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S19E6 Sandra (Addicted Moms)

Season 19. Episode 6


Age: 43
Location: Denver, Colorado
Addiction: Heroin

What’s Memorable:  What a beautiful family they are! Sandra’s story is so unbelievably common- everything was great until she started taking opioids for pain and eventually moved to heroin when her prescriptions ended. I know there’s controversy around whether the root of the opioid crisis is doctors over-prescribing, but it’s hard to deny that it’s at least a major contributor when these kinds of stories are so prevalent now. What’s memorable – seeing this amazing, gorgeous mother leaving a skeevy motel room in the morning with a ‘better plan’ for scoring today.

Official Synopsis: As a fully committed mom, Sandra was involved in her kids’ school activities as well as after school sports. But in 2015, her abuse of prescription pills after an injury led to an opioid and heroin addiction. Within 2 years, this incredible mom has truly fallen from grace. Her family is desperate to get their loving mother back before it’s too late.

Date Aired: May 2019
Interventionist: Sylvia

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  1. Jessie B

    I missed the end of the episode. Did they go to treatment? Did they do well? How are they now? It cut off right at the pre intervention with Sandra’s family. Help me out please.

    1. Toreigh

      Yes they both went to treatment. Both stayed and then transferred to sober living. Sandra talks to her youngest 2 kids every day through video chat, and Mallory is working on mending her relationship with her kids. Sandra has gone back to school to get her bachelors in construction and plans to go work with her father in their family business. Mallory wants to attend school to become a nurse after she has completed treatment.

  2. Toreigh

    Dizzy, as for a what’s memorable I found that situation where she spends the night with her “friend” because he told her he would get her well, and then laughing at her the next day when shes dope sick.

    1. Dizzy

      Agreed, I had just added a piece of that situation right before you commented. The whole thing was so upsetting.

  3. JuliePV

    God, so much pain in this family. Sylvia was just right for them.

    I’m a recovering prescription opiate addict and I’m so grateful to have stopped before ending up in a life like Sandra’s. I sure do understand how she got there, though. I’m happy she’s on the path of recovery.

  4. beelove

    she posted a message on the intervention fb page, under her episode.

  5. Alexandra

    Sylvia was SO wonderful. And as of November 2021 it looks like Sandra is doing well and still in school studying Project Management. Rooting for her!