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Season 15, Episode 2


Age: 19
Location: Redding, California
Addiction: Meth

What’s Memorable: Everything is memorable. Her eyes, her bare feet, how the words coming out of her mouth mean something to her and nothing to anyone else.  Every person in her entire support system is an addict in recovery and she felt like she needed war stories but then couldn’t handled them when they happened. Sierra’s brain cannot deal with drugs. Donna shows up for this one in a big way. I don’t think that any other interventionist could have done this intervention better than she did.

Official Synopsis: The daughter of a small business owner, Sierra was an honor student with dreams of college and a career in journalism. But when a double-dealing artist charmed his way into her mother’s life, he gambled away their home and the bottom fell out of Sierra’s world, leading to a frightening drug-induced psychotic break. Today, the 19-year-old is a feral junkie, scrapping for a fix on the streets of Northern California.

Original Air Date: March 2016
Interventionist: Donna

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  1. Joe

    This is so scary. My addiction may not have been a ride in the park, especially phYsicslly and is hard everyday- but I can’t imagine living in a meth induced mental prison as she does. So sad to watch.

    1. Jackie

      I wasn’t intending or responding to this particular comment but I found no other way to make a comment on here. I found this girl on Facebook and it looks like as of June 2020, she was just hit with three years in prison. I am an addict in recovery, well I’m on methadone so some may say that that’s not recovery but to me it is. I’m going to write to this girl in the prison that she’s in. She can be found on Facebook by searching Sierra Rose Wilson.

      1. Kathryn

        Did you ever write to her? How is she?

      2. Tiffany Rochelle

        She got out of jail about a week ago.

      3. Bre

        Omg I’ve been looking for an update on her everywhere ! Thank yall for the small ones….her episode honestly scared me. I’ve been with people that bad and it’s sooo fkn sad and confusing and exhausting 😞. Congrats on yalls recovery , mine waas 4 years , now it’s almost 2 , lol. 😊

      4. Ashley Bartlett

        It appear she may have violated her parole with possession of fentanyl and other narcotics. She was re-arrested in June 2022. Unfortunately her mental health needs to be addressed while she’s sober in order for her to remain sober.

      5. Kara Bishop

        You are in recovery… as long as you are taking your medicine as prescribed and not taking it at the exact same time with benzos to make you feel high, then you are in recovery! That’s my opinion!

  2. t.toro

    I never thought anyone would ever beat Cristy for craziness, but this girl took the cake. I’m glad she got help and I hope she continues to stay clean. Meth is totally insane and awful.

  3. tiny

    I loved her. I don’t know why but I was really drawn to her and found her to be really beautiful and likable even during the worst scenes. I realize I probably wouldn’t find her as cute and endearing if I had to deal with that daily, but something about her really made me like her.

    I liked her mom, and her whole support system, actually. maybe it’s because they’re recovering addicts but they handled it with grace and patience. one day she will realize how blessed she truly is.

    on Intervention’s facebook, her mom said that unfortunately Sierra moved back to Redding and it was “not a good decision”. I hope she gets back on track soon.

    1. Collette

      I really liked the mom too. You could see how dedicated she was so I’m really rooting for this family. Sad to hear she moved back.

    2. JennS

      I felt the same way, this was one of the most heart wrenching episodes for me. When she said, “I like hugs. Do you like old friends?” I felt you could really see her soul and how much she needed love. I hope she will healthy and happy in the future and always.

      1. Gloria

        I practically cried.. imagine seeing your childhood friend in that kind of pain. Heart-wrenching. Hugs for Sierra and her loved ones. California is one of the most beautiful areas, be well and enjoy exploring it lovely ❤️

    3. AMD

      great comment and I fully agree.

      all the best to sierra’s family and friends. you guys were really special to watch and brought tears to my eyes.

  4. tom

    As someone who has seen every single episode of Intervention, going all the way back to season 1, this episode was the most dramatic of them all. So was the last episode. This season is turning out to be pretty intense.

  5. Elizabeth

    I was surpised to see that there wasn’t an underlying diagnosis discovered in treatment. Maybe it really all was just meth induced? I hope she’s doing well. I was also drawn to her.

  6. Collette

    My heart breaks for everybody in this episode. I could almost see how badly she wanted to be free from meth when she came out of the jail and just started hugging her sister (I think?) and even though she was still rambling I felt there was a huge part of her screaming that she wanted to be free. I’m so glad she was able to get help because she looked SO good after the intervention. My fingers are really crossed for this girl.

