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S1E10 Kelly F.

Season 1, Episode 10

Kelly F.

Age: 20’s
Location: California
Addiction: Alcohol (beer)
What’s Memorable: Your standard West Coast stinky street kid, self-righteous spare-changer who constantly drinks 40’s of malt liquor, hates his parents, and is convinced that he’s totally happy with his life and has no problems. He reminds me way too much of my little brother, maybe that’s why I got so angry at him when I watched. I really hope that eventually he got some help.

Official synopsis:  Kelly, a man with a 160 IQ who lives on the streets and survives on beer and other people’s spare change

Original Air Date: June 2005

Interventionist: Candy

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  1. marcy lily

    This is one of the Iterventions that had me so angry . There are people who go homeless because fate kicked them down and there are street kids/people who are there because there are no rules . I was sympathetic to his problems as a child but think he had a personality disorder as well . Entitled mooch who throws it all away for street live .
    We have a huge group in a neighboring city and if you do not give them money you are the problem . I see a Kelly or 10 in every group.

    1. Lawny

      Whatever happened to this guy, Kelly F? I dont watch this show often (bc its depressing), but I was drawn in by Kelly’s story. He didnt want to quit, going to rehab was a waste of everyone’s time & money.

      Its been a few years since his episode ran. Does anyone know if Kelly F got his sh** together?

      I wish him the best, wherever he may be.

      1. marcy lily

        No he did not . According to the update he lost his dog , girlfriend and was perfectly content to be a street kid . Other than his vacation at rehab he was the type that like the streets because there is no laws or rules . Total jerk from a nice family . This was updated just a few months ago so he could be off the streets but I doubt it .

  2. Christina Cowell

    I don’t think Kelly is an entitled person. He has a genius IQ – which often is makes life harder to live. He has a severe learning disability and he wasn’t even allowed to play with the “normal” kids at recess. He loved his dog even though he could not take care of him. But most of all he is HONEST. A lot of addicts make excuses for relapsing and not going into treatment. He said himself that rehab did not work for him because he didn’t want to stop drinking. This episode really got to me – I think because he loves his dog so much and his mother really loves him. I hope you are OK Kelly. You have a lot to offer the world and yourself and many people are dyslexic. You are not alone.

    1. Mary C.

      TOTALLY AGREE! Also, IMO his mom lying to him was SOO messed up! I’d be so p*issued off…I’d tell ole moms and pops that THAT was likely the reason I drink…the bs that goes on in this family! So wrong. He is genius+ and they treat him like he is a kindergartener. His stepfather is a twat! I’d like to think he is sober and has found his way.

      1. Mary C.

        I fully agree with you! What his “family” did to him by lying about his dog was enormously messed up. I did see some entitlement, but on the other hand, it is hard to be so smart, yet frustrating not to have some sort of outlet for his frustration. His mother should have had him in sports very early on to give him the physical outs he needed, being treated so badly at school. He should have been home schooled or had a tutor. So many resources and she used none. I hope he has found his way and is using his talent to his benefit.

  3. F.Ellis

    I have a different view on the Kelly episode. Especially on the parents, did they push him in school? It just said he could barely read and write…seems to me the parents really didn’t know how to live with a dyslexic child screw a 160 IQ if you won’t help them use it. I hope the guy is ok though, after this ep. wanting to live a free livestyle just ain’t for everybody.

    1. Beatrice Thomas

      I highly doubt he really has an IQ of 160

      1. Christopher

        My IQ is 160 and this guy seems to be intelligent but a smart aleck. I doubt his is 160 but it’s possible. His sarcasm makes it seem like he’s kinda ignorant. In fact, he just doesn’t care. It’s sad cause he is smart but has to learn to care for himself. Funniest part of any intervention episode is when Kelly’s buddy says “come sit down and have a beer!” Kelly says “A beer?” Like it was the most important thing ever. The tone in his voice was very sarcastic. Anyways, sometimes people are too smart for their own good. I know from experience and dependency.

  4. Cindy

    So it looks like Kelly is still an addict and homeless. I was shopping with my husband in Brea, CA when we saw him sitting on a bench. He looked raggedy, his hair long and uncombed, and quite frankly looks terrible. I could not believe that I recognized him from the episode. I felt so sad for him. He appeared dazed and unwell. So sad.

