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Season 15, Episode 3


Age: 39
Location: Garrison, North Dakota
Addiction: Alcohol (vodka)

What’s Memorable: Given the dramatic spiral from success to rock bottom, non-functional alcoholism, it’s a shame the show didn’t spend a little more time on how Kacy got to this place she’s in now. The trauma she endured and how it affected it her deserved more than what felt like a mention in passing. Seemed like the producers were overly focused on the shock factor of how bad her addiction was. Anyway, a few things she said gave me chills. “I’m scared to death…of not having the next drink.” And when she’s walking home from the liquor store in her pajamas, talking about how just having the alcohol in the house calmed her down and made her feel like it was gonna be okay. Yeah. I can relate to that.  The followup was brutal, I wish there was more information given about what put her in the hospital.

Official Synopsis: A successful businesswoman who became a multimillionaire in her 20’s, Kacy tragically lost her infant child to SIDS. She then lost her fortune, her marriage and a healthy relationship with her surviving children as she spiralled into binge drinking. Now penniless, she is hospitalised multiple times a month, and her family is desperate to save her life.

Date Aired:  March 2016

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  1. Kate

    This was the first episode I saw where the intervention-ee actually drank during the intervention. Has this happened before?

    1. Dizzy

      There have been a few, yeah. Kristen comes to mind

      1. Tom

        As well as Episode 102: Jennifer

    2. Ash

      Not sure how many on the show, but as far as alcohol & some drugs are concerned, they don’t want the addict to have withdrawals prior to getting into treatment. Alcohol withdrawal can lead up to seizures

    3. Sweet Melissa

      I’ve seen a couple where the addict uses their drug of choice at the intervention. Also, this woman was drinking three bottles (and by “bottle” I assume they meant a fifth) of vodka a day. I bet by that point she needed to drink around the clock to not go into dangerous alcohol withdrawal. When I was active, I was drinking morning till night and I didn’t come close to her consumption. I hope to see an update on Kacy, and read that she’s doing okay.

      1. JillyBean

        Yes, I just re-watched this on iTunes and I believe the make friend, who she was on the phone with and who brought her alcohol, said she drinks three 1/5 bottles a day.
        3/5 a gallon…of vodka…daily.
        Simply staggering.
        That’s 76.8 oz of vodka, per day.
        Or 51 bar shots (1.5 oz shots)

    4. MaximusDreivinX

      Many of the strictly alcoholic candidates do, yes. Many times it’s in the form of a gas station soda cup. I remember the episode with the lesbian girls, both huge alcoholics …. intervention was at one of the parents home, and they strolled up with cup in hand. One had gas station cup, one had covered coffee thermos type cup. They toted them around everywhere during their episode, so I am sure they were filled with their wine/ginger-ale concoction.

      One day we’ll see someone whip out a line or two and snort up real quick.

    5. Laura Smith

      I believe Cristy from season 2 or 3. She was a alcoholic and was addicted to meth was drinking a beer during her intervention

    6. Alice Schmid

      Nurse Jackie, Nichole from Canada, and lots of heroin addicts shoot up during or before….

  2. lizz

    My dvr cut off at the end of the episode. I saw that she relapsed after 2 days, but hopi g I missed a part where it gave the date since she’s been sober 🙂

    And WOW what a physical transformation, from when she drinking to when she was shown at the recovery center!!

    1. Ellen

      It said she’s been in the hospital since late February.

  3. KJ

    Kacy looked amazing after her rehab stint!! I hope she continues to be healthy and happily healing for herself and her family!

  4. Alex

    Was surprised it took as long as it did for Intervention to air an episode where it’s stated the addict dies (Bret). Really thought she wouldn’t make it, hoping her hospitalization is temporary and she’s in full recovery. “$5 for a piece of liquor!” and “Welcome to everybody” go in the Intervention quotes hall of fame.

