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Season 19, Episode 5


Age: 24
Location: Midgic, New Brunswick, Canada
Addiction:  Opioids, alcohol, crack

What’s Memorable:  This family has suffered through almost an epidemic of suicide and you can tell that it’s really affected them. They’ve all lived with so much pain and having to deal with Jade’s addiction and suicidal behaviors is just too much, I really felt for them all. I hope that Jade is able to stay on the right path, they need her around. Also, the more I see of Jesse’s interventions the more I like his style. He makes the family confront their contributions in a unique and I think effective way.

Note: This was obviously produced as an Intervention Canada episode but I can’t find any record of it ever airing in Canada on Slice or Documentary channel. So it’s a US-CA hybrid I guess. Like Justin Bieber!

Official Synopsis: Adorable and fearless, Jade had an ideal childhood, two loving parents and a passion for horses that led her to competitive show jumping. Jade’s world came crashing down around her when, at 10, her father’s increasing depression led to her parents’ divorce and her father’s attempted suicide. Left on her own while her father fell deeper into depression and her mother attempted to rebuild her life, Jade felt abandoned and turned to drugs and alcohol for comfort. Now, at 24, Jade has a severe addiction to prescription opioids and cocaine and suffers from intense suicidal ideations. She has overdosed three times in the past year. Her family are desperately afraid that she will not see her next birthday without a successful intervention.

Date Aired: July 2018
Interventionist: Jesse

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  1. Tazz

    This is confusing and extremely frustrating. I can’t find this episode ANYWHERE. I don’t know why they have to be so vague and unorganized like this sometimes. Does anyone know we’re I can find this episode? I usually purchase my episodes from YouTube or Amazon Prime, but this one isn’t showing up anywhere…

    1. TerriBubble

      Tornadomovies has it but…………… ads and stuff. normally wouldn’t share stuff like this but it was an absolute PAIN finding it as you said and this is the only link I could find =/.

    2. dexter

      I have this episode full, ad-free, if you still want to watch it. I can upload it to YouTube as an unlisted video and give you the link, or something else if you know a better method.

      1. Erica

        i would love to see the full episode

    3. Currie

      You can watch it on A&E. There is no longer Canadian Intervention.. though they do shoot in Canada. And JB is Canadian! lol

    4. JJ

      It’s on A&E season 19 Ep 5

  2. Janelle

    Don’t insult Jade by comparing her to Justin Bieber 😛

  3. Janelle

    Jesse’s approach is more holistic and spiritual than the other interventionists on the show. His method of dealing with the addict is gentler and softer (even more so than Sylvia). This works like a charm on addicts who are frail and emotionally vulnerable, but doesn’t work on addicts who are more hardened and hostile and put up a bad-ass front. I wonder if he gets more assertive and confrontational with certain addicts when the situation requires it – an interventionist’s greatest skill is adaptability.

    He’s also quite nice to look at 😉

    1. Stefan

      Thank you I thought I was the only one who has a crush on him!!!

    2. Currie

      Jesse is amazing! If you live in Toronto he has his own private practice. He is an awesome person and a wonderful healer.

  4. Anna

    Does anyone have any of her social media? She is such a pretty girl. I wished the interventionist would have given treatment to all of the family members

  5. A.

    Do you know what’s up with the new episodes? After Jade there has been no upload, I can’t find them ANYWHERE and it’s driving me crazy..

    1. Currie

      Jade is the last one.. next episodes coming in March 2019

  6. Am

    You can find this episode on Rogers on Demand

  7. dexter

    What stood out the most to me was how completely enabling her entire family is. Her sisters, mom, stepdad, everybody jumps when she says jump and are IMMEDIATELY thrown into action whenever she needs drugs. The other thing that was concerning was the blatant disregard Jade seemingly had to her use and the dangers of the amounts she was consuming. She was doing HUGE shots, to the point where she’d be completely passed out merely seconds after injecting. If you pass out THAT quickly, then you’re really close to overdosing. Typically it would come on as a more gentle nod, but not with the amounts she was consuming.

  8. Holly Berry

    The only place I’ve found to watch Jade’s episode or other Canadian ones is on the A&E website unfortunately, where if you have a TV provider you can sign in with your info to watch it.

    I really like Jade as a person, she has incredible depth and fragility but a sense of humor as well. I laughed when she said a lot of the drug dealers around her area are “old, and they dont have to hit on you or anything they just act all weird and creepy as f—.” I think she has a good shot at recovery, she has two sisters who have been sober long term. I wish her the best.

  9. Laura

    Anyone know how she’s doing now? I thought the end update was really weak but I guess that’s all they had

  10. Jacey

    I found it hard to empathize with this episode, because her life doesn’t appear very difficult. I mean, I know she said she has anxiety and depression but so do I and a lot of people. Plus the family was just so permissive that it drove me nuts.

    1. Kayla

      Agreed. She knew she had her family wrapped round her finger and I got the impression she enjoyed it. I know the drugs have a big part in that but still, I found it hard to have empathy or sympathy for her. And the way she started panicking when she thought she was going to OD then made her sister drive her back so she could use some more… oh man

      1. Kitty Katt

        When I saw the part where she almost OD’d and seen her father and sister sit there trying to calm her down made me think this was something that happened quite often because if it was my daughter/sister, I’d be freaking out and calling 911. This was something they were used to seeing and managed to save her on their own.