    1. crystal

      Dang, Cindy. I take it you didn’t engage conversation with him, can’t say I blame you. As my grandmother says, tho, it takes all kinds to make the world go around… but thinking of him being unhappy sucks. It’s one thing to be addicted and happy (a la Latisha) and another addicted and miserable.

  5. Nick

    My wife and I just watched this episode on Netflix for the first time. I felt so bad for Kelly. It made me so sad to see his ragged state. It would be very difficult to have such a high IQ (160) an to have been through his isolation as a child. However, his mom loves his so much, he has so much opportunity, and he chooses to throw it away. It makes me sad.

  6. Holly

    I love Kelly. I pray he finds help. I have hope for this boy.

  7. Kris Ann

    His poor parents. And poor pooch.

  8. Jimmie

    I feel so bad for this kid. At the same time I want to slap him. I really wish he had gotten better, because I think he had a lot of potential and he could of had a good life. I come on here after watching episodes of Intervention to see if the people have gotten better. Judging by the comments on here, i assume he hasn’t.

  9. Shelby

    I have heard rumors about people in California coming across him as he approaches asking for change. Apparently he has some type of tumor growing from his jaw and looks remarkably older from his episode. One thing everyone agrees on is that he does not have much time left at all and seems to be too far gone to get any better.

  10. Kelly

    This is just my opinion but I see a kid who his parents knows he has a high IQ but he has severe dyslexia. In the home video you can tell he was a star ball player. Comments were made about his potential to be a pro skater…. not that there is anything wrong with parents pushing their children to be the best they can; but the older he gets the more he will worry about disappointment and failure and even though the outcome of being drunk has the same effect being drunk he doesn’t have to deal with it and face reality. He is so attached to the dog bc the dog doesn’t judge him for his failure but loves him no matter what. I pray for him.

  11. Al

    I found Kelly to be one of the most honest, likeable, humorous and charismatic addicts we’ve seen on Intervention. Recall when the first letter was being read, he asked acerbically, “how many times did you rewrite that?”. He was not drawn in by the process, he was thinking around and ahead of it. What a shame he wouldn’t/couldn’t truly accept the help. He has a brilliant mind that has gone to waste.

    1. Mary C.

      Maybe I am wrong, but the quote you made, made me Lol! I mean his stepfather was such a flaccid penis…I agree with you on all you said.

  12. Amy

    I just came across a homeless guy who appeared to be kelly in shakopee mn. He told me about his dog that was taken away and how he needed $750 to get him back but he never did. I sat with him for about a half hour or more and he told me about his life as a “black skank” jumping trains. He was trying to get a ride to St Paul so he could head east with a couple girls. He had a kitten with him and was telling me a lot about his view on life and was singing songs he wrote to me. When I got home I immediately looked him up after remembering the episode. I can say confidently it was him. He says he quit drinking so he can support his kitten, but did smoke weed. He asked if he could shower at my house, but I had to deny… He seemed happy for the most part. I felt bad leaving him there, but gave him some money for his “banjo fund”

  13. Kay

    I think Kelly was one of the most genuine people I’ve ever seen on this show. He’s completely self aware, knows who he is and seems to have accepted his flaws.

    It’s a shame that he’s still on the streets and drinking. I’m the daughter of an alcoholic, and I understand how hard it can be for the family to have to let go and say goodbye.

    I hope Kelly finds happiness and gets better one day. I’m going to leave my email address here in case he does and happens to read this message: [email protected]

    Would love to hear from you.

  14. Kimberly

    Apparently, Kelly is doing well. I attached somre links. I had no idea he is the brother of actor Keith Coogan and grandson of “Uncle Fester”. The malibu times link is the announcement and the facebook link is the wedding album. Kelly was the best man. He is wearing black glasses.

  15. Kaleena

    Watching Kelly’s episode broke my heart. My dad also has a genius IQ and severe dyslexia and he became an alcoholic and addict in his teenage years. My whole family suffered because of this. I felt like I was watching my fathers home videos as a young man even though my dad is probably 30 years older than Kelly. Well my dad is now almost 60 and even though he’s sober he’s homeless because he gave up every beautiful opportunity and blessing that God gave him and I pray that Kelly finds God before it’s too late and has a happy life.