    1. Jenna

      You probably won’t ever see this, but there was another younger gentleman named Josh who was featured on a two person episode w a girl named Kacy, who they described as a ‘rock and roll groupie who is now turning tricks to support her $1700 a day dilaudid addiction’. Josh seemed to be doing great, he looked vibrant and healthy and had completed over 120 days in rehab. He then went to Sober Living, but left 30 days in to be w his gf who refused the offer of help they’d given to her. The ending update stated that his whereabouts were now unknown. This particular episode intrigued me, and for the first time I Google’d it to see what info I could find on him. Well, on this site I believe the update stated that he died of a heroin overdose just two months ago in March 2017. I was shocked, he was one of the ones who seemed to have his head and heart in the right place. So sad. I am into this show bc of my own personal connection to it, the only thing I absolutely hate is when they show the users shooting up. I cannot stand watching someone use needles, esp when the blood fills up the syringe…. yuck. Whenever I see them whip out the rubber bands or belts I turn the channel lol. I wish they didn’t show so much of that, once or twice is all I need to get the point lol. Anyway, just my input on another participant who sadly passed away after all signs pointed to a full recovery. To think how badly a family wants help to utilize this platform… it’s crazy to see the destruction of the family unit in such detail. It’s like you know it affects them, but this shows such a clear picture of the devestation. May we all continue to take it one day at a time and treasure this short ride called life.

      1. Savcy

        Unlikely you’ll ever see this, but I just finished this episode and saw your comment. You mentioned a personal connection. Was someone you know on the show? Or were you? A few people that have appeared on Intervention have popped up in the comments, which I always take as a good sign, lol.
        [email protected] if you happen to see this and feel like answering. This is my first comment ever so I don’t know if this site notifies me to replies.

  5. Tom

    Kind of a small note on this episode, I loved that they brought back the original music as the addict was on her way to the intervention.

  6. Eddie

    I see a lot of my mother in Kacy, and it breaks my heart. I’m glad Kacy got sober, and my mom is sober as well, but it is still so hard to watch her just waste away, spending her days on the couch drinking her cocktail of powerade and vodka. She’s truly a beautiful person, and seems so full of life and love. I hope the best for her going forward.

    1. Kacy

      I am sober 10 months 9 days… I am praying with fervent belief and hope for your mother and you!!
      Kacy Hazen

      1. Melanie

        I’m so glad to hear you’re doing well Kacy! I just watched your episode tonight. I’m on my third day sober and you’re a huge inspiration to me. Keep fighting <3

      2. Emily

        Kacy, thank you for your vulnerability. I am praying to Jesus for your sobriety, Lexi, Gabriel, and for your hope in this life.

  7. Artemiseast

    Just a thought…with Kacy so incoherent most of the time, how was she able to give consent to be filmed? Dizzy, any ideas?

    1. Ash

      I’ve always imagined the agreement to be filmed & having it air is why the show pays for what treatment. I’d also imagine the addicts shown out of their rational mind on drugs/booze would allow a family member or friend to agree to consent.

      1. Kacy Hazen

        Hope you’ve moved passes the hurt. God bless!


      Remember these addicts are getting treated in hospitals, clinics, etc, all of which require releases. Most have not been declared incompetent by any court. I am sure their relatives have to sign consents, so the show is somewhat “covered”. But is there any money offered the addict to participate in the show?

  8. kristy

    I really liked Kacy. She’s probably one of my favorites in a long time. She was a mess and knew it she didn’t try to sugar coat anything. This episode was more of what a day in the life of a real alcoholic that cant function is really like. Sitting on the couch all day, Not showering, not eating, not getting dressed, etc.

  9. Mark Harrell

    Relapse was a CHOICE. She knew what she was doing when she chose to drink and relapse. The disease is “triggered” when alcohol is reintroduced to the brain. The “disease” of addiction did not make her relapse

    1. Observer

      There is no “disease.” Addiction is a learned pattern of behavior.

      1. Stefan

        Some people are prone to it though due to how dopamine is released to the brain.

      2. Savcy

        Not entirely true. While I don’t necessarily believe in the “disease” definition, its not for me to say what is and what isn’t for others.
        BUT, there are people that are absolutely predisposed to addictions due to brain chemistry. Problem is, you just don’t know if you’re one of those people until you have that first sip of alcohol (or whatever your drug of choice is). You go to a wedding and have a glass of champagne to toast, its expected. Or turn 21 and your best friend buys you a shot. You have a glass of wine on a first date. These are all completely normal things that won’t affect the majority of the population. But for some people, its the first step down a very bad road.
        Whether its a disease or not, one thing it is NOT.. is a choice. No one chooses to end up that way. No one has their first beer at a college football game and thinks they’re going to end up like Kacy.
        And even if it is a “learned behavior” then it still isn’t there fault. For it to be a learned behavior.. someone had to teach them.

