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Season 1 Episode 4


Age: 24
Location: Arizona
Addicted to: Sex, Meth
What is most memorable about this episode: Multiple middle of the night sex-line hookups, addiction to porn shop, sweet family in Vermont.

Update: Brian J. Bellamore passed away on November 29th, 2016 due to a medical error in treating an infection. His death was not related to his addiction.

Official synopsis: Brian has a bad crystal meth habit. He is also a sex addict. Brian roams around the streets to find new partners every night.
Original Air Date: March 2005

Interventionist: Candy

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  1. James

    Whatever happened to Brian? Did he get back on track?

  2. Anonymous

    He passed away recently

    1. Dizzy

      Oh no! Do you have a link to an obituary or a news story or anything so that I can confirm?

      1. SABRINA

        HI, I can confirm, I am one of his close friends from Vermont.

  3. Kristy

    Did anyone figure out if Brian passed away?

  4. Kristy

    Damn still no word on Brian? I been looking and can’t find a thing.

  5. Matthew

    Brian died in November 2016 as the result of a medical error while he was being treated for a skin infection. There was no obituary or funeral.

    Brian’s mother Dianne and sister Sarah have also passed away since this episode aired.

    Source: I’m from Brian’s hometown, dated him briefly when we were in high school, and we kept in touch online during the periods when he was sober.

    1. Dizzy

      Thank you for letting us know Matthew. I’d like to post about this but I have to get some sort of secondary verification. Even just a facebook page or something like that. Maybe you could send me his last name so I can try to find something? [email protected] Thanks so much for posting here.

      1. Matthew

        I sent you an email with some information you can use for verification. It’s all public, but I’d prefer not to share it here.

      2. Dizzy

        I got it, thanks again.

  6. Tobie

    Omg this is so sad. I always wondered about him. He seemed so lost. Thanks for letting us know.

    1. Matthew

      I think “lost” is as accurate as you can get with a single word description.

      We went to the same rural high school. We ran in very different circles, but had a few mutual friends. I was also the only openly gay guy at school, and Brian was trying very hard to stay in the closet, so he didn’t really want to be seen talking to me. Even at this point, he was doing inhalants and showing up to school drunk. I’m not sure he was ever really in control of his life.

      At the time, he told me that his parents were very homophobic, and that they were the main reason he was in the closet. I’ve also heard from more than one mutual friend that his parents sent him to a rehab that included gay conversion therapy.

      We dated briefly after being fixed up by a mutual friend (I think we were both 16 at the time) but he was very sex-focused even by 16 year old guy standards. I eventually stopped taking his phone calls because he’d immediately turn every conversation to the topic of what he wanted me to do to him in bed. I was just not ready for that, at all. We had kissed and fooled around a little, but he was looking for some pretty hard-core stuff.

      After Intervention, I know that he was in and out of rehab several times. In 2015 he was arrested for meth trafficking. We chatted briefly a few times over the years, but never discussed his addiction.

      Despite his problems, I always thought that he was a very likeable, kind, and intelligent person.

  7. Andy

    RIP Brian! This really breaks my heart! I can’t believe he died I just watched his episode recently.

    His mom and sister both died in 2013.

    This is his moms obituary

    His mom passed from a terminal illness.

    His sisters obituary

    His sister died from an overdose.

    1. Stefan

      God I feel for the dad. To lose all of your immediate family in a period of just three years must be unbearable.

      1. Sarah Beaudry

        I was just going to say! I’m watching his episode right now.
        His father looks so groovy.
        I can’t imagine what his poor father must have gone through to lose 2 children and a wife from 3 separate things. Terrible.
        My heart breaks.

    2. Jeanbak

      Have to say I really respect and appreciate them being honest and specific about the cause of death on the sister’s obituary page. I think that is really important to do for overdose and suicide deaths

      1. Natalie S.

        When they don’t include that information I wonder if it’s because they feel shame about the manner of death. Just last week someone I know that struggles with addiction died suddenly and unexpectedly at age 41. They didn’t say why but I suspect it’s either overdose or suicide. It feels inappropriate to ask around if f i don’t know the person very well.

  8. Andy

    Dizzy you should add adopted to his category.

  9. Flo

    So sad for this family.

  10. David

    My husband and i knew Brian during his time in Miami.Brian did everything he could to help those he could but we lost track of him when he got incarcerated in 2015. He was and devastated at any mention of his mother or sister who passed away prior to him he always stayed in contact with his father up in Vermont while he was here in Florida. I wish there was a way I could have repaid him helping us. Its sad that a Google search of his name today lead me to read this news about him. Like Matthew stated ” despite his problems he was very likeable he was very kind he would give his shirt off his back to help somebody out.