  16. Mary

    Just saw this episode for the first time. My sister died at the age of 48 from cirrhosis of the liver. I often wonder if these young alcoholics could witness someone dying of the disease, if they could see where their lives will end up if they continue on with their destructive behavior. My sister went through 2 rehabs, 2 interventions, but the damage was done. Horrible dying to witness. Kelly, wherever you are, your life has meaning. Hope you’re able to beat this disease.

    1. Martha Story Jones

      I agree with you, Mary. I did not find Kelly likable at all. Instead I found him exceedingly rude and punitive to his concerned and worried parents. If Kelly truly wants the freedom to unabashedly drink himself to death, he should be forced to personally visit those unfortunates with “wet brain” or dying from cirrhosis. They’re not to “free” now are they. I really love Intervention and watch it regularly. I root for everyone to get sober and cry when they don’t, but Kelly got under my skin. I pray he finds recovery before it’s too late like it was for those referenced on this page. RIP sweet angels…

  17. Lynn Brown

    I am so happy that he looks happy!

  18. marcy lily

    Amazing Kelly . Yes , I was so sad with the initial outcome but I held out faith that he would want to live his life right and the one he deserved . But look, he is so happy handsome and surrounded by love . Great job Kelly . Keep it up because you deserve it . Just so happy for this young man.

  19. Dewey

    So nice tht there is a happy ending

  20. Ray

    Oh wow! Is he the one with the glasses?? I’m thrilled if he got his life together. There have been two episodes that have really touched me and this was one of them. I think just because we’re the same generation and i ra around with people Just like him at that she and it broke my heart reading that he was still in horrible shape. This new update makes me much happier.

  21. Chris M

    Man, not to be a stick in the mud. But just looking at his shoes, I have a feeling he still probably lives on the street. A brothers love, is a brothers love, and its possibly he got him a suit, and cleaned up so he could participate in the wedding. I sure hope I am wrong though.

  22. Dewey

    Where do you see Kelly’s shoes?

      1. K

        Oh wow, is he related to actor Keith Coogan from Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead?

  23. Hi my name is Lisa, and I'm

    I literally wanted to jump through the television and tell his loved ones that they need their own recovery through alanon. Then I realized it was affecting me in this manner because I wasn’t concentrating on my own alanon program.
    I grew up with a father who had a “genius” IQ and a son with a extremely high IQ as well. People tend to think that people who are at the level they’re have easy lives and this is the exact opposite in my experience. Being an emotionally healthy adult takes tenacity and empathy for others and it’s hard to relate to at times because a lot of times they don’t know how to cope with these feelings, so they abuse substances.
    Even though I hope that Kelly found his way; it’s rare for any alcoholic to substain a life without working a program of abstinence and this has been proven by every study by researchers looking for the answer to this disease.
    The sense of entitlement still exists unless he did work his program through honesty and building character that doesn’t depend on quips that Kelly used constantly at people who wanted to get him help. The pictures were just a haircut and a suit unless the hard work of recovery was also at work.

  24. Janelle

    When I saw this episode I thought Kelly came across like a character from a Cheech & Chong movie and a total wanker, and that he was most likely a sociopath, which would mean his prognosis for recovery is very slim.

    I hope he’s been able to get his life together, because (as the old cliché goes) “a mind is a terrible thing to waste,” and Kelly has a very good head on his shoulders and has a lot of potential should he ever decide to put his superior intellect to good use.

  25. Andy

    That was really sad at the end when he started drinking right after leaving treatment. Does anyone know how he’s doing now?

  26. Toreigh
    I think this is him though his hair is very dark, his facial features look similar to when he was younger. I dont use facebook so I cant even open the links provided above. But I think this may be him. Article was September of 2018

    1. Kitty Katt

      Not the same Kelly. Kelly was from California (although he could have moved) and the age is way off.