      3. Stoptheidiocycomingfromyourmouth

        You are incorrect sir, or ma’am. It might not be a “disease” but it’s sure as hell not a “learned behavior”. My entire family are addicts. I never grew up watching or even knowing about drugs/alcohol and did not hang out with anybody using drugs/alcohol. My parents were recovered alcoholics by the time I came into the picture. The first pill I took prescribed by a doctor from a surgery was all it took for me to become an opiate addict. Thank GOD I have been in recovery for many years but don’t assume you know something when you CLEARLY do not. I’m also a nurse and it’s something that some people/families are predispositioned to. Trust me, I never wanted to become a drug addict. I never wanted to even take a pill but that pain was too much and it was either take the pill or die from pain.

  10. Eitan

    I am going to be a little off-topic, but am I the only one to have found that Lexi has a striking resemblance with the singer Adele. Both with a plump figure but gorgeous facial features. I’m not sure if she would identify as a lesbian but she was definitely very lipstick! On the other hand Tina was a total tomboy. As for her she reminded me of Charlotte Gainsbourg, circa 2000. Of course Charlotte Gainsbourg is probably a non-entity in the US but if you were listening to Madonna when she launched her album Music (she still had a bit of relevance back then), well Charlotte Gainsbourg had repeatedly a long monologue in the single “What it Feels Like For a Girl”. And it turns out the monologue was about sexual identification:
    “Girls can wear jeans
    And cut their hair short
    Wear shirts and boots
    ‘Cause it’s OK to be a boy
    But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading
    ‘Cause you think that being a girl is degrading
    But secretly you’d love to know what it’s like
    Wouldn’t you
    What it feels like for a girl”

    I hope Kacy and the family can all recover from what they have been through and move on with their lives.

  11. Tom

    I went to the facebook link provided above and as of a few days ago, it seems she’s sober and recovering from cancer. That’s amazing strength, to go from where she was to maintaining sobriety through a cancer battle. Good for her, I hope she stays healthy

  12. Jessica

    Kacy was definitely one of the people on the show who I could identify with on the show. I’m an alcoholic too and at my worst, I wasn’t taking proper care of myself-not showering or brushing my teeth as often as I should, and I had those knots in my hair like she did too. Not sure how we get those when we’re drinking! I would brush my hair, but it would still end up like that. I know the feeling of just having alcohol in the house making me secure as well.

    I was very surprised that the liquor store was still selling her alcohol too-when I tried to buy alcohol at liquor stores drunk, I got turned away. It’s a small town-maybe they’re desperate for business.

    I’m very glad she is doing well now!

    1. Rachel Evans

      I used to work in a liquor store when I was a kid (you can sell it at 18, although you can’t purchase it until 21 here in the US). I often sold alcohol to people who were drunks; we were open on Sundays and there would be a short line of shaking men waiting for us to open the doors at noon.

      It’s a terrible situation all around, but I did what I did. Jobs are not easy things to come by, necessarily. A register jockey trying to pay rent with a minimum wage job is not likely to throw that job away for what amounts to no real impact.

      We alcoholics will find a way to get our booze.

  13. Jessica

    Sadly, it looks like Kacy is still drinking. 🙁 She got arrested for a DUI last month.

    1. Kristy

      Nooooo!that’s terrible

      1. ButterFly

        I’m looking on her FB page & it seems as though, other than the fact that she’s still battling cancer, she’s sobered up again. Good for her! After that complete transformation, I hope for her (and her loving family) that she can keep herself clean.

  14. Anne Fuqua

    She’s really going through a lot. The “mystery hospitalization” in February was for suspected appendicitis. Unfortunately they found carcinoid cancer that was blocking her intestine. Usually don’t get it 65 to 70’s and then average survival is about 10 years. She’s had second cancer surgery/ third total surgery in December. I didn’t see where it said she was having chemo, but it would make sense to go back after chemo if they weren’t able to all the cancer in prior surgery. Even with advanced scans, some patients will opt for exploratory surgery if it appears nothing is left after chemo. If tumor is visible on scans after chemo, but looks to be such that they could remove more/everything that’s visible then that’s usually done in younger patients like her.

  15. Sam

    From the looks of her fb she’s still doing great! She looks incredible!!

    1. Karen

      I am happy to hear that Kacy is doing well! Her story broke my heart! I was binge drinking about 6 years ago so her daily struggles really hit home with me.

      I was really sad to read that Karissa was killed a few months ago in a hit & run! She was the super hard working cook who helped run her family’s restaurant. She was fun & bubbly when sober. So sad!

  16. Scot hodson

    WOW. Her addiction was the worst I’ve ever seen! Kacy is
    is so lucky her family stuck by her! Stay sober Kacy!
    Alcoholism is not a good look for you!

    1. Kacy Hazen

      Your right, not good for me lol!! 10 months 9 day’s sober!!

