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Poll: The Interventionists

Who is your favorite interventionist?

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Which interventionist do you think is the best at dealing with families?

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Which interventionist do you think is the best at dealing with addicts?

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  1. Sweet Melissa

    Candy is just the absolute best. My favorite was her intervention with Elena. Amazing. I am a recovering alcoholic and oxy addict; if my friends had ever done an intervention on me, she would be the most likely to convince me to get help.

  2. Elvee

    I was watching one of the Kristens today and suddenly struck by how AWESOME Jeff Van Vonderen would look as a Funko Pop figure. Really all of the interventionists need and deserve to be immortalized that way. I would pre-order the set (and probably talk to them occasionally, why lie?) They have Funko Pops for every other TV show!

    1. Holly

      I would totally buy a set of interventionist Funko Pops. Good idea!

  3. Chicky

    Jeff to me is not as sincere as Candy is….a lot of times, Candy feels for the family and cries with them…I love her! Jeff on the other hand has the same robotic line he repeats and its not very genuine….plus didn’t he relapse once? not that it matters because he got himself well again but I think he is not as sincere and caring as he should be

    1. Nefertiri

      I think Jeff uses some lines over, because they work. I love when he tells families, “as a treatment centre, you guys SUCK! Time to turn it over to people who know what they’re doing”.

      Also like how he tells families, the addict may not choose to get well, but you have to. I’m not an addict nor do I have one in my family, but Jeff’s words have given me insight for severing relationships with an abusive, narcissistic sibling. I can’t fix her, but by walking away I know enjoy a peaceful happy life.

  4. Janelle

    I think Seth is the best interventionist. He seems to be the guy they send in to handle the hardest cases where the addict is expected to be the most hostile and resistant to treatment. He doesn’t let the addict or anyone else in the room get away with any crap and he’s not afraid to call out other people who are adding to the problem, but he can be compassionate when necessary. The accent is also an added bonus 🙂

  5. Jaime

    I feel the interventionis dont receive enough positive recognition

  6. Nicky

    You forgot about old John Southworth, “you feel like you’ve been hijacked and you can blame me” geeze was a character

  7. Jeff

    Sylvia is on board now too! And what’s so cool about this, is the fact that SHE HERSELF was featured as an addict in an early episode (#32) of this series. And she was in very deep. Now when I see her AS the interventionist (I believe ep. #201 was her first), I couldn’t have been more impressed with not only Sylvia’s commitment to stay sober, but the fact that she has made helping other addicts her prime focus and career. Warm, caring, knowledgeable (!) and friendly, her empathy for the addict and those who love them made her a perfect fit as the new interventionist.

  8. Toreigh

    I dont have a favorite. I like them each individually for their own respective reasons. I love Jeff’s blunt approach. I love Candy’s empathy and compassion. Ken has a harsh sincerity. John, rest in peace, was blunt and empathetic. Rod doesn’t give up, but when no is no he just walks away (the epsiode with Benny in particular I am thinking of). And Seth is just a bad ass. And Sylvia is just a sweet sweet woman.

    1. Toreigh

      I forgot Donna. Donna is also very blunt like Jeff. But can also be very sensitive and empathetic and caring.

      1. Cat

        I definitely agree in regards to how she went about Sierra’s intervention and being open and vulnerable enough to disclose to Sierra’s loved ones about how much her story was like Sierra’s current situation. In that particular episode, I don’t think any of the other interventionists could have done it better than her, just because I really feel as though it’s nearly impossible to get through to and be truly understanding, empathetic and compassionate to the needs of someone who’s suffering from drug-induced psychosis unless one has been down that path themselves.

  9. Rommie

    I’m very synpathetic towards the canadians interventionists, especially Andrew Galloway; Maureen Brine and Joey Marcelli.

  10. Todd

    I’ve watched quite a bit of “Intervention” since I became a fan in June of 2021. I’ve seen a lot of different Interventionists. Probably all of them (sans Maureen) have some strengths. I think overall though, the best Interventionist is Candy. She also happens to be my personal fave. Professionally, you can tell she knows what she is doing. If I remember correctly, she’s a recovering alcoholic who dedicated herself to recovery for not just herself, but for her children as well. I also believe she is well educated in the field. It’s obvious she knows her craft. Personally, I like the way she carries herself. She ends up dominating the Interventions but doesn’t do it in an obtrusive way. Very patient. Understanding. Firm when necessary. Most certainly not a fool. This isn’t her first rodeo and you can tell. Yeah, if I ever became an addict and needed help, I’d be looking for Candy.

    1. Stefan

      Candy is my favorite, followed by Ken, and then probably Seth and/or Donna. Even Maureen has her moments, although I think that because she isn’t a recovering addict herself that she should be a counsellor and not an interventionist.

    2. blandine o'dowd

      it takes a dominant irish mom to get shit done imo 😉