  7. Rinna

    This chick was so methed out even the producers had no idea what to make of it

    1. RootingForSierra

      If that’s all that you can spew, then keep that ish to your self! Your unnecessary and ignorant comment is just that. The poor girl never had a fair start in life and was always surrounded by addicts or those in recovery. She knew no other life. I wish her all the clarity, support and love possible. And the freshest start in new surroundings possible!!! Xoxo xoxo to Sierra. Dream big, never give up!

      1. Pamela English

        This is one of the most spot on comments so far. As I sit here with this little girl right now, she’s 24, I see a very mixed up girl being unjustly put on the spot being told the only way she knows is all wrong and the one that should have guided her through childhood falsly presenting herself as trying to help her get right . Bravo! Kudos to all you fakers. What is not shown is a very smart and beautiful girl that has escaped reality because of her mind not being able to deal with the situations she never should have ever had to deal with at all. Bravo mom. Bravo all you invention assholes that did nothing but exploit her. Sierra and Brandt have a dream .A dream to have a family and have so much to offer with their artistic talents as well as their desires to be productive in society. The dream they have though they have no idea how to achieve because they never had the guidance most people have. Shame on you intervention. You should have helped her not made her life hell in her own hometown with your lies. I am watching over her now and I pray for her sobriety and her knowledge of the wonderful and beautiful woman she has comes fills the thoughts in her head, not the “ferel” and “junkie” remarks that have been made . My best wishes go to this couple who are very much in love and deserve to be loved by others.

      2. Curious

        Does that mean she is doing well?

  8. kristy

    Wow its crazy that meth was her DOC she looked like she was in complete hell. Really scary the scenes where she was screaming and running around by a big ass main hwy looking like she was getting ready to jet out into the middle of it. This girl is seriously lucky she got some help before she really hurt herself or someone else. So young to- good luck to her.

  9. Nicole

    I found it interesting that we never actually saw her doing meth even once, at least not that I can remember. I think that the childhood sexual abuse has effected her a lot more than she realized. It’s very rare that sexual crimes are prosecuted, and even more rare when they are prosecuted to the extent that the perpetrator ends up being in prison for life, so I can only imagine what she went through as a child for this to happen. I don’t think she was just using to rebel as her mom put it, I think that may have been part of it, but I imagine she was in such immense pain that she was using meth as a means to cope and is disassociating from herself to the point it lead to the psychotic break. I believe that she may have other mental health problems as well, such as PTSD, underlying the drugs and psychosis. This episode was really hard to watch because it reminded me so much of when my brother had his psychotic break, mixed with my PTSD from sexual abuse. I was denial of how much it effected me for a long time. In fact, I was in so much denial of what happened when I was about 5 that I literally forgot about it for 15 years until I was raped at age 20 then it randomly came into my memory, and it still is very patchy. I am really hoping that she is doing ok now, and pray that she can work through everything she is dealing with.

    1. T.A.B.

      So sorry for the abuse you and your brother endured. May peace be with you.

      1. Nicole

        Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot to me when others reach out even if we never meet in person. May peace be with you too!

  10. Nicole

    Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot to me when others reach out as you have even if we never meet in person. May peace be with you too!

  11. Tanya

    Sierra, you are so so so beautiful.

  12. Anon

    Sierra is doing well .. We are friends on FB and she has been back to Redding to see her family. She is still with Brandt.

  13. ANON

    We are also friends on Facebook.

    She isn’t with Brandt.

    I added her for sheer interest to see how she is doing. Although there doesn’t appear to post anything regarding drugs or usage.

    Sadly her posts are quite negative and obvious dislike for law enforcement.

    My heart broke for her and she definitely has a magnetic personality. Quite beautiful. I pray she continues to remain sober.

    There are also comments about the show and how it portrayed her. I’m assuming she was unhappy with how it portrayed her.

    1. Nicole

      What’s her Facebook?

    2. Pamela English

      She and Brandt live with me and are doing quite well no thanks to the fake help from this show

      1. Just Another Addict

        I mean, without this show would anyone of been able to convince her to go to treatment? Jail didn’t help, she couldn’t help herself. Sure, I dont think it is fair that her location is public, but I’m not going to support the idea that this show is what caused her downward spiral.

      2. Jean

        @Pamela – how is she now? Obviously she had another slip in May 8th when she was charged for possession of drugs. But you are saying she was well back then?