      1. Carrie

        I went thru a similar experience, however I luckily ended up in ICU unable to give a list of my current medications,so i withdrew from them instead. FF a few years my son has disorders and was prescribed the same types of medications and had serious reactions as well but his neurologist suggested genetic testing. We both do not have the correct receptors in our brains to take any of those medicines. Wellbutrin v made me an alcoholic, never ever drank even socially before buproprion, not even once a year!!! Within a month of starting i was downing 2-3 bottles of vodka a day. No one knew what was wrong with me, no one. I almost died. I’m wondering if you were put on antidepressants/antipsychotics/etc after your loss?? Since that’s when it started? I have a whole lot of other issues that different meds caused,gambling/hypersexual behavior/need to steal or overspend…. No doctor warns about these effects. Not one. My child’s doctor is the one who did the testing and proved it. Those meds took away 15-20 years of my life but the one almost cost me my life within a year. I had no control and didn’t know wtf was going on.

    2. Kacy Hazen-Spangler

      Hello it’s Kacy, From the episode. Yes the disease made me that crazy, it was all about the nest hair lol! I’m sober now and I would like to invite you to a group that I created on Facebook called “Intervention a sobriety movement” can find my profile under Casey and Hazen-Spangler it’s a private group but you can find it publicly. There’s a lot of great people in there that will support you for whatever it is you need and that support me. If you ever need to get a hold of me my number is 970-216-0362. Take care yourself Brother

  17. Darlene

    I am a new friend of Kacy’s. She is an amazing woman with BIG Goals. I met her in 2/2018. I am not at Liberty to disclose her whereabouts. I do know that she did relapse and picked up a Feliny DUI as stated in the newspaper article that someone shared. I met her after she went thru the courts for that charge. She is doing well and should be back in the community and thriving. We talked every night about her plans to buy real estate. But, her plans with that is to make a difference. I believe there may be an update by the show in the near future. Speaking with Kacy, she made a statement “ I bought real estate and became a millionaire before, I can do it again” I Love the Kacy that I know. I have not seen her episode yet. She did worry that I would see her differently than I do if I saw the episode. But, I have to say that from all of our talks, Kacy will make big again.Her struggles with addiction and recovery has made into the strong, loving, most kindest beautiful person that she is today!

  18. Brooke

    wow, quite the story. i hope she’s sober today and doing well. why didn’t her son want to be part of the intervention?? that really bothered me. i mean come on.

  19. ARGIRL

    I’d love to hear how she is doing! I’ve seen her episode at least three times and it’s still hard to watch. Hits wayyy too close to home. I am fortunate in that no one taped me when I was in her condition. Except I drove myself to the liquor store in my PJs. DROVE. So ashamed of that, but addiction makes you THAT crazy. I have to chuckle- from one alcoholic to another – about the rat’s nest hair! Even when I was blind drunk I knew that shit in the mirror was just wrong! Kacy, I pray you are well! If anyone could update us, we would love to hear it!

    1. Kacy Hazen-Spangler

      Hello it’s Kacy, From the episode. Yes the disease made me that crazy, it was all about the nest hair lol! I’m sober now and I would like to invite you to a group that I created on Facebook called “Intervention a sobriety movement” can find my profile under Casey and Hazen-Spangler it’s a private group but you can find it publicly. There’s a lot of great people in there that will support you for whatever it is you need and that support me. If you ever need to get a hold of me my number is 970-216-0362. Take care yourself sister

      1. Kacy Hazen-Spangler

        Kacy Hazen Spangler pops Voice to text LOL

  20. cheryl

    Looking for an update! How are you Kacy?

    1. Kacy Hazen-Spangler

      I am recovering alcoholic, I was on A&E intervention and it was a stepping stone, not the cure. I have wounds that I drank over, Excuses I used over, you know the game. Throughout my journey it became clear to me that I needed to gather people that are hurting from human conditions, I.E depression, fear, grief, loneliness, greed, selfishness, overeating, gambling, whatever it is distracting you from joy and love, lets gather in this safe have, this harbor this private group and create solution,. Family members are welcome, you suffered write along with the addict in your life. Lets BREAK the silence! Join!

  21. AL

    Kacy is well. She’s started a Facebook group for people that need love, support and encouragement through addictions of all kinds. The page is INTERVENTION: A Sobriety Movement.

    1. koj

      This is confusing but hoping it’s not a new arrest and just showing she’s still on probation? Hoping only the best for this woman who clearly has a lot to offer when she’s sober.

