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Season 15, Episode 7

Daniel and Robert

Age: 30 and 31
Location: Westfield, Massachusetts 
Addiction: Heroin

What’s Memorable: Oof. This is a tough one but also hugely satisfying. The ugly situation at their dad’s house, the bedroom Daniel & Renee live in, the heated custody fight between the grandparents in the intervention room, Renee refusing to admit to using drugs but still going to treatment (no surprise that she had to address an eating disorder, she was scary skinny). These three people were all so damn sick, and all of them went to treatment and got healthy. Intervention saves lives.

Legacy Update:

Official Synopsis:  Brothers Daniel and Robert were on the road to success. Daniel was headed for a career with the NY Yankees and Robert was an aspiring civil engineer. Injury ended a once bright career for Daniel who slid into using pain pills and then heroin to cope. The constant insecurity of living in his younger brother’s shadow lead Robert down the same path. Now the brothers spend their days injecting up to 21 bags of heroin per day–each. It is only a matter of time before this family loses both boys. Jeff Van Vondernen is the Interventionist.

Date Aired:  April 2016

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  1. t.toro

    I wonder if help was offered to their dad. Also would have liked to have seen the progress Renee made, but she was pretty adamant about not admitting her problems on camera, which I get. I’m glad they all got help and are doing better.

  2. keith

    gorgeous but sad

  3. Jacinda Godwin

    beautiful and inspiring episode…hope they realize how far they come and keep at it!

  4. brooke

    loved this episode! The boys really just needed a fair shot and it seems like they are taking full advantage of their treatment! So happy for them 🙂

  5. amber

    does anyone know why the new episode was an intervention canada episode from season 1? or does anyone know somehow if the rest of the season will be like this? hopefully not because im pretty sure ive seen most intervention canada episodes as a few are on youtube. there are ones that arent posted on youtube however the only way to watch those is to buy them i guess or if you live in canada they are on the slice channel website however i live in ny.

  6. Kris

    This was one of my favorite episodes because all three accepted the help and went to treatment. You could see the love that Daniel has for his daughter and he proved it by going to treatment. Addiction lost and the love for a child won in this episode! I hope that all three are able to maintain their sobriety! Good luck to you all if you read this. One day at a time 🙂

  7. 413roc

    I’m from Springfield, mass. It made me happy that some people are staring to get help.

  8. Brittany

    I’m from holyoke, ma…. I’m glad they both accepted the help. The epidemic has grown so big in western mass. It’s really sad… This is hard stuff to watch. I always enjoy watching intervention tho!

  9. Tim c

    I just saw Dan in west side and he is definitely down on his luck. Hope he finds his way again

    1. Ash

      Yeah danny came back to his girlfriend who ended up not finishing treatment and it was back to the needle it makes me sad I wish my brother would stay clean but unfortunately I can’t make him he says he wants to be clean but me and my mother have little to do with him when they went to treatment my mother got a dumpster and in the trash their whole bedroom went it was disgusting a few times I thought I was going to throw up ???? on the other hand Robby is doing great I am so proud of him he has his life together and great things to come in December I couldn’t be more happy for him ! And renee well she’s using again and weighs about 60 pounds

      1. mc

        that’s terrible to hear, i’m sorry. glad for robert though!

      2. Vanessa Mole

        Are Danny still using?

      3. Kb

        Yes he is. Doing worse than ever. Very unfortunate.

      4. stephanie alessandra

        I am so sad to hear this! What about his daughter? Is she still in their custody?

  10. jamie raynor

    I also live in Westfield MA. This problem has gripped the area. heroin is truly evil and will take everything, including your soul. I have been sober for almost ten years and it saved my life. I hope that they make it. great episode

    1. Curtis Fitzsimmons

      These are my cousins and I too have had a vicious struggle with heroin coke and benzos. It aint a game no more ive overdosed 25 plus times and im grateful to be alive. Hope you guys are alright havent seen either of you in years.