  14. Alana Faye

    I have gone through meth induced psychosis while using various other substances, it took over 10yrs of use for me to go through over 11 treatment centers and memory loss and psychotic breaks to come back slowly. She has a chance. It takes a very slow process. While i used heroin, meth, crack, and hallicinagens with excessive alcohol, ectasy/ molly and inhalants, i am finally clean now at age 21, with almost 2 1/2 years clean. I have completed my bachelors in 2yrs after leaving 4 dif colleges and have all honors inHs and college. Its common for rape victims like us to destroy and self sabbotage, thats what ive studied in nursing and also in my psychology/SBs major.

    1. Alana faye

      (Edit- age 22) memory is bad sorry have to remember my name and family often so still struggleing. I believe since my symptoms were found to remain after, hers may too. I am diagnosed bipolar rapid cycling schitzoaffective, so these symptoms are common to recurr and are commonly seen with polysubstance use and methamphetamine addiction as well due to the affect on the dopamines within the brain.

  15. Alana faye

    I truly hope she can come out of it with time; my memories are still not back from childhood, and this episode made me cry the entire time. I had panic attacks and forced myself to watch. I pray for her and her family. It hurts everyone around and involved in this disease. My brother is going through meth induced psychosis and steroid psychosis currently so I still have to face the consequences of my actions and the effects of my lifestyle on my younger siblings and my family… The guilt an addict feels is so great and tremendous and no one can beat an addict up as bad as their own psychological playground of inner demons.

  16. Nicole

    I too am a rape victim and although my drug of choice is heroin, I can still relate. I wanted to destroy myself after the rape. I had already endured a lot of abuse during childhood including molestation and being sexually harassed by a 6’8 600 pound coworker, but the rape was the final straw. I could no longer function like a normal human being. I needed someone or something just to make me be able to handle basic things like having a part time job and when I did heroin (at first) I could do those things and actually feel ok. Well of course it was too good to be true so I ended up spiraling downhill, not just w drugs but after the rape (I was a virgin before it) I felt like I had to do anything a guy said even if I didn’t want to so I kinda went down a slut spiral as well. I really was hurting. I was so hurt that I was numb. But about 10 months after the rape the numbness wore off and suddenly I could feel EVERYTHING. So that’s when I turned to heroin as my only coping skill I knew would even make a dent in my pain. I also felt so despicable and disgusting as a human being. Like I was “used merchandise” or whatever they say. I hated it. Finally I went to rehab, mostly to work on my trauma because I knew my addiction was in direct correlation to it. I went to spencer recovery in Laguna beach CA and it actually helped a lot. I met my ex BF of two years there and he was a HUGE help in me working through the rape and all my other family trauma etc. But of course I self sabotaged (we both did) and long story short we relapsed and went to treatment and then my family and the treatment center manipulated me into moving back to my home state of UT from CA “to support me” only to abandon me the moment I got home. I had lost my BF, my entire support system, the beach, and the place I was finally starting to call home. I think that was probably one of the lowest points of my life. I literally had NO ONE. Through an abusive relationship I was introduced to methadone (God works in mysterious ways) and ended up at the clinic which saved my life for sure. I still struggle daily with serious depression, ADHD and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) but slowly – very slowly – have been making progress. I think the most frustrating part to me was hearing people talk in mtgs and stuff about how great sober life was bc for me sober and using life were both excruciatingly painful. Methadone gave me a shot at being able to feel like it was possible. So I am eternally grateful. Although my addiction is better, not perfect (I still drink or get higj on the rare occasion) it’s way better than before. Right now my PTSD and depression are the main things taking over. I honestly wonder if Sierra has severe PTSD to the point where she fully dissociates from herself and reality. People that have been through extreme Trauma for an extended period often need to dissociate to survive. I hope that is something her treatment team looked into. Sorry to talk about myself so much. But I can relate to Sierra a lot bc of the pain she is in you can see it on her eyes.

    1. Jeremy

      I hope you’re hanging in there. It gets easier. Suboxone saved my life 6yrs ago. Miracles happen.

    2. Mary Patlan

      I’m watching the Sierra epi, right now and my heart hurts for Sierra. I pray to God she is sober n well. My son was also addicted to meth for many years. He also got to the point of sychosis however his wasn’t as severe as Sierra’s. I might add I myself was addicted for 20 yrs. To opiates. My son is going on 5 yrs free of crystal meth, and in 2019 in went to the local methadone clinic and was put on Suboxone today in 2020 I’m still sober over 1 yr.1/2. I have no desire for opiates the thought of them make me sick to my stomach. I just want to say I hope you read this Sierra and hope you are dope free n I too was molested as a child so I feel and share ur pain but most of all Sierra I love you, u are a lovely young lady and u deserve the world. Don’t give up baby girl u n ur mom r in my prayers God bless.

