
Addiction: Heroin

What’s Memorable: The room she squats in, how she started doing drugs because she lost a boxing match.

Official Synopsis: Carrie was a yong boxer with a shot at going pro, but losing an important fight triggered the trauma of being deserted by her father and she turned to drugs to cope. Now Carrie’s boxing career is on hold, she’s living on the streets and hustling for her next fix.

Original Air Date: August 2015
Interventionist: Jeff

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  1. Marissa Robyn

    Hope she’s staying clean. And away from the boyfriend. Glad they went back to a one person episode but it still felt rushed to me and missing things. Not like the old intervention. I miss the old episodes where we got more of the story.

  2. Kim

    Something about this episode felt so off. Contrived. I don’t know. She turns to heroin after losing one fight, and believes it’s made out of sugar and tobacco? What?

    I tried, but I just couldn’t get invested in Carrie’s story.

    1. Susan

      Yeah, she was obviously lying about that, at least to herself, and it did seem like something was missing from her story. Maybe just mental illness.

    2. Sadie

      It sounds like she was troubled with some mental issues before she she got into boxing. She lost her first two fights (not just one)so it sounds like she was using boxing to mask the issues that she was dealing with. I guess when she lost the fights, she also lost all of her ambition. we definitely didn’t get the whole story.

    3. Tracey

      Carrie has a heart of gold and has changed her life around and I’m so proud of her. But back then I have to say my son got thrown under the bus. Yes they were both addicts but the family never let me in on the whole intervention and that upset me so much considering Carries mom and I were a huge support system back then for one another in taking turns in our looking for them ect. Who knows maybe giving my family the opportunity to be involved things may have turned out differently for my son as well instead of putting a young male on camera to look like the villain as they both were equally in it together. This whole intervention was all about Carrie and again not giving this mom a chance for one to protect my son from being on national TV and not giving him the opportunity to maybe have the chance let’s say for a higher end treatment facility that Carrie got to experience even though she left the first time around walking the streets of California until her family went to pick her up. Yes this is a sore subject for me and I m sorry for the rant! But when It’s comes to an addiction sometimes it takes a village to help them and yes they have to help themselves and want it too. I even reached out to the network that never returned any of my calls because my son never signed any release for them filming him either. That really pissed me off! Thank god they are both okay now years later and again I absolutely love Carrie and love her family but not including me well that was uncalled for.

  3. renee872

    Did anyone notice that Carrie was very concerned about crossing the street, yet she is a heroine user?
    Also not sure If I can broach this nicely But did anyone look at carrie’s mom and sister and wonder if addiction ran in the family?

    1. Samantha

      Her Mom’s crying and carrying on seemed overly dramatic and fake.

  4. Brittany

    Hm. So I am not the only one who wasn’t drawn to this episdode. It was very hard for me to get invested.

  5. Claire

    I hope she is fine I wish I could know bc she was bad

    1. RaE2731

      I’m friends with her on fb. Last I saw she went back to rehab in Feb.

  6. Dhalia

    I found myself pretty invested in this episode actually. Epsecially the coach was pretty A+. I feel like Carrie suffers from mental issues. I’m surprised people are so judgemental about her, I think that just because she is really plain people are biased against her. No I didn’t find the mother to be overly dramatic at all. Carrie is just extremely plain and tom boyish even. People we see such a small part of someone’s life on these shows, don’t judge so harshly. Maybe she was also not very “soft” and feminine. I don’t know why poeple didn’t like her that much. I was so happy to see she went back to rehab for a month after she relapsed000she should have gone to a a sober living house though.

  7. Cas

    People don’t understand boxing is a very emotional sport. I boxed briefly and can tell you its emotionally draining. Most boxers have some sort of eternal pain or something to prove to others or themselves. Carrie if your reading this hang in there.

  8. Alice

    I absolutely got invested in Carrie. Her waiting at the window for her dad to return was heartbreaking, and you can see that fear of abandonment in every decision she makes. And that coach tearing up as he talks about her in his gym? Devastating. I love Carrie and I’m behind her 100%.

  9. jon

    I blame the Mom and Non-existent dad. The half-sister and her stepdad didn’t help. Nobody understands why someone in that situation would want to take an opiate to block all emotion in that household, or in what I assume is an area with limited economic opportunity?

  10. Sarah

    My pvr cut off the last 2 mins (ugh) can anyone tell me the update? Thanks in advance!

    1. Weimlover

      She went to rehab but relapsed after 87 days. Lived on the streets for 3 days then went back to rehab for another month.

      1. Vanessa Mole

        And now? Is she okay?

        Greetings from Paderborn in germany

  11. Brooke

    i found her facebook. according to a february post, she’d been clean for 18 months. if she still is today, she’ll have 22 months clean. she also had a daughter. hope she’s doing good. i liked her.

  12. Plain old Emily

    Still looks like she is clean! You go girl. You are an inspiration

  13. MARCI

    She is doing very well, she is beautiful and has a good head on her shoulders. I couldn’t be more happier for her. And her family is not fake.

    1. Molly

      awesome! I’m really glad to hear this. thanks for sharing. something about Carrie really made me feel for her and I’mglad to know she is doing well.

  14. Maggie

    She looks happy and healthy on her Facebook page. So glad to see!

  15. Brian

    She’s all dolled up and feminine in her last facebook profile picture, she’s engaged and she even put up pictures of her and her beloved dad. That girl has turned a leaf.

  16. Tracey

    Well the boyfriend happen to be my son at the time! As her family never gave me the opportunity to help my son they threw him under the bus and Carries mom and I for years were each others support system and thought they were better than this by letting me know about the intervention in the first place. Not only was it their daughter who was an addict but yes my son was too. But who knows if I was presented with the opportunity back then maybe things would have been different for our family too.

    1. Katecrime

      How is your son doing?

    2. Just me

      okay but this wasn’t about you or your son. it was about getting help for Carrie. she’s moved on and is 7 years clean this year- I would stop harboring the past. hopefully your son got help but it’s not the mom’s fault that she focused on her daughter and seeked help for her. don’t take away from that just because your son was an addict too. hope he’s better nonetheless. I don’t like the selfish way you come off in your posts on here.