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POLL: If you could change one thing about future seasons of Intervention…

If there was one thing you could change about future seasons of Intervention, what would it be?

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  1. Suzon

    That we, as human beings, would not be so harshly judged once sober and rebuilding our lives! 5 years later and still paying consequences mainly due to judgment but I still wouldn’t ever pick up again!!! God bless all giving their best and prayers for the people who still struggle daily

    1. Jeff

      Been off opiates since 2009 myself, and just like you, I still get sh!t from people who don’t (probably never will) trust me again. When do the repercussions end? Do they ever end? I guess with some people, “Once you’re an addict, you’re a junkie for life, no matter what”. If they only understood the true and encompassing definition of DISEASE. I pray for the addicts I see on this show all the time.

  2. Lagaya1

    I used to love the old music. The plaintive sound of the string instrument (violin or cello) that played during the airplane ride segment….heartbreakingly beautiful.

  3. Jeremy

    Stop showing so much of the shooting up process. It makes me physically ill watching them dig needles into their bodies. Growing up my father was a heroin addict, and I used to find his needles all over the place as a young child. I even got stuck by one when I was disposing of it. We used to wra them in foil and smash them with a hammer, and one time the needle popped through and stuck my finger. Very scary. It has made it sickening to me to see them jamming needles into their bodies. And not of them are so bad at it, it makes it even more disgusting. That’s just my opinion, and I’m perfectly capable of fast forwarding or looking away during those scenes.

    1. Jeff

      I agree. We get it after seeing it the first time. We don’t need to see it twenty times in one episode. Yeah, you can scan/look away during those scenes, but there have been episodes where they’re showing extreme close ups of people shooting up multiple times, so sometimes you have to look away for a good portion of the episode. I understand it’s important to show the good, bad, ugly and downright hideous to educate the viewers, but seriously, one or two injections is all that’s needed (in the IV user episodes). Use the other “needle time” to dig deeper into how they became this way, what their plans (if any) are, the actual intervention and perhaps even more follow-up…

  4. Rose

    Hi Dizzy. I would like to see more time spent on follow-ups (after intervention)and a whole episode spent on follow-ups (years later); the 20% and 17% voters. And I have one of my own catergories: I would like to see the detox process. It would make the tragedy of addiction really “hit home” for the audience. For some it may be harrowing to watch but I would be riveted to the TV. The episodes I don’t care to watch are “food disorders”; it’s gross to watch people vomit. The episodes I prefer to watch are of alcohol addiction; I think most people can relate to alcohol abuse. After all, it’s the most popular “drug” of our culture. I hope Intervention continues indefinitely. For me, the show never gets old – I love this show!

    1. Sofia.

      I wondered about that too — showing detox process. I just am not sure if the addict would use what they see as excuses to not go bc “they know” what hapoens, and it “wouldn’t work” for them or they think they can so it themselves at home. I imagine the producers opted out of showing detox bc they couldn’t give it the airtime it deserves.

  5. Sofia.

    Actually I wish the producers would vary the formula, based on what was most significant or impactful about each story.

  6. Kitty

    i wouldn’t change a thing. perfection!

  7. Prbeauty

    I agree Sofia they should show some of the detox process Im sure it’s not pretty but not a lot of they show is

    1. Jeff

      If they can show people shooting up (sometimes in their neck) multiple times in an episode, then I’m sure showing at least a minute or two of detox footage wouldn’t be a huge deal. But maybe there are other factors in play (legal, etc).

  8. A

    Racial diversity. It always saddened me to only see a majority of white people on the show as if the other cultures don’t have loving families, enough to set up an intervention to save their loved one.

    1. Jeff


    2. Laura

      Hear hear!!! Thanks for bringing this up.

  9. Angela

    More full time episodes of follow up

    1. Jeff

      Yes!!! And how about tracking down some of the addicts from the earlier seasons, forgotten by time or what have ya…

      MORE FOLLOWUP EPISODES. I think it’s just as important to show the long term recovery process, addicts who ultimately succeeded/failed, and what helped them to remain sober or derailed them…

  10. Jeff

    One addict per episode would be nice. When they have two addicts in one hour (actually, 42-44 minutes after commercials), it doesn’t give much time to really get to know the addict, what their life is/was like, the family, friends, etc.

    I find myself starting to care about the addict/people around them when I “get to know them better”, and when their decision to get/stay clean or not is revealed, it almost feels like I’m rooting on a friend. Also, the 2 addict episodes make the intervention itself seem painfully rushed because so much is cut out.

  11. Amy W

    The producers from intervention use to cal me every year on my sobriety date and send cards. They still call occasionally just to check in. It would be nice if they showed how some of us turned our lives around.
    Amy W

  12. Timothy Chen

    More time on the addiction itself, like what the addict does to get his/her/zer’s fix, how the addict consumes the drug, what the drug is doing to the addict, etc.

  13. Toreigh

    This poll was hard for me to choose just one thing. Id like to see more of all of those things. I couldnt choose one. So I chose stop using sex audio.