  17. Jim

    Just met her today for the first time. She was friendly, talkative and looked good. She was with some street people, so I’m sure her situation isn’t ideal. With that said and having many interactions with homeless people, she was well kept and pleasant.

    I hope she finds her way.

  18. Jess

    This is the first time I have ever been moved to tears during an episode of Intervention. I was so very touched by her mother and all of her friends. I thought they were so strong and show how much they really love Sierra and really want to help her. And I feel like it wasn’t emphasized enough just how young she is! She is still a teenager. She has her whole life ahead of her. But teenagers aren’t known for making the best decisions. I truly pray for Sierra and her family and friends. I hope she stays sober and does all the things she wants to do in life. She is a smart beautiful girl. People all over are pulling for you Sierra. I have never been touched by an episode to look up to see how the person is doing. Just you. Best wishes.

  19. Madeline

    I often wonder with episodes as memorable as this–what will Sierra do with her life when she gets clean? I mean, forget most jobs outside of the recovery sphere.

    I am a former drug addict and criminal. I got clean, went to college, had my record expunged, and I am now a middle school teacher. For addicts like Sierra though, that door is now forever closed because her addiction was exposed on television. Yes, she gets to live clean and sober, and that is a wonderful thing. It bugs me though to know that her life, and the lives of others on this show, is limited.

    1. Nicole

      I think you bring up an interesting point. I know that 12 step programs teach that once you’re an addict, you’re always an addict, I think that is a very limiting way to look at things. With all of these participants lives being televised at their very worst state I can imagine that for them the once an addict always an addict theory is much more relevant because that is all we (we as in anyone who has access to the internet – so billions of people) know about them. Any potential employers can look them up and find their episode. I know they try to make things private by not posting last names, but people on here hade been able to find their Facebook, gofundme accounts, etc. without knowing a last name.

      1. Jeremy

        I disagree with the “once an addict, always an addict” mantra. I’m 7yrs clean from a near deadly heroin addiction, but I refuse to label myself “a heroin addict”. For some time, I had to constantly keep aware of the fact that I was an addict, now I rarely think about it, unless it’s to reflect on how lucky and grateful I am. I simply chose not to be an “addict” or victim of my history. Now I’m just me. Sure, I have a past, but I have an incredible future ahead too.

      2. farawayforfartoolong

        Hey Jeremy, are you the same Jeremy that posted above about being clean for 6 years with suboxone? If so, I just wanted to say Congratulations, that is incredible , and I love hearing success stories! My situation is similar . I’m 5 years clean and suboxone saved my life too. Keep up the good fight, and I’ll be doing the same! All the very best! –Teagan–

      3. Alyia

        So agree. I never accepted the “once an addict, always an addict” notion. It is VERY limiting, like that’s all you are, forever. Many ppl literally just grow out of their addictions & move on w/ their lives. I’m aware that’s not the popular point of view (b/c that would just cut into the immensely lucrative rehabilitation business), but that’s what I believe & have always believed

  20. Jennifer odell

    Does anyone have any recent photos of Seirra? Showed my teenaged daughter her story and she couldn’t stop saying how beautiful she is. She wanted to see her after being sober and I can’t find any pics. Thank you

    1. A

      Hi, I’m from Redding, Ca I recently saw Sierra and she is back on the streets doing drugs…sadly

      1. Donnaven

        im guessing she isnt on facebook?

  21. Megan

    Hi – anyone have any updates on sierra? :/

  22. Tracy W

    Her episode is on right now in Texas. I’m crying. This girl is beautiful and so lost. She is so angry with her mother. Maybe for not protecting her from molestation. Even in her psychosis and irrational thinking and speech she lashes out at her mom mainly. I hope she’s in a better place. Dayum I’m crying.

    1. A.S.

      I agree, she’s lovely, and really smart and funny. Best wishes Sierra.

  23. Shelly

    I would love to know how Sierra is doing now. I watched her episode the other day and I was truly haunted by it. I had never seen anyone like her and it broke my heart. The end of the episode said she had a brief relapse but immediately rededicated herself to treatment and I really hope she stuck with it because her brain couldn’t possibly take much more. She seemed so far gone already. She is too beautiful and I saw a lot of potential in her. I just hope she is living a happier and healthier life now.

