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Season 23, Episode 3

Age: 21
Location:  Oceanside, California
Addiction:  Fentanyl

Official Synopsis: Jesse spiraled into a fentanyl addiction after growing up in a California household full of trauma and dysfunction. With the help of Interventionist Michael Gonzales, Jesse’s family fights to save their loved one’s life.

What’s Memorable:  

Interventionist: Michael Gonzales

Date Aired: November 1, 2021

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  1. Paige

    Jesse! Your beautiful. Hope you find your way. Life is ugly.. the world needs your beautiful, unique soul.

    Love this episode. Jesse is such a sweetheart. And there’s something powerful about that family. I hope they all find peace

  2. Michelle

    Some episodes hit harder than others and Jesse’s was one of those for me. As a viewer I find it hard at times to understand the illness of addiction (I think that’s why I enjoy the series so much) but when I see stories like this, I wonder how someone couldn’t help but to abuse drugs to try and numb the endless disappointments and unfair hands that Jesse has been dealt. I wanted to be angry at his mother and his entire family for allowing Jesse to be treated the way he was for so long but they were so aware of their own struggles and addictions, no denial whatsoever. I truly hope he finds his way to recovery and the life and love he deserves.

  3. lhamo55

    Those of you with facebook accounts, please take a look at Tony Atkins’ page and his videos. He is a pediatric neurosurgery physician’s assistant who was born and raised in South Compton – PAs are highly trained (and compensated) specialized nurses who are typically allotted far more time to work hands on with their patients’ day to day care and relate to the patients’ families than most doctors in today’s managed care environment can. I’m mentioning him because I would absolutely love to see him and/or his associates mentor Jessie and come up with an actionable plan to share his gift with others as a nurse with autonomy in whichever specialty he feels most drawn to. Sure, he could become a doctor and spend years in the bowels of a system designed to suck the life force out of the most compassionate healer while they eat nothing but cheap fast food or beans and rice everyday to pay off crippling student loans. With nursing and the right scholarships and mentorships he can get the training and degrees at a more sane pace and just keep going til he gets where he wants to be.

    Not sure how I can start the ball rolling – maybe contacting Michael and Tony directly would be best?

    1. Elizabeth

      Physician’s Assistants (PAs) are not nurses. It’s its own degree and license with some autonomy in practice and with some prescription writing abilities. The role is somewhat similar to Nurse Practitioner (NP), which is a master’s degree in nursing and also has some autonomy in practice. I could see Jesse enjoying either one.

  4. Restless soul

    Liked Jesse but very suprised mom was not called out at intervention.. if it was Ken he would have. As if she lied about that, is she serious about the whole thing? Plus the whole family especially the uncle are very self righteous. They were using his whole childhood and now they are clean they have no sympathy?? Cmon.

  5. apricotsummer

    I feel for Jesse. I hope he’s able to nurture and heal the wounded childhood traumas. My gods, what hasn’t this poor kid endured?
    While his use seems totally understandable I hope he decides it’s worth it to get clean, that he’s worth getting clean- despite the experiences with family and the messages he got growing up.
    Totally do not understand why his mom was lying but there’s some deeply tricky family dynamics there- not a healthy relationship. I hope she and the rest of the family will continue to heal and to hold their bottom lines, and that Jesse chooses Life, for himself, regardless of his current relationship with his family. He could share something very special with the world.

  6. Reticulated Spline

    The Uncle rubs me the wrong way by categorizing people as “toxic” . Where was his self-righteousness when his sister abandoned her child to use drugs or where was he when Jesse was being abused shelters? Oh that’s right, using drugs himself. His sister even did the same thing by continuing to use but walk in and out of Jesse’s life whenever it was convenient and she would have been doing it for her own sake, not Jesse’s by visiting. I wonder if he or his sister were to relapse if he would expect the rest of the family, Including Jesse, to write them off as toxic if they ever reached out for money or anything? yeah Jesse’s mother was enabling but that money was preventing Jesse from selling herself on the street. He seems to see Jesse reaching out for money as some sort of attack on his sister that he needs to rush in and white knight her by turning her into the victim

    Not sure how I feel about an intervention when the entire family had used drugs in as little as a year or 2 ago, maybe less if they’re lying which let’s be honest is what addicts do. Jesse was born addicted to drugs and it would have been a miracle if she hadn’t needed drugs to numb the pain.

    If you find your way here Jesse I want you to know that you are an amazing person and I hope you can find your happiness in life without needing substances(not all drugs because medication like antidepressants can be vitally important and aren’t something to be ashamed of) at whatever you decide to do.