    Your with your mom and sister now Brian. Those who knew you personally miss you deeply and we want to say Thank you for being the one friend who helped us and never let your addiction stop you from that.

  11. Victoria

    How many unprotected partners did he have…I just watched the old episode and i missed how many they captioned he gad but saw it say he used protection 2 times only vv

    1. Matthew

      The episode said sexual 400 partners, I believe. I would assume that number was an estimate, and I would not assume that all of those involved penetrative anal sex.

    2. Janelle

      Why does it matter? The episode is about addiction, intervention and recovery, not how many partners he had or what methods of sex he engaged in. Yet more proof that most people who watch “Intervention” watch because they find it titillating and entertaining, not because they care about what happens to the person after the episode airs.

      1. Elizabeth

        I didn’t read the question that way. His sexual behavior seemed to be very closely intertwined with his addiction – he may have been addicted to sex as much as he was to drugs. I don’t think this question is any more inappropriate than asking what substances someone used or how often or any other behaviors they may engage in that would indicate the severity or progression of addiction.

      2. Matthew

        I agree 100% with Elizabeth. The motivations for risky behaviors, as well as the level of risk taken and the frequency, is part of the discussion of addiction… and sex was a key part of Brian’s addiction.

        “Titillating and entertaining” are not words I would use to describe the experience of watching this episode, and it would definitely be inaccurate to suggest that I didn’t care what happened to Brian after it aired.

        Frankly, I don’t think anyone would be participating in this discussion if they didn’t care what happened after the episode aired. At least a couple of us, myself included, are folks that knew Brian. He was the first boy I kissed, when we were both 16. He was my first sexual partner. I cared.

      3. Brooke

        that is not an inappropriate question at all… it’s very relevant. relevant enough to be documented in the episode. especially since the episode was partly about his sex addiction and those are details of that addiction. it’s very dangerous. it was ~500 partners and he only used condoms with 2. he had contracted chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis in a very short time span. very serious and very relevant.

      4. raymo

        There’s always gotta be one, huh? you gotta be offended about something that’s not offensive because it makes you feel important or something (or perhaps it had been awhile since you had used the word “titillating”, who knows). Rewatch the episode. HE WAS ADDICTED….TO SEX. He was addicted to drugs and sex. The show is not meant to be pretty. And how do you think they came up with that number….I’ll give you a second to think about it…try really hard…HE TOLD THEM. He told them, so even he didn’t care. Go home Janelle…go home.

  12. Vare

    I was friends w Brian in college. He gave me a quilt his mom made and I have a really cool picture of his mom from the 70s. It’s in a frame. Has been since 1999. Brian was a good soul who lost his way. I was devistated to find that he passed via a google search. We parted ways years ago but he’s always been in my heart. We had a lot in common. February adopted babies!! I feel a great loss and absence. I hope he is at peace and found his Mom and Sister. I’m not sure if our old friend group knows but I am going to reach out… If anyone who knew him, please reach out and contact me if you like. It’s a damn shame that he went and no one really even blinked. RIP Brian. You are missed and people cared.

    1. Gigi Atkins

      I’m so sorry for your loss. Brian made me really sad…the degree of self loathing you have to have to engage in some of those behaviors is pretty incomprehensible. Somebody posted that Brian’s parents were very homophobic which would explain a lot but wasn’t addressed in the show at all. May he Rest In Peace.

  13. Meggy

    This pisses me off. No lie. I’m a fan of intervention. I relate with many of their stories. But update your damn episodes A&E and explain if they’re currently living. I just watched this episode knowing that this man died and it currently says he went to treatment several times up to 2007 in his episode. Sometimes just because they didn’t die from addiction doesn’t raise A&E views, it detached humans from one another even more with a clear divider called media. He unfortunately died but I remembered him from this list and just because of complications from infection, doesn’t mean his death shouldn’t be acknowledged. The dude tried. And somehow the system failed him along the line and THIS story is a perfect example how we can lose someone so fast. He was strong and clearly tried several times all to die from not even at his own hands. He may have been a minnow in the world’s pond. But he was not just a minnow in the fan base of intervention nor his family and friends. I feel like a minnow but I’d hope if I put my life out there for the rest of the pond that the pond can at least recognize I didn’t die to a self-harm problem rather than a system that clearly failed. If you get me… I hate this pond. It only matters if someone else is making money off of it..

  14. Ingrid

    Brian died in 2016 due to infection says so in his story above