  24. Lynn Lee

    This girl really got to me. I was shocked to see how young men and women go through this. I hope Sierra is okay and would like to tell her that her story struck my heart and she will never be forgotten. God Bless Sierra. xo

  25. Nadia

    This is the craziest Intervention episode I’ve seen in terms of witnessing the addict under the influence. I’ve never seen what meth psychosis looks like. This episode to see it full blown in that way was shocking.

  26. Natasha

    This was one of the toughest episodes. It definitely was a tear jerker. I hope sierra is clean today

  27. Kei

    This was a doozy. I almost had to remind myself that this was the same person when they did the follow-up. Hopefully she’s kept herself on the right path ever since.

    And fully agreed about Donna btw. Given the hands that she was dealt during that situation, I don’t think she could have handled the whole thing any better. It kinda boggles my mind that she gets such a bad rap among the commenters here — her work with Tanisha not too long was stellar, as well.

    1. Kei

      not too long ago* lol

  28. Sad

    I hate when people say “I am a former addict”. NO. ONCE AN ADDICT ALWAYS AN ADDICT. Just because a person stops drinking and doing drugs and goes to meetings and has a sponsor and works the steps, doesn’t mean you are free from the DISEASE THAT IS ADDICTION. PERIOD. END OF STORY.

    1. avobobo

      One size doesn’t fit all. Rather presumptuous of you to declare to other people.

      1. (: Smiles :)

        Thank you, Avobobo. People need to be reminded of that. I am 7yrs clean from heroin and meetings/steps weren’t for me. I refuse to see myself as a junkie forever. The end result is I am happy and free from my addiction. Best of all, I didn’t become a codependent coffee addict at the same time. Few 12 steppers can claim the same.

    2. Pandora

      Hi, you realize that when someone says ‘I’m a former addict’, what they mean is ‘I don’t do drugs anymore’… Besides, the “once an addict always an addict” phrase is a phrase, that AA, rightfully or not, enforces into their followers’ physches. This might be right and helpful to some people, but not for everyone. Some people need to not constantly be dragged back to their misery, in order to maintain sobriety.

    3. BoogieWoogit

      I’d guess you have some role in Rehab Inc, so many of the mantras are more about $ than science. It always surprises me to read the comments on here, the sheer degree that people take this reality show at face value, and, the degree people parrot Rehab Inc slogans. What and how they present this show is more BS than fact/reality. Editing creates the good and bad guys, the moments that illicit anger or empathy, nothing more than manipulative editing for the most part. It’s fine to enjoy the show, but, never forget that’s all it is. The claimed “success rate” is the most BS element of the show. 300%+ higher than real treatment outcomes.

  29. Elise

    I found her facebook today and she is 7 months sober as of 9/14/17. Brandt, the boyfriend, is 6 months sober. It looks like just this month they started dating again and their friends/family are all commenting that they are hoping that they stay on the path of sobriety now that they just got back together. She posted a new profile pic and looks very healthy/clean/good.

    1. (: Smiles :)

      That makes me really happy.

    2. a friend of brandts

      brandt has never really been sober. lol.

  30. Andy

    Can someone post a link to her FB.

    1. JadeNZer

      Her profile is States she’s in a relationship with Brant too, so his is linked

      1. Andy

        Thanks! She looks really good. I’m glad she’s clean and sober.

  31. Interventionist

    I felt like it was the wrong decision to let her go to treatment without checking into mental health first, even if it was involuntary. That girl had no business making decisions for herself at that point and I’m surprised there was no additional diagnosis. I hope whatever happened to her brain isnt permanent.

  32. Her Safety

    I just watched the episode yesterday. As someone following the Carr Fire around Redding, I wanted to make sure that the are she lives in is okay. I have access to a confidential voter reg database so I can find her address (no, I would never ever share–don’t bother asking). Anyway, assuming she’s still at home, she’s far from danger and the fire is burning in the other direction now. Just thought some of you might be concerned.

    1. a friend of brandts

      Yeah she is fine.

      1. Charlie

        Are she and Brandt clean? They are such a sweet couple, it would be great if they both got clean for good.

  33. A. Non

    This picture was taken after they both claimed to be ‘clean.’
    There’s absolutely no way that they weren’t using there.

  34. J

    I was happy to see that it said she stayed sober. As heavy on drugs as she was I just had to google her, unfortunately I saw she was arrested earlier this year along with Brandt. Brandt for possession and distribute and her for being under the influence. So sad, I hope she truly finds peace.

