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New Season of Intervention

The new season starts on July 31st! 

Not sure what happened to the last season though, Season 16. There were only 6 episodes that weren’t Intervention Canada. I don’t know if A&E plans on continuing that trend with Season 17 or what, but it sure was annoying.  I don’t have cable so I bought the whole season before it started on Google Play and was given only 5 of the 6 new episodes and none of the Canadian ones.  Anyway, I don’t know if this new season is ACTUALLY a new season or a continuation of Season 16. Their season numbering is all out of whack.

Blah blah me whining about A&E again. Whatever, I’m excited it’s coming back.  Remember when it was ‘cancelled’ and there was that whole final episode with sober addicts talking about how it changed their lives? That made me cry like a baby and I was so damn sad the show was gone forever.  So really I can’t complain.

See you on the 31st!

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  1. Andrea

    YAY!!! I am extremely happy it’s coming back!

  2. Patricia

    Hey Dizzy, I felt the same way when the show ended. I thought “Why?? Why end a show that has done so much good? ”

    Glad it’s back on. And happy another season is beginning.

    But go ahead, you can complain.

  3. Crystal

    Thanks for the update, Dizzy! I didn’t know it was back on 7/31!

  4. Melissa

    Did you also see the premiere after intervention called “dope man”. Its this recovering heroin addict who goes around helping like homeless addicts get into treatment. It sounds pretty good.

  5. Karen

    It’s GREAT to see you again Dizzy! I’m really glad to see that you’re OK & I’m looking forward to the new season of Intervention! Thank you for everything you do! Much love!

  6. Unity

    Awesome news!!!! Thank you so much Dizzy for making this website!

  7. Kat R.

    Missed you Dizzy!

  8. Laura

    Omg season premiere

    I want to reach into the TV set and yell at the parents…yet the dad is so sympathetic….

    1. Janelle

      The parents are the reason why Katherine hasn’t yet hit her bottom. Ken nailed it when he said that her parents are putting a cushion under her when she falls so when she hits the ground it doesn’t hurt as bad.

    2. Laura

      I work with an autistic population and seriously wondered whether both Dad *and* Mom are on the spectrum. If that’s the case, plus Katherine being their only daughter, bottom lines would more challenging for them.

      1. Andrea

        Very true. It seemed likely.

  9. Sara

    Poor Dave is so dependent on Kathy he can’t really control or prevent anything. She’s in control of him and Katherine is in control of both of them. It’s so sad. 🙁

  10. beelove

    ken is so good!

  11. Andrea

    He is good! I like his technique.

  12. A.

    I was soooo angry during this episode… They have a daughter who is a prostitute and hardcore drug addict and they are praying… I mean… I won’t be popular with this opinion but you have to pass a point to trust God and just do something by your goddamn self!

    If that were my daughter making conversations with a client over sex, I wouldn’t stand there praying for god for sure…

  13. Stefan

    Katherine’s parents struck me as two people whom never should’ve had children, due to their age and the dad having Asperger’s. As a fellow Aspie, I’ve firmly decided that I’m never having children because I’m sure they’d end up like Katherine.

    On a side note, Ken’s voice is much less raspy than before (he also kicked butt this episode!), and that “Sanctuary” song may just be the best one the show has ever played (dare I say better than Five Steps lol).

  14. Patricia

    I do not think it is entirely fair to lay the blame on Katherine’s parents. While they may play a part in her addiction by enabling her, it is Katherine, the addict, that chose drugs over sobriety. SHE is the one that left rehab. SHE is the one that relapsed. SHE is the only only that is ultimately responsible for her sobriety. To pile on her parents is only giving her a free pass to not accept her own responsibility because she can blame someone else.

    1. Karen

      ITA but….. her parents should have said NO WAY to letting her come back home! They are in total denial & they are only helping Katherine die more quickly! They are enabling her to make themselves feel better. They are totally out of touch with the reality of addiction & reality in general it seems. I don’t know how much of it is their advanced age, their religious beliefs, the father’s disabilities or what but they have no clue how to handle the situation! It’s really sad!

  15. Vicki Murphy

    I am so frustrated by the lack of Intervention episodes. What happened to them? Now instead there are episodes about Scientology. Give me back Intervention.

  16. Melissa

    Just saw a commercial, the new 2019 season starts April 30th!

    1. Stefan

      Yes I need my fix (ironic isn’t it lol)!

      1. cosmicexplosion13

        same, so excited