  11. Melissa

    This episode and many other episodes I can relate so much with . We are all addicted to the “disease” . My sister is 29 years old. She’s been using drugs since she was teenager . There was a lot of dysfunction in the house . The chaos caused mostly by her . Not all. But the focus was always on her. In her twenties she had two boys from different fathers . When my oldest nephew was 3 . It was then we found out my sister was using heroin. We ignored the fact she was using pills. But there was days when me and mom would pick up Logan to bring him to school , my sister would sleeping and my youngest nephew one at the time was awake in a diaper unsupervised. Another incident my dad had to go through my sister apartment window because she was so high and wasn’t answering. I guess at that point my sister let my mom have the boys at the house . While she and her then boyfriend just got high. Few months later my mom got temporary custody . Then full custody after social services came into investigate . My sister didn’t show up for meetings with the lady . My sister would go in and out of detox / outpatient programs . She would only go if her the. Boyfriend went. Fast forward 4 1/2 years later . She didn’t stay sober . Wasn’t actually clean to begin with. My dad would let her live at our house . even when I caught needles in her room or in trash bags . Mom would kick her out and my dad would let her back in . He would give her money and whatever she needed . Even when she would go to residence outpatient drug program . He would bend over backwards for her . He would Bitch and complain and . Insult addicts and insult her to us in private . But he would help her. Buy her grocery .she was in a methadone program for three years I believe . While probably still using heroin . But for the past two years 2015-2016 I believe she was living with us and she had jobs . But I was always suspicious of her and kept snoopy and looking for hints of drugs . I find needles . But nothing was done . My mom wanted her out at times , she felt powerless . Worry dad would kicked her out instead . Or divorce her . September 1st mom was sick and my sister was acting very suspicious, she was checking on my mom and putting her hand on my mom forehead . She’s never like that she doesn’t even like my mom. And my sister isn’t the nurturing type. Mom instinct told her to get up and she did , my sister was in the pantry on a chair and she stuff my moms wallet in her shirt. And then hell broke loose . My sister was in a panic. She had my mom I.D . She made a huge thing she needed her I.D for car insurance idk . I don’t remember. But my mom said ” I’m checking my credit .” First of all my mom doesn’t have credit card or her own bank account . My dad is the sole provider for her and the family . My mom has custody of my nephews and get cash assistance for them . My sister was like ” really? Why?” She was trying to convince my mom she’s sorry she tried show proof she just needed her parents ID so she can’t buy this car from someone. I came down stairs, I knew something was up but I kept mouth shut. Then my sister took off . Either the same day or next . I went to check the mail. There was credit card bill , mom opened it. It said her application was denied for two credit cards. Mom didn’t apply and she text my sister how many credit card did she apply and my sister acted clueless , she said which one . I told mom not to say anything in case she threw it away. .. through the weekend my sister went silent . No contact , nothing . She didn’t ask about the boys . She knew we were about to find out about the identity fraud , she had 5 credit card in my moms name and 2 in my dads , spent over $16K she had a bank account in my moms name . That Monday we went to the police and press charges on her , and placed a missing person, because she wasn’t responding to text messages or calls. But she was arrested that day . But months later she was in and out of jail or court order to rehab but left or she would sign herself into hospital for “suicidal” to avoid warrants . In mid November she tried to use my mom “stolen” credit card for a hotel room. Even after being charged she tried to used credit card. In early December she was arrested for receiving stole. Property and having heroin on her . A different case . Since December she been in jail til she gets into a program for her probation for identity fraud , she hasn’t gotten in program yet . She has no remorse . She’s been “clean ” for two months in jail. And she never apologized to my mom . Only my dad . She kiss everyone ass , my mom won’t allow her to love here , she ot her foot down. For the months while my sister was on the street she wouldn’t allow her contact with the kids , some days she slip because she felt pressured by my dad . My sister won’t talk to me or mom . It’s not like I wanted to speak to her anyway. I’ve helped raised her kids with my mom for all their lives . I resent her . The boys are in pain . They miss her . They want her home. My sister talks to our other sister. I hate how gullible everyone is. They keep doing the same shit over and over expecting different results. She is a manipulator . My mom and I are doing something different we’ve gone to her court dates , telling the judge , she needs help. We’ve been to all her court dates . She thinks we just want her in jail . Yes some part we want her to pay . But also she is safe and alive in jail and hopefully clean . She thinks dad is supportive but he’s only killing her , by letting her not take responsibility for her action , she will still use and steal to get drugs . She’s an addict she doesn’t care who she steps on if it means it gets her drugs . Idk if she is naturally a sociopath or it’s just addiction that’s dictates her actions . Drugs shouldn’t be an excuse for bad behavior . Hurting others , betraying others for their own gain is wrong . There should be a punishment and no one should get a slap on the wrist for crimes . But people only get probation. And if they break it , they get a fee. For it. Justice system sucks . If she did it to someone else family would my dad be like this? Or someone else did it to him. Would he be easy on the criminal? Probably not , maybe I’m not loyal type . Maybe it’s her. Maybe I’m tired of her keep shitting on us . Maybe I want change .

    1. VeeJean

      Your sister definitely needs to be held accountable. And there’s nothing wrong with you being as angry and upset as you are. You’re being hurt, having to watch others you love being hurt, all because of one person who’s supposed to give that love and loyalty back to everyone. I myself get annoyed with how “family loyalty” gets used by some people as a pass, as if calling someone out on their bad behavior = “I don’t love you anymore.” When you think about it,it’s really the reverse; the angrier one is and the more *willing* they are to call someone out on their crap, the stronger their love for that person is. Much more than the friend of family member who keeps taking the easy way out and making constant excuses.