  35. Andy

    June 28, 2019

    She’s on Shasta county’s most wanted list.

      1. Maz

        Latest arrest in June 2019 Arrested For 1203.2(A) – Revocation Of Probation
        466 – Possession Of Burglar’s Tools
        496(A) – Receiving Or Concealing Stolen Property
        11364(A) – Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, more on here She isn’t doing great!! Someone posted on Redding police on Facebook that she has 45 days clean.

  36. Angela

    Looks like her new drug is heroin. Poor girl.

  37. Courtney

    From meth to heroin, her future doesn’t look so good. This episode was so intense and heartbreaking.

  38. Andy

    Sierra is back on facebook. She recently talked about a genetic mutation she has and says she may be going blind.

  39. Bluebell

    According to her Facebook, she’s 137 days sober.

  40. Jean

    Sounds like Brandt wasn’t a great friend and just helped an addict to feed the addiction–505225091.html

  41. Alexandra

    Her episode is on A&E right now so I got curious and saw this update on her page from just two days ago. So sad.

    “ Roni here , Sierra got 3 years 🙁 which really well and truly sucks. Anyhow write to her she loves letters And SHE WAS CLEAN AND DOING GOOD THINGS. Ill update when i know more but ******** Redding Ca is where she is for now i gu3ss , IDK nobody has filled me in on anything and hoping to know more Monday .”

  42. AlexandraB621

    I just checked up on her as her episode was on A&E today. An update from two days ago by Roni says Sierra was doing well but she’s in jail now. The update shares her info for those who want to write to her. I feel so bad, I hope she gets the help she needs.

    1. Naomi cave

      So sad

  43. Kat M.

    Is anyone else cracking up over the fact that Sierra’s stepdad Mike was such a successful tattoo artist that he doesn’t know when to use “tattoos” vs. “tattoo’s”?

  44. Catguy35

    I just Looked At her Facebook page . A friend of Sierra posted on her behalf that she just landed in jail and will be there for the next three years although he did not outline the charges he provided an inmate mailing address so her friends can write her letters while she is in lockup . We can only summarize then that her sobriety may be in question did she fall off the wagon ? Or are these just outstanding warrants or something.. perhaps we will never know until she is released.

    1. maggie

      According to this article her arrest was for probation violation, and she was under the influence in their opinion. Her bf Brandt was arrested for possession of heroin.–505225091.html

  45. North

    Most recent post, she’s in jail for 3 years as of June 20, 2020.

  46. Derek

    This is one of the most heart wrenching things I’ve ever seen. Battling my own meth addiction, being in and out of psychosis, this definitely hit home and kept me in empathetic tears the whole time. It gave me hope seeing all the people she had on her side because in active addiction we feel like were alone and that no one gives a shit but watching this made me realize that I’m wrong, people care they just don’t know what to do. I’m going to go forward and get back into recovery and say a prayer for this wonderful girl that she finds her way.

    1. Katie

      Beautiful, Derek. Wishing you well 🙌

  47. Viewer

    Oh, this is awful. Poor Sierra.

    Sorry kids. Visit a psych ward, (or a jail) there are dozens like Sierra that no gives a shit about as their not on television.

    This show has a way of magnifying a problem while eliminating the over-arching cause.

  48. Kelly

    I hope you are doing well Sierra. Your episode touched my heart and I will be praying for your sobriety and victory over the hardships of life!

  49. Melissity

    From what I can piece together (and it’s hard to do without court docs), it looks like she was arrested initially for felony assault and was put on probation. Once she was pick up again or the probation violation is when they threw the book at her and sent her away for 3 years. It’s sad because looking at her Facebook prior to her going to prison she looked really good, really healthy, and even said that probation was the reason she got clean. Friends maintained the same story that she was doing good and was maintaining her sobriety. It’s sad this happened, and I hope that being sucked into the system like this isn’t going to cause her to relapse when she gets out. Her story was really gripping.

  50. Shannon

    I live in redding, ca-where sierra is from. The episode with sierra was sad. I learned she returned to redding after the rehab. She was arrested, and was on the county jail inmate in custody website for a time-over a year-maybe more-for what i don’t recall. I think of her often. I hope she is doing okay. I wish i knew how she is doing currently. It’s july 2021. Hoping she is finding happiness, and that people DO care. I know i do. She touched my heart.

