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Season 22, Episode 11 (Intervention Canada)

Tim “Shady” Smith
Age: 35
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Addiction: Meth, Alcohol

Official Synopsis:As a four-time Canadian champion, 35-year-old Tim was well on his way to the big leagues in the lucrative world of mixed martial arts. Unfortunately, Tim’s family had a history of addiction and that cycle was an opponent he just couldn’t pin to the mat. Horribly addicted to crystal meth, Tim has traded the limelight of the octagon for days spent obsessively inventorying the last of his belongings in a musty storage locker and violently fending off imaginary enemies with a bullwhip. Can Tim break this cycle of drug abuse and violence for the sake of his son, and ultimately, to save his own life?

What’s Memorable:  The all day storage unit tweaking session, how much he obviously loves his kid but can’t get out of his own way to actually be there for him, how completely lost he is without his people and his sport to ground him and give him any sense of structure or connection. He’s got this big ol messed up family but there’s clearly so much love there. SHADY 2.0 YO!

Interventionist: Geri
Date Aired: May 17 2021  (Aired as Intervention Canada Season 5 Episode 6, on May 6, 2019)

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  1. Grilldabeast

    I’m Canadian and from a part of the country where these accents are strong, but the accents in this one appeared thick even for me. That aside, this poor guy was dealt a rough hand to begin with. Family addiction is absolutely brutal. I hope he has managed to stay clean and renew his relationship with his son so the cycle doesn’t continue. Also, ADORABLE pitty. 🙂

    1. Gigi

      He was dealt a tough hand and definitely had some anger issues but I was really proud of how hard he worked at recovery. And I agree…the dog was super juicy and adorable 🥰

      1. Amber Springer

        I am so hoping for this guy.

  2. Stefan

    Finally got around to watching it. What was up with the whips he used all the time that his sister made lol

    1. Biscuit

      Shadiana Jones?

  3. Nina

    All I can say is thank goodness for a happy ending! These past few were disappointing but I don’t think those addicts were at rock bottom yet unfortunately.

    I hope that Tim keeps his sobriety and continues on his path to being not just a father, but a Dad to his son.