      But it’s because you DO have love and loyalty to your family, and even your sister, that you’re feeling all of these things. You wouldn’t be so angry over the mess everyone’s in, again, including your sister, if you DIDN’T care, would you? Wouldn’t bother troubling yourself with whatever nonsense that doesn’t matter to you. You want things to be better and for people to heal. If you were given two options of a.) your sister suddenly being snuffed from existence and everyone goes along their lives not worrying anymore, or b.) having a magic wand that takes those monsters away from your sister to rejoin the family, healthy and whole, I’d say you’d take the latter, right? Even if there ARE a few times where you think on the *former*, you’re angry and upset. Nothing wrong with that.

      Seriously hope you and yours are finding you way, nonetheless. Take care, hun.

  12. Karen Pike

    Absolutely one my favorite episodes.Hpoe they are doing well.

  13. Kristy

    Rob is actually my boyfriend and he’s doing great! Intervention definitely saves lives.

    1. Lisa

      So happy to hear that for the both of you 🙂

  14. VeeJean

    Another Westfield resident here… it really is so, so sad to see how bad it’s getting out there. I’m 41 years old; back when I was a kid up until a mere ten-or-so years ago, hard drugs like heroin felt almost mythical, something you’d MAY-be be within 10-20 yards of if you went to the Big City. Definitely not hokey-pokey lil’ Westfield, Mass. Now? No need to play ‘Seven Degrees of Separation’ or rock star deaths when you have numerous family and friends affected. So very sad, and with an unjust stigma on top of it all. I don’t know these families myself, but I hope they’re doing well.

    1. Corey

      I was born and raised in Westfield, too, and knew both of these guys years ago from high school. Westfield was always known to us as “Wastefield” and the drug problems, especially with pills and heroin, has gotten way out of control. Three guys from WHS I knew are in jail now for drugs, two are dead, and two apparently starred in this intervention episode. The epidemic is REAL.

  15. Corey

    I grew up with both of these guys, and I can tell you with certainty that both were good kids, active and had friends. I knew Robby well, we were in many of the same classes together in school and were acquaintances. I hope they have been successful with their treatment. This episode took me by surprise to see two faces I knew, it broke my heart. I hope you’re ok guys. Corey O’Donnell

  16. Robert Leja

    It’s been almost three years in December. Life has changed in so many great ways.I stayed in Baton Rouge and still live here today. I am deeply greatful for the show and the help they offered me. When the show came I didn’t want the help and now looking back I can’t even believe that I was going to turn it down. Today I have a beutiful wife and daughter. A fantastic company that I work for and a great sponsor. It’s amazing what I’ve learned about myself the disease of addiction and life. I’ve accomplished so much in almost three short years. I look forward to each day and how much better I can be today compared to yesterday. This program works if you put in the work. It’s not easy and there are many struggles and fears which you are going to face. Face them. It’s worth it. Thank you everyone for your positive comments and I’ll keep you updated as time goes on. GOD BLESS.

    Eternally Greatful

    1. Kitty Katt

      What a great update Robert! I’ve seen your episode and always hoped you found happiness in your life. So proud of you with how much you’ve accomplished so far. Keep up the good work and may you continue to have happiness in whatever you may do. I hope you don’t mind if I ask you how is your brother doing? I think about him too. I’ll understand if you don’t want to say anything about him. Thank you for giving us this wonderful update on your sobriety and life. Please keep in touch here. God Bless.

    2. stephanie alessandra

      Thank you for updating! You are amazing. So glad you are happy and healthy!

    3. Katie

      🙌🙌🙌 you made me so happy!

  17. Plain old Emily

    How are you now Robert. Hope all is well.

  18. Gigi

    I found this episode extremely frustrating because we got so little access to and information from the sickest person in it. Renee looked very close to death and is clearly struggling with addiction and an eating disorder. The prognosis for Daniel and Robert is much more optimistic.

  19. Daniel J Leja

    Dan himself here,

    I appreciate all the people who have been so supportive. Yes rob is doing great not a bad thing I can say about him, I did super well until I came back to this place biggest mistake ever. I literally pulled a 180 and had everything going a job apartment very good friends from in and out of the program . Renee is no longer in the picture she decided gangbangs were more important than family , probably for the best I got away from that but what I find irritating is people who don’t really know me and haven’t had any sort of significant part of my life have the audacity to vomit lies and take shots at my character and smear my name those people need to worry less about who they think they are impressing this is my life not a fucking game so warm the bench and know your place but I am so grateful for the opportunity we received? Give it to god

    1. Dahlia

      So thankful to see you both sober and thriving. I agree people on these forums can be absolutely disgusting sometimes. It does not matter what they think what is most important is what you think of yourself. Hope all continues to be well, much love!

