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What’s up with this season?

So here’s the deal on Season 15 so far:

New Intervention episodes return June 19th. Yay!  There hasn’t been a new episode since Daniel/Robert on April 17th.

4 of the episodes that have played this season are NOT new episodes, they’re Intervention Canada episodes from a few years ago (Loren Ep6 ,  Kent Ep10, Conrad Ep8, Barry Ep5)

A&E is weird like that. They like to sneak in these old Canada episodes and sorta pretend like they’re new without actually saying they’re new nor not new, and then wait forever to tell us when actually new episodes are starting.  To make it even more confusing this time they’re putting them in the Season lineup numbering as if they’re new, which just screws everything up for me. Boo. I really wish A&E would hire me to sort this shit out for them.

I don’t cover Canada episodes but there’s a open thread here if you want to read comments & updates.

See ya on the 19th!




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    Thank you Dizzy for your close attention!

  2. Lisa

    Thanks for the info – I had noticed that they were trying to fake us out with the Canadian episodes. I’m just glad that there are more new episodes coming. And you’re right, they should absolutely hire you to help work on this show – you’ve put in so much work on this website, and it’s really wonderful… it’s the go-to for anyone wanting info on specifics (episodes, addicts, etc). Thanks for all of your hard work – it is much appreciated!

  3. Gloria

    Thanks for the follow up Dizzy

  4. Lagaya1

    I’m always happy to see the Canadian episodes. They are generally not available on the Intervention site, and I haven’t seen that many of them, whereas I’ve seen every episode of Intervention, some multiple times.
    I’ve noticed here, and on Intervention’s facebook page that people who love the show can’t keep from complaining about it. The episodes don’t come often enough, they’re Canadian episodes, Donna is mean, blah, blah, blah! The viewers are just like the addicts. They want new shows when they want them and can’t wait, then complain that it wasn’t good enough.

  5. JillyBean

    Furthermore, every place on the web seems to number the seasons differently. A&E has their own system, Amazon has one that is different still, and if you watch via iTunes, yep, you guessed it, an even different method.

  6. Gregory Moore

    Yeesh…here they go again…recycled Canadian episodes, passing as “new episodes”…their much-publicized “new season” is more warmed-over Canadian reruns. This has gotten increasingly insulting to faithful viewers. A&E clearly has given-up caring about what their audience thinks. Sorry to say it, but I think I may be done with “Intervention”. I’m glad there’s a canon of classic episodes to look back upon–but I’ve frankly had-it with being “baited-and-switched,” over and over. And let’s watch how long their “season” is…what, maybe 8 or 10 “new” episodes? That does NOT constitute a season! A “season” used to be like 26 weeks. (I’m sending this message to A&E as well).

  7. Lagaya1

    No one has “baited and switched” you. There ARE new U.S. episodes, and if you get a bonus of a Canadian episode, you complain about it? I don’t get it.