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S19E6 Mallory (Addicted Moms)

Season 19. Episode 6


Age: 33
Location: Norman, Oklahoma
Addiction: Heroin, Meth

What’s Memorable:  Mallory’s story is pretty heartbreaking, all the trauma she suffered while still doing her best to be a good mom to 6 kids, it’s not shocking that she turned to drugs to escape. But that conversation with her daughters where she tells them that calling out her crappy behavior and telling her how they feel makes her want to use, because she’s been trying SO HARD to be sober, and her daughter saying “that’s not something you say to your children.” She’s right, it’s not, it’s so deeply manipulative, and also such a common thing for addicts to do to the people who love them. It’s taking the care and love that people show and turning it around, giving themselves permission to get high and feel justified about it, and making their loved ones feel like it’s their fault. It’s one of the uglier things that addiction does to cause family members such intense pain and frustration.

Official Synopsis: Escaping an abusive marriage, Mallory turns to drugs to cope with the fallout, becomes withdrawn, and loses interest in her children.

Date Aired: May 2019
Interventionist: Candy

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  1. Toreigh

    So, I really liked Mallory. I could relate to her and how she felt about becoming a mother to her ex husbands children. I was definitely glad to see her go to treatment, but I did find she was still pretty withdrawn from her kids. But, repairing those relationships will take time. I hope she stays clean and can fix things with her kids and be that awesome person she really is!

    1. Kitty Katt

      Really? Where did you get that info from? Just curious.

  2. Stefan

    Such a powerful moment when she broke down after her daughter said, “you’ve lost the right to be called ‘mom'”.

    1. Pang

      Totally agree

  3. Janice

    I went to high school with her.

    1. Taylor

      I’m looking for an update on Mallory. Does anyone know if she was able to stay sober? This episode made me cry.


    I live in Norman Oklahoma.

  5. A

    It was a mistake to let her see the kids in that state. Getting called a “little b*tch” by your mom is not something it’s easy to get over. It was heartbreaking how they tried to guard their little brothers… No child should go through this..

  6. Harley

    I could relate so much to the scene where she’s in the bedroom with her two daughters. I found myself feeling angry at her until I reminded myself that, developmentally, she wasn’t reacting as an adult at all; she was reacting as a teenager, what with the arrested development she had at having to basically become a parent to two children at 17 years old.

    During that bedroom argument, I would put her age at 16/17, the way she goes on the defensive with them as they try and express to her how they feel.

    It brought back memories to hear her call her daughter a bitch. I was raised by two alcoholic parents, and got called a bitch by my father on occasions when he was intoxicated, so I could feel the girl’s pain.

    1. Kitty Katt

      She was acting like most other addicts do. Her mentality is based on her meth use and not her age.

  7. Brooke

    the way she treated her daughters REALLLLLLY makes me ANGRY. i’m biting my tongue HARD and oooooh it’s bleeding.

  8. Lil

    The scene where she’s in the room with her two daughters and all that comes after that is probably something that many children of addicts can relate to. I sat there completely still because i’ve had a similar confrontations with my alcoholic mom.

  9. Nicky

    Is there any recent update on Mallory? Really interested to know if she stayed sober

    1. lexi

      Her daughter commented on the YT clip of this episode. She said her mother is clean and has a job now. She also said her sister and herself live with mom now.

      1. Nicky

        Thanks for your reply. Is she on Facebook etc.?

  10. Laura

    Oh, wow. The exhaustion and trauma on her face were as true as the love for her kids in her voice. Mallory, you are a good soul, and I hope you have rediscovered the joy you clearly have for being a mom and caretaker. Please stay healthy, the world needs people like you.

  11. Nivey

    Omg! Just saw Mallory featured at the end of the newest episode of Intervention (fentanyl crisis season)! It was a quick mention of her but I’m so happy I caught it! She is working at a recovery center and looks great! What a nice surprise! Happy to see her doing well and back to being the best mom she can be! Xo

  12. Kail

    I know Mallory has made mistakes and in no way do I think she needs absolution from them, but one day I hope her children are able to separate from seeing her as their mother so that instead they can see her as a young girl who was abused, hurt, and grew up too fast. It’s no one’s call to make but her children’s but I believe Mallory deserves understanding and compassion.

    1. shifty

      I second this. The whole almost getting murdered thing seemed to only be mentioned very briefly.