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Season 22 Episode 4

Age: 35
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Addiction: Meth

Official Synopsis: 

What’s Memorable:  “I don’t reach out to the people close to me because they don’t get high.”  So simple, so resonant. This was a really interesting intervention – no blood family members invited, just his chosen family that he had long distanced himself from and didn’t think he’d ever see again. When he saw them, hugged them tight, realized that they had all come so far to just let him know much they love him and that they were still there for him, it was really powerful and inspiring. That love that he felt was missing from his own family was there in that room with them and he felt it hard.  Good stuff.  And the follow-up! So lovely. Michael seems like a really wonderful and likable guy, I’m fully expecting he’ll get his life back and do well in recovery.

Date Aired: April 5, 2021

Interventionist: Michael Gonzales, killing it.

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  1. Muffie

    I’m an interventionist and this episode made me cry with joy at the end.
    Michael Gonzales is one of the best I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been doing this for a minute !

  2. Kitty Katt

    He cut off all ties with all of them because he loved them too much. They came together to find him to let him know they love him too much.
    Great cast all around. I cried for most of it. I see that Ken has his own rehab now. Maybe I knew this but just forget but either way it was cool to see.
    Good call on leaving his mother out of the intervention itself but it was also nice to see she was involved in the show too.

  3. Lauren

    This episode really got to me. You could sense what a good man he is and the love he had for his son and his fiancé. I hope all of the addicts on this show stay clean but I really feel emotionally invested in his recovery. I think he will do big things with his life if he stays on the party of recovery.

  4. Marianna

    This episode – and quite frankly pretty much every episode I watch – is PROOF that (for whatever reason, justified or not) addicts don’t feel loved, or don’t feel worthy of love so they push it away and punish themselves. The interventions themselves prove otherwise though – that they are usually surrounded by love – even if they can’t see it at the time. Once convinced of how loved they truly are and that they are worthy and deserve this love and gift of treatment, they understand and find the power to agree to treatment, go, and stay sober. This episode is proof of that. I truly wish Michael, Estee & their children all the best. PS – When his son came through the door and said “HI!” and opened up his arms as wide as he could to hug his dad, I bawled my eyes out! He’s right – he’s the only one that can end the cycle of absent fathers for his son. Happy to hear he and his mother are working on their relationship as well.

  5. Hannah

    Wow. Wow wow wow. I’ve seen nearly every single episode of Intervention, but I seldom ever get emotional over an episode, but the intervention made me tear up. Feeling how much his family loved him, how likable Michael is, how aware he was of his struggle, his clear love for his son… what a powerful episode. I have so much hope for Michael and I hope he keeps up the good work! He deserves sobriety, and he deserves a relationship with his son just as his son deserves a relationship with him. What a great guy.

  6. Chirag

    One of the best episodes I’ve seen in a while. Michael is such a likeable and talented person. His friends, grandmother, and ex fiancée (hopefully back together) at the intervention were so calm and understanding. No judgement from any of them. Michael Gonzales is definitely my favourite interventionist.. He adapts so well to all situations. Rooting for Michael to stay sober!

  7. Sakina

    I’ve never commented before but this one really touched me. I felt as if I learned some things about life by watching this episode. When his son told him what he missed most was his hugs, that was everything. I think that helped to put a lot into perspective for him. Michael I wish you the best. You are loved by so many! Including folks that have never met you. 💜💜💜

  8. Lisa

    Wow! It took me a while to get into this episode but I was really moved (and cried at the end!) I’m rooting for Michael. Definitely one of the most likeable people on this show!

  9. Andrea

    Omg! I watch the show all the time, but this episode had me in tears. I pray that he stays clean bc his son needs him. I felt the love ❤️! LORD PLEASE CONTINUE TO GIVE HIM THE STRENGTH!🙏🏾

  10. Chanel Hernandez

    Michael story brought me to tears he wanted help and knew he wanted a better life I’m so happy for him and his recovery.

  11. naciarg

    When his Ex begin to talked about his child I had reached for the box of kleenex. It wasn’t until Michael describe in detail not so much his step dad but how his mother would beat him to the point of embarrassment.. I was taken aback. Then I started crying. And when called on it! His mother laugh and said, “I use to tear that azz up”. I was done.

    However, I really broke down at the end with joy and happiness.

    1. Stefan

      Yah it was definitely a good call for her not to participate in his intervention. I’m glad they’re talking again and hopefully will repair their relationship will heal with time.

  12. Tammie

    Michael I love you and I don’t know you. I wish you and Estee and your children all the best. Thanks to his friends and grandma for not giving up on him. I want nothing but the best for him. I want to see him in movies, hear him on the radio; and dance to his choreography. Be the father you never had. Hayden needs you. The world needs your light. Estee…you are nothing short of amazing; beautiful outside but apparently on the inside too. Much love, success, and happiness to all. ❤️