    1. AMA

      My husband grew up in Redding and has spoken to me at length about how the culture made drugs almost inescapable. He didn’t get sucked up into the drug scene, but his sister, brother, and a lot of their mutual friends did. They were somewhat insulated from consequences due to being children of a fairly prominent attorney who practices there still. When we were considering where to move, he was adamant Redding not even be an option because he worries about our kids getting sucked up in it.

  51. Brown-skinned Girl

    This is one of Donna’s best interventions and really showcases her skills as an interventionist. Donna is brutally honest and direct while also being quite caring and supportive. I have seen many comments about her being too abrasive and mean, which is, in my opinion, comes from a pretty entitled, defensive perspective and comes from perhaps a subconscious negative view of Black women, particularly queer Black women.

    Unfortunately, Intervention is not a very diverse show. The lack of diversity in Intervention subjects, however, is not necessarily the fault of the show itself as many marginalized communities are uncomfortable “airing their dirty laundry” and putting their family business out there. This is why episodes like season 15, episode 11 featuring Jonel or season 10, episode 5 featuring Larry are so unique and significant; it’s also why having Donna Chavous as an interventionist is so important. Not only does Donna bring diversity to the show, she also provides a different perspective culturally. While I do enjoy Sylvia and, for the most part, like her approach, she does a lot of coddling which is something that not every addict needs. I think Donna takes the opposite approach, and to many who are sensitive or aren’t used to people coming down hard on them and being honest, this comes off as her being mean and attacking them. I also think that her being a Black woman with a certain look (i.e., dreads) adds to casting Donna in a particular light with some white viewers. Those who come from privilege and live in a bubble usually have very fragile egos and can be very defensive, which are qualities Donna exposes and attempts to dismantle in her interventions. With Sierra, however, Donna has a different approach. She understands that this is the typical intervention, and that she’s dealing with someone deep in a drug-induced psychosis with mental issues. She is still direct and blunt in her delivery, yet she is careful in how she handles Sierra, making her the most equip interventionist for someone like Sierra.

    Sadly, we live in a world that consistently demonizes and alienates Black women, so it’s not surprising that there’s so much hate towards the non-conforming, no-nonsense Black woman and nothing but praise and love for the sweet, soft-spoken, pretty white Southern lady.

    1. Stef

      Donna was brilliant with Sierra. She’s the only one who was able to get through to her. (That is NOT meant as an insult to Sierra’s family and friends) No coddling, no trying to be her BFF. She was blunt and got straight to the point. And it worked. To anyone who doesn’t believe there is a softer side to Donna, listen to her words about Sierra at the point of the episode when Sierra went to the hospital. Donna had some sweet, kind words to say about her. And you could just hear in her voice how much she wanted to help her. I would love to have Sylvia as a shrink to talk to about the problems in my life. But if i or any of my family/friends were addicted to drugs, I’d want Donna as the interventionalist. No nonsense, get straight to the point and tell it like it is.

    2. Dahlia


    3. LK

      I was not aware that Donna was lgbt before reading this comment.
      But anyway, I totally agree with you and think Donna is an awesome interventionist! And I think part of why Donna was especially good at dealing with somebody in meth induced psychosis is because she had been through an episode of meth induced psychosis herself, she knew exactly what it was like. Sort of like when they use Candy as an interventionist on episodes with adopted people or alcoholics because Candy is also adopted and alcoholic and understands. Donna offered an important perspective and approach towards helping Sierra deal with her issues.

    4. EB

      Wow…had to turn nothing into something…shocker…so tired of it…

    5. BoogieWoogit

      Very well said, totally agree

  52. Elisa

    Just an update via her facebook (Sierra Rose Wilson) as of October 6, 2021 she was in another rehab. Wishing her the best.

  53. Nina

    If anyone stumbles upon this like I did looking for a happy update on Sierra, she isn’t doing so well as of 2019/2020. It looks like her “boyfriend’ is also doing very poorly. I hope someday she finds the light she needs to overcome her struggles.–505225091.html

  54. Maz

    I suspect with the constant memes and references to getting high 50 times a day on Facebook, she isn’t sober at all

  55. Erica Dee Fox

    I don’t know if anyone actually reads this, but this episode is a great case example of why the American judicial system is totally not equipped or appropriate to respond to mental health matters. This was forty minutes of a young woman screaming, in physical and mental anguish, and suffering an obvious and extremely serious mental health crisis. All the while, multiple times, she’s just thrown in the back of police cars, handcuffed, detained, arrested, and jailed. What kind of a country are we, that we put someone in this state into jail, punishing them, as if her brain could’ve even logically registered cause-and-effect at that moment? We can’t keep abusing people in mental health crises and thinking it’s gonna turn out okay. I shudder to think what could’ve happened to her if she had been a different color. Counselors, not cops.

