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Update September 20th 2017

Hello Intervention Fans! It looks like this season has come to a close, or it will after next week or maybe the week after that, no one is quite sure. Not even the people at A&E! (See previous update and comments). I wonder if the network actually knows exactly what’s going on but the folks running the website and social media are out of the loop? Or understaffed by interns? No idea but yeah, what’s happening with Intervention right now and in the future is a real mystery.

During the upcoming off-season I’d love to do some improvements and random cool stuff on this site. I’m developing a FAQ page about the show and the site, questions that come up a lot in the comments. I’m working on getting better info on older episodes that I posted sort of haphazardly back in the day when I was just starting. I want to flesh out the Interventionist category so that all episodes can be indexed by the Interventionist (currently only about 60% of posts have the Interventionist listed). And I’m cross referencing older episodes with the A&E site to make sure the episode number and season is consistent with what A&E has. I need to finish up watching older Intervention Canada episodes.

I also wanna do some new polls, and here’s where you my beloved readers come in. Any polls you would like to see? Commenter Galusha had a good idea for Best Episode by Interventionist (i.e. Candy’s Best Intervention). I like that. Any other ideas?

And if you have suggestions about any other features I could incorporate, please let me know.  I am not willing to add a new category and then go back and watch 227+ episodes to see if they fit in that category, so maybe don’t suggest that. I mean there are some categories I wish that I had added at the beginning, but at this point it’s too hard to go back. But I could add some more “Mosts” maybe?

Anyway if you’ve ever had a burning desire to tell me something you wish Intervention Directory had, now is the time to do it.  WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Also you’ll notice I put a ‘Donate’ button over there on the right.  I considered allowing limited ads in order to cover the costs of hosting/domain registration, and to see if I might be able to get some revenue going since the traffic is pretty high, but I decided you guys would probably hate seeing random ads on here (and so would I) and it wasn’t worth pissing y’all off.  So instead I will just hope that the nice folks who come here will have the willingness and resources to help me out with this thing a little bit. No pressure though, no guilt tripping. Even if donations don’t even cover hosting I still plan on making improvements and keeping this site up as long as the internet exists. Donations would just make that easier on my wallet and give me some extra motivation to hunker down and get shit done here.

Big shout out to Richard who saw the button and donated before I even published this post today. You are most kind sir, thank you.

And thanks to everyone else who comes here regularly.  You give me life.  🙂



All comments.

  1. Ovidia

    Donated. Love your work here.

  2. Nicole

    Perhaps a section “addict with the most codependent family member(s)/friend/significant other” or “addict in most codependent relationship” would be a good one. Nick and Crystal come to mind. Katherine C and her family also come to mind. Jessica and her mother coming to those delaminates buildings in Chicago. Mikeal and Sarah? (Can’t rememberer name) also come to mind.

    1. Mallory

      Yes! Also Tiffany’s grandparents! Candy literally asked the grandpa to leave the pre-intervention because he (and the grandma) were so codependent!

      1. Galusha

        None of those come remotely close to Luke from San Francisco’s mother (Vania?).

  3. Richard

    BTW, donated(If you can spare a dollar then please do so) and I feel as though in the United States it’s harder to have an intervention then in the US. I do feel like the interventionists or the addicts are more willing to go to treatment in Canada than the US. I miss Candy and everyone who has had a great impact on me. I relapsed a year ago on alcohol and can’t get back on track but I support this site. Thanks, Dizzy!!

    1. Richard

      It was my pleasure and I never want www. to go away so again if we can only give something(dollar, a cup of coffee) it will help Dizzy as she has given us a voice. Thanks and be good to yourself everyone!

      P.S You give us life thanks to you and what you do on this site Dizzy!
      P.S Everyone, you might not know but hosting a domain plus server costs are a lot so lets all just donate a dollar for each member and we can have this site forever! Pease and be good to yourself!

  4. Lhamo55

    How about about a poll for favorite Canadian interventionist?

  5. Janelle

    I think Jesse would win hands down based on looks alone 😀

  6. Sara

    I would have a few contributions to “most moving intervention letter” should that be a survey. Bill. Sylvia’s brother had one of the most wonderful letters, and Tammys dad of the Daniel and Tammy episode also sticks out to me. Thanks for all you do, Dizzy. I know this is a major labor of love!