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Season 25, Episode 10


Location:  Thompson, Manitoba, Canada
Addiction:  Crack

What’s Memorable:

Official Synopsis:  A country boy at heart, Josh thrived in the great outdoors, but the grips of addiction now threaten his very survival. Emotional turmoil caused from being separated from his biological father, coupled with years of being bullied, has fueled his crisis and escalated his drug use. Once headed for a bright future as a master auto body technician, crack cocaine has crashed his career dreams. Now he has abandoned everything, including his children, while his family desperately seek to save him from the drug-driven chaos and violence that threatens his life.

Date Aired: July 1, 2024

Interventionist: Maureen Brine

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  1. Liz

    What is josh’s last name? Does anyone know him?

  2. Jason

    It’s amazing how certain family members can trigger the addict and almost sabatoge the intervention. The mother saying that she was going to sell Josh’s belongings was unnecessary. Geri is such a great interventionist and controlled the situation.

    1. Doug

      My DVR cut out before the summary…what was his update after he agreed to go..please?

    2. Tonya

      Jason… that was exactly my thought!! Not necessary! The interventionist did a great job turning that around.

    3. Tyler

      Yes! Mom saying “I will permanently turn my back on you,” etc. So not necessary. Why did she have to make it more dramatic???

    4. Lizzie

      Well yeah, but …. all I could think was, with everything this guy has going on, that’s what he’s worried about? Losing a storage locker (that he already isn’t paying for) full of stuff that can’t be that valuable (or he would have pawned it already)? That’s what he’s worried about?

      I don’t think the mom was trying to be dramatic. I think that she was trying to get him to understand that she was actually serious about holding a boundary this time. Maybe the first time ever someone was holding a boundary with Josh and she knew he would have a hard time believing it.

      1. Stefan

        Indeed. It reminded me of Adam’s episode where they actually did just that after he refused to go to treatment.

    5. Cxxxxyyyzzz

      Maureen was the interventionist.

    6. Xlio

      Geri <3 RIP

      but i believe Maureen was the interventionist?

  3. Tonya

    I taped the episode with Josh! I do not know why, but it stopped with him arriving at treatment and I never got to see what happened afterwards. Can someone tell me the end of that episode? Was he successful? Thank you to anyone that can respond to this for me.

  4. Gregory Moore

    From the start of this episode, it made me mentally compile a list of the least-likeable subjects in the history of INTERVENTION (both U.S. and Canada)…and Josh was in the top-five (gratuitously calling his lovely, young sister a “slut” sealed it for me–deliberately smoking crack in front of his poor, long-suffering mother didn’t help, either). The biggest surprise for me was interventionist Maureen Brine. I’d never much admired her interventions in the past–but this one made me do a 180 on her. Her hardline approach was exactly what this guy needed. I’ve wondered through the years why the “consequences” of saying “no” to intervention s were sort of the buried lead in most interventions. Maureen chose to put the consequences right up front in the family letters, and I think that with someone as far-gone as Josh was was exactly the approach needed to get through to him–that he would lose absolutely everything if he didn’t accept. What an amazing outcome it had. Based on his post-rehab interview, he’s no longer on my list. I liked him and wish him all the best.

    1. Stefan

      Yah she really stepped up her game with him.

  5. Caitlin

    I really hope he’s been able to have contact with his children!