      1. Xavi

        That shows that she was released from jail in 2018 to “supervision” which means probation. She will be on probation until 2024.

  22. Sara

    As of 16 hours ago she was on Facebook posting about relapsing last month. I’m rooting for you Kacy!! I can tell you want it to bad.

    1. Mini

      She said she was sober for 2 years and relapsed. Hopefully, she’s doing okay now.

  23. ALICIA

    My husband and I each have over 30 years of sobriety. We watch this show together and sincerely root for each person appearing on these shows. Kacy’s story particularly struck me. I don’t know where things are at for her now, but I’m pulling for you, Kacy! Life is so much better in sobriety.

  24. Shea

    She rocks! I love hearing her speak.


  25. Katie

    How does the addict not know it’s Intervention? I mean don’t they have to sign waivers and stuff?

    1. Dizzy

      They sign waivers to be on a documentary, not this show specifically.

      1. Katie

        Makes sense, thanks!

  26. Britt

    Kacy, I have seen every Intervention episode and you are my favourite. There is something so genuine about you, and despite your addiction you remained a beautiful person and good humoured! I hope you’re doing well, you inspire me to quit drinking myself but I am still struggling (the “nest hair” is real, girl!)
    Sending you lots of love from Canada! Xox

    1. Britt

      P.S your daughter is so pretty, Lexi you should be a model! I wish my own family was half as cool as yours Kacy, you’re so lucky.
      Does anyone know if she’s ok? I’m a recent of this show and Kacy is my fav

    2. Lynn

      Sorry for struggles with drinking, I have my own. I got off oxy’s in 2020, but still drink. Just take it day by day.

  27. Kacy

    I am Kacy, season 15, episode 3. I was terrified in this picture. family kept me climbing, hope kept me fighting, and God kept me breathing to live and enjoy a wonderful life sober. There is a link that’s below and it’s a group I began to help ourselves and others through the grips of addition. You are welcome to come and enriche our group.

    Intervention A Sobriety Movement’


    1. Rene'e La Montagne Dunn

      THIS IS KACY’S MOM, RENE’E. You are sure a tribe of courageous people. It’s heartwarming to see so many of you rising up and choosing to be sober one more day. CONGRATULATIONS! I’d like to invite you all to Kacy’s and my Facebook group: FREEDOM INTERVENTION RECOVERY MOVEMENT (FIRM). We just started it, and would love to have you join us. I would also like to invite those of you who struggle as a felon (or with addictions), to also join our GO Broken to Beautiful Foundation (page), the Prison Project at: To fill you in about how the Prison Project came to be…… I visited Kacy about 20-plus years ago when Kacy was incarcerated for her first DUI. Getting to know the women there while she was in jail, was one of THE most blessed gifts both Kacy and I have ever received. Most had never been told they were important; most were abused and used and were never appreciated or shown kindness; most were lost and living in despair, depression, and fear. That story is told in detail elsewhere, but the gest of it is, both Kacy and I vowed we would work with these women someday. Kacy wanted to build a 3/4 recovery home. I wanted to work with the women to give them the skills needed to change and improve their lives. Well…..a couple of dozen years later, here we are. Kacy is now building her first 3/4 house; and my husband and I created the GO Broken to Beautiful Foundation (a nonprofit), to take inmates and felons through a spiritually grounded healing program hoping to end generational abuse, addiction, indigence, and crime. Our dreams have come true. Please see this short video and info summarizing this sacred endeavor:
      THE PRISON PROJECT VIDEO: PRISON PROJECT INFO: GB2B FOUNDATION WEBSITE: If you know an inmate that needs help, or if you are a felon that is just treading water to get ahead, the Prison Project can help. Depending on availability, we can assign you a life coach for free… and you can walk through a program that will ignite and transform you. I’d also like to invite you to our (FREE at this time) GO Broken to Beautiful/GO Broken to Badass Course on Tuesday nights. See info and register here: The last class of this session will be Tuesday, March 14, 2023–we will take a break for a few weeks, and will start again in April, but if you register now for the course, you will avoid a registration fee the next time. Let’s keep in touch: [email protected] We’d love to have you join us! Kacy is doing very well. Life is good. I commend you all for being brave enough to share your stories here. I hope our paths cross…. God bless you with infinite love and gratitude, Rene’e La Montagne Dunn

  28. R

    FB post from August of this year, she said she recently had a “full blown relapse” but is currently (or at least was then) in a treatment facility to get back on track. Glad she is!
    Also, happened to notice her daughter married the girlfriend she was with in the episode. That’s nice 🙂