    1. Elizabeth

      Fully agree. The uncle was making me so upset, like how dare he tbh. Saying Jessie is “toxic” like is he serious? That’s an insaanely tall high horse he’s riding.

  7. Cordelia525

    Wow, this one hit me hard too. Like, adopted Gabe hard. What a beautiful soul; I too hope he can find his way back and fight his light. What a sad, sad episode.

    1. Richard

      My DVR cut off right where it said, Jesse had left rehab against medical advice after 4 days. Was there a further update. Through the summer “Intervention” was airing episodes from Canada. Many of them were very close to where I live. This is universal and has no barriers. It is heart breaking but I hope the program can educate all of us to be more aware, helpful and compassionate.

  8. Kendra

    I was looking forward to the end of the episode to see Jesse healed and in recovery. I really hope Jesse is ok

  9. Mr B

    Didn’t like this episode. What a terrible life Jesse has had, for the most part. Jesse needs to leave it ALL behind and start over.

    Sad stuff.

  10. Clover

    Throughout this entire episode I was looking forward to seeing Jesse clean and helping others. It broke my heart to see that he didn’t overcome his struggles and the grip of the disease of addiction still had a hold on him. Jesse if you read this, I’m so sorry the adults in your life did not protect you. It is not your fault, you are strong, you deserve to be here, you have an amazing light in you and I see it through the compassion you have for others. I hope you find peace, grace and the self worth you need to travel in this lifetime.

    1. Gigi

      That was beautifully said Clover. I found Jesse to be an incredibly kind and sympathetic soul as well and I think if he could work through some of his trauma and addiction he could truly be capable of greatness

  11. HannahP.

    I recorded this episode and it cut off before I got to see the results of rehab. What happened after she left for rehab???

    1. kelsie

      he left AMA :”(


    How was Jesse mom able to give her $500 a week ?

    Also DVR cut off end….how did Jesse do? And did h I s mom tell about intervention

    1. Janel

      I was thinking the same thing! (She left treatment after a few days 😢)

  13. Molly

    Why does only her mom gender her properly? Clearly she uses she/her pronouns, but everyone uses he/him pronouns for her besides her mom. It upsets me!

    1. Dizzy

      No Jesse identifies as gender fluid and uses both he/she pronouns. Mother did actually use he/him a couple of times.

      1. BoogieWoogit

        The outrage feedback loop seeks not facts

  14. Ilana

    Jesse seems like such a kind, gentle soul. Sadly, that rare level of compassion makes me worry for their survival on the street – genuine empathy is a rare gift and too many people take advantage of it. A lot of really hard stuff to get past with this family, but it was encouraging to see at least Jesse’s mom making a consistent effort to use expanded pronouns to refer to her child. I hope someday jesse understands they’re worthy of the same kindness they show to others, and receives it.

  15. T

    I supporter
    Both of my brothers are gay and I’ve struggled with drug addiction. I’m working as a RN, and can promise we can all get past it
    Please, please don’t ever stop and know how beautiful you are!! I love you, and you touched me deeply. ❤💖

  16. m

    hi does anyone have socials/an update?

  17. Albert

    Incredible sadness aside, from a technical aspect this episode was very well shot and edited.

    The scene of the outdoor argument between the mother and brother, edited with shots of Jesse throwing up was powerful on many levels. Maybe Intervention is upping their game after years of the same “Love you like crazy”

    The ending was a shocker but I hope Jesse does come around – she has so much to offer.

  18. Leigh

    Jesse was such a kind soul who was let down by every adult in his life. I wish he could see how worthy he is and how his intelligence and kindness can be channeled towards helping others and doing something great in this world! While his family loved him and realized the damage they did, it was still so frustrating to watch and I felt like their support came too little too late. I hope he finds his way.

  19. Emmett Xavier Japheth Theodoran

    This one hit me pretty hard too. Jesse is one of the sweetest souls that I have seen. He/she grew up in traumatic conditions with family members using drugs too. There was zero stability it sounds like except for grandma who died when Jesse was young. I was very sad to see that rehab did not work. Hopes and prayers for a better future for Jesse. He has way too much potential to not win this.

  20. Melissa

    Omg Jesse you are so beautiful. To have you do my makeup one time would be a dream. Life is hard. I too have been in your shoes just not to that extent. I pray you make it. You have so much to offer this world. If you decide you want to do something besides medical, I can definitely see makeup artist in your future. We love you!!!!

  21. Rebecca M.

    I just saw Jesse’s episode. His empathy is so touching. I wish her all the best. The world NEEDS kind, loving souls like hers. What a beautiful soul. I wish them all the best.

  22. Amy

    This entire family needs some serious therapy. This show moves me so much but this episode HURT. I hope Jesse can find the peace she so very much deserves.