  56. Steve

    She was just picked up for parole violation and released last week.

  57. Samantha

    Just checked her FB. Not even 24hrs ago she posted a live & she’s very much actively using. On the plus side, in the comments she has a TON of support. I feel so bad for her— so much potential & so much beauty & because of her traumas & how men treated her, she just can’t see it or feel it.

  58. Corina

    Just went on her Facebook today and she’s not doing well. She posted a video and was very obviously using again. Another concerning thing is within a short period of maybe a couple months she’s lost a significant amount of weight which could be due to usage but I’m not really sure. I think she’s maybe been in and out of treatment as she looks healthier in some of her posts from a couple months ago but recently she doesn’t look too good. I feel bad for her because she is such a beautiful person(inside and out) and seemed to be a kind girl but she’s come across another roadblock. I really wish her the best in her recovery and if she is struggling I hope she seeks help again because she really needs and deserves it. Wishing her the best❤️❤️

    1. Rob

      Just a few weeks ago she posted a pic of her showing her underwear to the camera and there’s a guy smoking from a meth pipe in the background. She’s not well.

      1. Cat C

        The update from an hour ago is just as bad if not worse I’m afraid:/

    1. Alexandra

      Looks like it’s been taken down. I just tried to google her to see if she popped up anywhere since May but no luck.

    2. Andrea

      It doesn´t exist anymore 🙁

    1. Mini

      She’s been arrested a couple of times for public intoxication, now this 🙁

  59. Willy

    This episode weighs heavily on me. I think of Sierra often. I love and pray for her.

    1. Britt

      That’s so sad, I just watched her episode now and I really liked Sierra and also I think this was Donna’s best intervention, you can tell she really tried to help her.

    1. Rosie

      Thanks for the updates.. Do you happen to have anything new? I’ve been praying for her!!!

  60. JoAnn

    Oh she’s not doing well at all. She was arrested recently in a hotel room full of fetanyl and other substances. So sad.

  61. Chance

    Not Again

  62. Mike

    Unfortunate update:
    Parolee found with fentanyl in Redding hotel room

    1. Nicole B

      Arrested again on 1/21/23 for DISORDERLY CONDUCT:UNDER

  63. kitty katt

    This is absolutely insane! Just in January 2023 she had so many arrests.

    Since 1/23/23 is the last one and considering how there hasn’t been one since, I’m thinking she’s either locked up or in rehab. Her history of arrests are constant but they stopped on that date.

    1. kitty katt

      FYI – CORRECTION Last arrest was 1/30/23.

  64. Markeen

    this young lady is breaking my heart. when people call me an addiction it’s painful. I haven’t finished watching episode, I have to say when I can remember. may God watch over us as this world is out of control.

  65. BoogieWoogit

    Upon exiting jail, it was obvious, she needed to be 5150’d before she hurt herself or others. One of the more egregious examples of Intervention doing the absolute wrong thing in order to keep the show going. In her psychotic state, Sierra could’ve pulled a knife and jammed it in her Mothers neck and never realized she did anything wrong. Having worked in TV, I know how phony and manipulative these shows are, but this is an ugly example imo of producers failing in their responsibility to patient and family and I’m glad nobody died as a result.

    1. kitty katt

      Depending what each state calls it, a 5150 has strict guidelines that must be met. Since Sierra did not threaten anyone or talked about suicide, it becomes more difficult for law enforcement to admit her. Also, Intervention can’t just put her in a mental institution either. It would come down to a family member to petition the court for a mental evaluation.

      Her mother should have done it. Intervention may recommend it but they can’t do anything about it.

      1. A.S.

        I agree, she’s not a 5150 case.

  66. Seth

    As of today, she is in the Shasta County Jail, where she has been since January 25th, 2023, for the following charges:
    She is not eligible for bail.

    I believe she will be going to prison at some point. I would say I hope she uses the time to get and stay clean, but if she is released (again), there will be no hope. Her brain is way to damaged from the numerous toxic chemicals used to make meth for her to lead a normal life, and she isn’t able to perceive that she needs help.


  67. Sara

    Does anyone have any updates for Sierra in 2024? All the Facebook links are broken.