  27. Brooke

    this guy makes me so mad. i get that he had a rough time in school with the dyslexia and the cruel manner in which his school treated him, but why so hateful towards his parents? it’s like he didn’t love them at all. it seemed like he had a good childhood with no trauma where his parents were concerned. fine, you’re an alcoholic and live on the streets and don’t want to change your lifestyle, that’s your decision, but at least show your parents some love and respect. poor parents. they raised him his entire life, loved and nurtured him, but now that he’s an adult he’s gone. that’s it. a lifetime of giving with nothing in return. terrible! selfish!

    1. Brooke

      btw, did anyone think kelly looked like prince harry when he was a kid? maybe it’s just me.

  28. L

    Here’s an update on Kelly F. He went into rehab two times after this failed rehab. He started school in a welding program because of his disability it took nine years to get almost a two year certificate… shy his English course. Hopefully this semester he will get thru it this time as he is home with parents and they can tutor. He stopped drinking 10 years ago due to liver failure. He leads an extremely clean life due to his half a liver. Eats pretty healthy food and is an avid video game player. His diagnosis was high functioning Asperger’s autism, severe processing disorders in auditory, visual, language. The high IQ differential 160 to 40 demonstrates the autism part and the low is the language and processing disorders. He’s kind of like a rain man just not as smart and not as handicapped. The problem with this kind of disability especially for someone who looks good is it’s an invisible handicap. If you are in a wheelchair or had a physical obvious handicap people would open doors for you. But because he looks normal and then can’t act or perform normally they just think it’s bad behavior.

    1. Marika

      I saw many episodes over the years and this one really got to me. It was so easy to see how bright, funny and hurt he was. I have two children, both have ASD. He reminds me so much of my oldest who is also diagnosed with ODD. Both my kids have been getting all the help they can get from age 2. I regularly visit their neurologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and get frequent visits from therapists (OT, SLP). They need so much more than just love. Kelly F wasn’t a “street boy” or “abusive” towards his parents. He was not given the help he needed right from the start. I am so happy to read that he is finally able to live the life he deserves. Hopefully with a dog by his side.

      1. Taryn

        What a beautiful comment. Reading these (other) comments makes me aware of just how much ignorance people have about disability. As an autistic woman who was diagnosed in adulthood, i totally saw where the failings were in regards to Kelly.

        Hell, the show even said it. A learning disability and a neurodivergent brain that is unsupported is no fucking joke. Causes a lot of pain. I wish you and your family so much happiness.

    2. Cici W

      Thank you for the update as I personally know how difficult the struggle is for my family, who many have Asperger’s autism & an amazing intellect but just need understanding & assistance in staying focused and that the dreams they have are attainable in the right environment. It is a miracle he is alive as many people with this type of autism commit suicide. They are truly perfectionist and can’t handle failure., It’s great to see his family never gave up and that when he was faced with a ‘Do or Die’ health decision that he chose to change, he chose life!

    3. Tammy

      Wow. They should just give him the welding certificate! Just because you are bad at English / Reading doesn’t mean you can’t be an expert welder. Also, he was truly my favorite of these, I actually cared what happened to him. He really was a gifted guy with his natural ability with his gymnastic skills and sports.

    4. Taryn

      Just so you’re aware, Asperger’s and high functioning autism are both incorrect and outdated terms. Kelly is autistic and has a dynamic disability. High skills in one area, very impaired in the other. I have the same. Autism is a dynamic disability and a neurology that is complicated.

  29. Gigi

    Reading the comments it’s very interesting to me too see how DIFFERENTLY people experienced Kelly. There is even debate about whether he has a high IQ. I can’t say definitely whether he has a 160 IQ but I have no problem believing that he is well above average and I do cognitive assessments for a living. It’s pretty clear to me that Kelly’s schools didn’t know how to best serve a really bright kid with a severe learning disability and Kelly convinced himself that he enjoys being a street kid as a defense because he doesn’t believe in his own abilities. I hope he has found his way.

  30. Mary C.

    That could be an abcessed tooth, especially with living on the streets. Very painful too. Js.

  31. Patrick

    I seen a mother’s day post from his mother on Facebook from 2020. It showed a picture of Kelly on a zoom call checking in. He looks healthy and from reading previous updates I would assume this is due to his half liver and has lead a sober for well over 10 years.