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POLLS: Season 22 and Beyond

Ok I could be wrong because you never know for sure what A&E is up to, but it looks like Elann may have been the last episode of Season 22.  Overall a strong season, I thought. The Vegas part of the season was enthralling and unique, the last like hundred episodes of the season being Intervention Canada was weird, but there were several really compelling and unforgettable episodes in the Canada run so I’m not complaining.  I’m not! I love this show! Good season!

So…time for some polls because why not


What grade would you give Season 22 as a whole?

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It has come to my attention that at least 2 Intervention producers or producer-adjacents visit this site. Let’s pretend they come here for feedback and ideas for future seasons. What do you think they should do next?

What format would you like to see for the next season of Intervention?

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  1. Stefan

    Overall I loved this season. It started with an absolutely crazy episode (Suzon) and ended with a tragic one (Ellan). In between there were tons of memorable ones. I didn’t mind the Intervention Canada episodes at all. Maybe it was just me, but they seemed more graphic than the American ones. Also it’s great news that two of the producers visit this site. Keep up the great work Dizzy!!!

  2. Pang

    I did enjoy the themed episodes that took place in one area in a recent season and am fascinated by the opiod epidemic and what it has done. I have heard that the opiod epidemic has gone into overdrive during the pandemic and would be particularly interested to see stories that look at the pandemics effect on addiction.

    The first episode of this season was absolutely crazy and phenomenal and I really enjoyed the other couple new ones that were filmed in the past year. I don’t mind interventions in Canada, but am more interested in the impact of recent events on users which is why I found the replays from Intervention Canada less compelling this season as they were filmed awhile ago and no longer felt as relevant to the world we live in now.

    1. Dizzy

      That’s a really good point. The Canada episodes this season just felt to me really…dated? And now that you said that, yeah of course, the world feels much different than it did when these were filmed and that’s probably why some us didn’t fully connect to them, or at least wished we were seeing more new episodes instead. I hope we will be seeing pandemic-era episodes next season. Like I said before, I think “and then Covid happened” is going to be a key milestone is most peoples’ addiction stories for the foreseeable future. Thanks for commenting Pang!

      1. Pang

        Thanks Dizzy for commenting on my comment. 🙂 I too hope the show continues and that we get some recent interventions in the new world we live in, whether as stand-alone episodes or seasonal arcs. I enjoyed the arcs for seeing characters and their families evolve over time, but would also welcome episodes encompassing different sorts of addictions. For example, there has only been 1 binge eating episode out of 22 seasons, and it is a highly prevalent disorder, although not as immediately lethal as drug/alcohol addictions or anorexia. Now that BED (binge eating disorder) is officially in the DSM, I hope it is also being increasingly recognized as a serious disorder.

        I also am not sure why the interventionee needs to be unaware of the intervention, which someone commented could be a reason that the show might have trouble finding people to participate now that the show has been around for so long. This rationale seems more like a show structure gimmick. I understand the idea that if someone knows they are going to treatment they might binge on their substance of choice and kill themselves, but in reality, clients often have to wait several days to a couple weeks while waiting for a bed to open up. I think it would be an interesting direction to include people who want interventions. Even if you know it is coming, hearing your family members’ concerns and love could still be an incredibly cathartic experience to jump-start one’s recovery journey.

        But no matter what is covered, I would love to see how the pandemic is affecting people. I noticed recently that I have been drinking more than I used to (which has never been an issue for me- I could leave or take it) and I am now making a concerted effort to limit it to special/intentional occasions and not boredom drinking. I noticed that I started to crave wine which was scary for me. I’m also trying to be intentional with my eating which has/d gotten out of control. Watching intervention episodes and then interacting with people on this board is sort of like a sobriety reminder to check myself. Thanks for all the work you do!

  3. Jeremy

    I thought it was a good season. I was a little disappointed that during the Vegas episodes they didn’t do any featuring a gambling addict. I mean, that’s what the city is known for, right? Maybe that would have been too obvious.

    I don’t mind the Canada episodes. The appeal of the show for me is seeing the addict (and sometimes family) overcome their struggles through a community effort, and that process is not specific to a country.

    Thanks for all the work here, Dizzy.

  4. Claire

    I haven’t finished season 22 yet, but my favorite ideas are hybrid and old school seasons.

    I’ve been watching this show since the beginning and I feel like my favorite era of the show was honestly around season 2. I don’t think this is necessarily when the show objectively was at it’s best, certain things did get better as time went on. But the reason I prefer this era of the show was that the production seemed to take a back seat in the older episodes. It felt like a documentary whereas now it feels more in line with reality TV.

    At times the later seasons feel manufactured and over-produced, like when they’re filming the interventionist driving in a car talking about the area, when the music indicates whether or not something bad is going to happen, when crew members are explaining things to the interventionist in a clearly staged scene, etc. It’s too heavy handed for me. I miss how real the older seasons felt.

    Another thing I miss is the variety. It feels very focused on drug/alcohol addiction now, which I don’t think is objectively bad. But I selfishly wish there were more episodes that focused on self harm, eating disorders, gambling, etc. Adult self harm is what I want to see covered most of all. I’d also love to see dermatillomania and trichotillomania covered.

    Another thing I would love to see would be long episodes focusing on the dynamic of an entire family, because so often it seems like the behavior of other family members and intergenerational trauma plays a significant role in the life of a singular addict. I always want to know the stories of the addict’s parents on a deeper level.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts as someone who has been watching this show for a long time. I don’t think everyone will agree with my thoughts, this is just what I personally would enjoy.

  5. Michelle P

    I love the old school intervention, one person per episode. However, I voted for “other” because I think it would be amazing to get a few episodes that follow up with some of the family members we got to know through the addicts. VAssuming that the show could get these people to participate again , there are quite a few people who left a lasting impression as well as many of us wondering how they are doing today (Linda’s brother Sam who was forced to care for her for 8 years while she was addicted to Fentanyl lollipops, Amy P’s family from South Africa who felt Intervention didn’t represent them well the first time, etc.) It would be interesting to see how they feel their family/friend with the addiction did after the show through their eyes and give them the opportunity to clarify anything from the whole experience of the show. Just a thought…

    1. Dizzy

      This is a really cool idea.

      1. Stefan

        Indeed. At the very least they could do them in Legacy update shorts.

  6. MrsFlamingo

    I can’t wait for the new season to start soon!