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POLL: What is the saddest episode of Intervention?

What is the absolute saddest episode of Intervention?

  • Dana (38%, 502 Votes)
  • Other (17%, 227 Votes)
  • Bret (13%, 171 Votes)
  • Brooke (12%, 155 Votes)
  • Lawrence (10%, 132 Votes)
  • Chris Brady (9%, 123 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,310

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  1. melissa

    Mine is Richard K from canada. When he tells the story of him losing his sister Kim i cry every time. I can relate to what it did to him having lost my big brother to a motorcycle accident in 1987. Ive never gotten over it just like Richard with his sister.

  2. Janelle

    Mine is Sandra, the mother from Las Vegas who was addicted to benzos. Seeing how traumatised her kids were, especially the younger one, broke my heart. That episode, Leslie and Bret were the only ones that made me cry.

  3. Kristina

    Definitely the final “Heroin Triangle” episode where we discover that Taylor died.

  4. Kristina

    Also the episode with Courtney, who ended up running away from her intervention and ultimately, not getting help. I always wondered if she made it to her sister’s wedding. It was heartbreaking to watch her sister run after her and try to connect with her.

  5. Laura

    Megan from season 10 had the saddest outcome in my mind, because she had so much spunk and self-insight even in the midst of her struggles and seemed to be genuinely excited about life by the time she had been in treatment a little while. Seeing her last mug shot and reading about the shitty way she died makes that part hard to re-watch. Brittany from season 15, Charles from season 4, and Jackie from season 7 are the other most heartbreaking subjects to me. I’d also put Courtney up there.

  6. Andy

    Definetly Dana. Losing 3 of your 4 kids is unbelievably tragic and I would say she had the saddest episode.

    1. Dana Novak

      Thank you Andy its been a long and hard road since my kids died. Im doing good now . I work for a recovery center for addiction.

      1. Gigi

        You are so admirable Dana…I wish you all the happiness you deserve 🙏

      2. Stefan

        Dana I’m so glad to see you on here and to hear that you’re doing so well. You are a strong woman and an inspiration to us all.

  7. Stefan

    Brett’s episode has stuck with me more than most. His children absolutely broke my heart, especially his son when he’s about to break down when the camera fades to black after he says, “He didn’t die an alcoholic. He died a dad”.

  8. Duchess

    The saddest to me was Brooke. Rheumatoid Arthritis can be horrible and she definitely had a pretty severe case, especially with her knees. She was so hungry for love and her family KNEW that….it made me sick that they withdrew their love as “punishment.” I understand that dealing with addicts can be unbearable, but the way they treated Brooke was really heartbreaking. Her sister’s refusal to allow Brooke in her wedding party was so unbelievably cruel. Seeing Brooke’s sad, bewildered face when her family shoved her off to the side at the wedding made me so angry.

    I was so encouraged when Brooke showed improvement at the rehab facility – the light had returned to her eyes and she seemed to have the pain under control. It was another heartbreak to find out she had not only returned to abusing drugs and had started using meth even. I realized then that she would never heal from her family’s cruelty.

    We hear a lot of participants say the producers made them look bad but the proof is in the pudding – the words came out of their mouths and there was no way to misinterpret their intent – punishing Brooke for her illness. I was heartbroken when I read that she died – she had such a loving, gentle soul that was destroyed by RA and her family. I hope they go forward from this point and help other addicts to honor her fight.

  9. Brian

    For me, the saddest story was Richard’s from season 7. Hearing what happened to him as a child and seeing the significant amount of pain that he lived with was incredibly heartbreaking. His story really stuck with me.

    Richard seemed like such a great person and I hope that he was able to get the help he needed to deal with the trauma he suffered and live a happy life.

    1. Stefan

      From what I’ve read he’s doing great!

  10. Vicki

    Trent is the one who sticks with me the most. From how beaten down he was to how protective he was of Constance (and how heartbroken she was over his addiction/their breakup), his intervention kills me. He’s one I wish they’d do a follow up on.

  11. Kathy

    Have never missed an episode. Used to work on a drug rehab unit and loved it.

  12. Stefan

    I’m amazed that there’s no mention of John the diabetic. The scene when no of his collegues met up with him for dinner is absolutely heartbreaking.

    1. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

      I think he passed…

      1. Stefan

        Yup about four years ago of a heart attack.

      2. Sam

        Really? I watched that today.
        He died so young…
        Aww, man.

        When no one from work shows up, for dinner. It was terrible! In the car on the way over, he was excited to see them. It was a special thing… He was almost hiding his excitement.

        And then his mother crying because she can see he’s hurt. So sad. He seemed like a nice guy. I can relate to him.

  13. Katie

    The episode of Kyla the anorexic was the saddest to me. The sheer agony that her parents were in and the helplessness they felt watching their beloved daughter literally starving herself to death right in front of them. Seeing the pain on their faces as they spoke of how they would never give up on her and would do anything to save her. That episode really struck home for me.