      2. ******

        Can I ask a you a question? Have you ever been an addict or had a family member or a friend who was? Because the moment she realizes she is ok the game starts again trying to find your next high. I can tell you she doesn’t enjoy that she has her family wrapped around her finger deep down she doesn’t like it nor does she want it to be that way. But I know that the addict only I mean only cares about the next time they use. So I don’t know if you yourself or someone close to you was an addict but I truly think if you haven’t went thru it yourself you SHOULDN’T try to have an opinion on how they act or their family because you have NO idea!!!!!!!

    2. Curious

      What makes you think her life isn’t difficult? I mean you think because someone has money, a nice house etc then their life can’t be difficult? I mean just listen to her family history her dad’s parents BOTH committed suicide, her dad tried to commit suicide and so on so I want to know why you think her life isn’t difficult?

      1. Stefan

        Exactly. Everyone’s life is hard, just hard in different ways.

    3. Brooke

      Agreed. The suicide in the family, her mental health, and her suicidal behavior was tragic. But it’s a little hard to watch a person who had zero gratitude for what appeared to be a comfortable upbringing, and loving parents and siblings who wanted to work on a relationship with her. A lot of people would only wish to have that family supporting/enabling them.

  11. Andy

    Was she the last episode of season 19?

  12. Ami

    A&E says they are “in production” with the rest of the season. I don’t understand why they do it the way they do.

  13. Paden

    You can watch this episode on xfinity on demand. Im curious tho because if you look up intervention online there are three episodes listed after hers that i cant find anywhere?

    1. Sonya

      I know my comment is a few years later lol but im watching Jade’s episode (actually the whole season) on Discovery+ right now!

  14. Stefan

    This should be listed as an Intervention Canada episode as a Google search lists it as Season 4, Episode 2 of the show.

    1. Dizzy

      It’s always been in the Intervention Canada category, not sure what you’re wanting me to correct.

      1. Stefan

        I meant just having it labeled as an Intervention Canda episode in the heading.

  15. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

    I definitely like Jesse’s style as well. He’s not smug like Maureen (?) is. I really wouldn’t trust Maureen if I were in an intervention setting. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am.

    1. Kitty Katt

      I don’t care for Maureen nor do I care for how she handles the interventions that she does. That’s just my opinion from what I see on TV only. I understand that we only see a few parts of the intervention so I am only basing my opinion on that.

  16. Julia

    I can’t find this show anywhere either ugh

    1. Stefan

      Check any streaming site it should be available to purchase.

    2. Sonya

      Free on Discovery+ as of now. I’m currently watching the season involving Jade

    1. Kitty Katt

      Thanks for posting. I’m hoping she looks just as great (well) now as she did in her pictures.

  17. Anon

    She posted on her Facebook on Feb 5 about being grateful for her sobriety. Looking good 🙂

    1. GemmoLilo

      Thank God! Many blessings to her and family.

    2. Kitty Katt

      I’m hoping she still is. The only update that I’ve seen on her was at the end of the show which she relapsed and nothing more. I hate the way their updates are sometimes. They never give you the full picture.

      Thanks for posting.

      1. Nb

        She is still sober 🙂

  18. Alberto i just finished watchin it there to full episode im in search of an update i wanna see how she is doin.

  19. James

    Her Episode Is On Hulu!! Also, How Is She? Is She Still Sober??

    1. Kathy

      She is still sober. She’s on IG under Jade Legere. She looks amazing. I’m so happy for her.

      1. Kitty Katt

        I just replied to another poster above wondering if she’s still sober.
        I always thought she was such a pretty girl…even when high….if that makes sense…lol.
        Thanks for posting.

  20. Kitty Katt

    Does anyone know if she is sober today? The only thing Intervention listed was that she relapsed and tested positive while in a sober living home (i believe it was).

  21. Alice Schmid

    What about the blond girl, nichol? Can’t remember her ladt name. She was scary in her alcoholism. How is she doing?

  22. Marianne Brown

    New profile and still clean

  23. Todd

    I hope she stays clean. This is a girl that could have the world at her feet. She’s got it all. Great looks. She’s funny. She’s got an engaging and interesting personality. More than enough going for her to have a wonderful life. I hate to see someone throw away so many gifts. Best of luck to Jade – hope she makes it.

  24. Molly

    Fell in love with her a bit, tbh. Something so sparkly about her, and she just seems like she’s cool and fun. Wishing her all the best

  25. Ashbee

    Found her Facebook page. From her pics she looks healthy.
    On her Instagram posts she talks about still being sober. Looks like she hasnt posted on there since January 22

  26. Ingrid

    January 2023 to u can watch this episode on A&E app I have Amazon tv and you can download A&E and there is 221 open full episodes jade is there full episode along with both heroin hubs …… Just download the app

  27. Cee Cee

    Disney+ in Australia has this as the only season 19 episode and they claim it as episode 1.
    I wish there was one place to watch all seasons here in Australia.
    Binge has seasons 4 and 18 and now Disney+ has 1 episode of season 19 (Jade’s) 7 episodes of season 21 and 2 from season 22. It’s crazy.

  28. Veronica

    She’s magnetic and hard not to like. Her emotional sensitivity and the deep feelings of pain she felt , strikes me to be the reason she uses down. It numbs the pain she feels, and distracts her from the emptiness she feels inside. Beautiful girl with lots of potential and seems to come from a good family.