    2. Melissa

      Daniel, the only person that you need to live your life for and worry about what they see in you is that beautiful baby girl that you have. What other people say whether it be in person or behind a computer screen has no bearing on what kind of person you are, its that babys love that will keep you on the right path. Im so glad that you and your are brother are doing good. Your episode really showed how family gets so intertwined in addiction. I lost a brother to alcoholism 34 years and ive never really gotten over it. Your daughter deserves a long life with her daddy in it and you can give that to her.

    3. Kort

      Danny it is so great to see you commenting and updating us. I hope and pray you can get/stay well because the love you have for your baby girl is so evident and strong and precious! All the best for you bud.

    4. Britt

      Daniel forever! I just watched your episode now, Tell them like it is and all you dicks talking sh*t, f*ck you, clearly none of you have experienced addiction. It’s a disease.

      Sending you love from Canada, Daniel! Xo

      1. Danny Leja

        thanks britt, I pop in from time to time I am doing well, I am with kenzie everyday shes a great kid smart athletic musically inclined she dances competitively plays piano sings i am just so overjoyed to have this gift of sobriety life has become whole again, truly feel blessed to have people who not only support my recovery but also aren’t shy about standing up for just a regular guy trying to live life like myself so thank you, wishing you the best

        Danny Leja

    5. Sarah

      Hi Daniel. Hope all is well with you and your daughter. I just watched your intervention episode and really hope good things are happening for you both. How have things been?

      1. Danny Leja

        hi Sarah just seeing your comment I am doing well kenzie lives with me we are both happy and healthy and I truly wouldn’t have it any other way. bless you and take care

        Danny Leja

  20. Sarcastic_Goth

    Robert’s still sober, but he’s one of those delusional nut jobs. I found his Facebook– yikes… Congrats on his sobriety, but yikes…

    1. Britt

      Just finished the episode, guessing Robert didn’t goto treatment?
      Anyways Robert I’m sending you mad love from Canada
      P.s mckenzie (sorry for the spelling) but she was cutest kid I have ever seen

      1. Britt

        Ok sorry he did and he looks exactly like Daniel when sober so I got confused
        Hope you both are doing well and love to you both

    2. Stefan

      It’s sad how that happens to so many former addicts. I think it’s because they’re narcissistic and they get a boost because of recovery. It’s also likely due to the religious bent of many treatment programs.

      1. Jean

        C’mon man. I appreciate your take on this and I feel that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but can’t we try to be a little more tolerant? I have no idea what their life is like, but I certainly wish them the best.

      2. Kristy

        I’m not sure who this BB is but this is his wife and this person is an outright liar. Robert has never been doing better in in his life.

  21. BB

    I met Robert Back in November or so. He live in Baltimore now and he got a beautiful wife and beautiful kids. He ain’t doing good for real. You can get through this bro, You got this. You too good for this shit man. Your wife loves you like crazy and them babies do too. For real. I’m witcha bro. Hurts but yo if your reading this you already know you gotta fix this.

    1. Steph G

      His wife is one of my best friends and last time I talked to her they just had a third child. We lost touch because I moved out of state. I’m gonna contact her on Facebook and see how they are doing.

  22. Danny Leja

    hey everyone figured I’d post an update, I am sober happy with kenzie everyday shes going to be 13 in March so thats crazy, all I can tell you is if you’re getting sober and the people who know you can’t rally around that then you need to let them go, especially if all they do is drag you down it is one thing for people to either except you for who you are, or to be patient through your journey, but its a whole other thing if all they do is cut you down. you have to realize that when you enter a program that it is all for you, no matter how many people may be there, keep that mentality and that thought that this was all created for me, that goes out to each individual person. make it about you and your recovery because if every single person went there with the idea that this is for me and put aside appeasing other people I just feel like your personal outcome will be greater. so what I really mean is give YOURSELF a chance, love yourself accept yourself and every single person you love and who loves you will truly reap those same benefits, we can do this we can be better we are worth it and if you haven’t heard this today I love you, you are special you are important and you have so much more than you even realize to offer. so please believe that I mean this. peace and love to everyone struggling or not you are not alone…

    1. Anne B.

      Thank you for the update, Danny. I hope your brother is doing as well as you. But I’m so happy you’re doing well for yourself and your girls. Bless you and continue to create your wonderful music and sharing your voice to the world. You’re an inspiration to so many and I hope you know how precious you are .

  23. Kelly

    I hope they are both doing well today. My heart breaks for what that little girl has gone through. How can we live in a world where both parents are seriously messed up yet still just be left to care for the child? I’m not saying CPS is the answer…but man I wish someone ANYONE would’ve shielded that little girl from what she was around. She shouldn’t have been within 300 feet of the boy’s father’s place. Fingers crossed the cycle can be broken. But it’s hard for me fathom that poor little girl will completely avoid addiction in her future.