  14. Rommie

    David and Miranda from Intervention Canada really broke my heart.

    1. Ami West

      I don’t remember seeing a Canadian episode with a Miranda or a David? It’s not listed on Intervention directory either. Did I miss one?

      1. Rommie

        Season 2, Episode 14. The main subject was David but his co-dependent gf Miranda was so moving that I think the episode is worth being remembered as David and Miranda, not just David.

      2. Ami

        Hmmm. The only David I see on here is from Season 14 episode 11? Dizzy have you seen this one?

      3. Dizzy

        Yeah it was an Intervention Canada episode. Only some of the Canada episodes are on this site, many of them are unavailable online.

      4. Stefan

        If you have this and could upload it at your convenience I’d love that Rommie!!!

  15. Ami

    Gotcha. Thank you for replying Dizzy. You do such an awesome job with this website. Thank you!!!

  16. Enikő

    I think there were many sad episodes but what is suddenly came into my mind is Anthony’s episode! The 22 years old guy from Wayne County,MI who was struggling with alcohol! That was extremely heartbreaking! All of the horrible things,the abuse he had to go through in his childhood and then the death of his younger brother,Corey due to the leukemia! The scene where Anthony was crying and talking about that “his brother was just a kid and he didn’t deserve death and Anthony wished he was dead instead of Corey”…that really shattered my heart! 🙁

    I wish Intervention did a legacy update with him! I tried to find him on the internet but I had no luck! Is there anyone here probably,who knows anything about him? He has to be around 31-32-33 years old now and I’m really wondering how is he doing now?!

  17. Mari

    Charles from Season 4 I think. He just seemed so lovely and gentle, and what was done to him was beyond horrific. I just wanted to make it better for him, so sad to read he died

  18. Jessie Anderson

    Eric McDonnell from the Boston area. He seemed like such a sweet guy but a lost soul. I believe it was season 14 episode 5.

    1. Ashley

      I was friends with him on Facebook bc his episode affected me. The relationship he had with his dad mainly and his relationship with Val. He was just so lovable and he wanted love so bad. When I saw his post that he was at a music show in either Michigan or Massachusetts I had a feeling something wasn’t right and then the next day it was posted that he dies…… He like all of us at a time was doing great and he probably was and then you get your nerve up and say you can do it one more time and not get addicted and be strong but just one more time. I cried so much and my boyfriend states you didn’t even know him why are you so sad ? Bc I did know him and saw myself in him

  19. Jeannie

    One of the saddest ones that stands out in my mind was the one with the dark haired female mother of 2 from Canada I think, she was sleeping and drugged all day and after her successful intervention when she saw her young son he exclaimed “mom!! you’re standing up!!” He was so happy for a brief time, because he hadn’t seen his mom doing much at all because of her addiction to pain killers. It was so heartbreaking when the boy said that, and then she ended up leaving her kids and husband after the intervention, incredibly sad for the family. Does anyone know the episode I’m talking about?

    1. Stefan

      You’re thinking of Danielle. Her daughter commented on her page and said things are going well.

  20. Lorraine Tipple

    How how how can a mother do that
    Makes me sick what wanting drugs over your children can do
    This mother stooped as low as any drug user can stoop
    I know in my heart she is going to suffer severely
    I honestly don’t know how any consoler can deal with this
    I just pray you have one that can and well help you through this
    As a mother I want to hug Robbie omg I just can’t believe this
    I’m still crying
    That poor boy and his sisters

  21. Rob

    Sylvia’s episode used to destroy me every time, but I think I’ve seen it enough times now that I can keep it together. The pain that she felt was unbearable, and she was so appreciative just to hear her brother say that he loved her. I don’t want to say that her journey has been “miraculous” as she worked damn hard for it, but it’s remarkable.

  22. Jennifer

    Taylor Nichole Bittler.

  23. Tyke

    Jeanna story hit the hardest

  24. LK

    I definitely found Jeanna’s episode most tragic. Not only was her own upbringing very difficult, but I couldn’t imagine how she must have felt going through the murder of her four year old son.

  25. Joanne

    I’m so proud of Dana, I can’t imagine the hell she walked before and after intervention. As a grieving
    Mother I have the highest respect and love for Dana, for her strength, love, and love of God. I’ve watched her struggle and move watching her thrive and helping others. She’s a true inspiration to and addict or grieving family it. Love you too the moon and back Dana

  26. Gigi

    There have been plenty of heart breakers but the episode with Lawrence really got me in the gut. He was such a good person but so deep in his addiction and in denial it was just a little too little and a little too late. It’s one of the few I haven’t been able to watch a second time 😢

  27. C

    John C (diabetes) is up there. So sad. Particularly the dinner where he goes to meet up with friends and gets stood up, and his mom cries… really hard to watch.